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There are innumerable monsters that stalk the streets of Tokyo. Some are summoned, while others arise, and arrive, naturally. Some want to drain energy; others simply want to create chaos, or engender pain. This guide exists as a grand tour of the monsters of the day, or youma, of Battle Fantasia, for use in roleplay!

This page is freely editable by anyone who wants to add their theme's youma.

Example Template: Your Theme Name Here

Youma Name: The name of your theme's youma, such as "Zakenna" or "Noise."

Youma Description: A brief description of the youma's typical appearance and modus operandi. Do they possess people or objects? Do they always appear out of shadows? Relevant details go here.

Youma Mission: Why does this youma typically appear? What does it want?

Power of Darkness: Yes or no. If you aren't sure, ask the staff or investigate Powers of Darkness for more insight.

GM-OK: Yes if anyone can freely GM this kind of youma in a spontaneous scene, No if asking cast/staff permission is necessary first. Most youma are GM-OK, or else they wouldn't be youma, but there are a few themes whose youma are deeply personal experiences to the cast, and cannot be played freely.

Cardcaptor Sakura

Youma Name: Clow Cards

Youma Description: Created by Clow Reed in the 1800s, the Clow Cards are sentient personifications of various objects or ideas, such as 'The Thunder', 'The Jump', and 'The Windy'. Each has a distinct personality, and some are far more malicious than others. While normally simply a beautifully painted card, an unsealed Clow Card can manifest a physical form, which is typically fantastical and strange. Sealing a Clow Card is often more a matter of solving the puzzle of its behavior, rather than violently putting it to rest. A sealed Clow Card can then be used to invoke a powerful magical spell.

Youma Mission: The Clow Cards are currently on the loose, pursuing their individual interests.

Power of Darkness: No.

GM-OK: No.

Crash! Mesozoic Maiden

Youma Name: Terrorsaurus

Youma Description: From the darkest depths of outer space, chunks of dark magic-infused rock are being sent to Earth for some nefarious purpose. Once in a while, a tiny black meteorite hits the ground, and a creature that gets close (usually a small animal) is infected by an evil energy that turns them into a rampaging Terrorsaurus. These are usually magically-mutated dinosaurs, but sometimes other prehistoric creatures, such as mammals, giant insects or even plants. The bigger the meteorite, the stronger the monster, but most that have hit Tokyo so far are still the size of pebbles. A thorough application of lovebeams tames and purifies the Terrorsaurus back to its original state, at which point the meteor that created it shatters and disappears. For tragedy points, it's actually possible to defeat a Terrorsaurus only with conventional weapons, but this injures and can potentially kill the creature it mutated from. Oh, no!

Youma Mission: At this point in the story, all act like wild beasts with no ability to speak or clear goal beyond destruction. They are drawn to fear and feed on it instinctively.

Power of Darkness: Yes.

GM-OK: Yes.

Fresh Pretty Cure!

Youma Name: Nakewameke

Youma Description: Mechanical entities imbued with dark power, Nakewameke are created by implanting a diamond-shaped symbol of Labyrinth's executives into some creature or object. Upon activation, a monster is created - usually but not always with some mechanical features, and themed around whatever formed the basis of its creation. The one common feature is the diamond symbol, which is always prominently displayed. Most Nakewameke use sheer physical force to attack; many possess additional powers based on their origin, ranging from a pool toy hurling swimming rings to a clock warping time. They say little, usually only repeating some phrase; upon defeat, they make fizzing noises as the diamond dissolves, returning the transformed item or creature to an uninjured state.

Youma Mission: Nakewameke exist in order to gather Misery Energy, and seldom take independent action - if one appears, it is following the orders of its creator. Some will simply rampage and cause a panic, while others inflict strange effects in order to cause greater despair.

Power of Darkness: Yes.

GM-OK: No.

Futari wa Pretty Cure

Youma Name: Zakenna

Youma Description: Spirits of darkness, Zakenna are summoned into the Garden of Rainbows (aka Earth) by agents of the Dark King. In order to have a physical form, they require a person, or far more typically, an object, to possess; while under their control, such things always have a pockmark on their foreheads, and usually transform into a far more monstrous shape that still evokes their origin. Zakenna mostly fight by leveraging their enormous size and strength, but occasionally possess eyebeams and the like. They can only roar their name, except when defeated, at which point they burst out of their target (who is unharmed, and back to normal), shattering into countless little purple stars, who flee the scene while crying "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Youma Mission: Zakenna are generally trying to defeat Cure White and Cure Black in order to take their Prism Stones, but might be dumb enough to mistake other characters for them. They are occasionally tasked with draining energy from the Tokyo population.

