Chitose Shiratori

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Character Name
IC Information
Full Name: Chitose Shiratori
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 18 (December 24th)
Height: 180cm
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Green
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food:
Least Favorite Food: Strawberries
Favorite Subject: Linguistics
Least Favorite Subject: Art
Organization: Ends of the World
Position: Perfectly Legitimate Businesswoman
School: Infinity Institute (University)
Recog. Inhib. No (Ask first)
OOC Information
Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (OC)
Player: Lucientes

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"I suppose we must do as we must."


And so it was that little Chitose was born to two loving parents. Her mother was something of a tourist, and her father worked for the local crime syndicate. When the little girl asked the inevitable question about how they met, her mother claimed that she came to Japan to research something. What Chitose's mother had come to Japan for, she would never say. What she did say were stories, stories of far away places and stories of heroic adventures in lost temples and tombs.

As for her father, he worked for the Kogishi Syndicate. This led to a number of things, one of which was Sachiyo Kogoshi, one of the daughters of the crime syndicate. Her relationship was (and still is) somewhat rocky with her, especially since the two met when they were children, and there was no more entitled children than very rich children. But, she and the two twins got along after a fashion. Yet, Chitose learned from the Kogoshi that she was expected to at least give some form of respect to them, since they ran the syndicate.

As soon as she grew old enough to attend school, she went to Ohtori, as her family had the money and connections necessary to ensure entrance. Chitose loved Ohtori, at least at the beginning. It was a beautiful school, of course, and she liked that. What she didn't like was the fact that Ohtori seemed very stuffy. Even here at school, Chitose found she needed a different, strict decorum. She was never too sure what that decorum was, however. School was, however, slightly less protocol-driven than her father's associates, so she kind of enjoyed her time there, and even made some friends in the bargain that didn't care about her status.

When Chitose turned 14 her mother took her aside and told her something she wasn't expecting: She was from some planet named 'Midchilda', and that all of the stories she told were true! Well, most of them, at least. Her mother told her that she had originally come to find something special, but stopped when she met Chitose's father.

Of course, having been taught up until now that Earth was the only world with confirmed intelligent life, Chitose did not believe her mother... until her father confirmed that she was telling the truth. To prove it, they said, they gave Chitose a hairclip. At first, she was very confused since it was just a hairclip. But after a few months of having it, it revealed itself as the 'Intelligent Device' White Omen.

Thus began Chitose's journey. The two became fast friends pretty quickly, as she learned that he too enjoyed learning about new cultures. For him, though, everything about Earth was new and interesting.

Chitose's mother gave her a crash course in Midchildan magic for two years before she dropped another revelation: She was leaving, and returning to Midchilda for adventure. And so she went off. Chitose and White Omen turned to the world, and what might await the two for the future.

...Except the two of them immediately turned away to study and learn, instead of anything remotely resembling 'action'. This suited them just fine, really, as scholarly pursuits were more their interests. Plus, she was assigned to protect the Kogoshi Syndicate's two daughters, which took up a lot of her time. But soon enough the two daughters withdrew from the world, which gave Chitose considerably more free time.

Now, Chitose and White Omen stood towards the world, bracing themselves for the future.