Inori Yamabuki

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Inori Yamabuki
IC Information
Full Name: Inori Yamabuki (Buki)
Aliases: Cure Pine
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Height: Shortest Fresh Cure
Hair Colour: Orange
Eye Colour: Orange
Favorite Food: Donuts
Favorite Animal: All of them! Except-
Least Favorite Animal: ... Ferrets
Favorite Subject: Biology
Least Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Clubs: Fashion Club, Animal Care Club
School: Ohtori Academy (Grade 10)
OOC Information
Source: Fresh Pretty Cure (FC)
Player: Eri

"I have to believe! I will believe!"

Inori Yamabuki, nicknamed Buki by her friends, is a middle schooler at Ohtori Academy known for her reserved calm, pleasant demeanor and especially for her unrelenting, passionate love for all creatures. The daughter of a respected veterinarian on Clover Town street, she appears to be on track to one day take over the family animal hospital herself. After school, when she isn’t helping her parents run the business, she’s invariably in the company of childhood friends Love Momozono and Miki Aono. Struggling with her own issues of self-esteem, she faced a personal challenge in Love’s offer to join the dance group she was forming. Initially rejecting it, Buki prayed for the confidence to change. That strength came not from above, but from within and she found herself chosen to become a legendary warrior, Pretty Cure! Now as Cure Pine, she fights to protect everyone’s prayers for the future from the forces of Labyrinth alongside the other Fresh Pretty Cure.


Inori Yamabuki has always lived around animals. Living in a veterinary hospital with her father and mother on Clover Town street, she was exposed to them even as a toddler. Her parents always tried to cultivate a respect, and simple love for them within Inori, and were mostly successful. When she was three years old, she was bitten on the finger by a frisky ferret that she was playing with. The ferret almost certainly didn’t mean to hurt her, but since animals have different senses from humans, the bite was a bit too hard. Inori developed an irrational fear of ferrets as a result, something which has stuck with her to adolescence despite not remembering the circumstances.

It was about at the same age that she met Love and Miki, and as preschool friends they enjoyed playing together all over Clover Town street, and in the park where the three fantasized about the kingdom of acorns, while making contests on who could collect the most on the ground. Over the next decade, they became increasingly close as friends, despite being very different from each other personality wise, and not attending the same schools. Having been raised Christian, Inori was sent to Ohtori Academy. While she never really felt comfortable around the generally rich and entitled student body; she found her own niche in the animal care club.

Despite going to Ohtori, against all odds, she otherwise turned out to be surprisingly normal. This is almost certainly due to her relationships with her off-campus friends. When she started middle school, she started to work in her parents’ vet hospital, and joined the fashion club for which she makes use of her sewing talents to create clothes for her classmates, but to rarely wear herself.

One day, Love approached Inori about joining the dance group she was founding, under the tutelage of Miyuki Chinen, a popular idol that Buki was also a fan of. Due to a lack of confidence in herself, she told Love that she can’t, that she has such performance anxiety that she’d just freeze. It wasn’t that Inori didn’t want to dance though, and she began to watch Love and Miki’s lessons from afar, yearning to join them. She even began to pray in Church, asking for the strength to be able to change herself. That guidance didn’t come from above, however, but from Kaoru-chan. The kindly donut salesman sensed her troubles, and advised her not to bundle them inside herself, to let them out and believe in herself.

During an attack by the Labyrinth Executive Eas she came to realize that sometimes one had to rely on themselves, and awakened as a Legendary Warrior Pretty Cure... joining her childhood friends Love and Miki in the formation of the Fresh Pretty Cure.


Inori has low self-esteem due to comparing herself to others in unrealistic and unfair ways to herself. In Love she sees the exuberant extrovert and consummate matchmaker, in Miki she sees the confident and stylish model. In Setsuna she sees that she's figured herself out far better as an alien, than she herself has. It may only make sense then that she draws her powers from feelings of faith and belief. A turning point for her was when she decided to actively choose to change herself for the better. Before she'd only been passively hoping for it to come, but in finding a measure of belief in herself to act she was able to draw strength from it.

While her self-esteem is improving in time over becoming a Pretty Cure, it doesn't change the fact that she's somewhat shy outside of her sphere of friends or that she's introverted. She loves her friends dearly, but they can often wear her out. She recharges in private by looking at cute animal pictures online, or sewing, or helping out with taking care of animals currently staying at the vet hospital.

It is incredibly easy to recruit her into doing just about anything that doesn't violate her personal code of decency. 'buki tends to lack common sense, and will go along with the group. She doesn't have enough confidence in herself to go against it.

Dancing is something that is extremely important to her life, beforehand she wasn't the most athletic girl, but in dancing she's found that she truly enjoys the feel of it, that it makes her good doing something like this with her friends. The part she still hasn't gotten used to is the idea of doing it in front of a watchful audience, but she's working up to that over time.

Animals are extremely important to the life of 'buki. She was raised around them and has developed a sincere love and empathy for them, as she's grown older she takes more and more responsibilities around the home learning to care for them as she dreams of becoming a veterinarian and taking over the family hospital.

Magic is a strange thing for her. Often she finds herself in disbelief of the things she does. Her powers feel like a pair of clothes that just never quite fit, but she has to grow into over time. However the things she does with her magic feels only right to her.


Animal Care - 'buki knows more than the average girl about animals and caring for them. She has a strong affinity and empathy for animals.

Animal Communication - Her fey key Kirun can translate animals for her in real time by simply floating near the animal in question. The information she gets may not always be what she wants to hear though...

Baking - 'buki bakes! She's not the best at it though, only able to make simple treats. Sometimes her recipes can be really weird though...

Bag of Holding - 'buki is rarely caught unprepared for any real life activity. Her bag always seems to be packed with exactly what she needs to field any minor crisis.

Dancing - An amateur dancer, though she's getting better under the direction of Miyuki Chinen!

Sewing - 'buki is good enough at amateur fashion design to make simple but stylish clothing and put it together. She doesn't have too much imagination when it comes to this area, but she could take direction fairly easily...

Pretty Cure - As a Pretty Cure, her strength, agility, durability and stamina are all greatly enhanced. Her fighting style is mostly focused on punches and kicks, and the occasional throws. She can also create golden light of pure faith which she brings to bear against her foes.


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