Power of Darkness: Yes.

GM-OK: Yes.

Guardian Princess Runealy

Youma Name: Demon ('Waldian Demon' or 'Abyss Demon' are the specific terms)

Youma Description: Manifestations of evil, their forms tend toward monstrous humanoid designs seen in western mythology. A humanoid of red or black skin with bat wings, large snakes with some humanoid traits, and so on generally fit while things like dragons don't. They wield a mix of dark energy or evil-tainted elemental magic, plus natural weapons such as fangs and claws. Some also use medieval weapons like swords or axes, which always have jagged edges. 'Monster of the Day' grade demons generally don't use contracts or possess others. All are at least basically intelligent and capable of speech, and most can disguise themselves as human until ready to reveal themselves. Please note the exact trait of a demon with three fire-emitting claws is restricted, as this identifies a major villain in the setting. Your demon can have a different number of claws and/or use another element (or no element), though. Demons are suited to 'mix and match traits' design, making them easy for GMs to create!

Youma Mission: Their primary goal is to kill Runealy so the royal demon-sealing Barrier will eventually fall. Demons also enjoy spreading misery and ruining lives. Some favor widespread carnage and will simply try to kill a gathering of people. Others prefer individual tragedy and pick out a specific target (a random innocent person or a specific PC/NPC). They study this person, then strike once they have a plan to inflict maximum emotional suffering. The more personal the method, the better. This allows GMs the freedom to run demons as either rampaging beasts or calculating and cruel.

Power of Darkness: Yes.

GM-OK: Yes.

Happiness Charge: Pretty Cure

Youma Name: Terribad

Youma Description: Towering over the tallest of people, The Terribads are creatures of pure misfortune. These dark creatures are servants of the Phantom Empire. Formed by forcing the future reflected in a person's heart's mirror to turn terrible and sealing them in a mirror, the Generals of the Phantom Empire usually has at least one (if not more) of these massive creatures on the loose to do their bidding. They are easily identified by their giant size, their jet black color, their red sunglasses and a scarf. These creatures usually take on the physical characteristics of the greatest joy of the sealed person. So if the sealed person loves baseball, the Terribad will look like a baseball player. The color of a Terribad's scarf reflects the General who called it forth. Green for Namakelder, Pink for Hosshiwa, Yellow for Oresky, White for Phantom, and Dark Blue for Queen Mirage. These can often use dark energy attacks along with attacks linked to their theme as well as simply using their massive size to attack physically. They can typically only say their own name and maybe a few words. When purified, they will say "So Relaxed."

Frequently accompanying the Terribads are the Kindabads. These threats are about human size but have the same general look as the Terribads. They have about the physical strength of a typical human and are often sent to attack in large groups. They are easily dispatched by the Precure's and able to be taken down individually by a trained human. Kindabads can either be knocked out or purified by way of song, Dance forms, or purifying attack. They turn white when purified and float away.

Youma Mission: The base mission of the Terribads is to spread misfortune and general misery. This is often takes the form of the summoning General's desires. Mold for Namakelder, Sweets for Hosshiwa, Barren Wastelands for Oresky, Amethyst mines and crystals for Phantom, And Queen Mirage's cause fog and pure chaos. Their secondary mission is to defeat anyone who stands in their way. This typically means any and all Pretty Cure who stand against them.

Power of Darkness: Yes.

GM-OK: Yes.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Youma Name: Jewel Seed

Youma Description: Artifacts of terrifying power from a civilization that destroyed itself in that same power's pursuit, Lost Logia can be found scattered across the magical worlds, and Earth, as well. Jewel Seeds are one such Lost Logia: small blue crystals, each is a mana battery of truly horrifying scope, and their use can level cities, sink continents, or even rend reality itself with a Dimensional Quake. They can currently be found in Tokyo, dormant except, of course, when they aren't. Jewel Seeds tend to find sentient beings to attach themselves to, and try their best to grant that person's desire, but always with disastrous consequences; for example, a kitten who wants to grow up becomes a house-sized terror. They also occasionally manifest monstrous, shadowy shapes, with claws and fangs, in defense of their freedom. Once 'sealed', which is generally accomplished by blasting them with the largest beam of energy available, they revert to being innocuous blue crystals once more.

Youma Mission: Jewel Seeds are barely sentient, but they act in their own defense.

Power of Darkness: No.

GM-OK: Yes.


Youma Name: Orphan

Youma Description: Orphans are monsters. Bestial but alien, their existence is one of raw desire. They begin as shadows, stalking some victim or lurking around whatever they might desire - food, clothing, or simply people. When provoked, or when given a chance to claim their desires, they take their true forms - large, monstrous, and without remorse. There is nothing to purify, nothing to save - only a monster to be destroyed. When slain, they dissolve into motes of light.

Youma Mission: As creatures of base emotion, they have no real mission. They seek only to fulfill their hunger or strange obsessions. However, some factions might guide one toward a useful class of target.

Power of Darkness: No.

GM-OK: Yes.

Perfume Splash!

Youma Name: Dark Scent.

Youma Description: A Dark Scent is a creature of darkness from the dank, dark dimensional space between Earth and the old Perfume Kingdom. At the base concept, they take the form of a cat to dog sized, wispy black snake with red eyes, and sometimes form in groups and nests. They devour particularly bad, sad, lonely and overall horrible memories to grow in power, and can be any number of shapes thereafter, for example, a child's memory about a scary mean alley dog might result in a large vicious wolf-life dark scent. Dark Scents are never intelligent and are driven solely by instinct. Memories 'eaten' by a Dark Scent return upon the defeat of the Dark Scent. They can be modified by The Apothecary with various steampunk-styled magical devices and tech for particular missions and other schemes.

Youma Mission: For a few purposes. On a base level, they want to eat bad memories to grow powerful. Sometimes they can be 'given' particular, short repetitive missions by The Apothecary, an evil group of the Perfume Splash! theme who use them as disposable minions.

Power of Darkness: Yes.

GM-OK: Yes.

Princess Tutu

Youma Name: Heart Shard

Youma Description: After pursuing his eternal nemesis, the Raven, out of the story from which they came and into the real world, the Prince was forced to protect everyone from his foe by sealing it away, using the simple expedient of shattering his heart. Now, heart shards roam Gold Crown Town, and more lately, Tokyo. Each embodies a single emotion; each manifests as a ghostly red version of the Prince. They do not tend to fight with violence -- 'defeating' them is a matter of communication, of mutual understanding, and most typically, of fantastic ballet. Once calmed, heart shards are willing to return to their home, within Mytho.

Youma Mission: Lacking a heart to dwell within, heart shards are instead attracted to people (and occasionally places or objects) that resonate with their emotion. Unfortunately, their presence inflames this emotion to unhealthy levels, generally causing misery for all involved.

Power of Darkness: No.

GM-OK: No.

Prism Aegis

Youma Name: Shade

Youma Description: The base form of a Shade is a wispy, imp-like creature that barely comes up to a human adult's knee. In this form, they can invert themselves and become small black vortexes, picking a specific location and draining it of its color. Once a substantial amount has been drained, the Shade will take on its more defined form; specifically, it will take on the appearance of the place it has drained. For example, a Shade that drains a school will be made of school desks, pencils, chalkboard erasers, and other items commonly found in a school setting. Shades typically stand 8-10 feet tall in this form and have a humanoid shape, but neither is strictly necessary. It is in this evolved form that they will seek to drain humans instead of inanimate objects.

Youma Mission: Shades can be wild or under the control of the Monochrome Duo. Wild Shades are totally mindless, driven only by their hunger for color energy. Shades commanded by the Duo possess a modicum of intelligence, and will generally drain people more aggressively than wild Shades. These Shades also return a portion of the color they drained to their masters, and are redeployed afterwards. In this way, the controlled Shades can eventually build up strength and diversify their abilities.

Power of Darkness: Yes

GM-OK: Yes

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Youma Name: Witch and Familiar

Youma Description: It is said that if Puella Magi are spreading blessings across the land, their mortal foes, Witches, spread curses. Truly bizarre and unknowable creatures, there is something fundamentally and nauseatingly wrong about a Witch. They warp the very reality around them, shrouding themselves inside strange dimensions called Labyrinths, which are as otherworldly in scope as their creators, and filled with lesser monsters called Familiars, to boot. With a single bite, called a Witch's Kiss, their victims are driven to madness and suicide. Witches and their Labyrinths most often haunt places of suffering, such as hospitals and busy intersections where car accidents regularly occur. Entering a Witch's Labyrinth is a matter of finding it, which only Puella Magi can do efficiently. Occasionally, a Familiar will leave the Labyrinth of its birth to start its own horrible career -- if it kills enough people, it will become a Witch identical to its mother. When defeated, Witches sometimes drop an 'egg', a small black object called a Grief Seed. Familiars never drop Grief Seeds. Grief Seeds can only be stored safely by Puella Magi, who collect them with extreme prejudice; otherwise, they will hatch again, releasing the Witch and all its accompanying despair within a few days.

Youma Mission: Although Witches and Familiars infect people with despair, their minds are impossible to comprehend. Fighting a Witch is typically a profoundly unsettling experience.

Power of Darkness: No.

GM-OK: Yes.

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