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Welcome to Battle Fantasia MUSH! This is the application used to obtain a character on our game. A plain text version is available here.

When filling out your application, please include the questions as written with the application; don't delete the text.

Also, as a reminder for applicants of Feature Characters who have a very close connection to another Feature Character, it is responsible (and nice) to contact your future partner's player in advance of your application, just to introduce yourself. On a magical girl game, where feelings and relationships are especially important, it is an especially polite gesture to make.

1. Nice to meet you!

What is your name, age and e-mail address? We won't share this information with anyone, so please tell the truth. Additionally, if you do not have one yet, use this section to tell us what username you'd like on the wiki. We'll use that and your email address to make an account.

2. Haven't we seen you before?

Please state some of the characters you've played at other games, if any. If you're currently playing any characters here, or dropping any, list them here as well. Remember, you're allowed a maximum of four Feature Characters at any time.

3. But what's your secret identity?

If you're applying for a character who already has a +finger, just state their name here. Otherwise, or if you want to write your own +finger, please fill out the following information:

Name: Your character's "civilian" name. On BF, we use the Western order of 'given name' 'surname', so it's Usagi Tsukino, not Tsukino Usagi.

Also Known As: If your character has a powered alias -- Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, etc -- state it here. You can also use an alternate title (i.e. Rose Bride) or even something just for fun.

Gender: Male, Female, Plural or Neuter.

Source: State the name of your character's source theme here. Original characters should either list a theme they are related to or the name of their original theme. If it is an original theme, make sure to describe it in section 8.

Type: Is your character a Feature Character or an Original Character?

Organization: If you're apping a character into an Organization, state it here. If not, state Unaffiliated.

School: Juuban Public School, Infinity Institute, or Ohtori Academy. If your character doesn't attend (or work at a) school, say "None."

Grade: Your character's grade in school. If your character doesn't attend school, say "None." If your character works at a school as a teacher or staff member, say "S." If they're a university student, say "U." (For an age-to-grade guide, please see: Japanese Grades. The elementary/junior high/high school breakdown, in American terms, is K-6, 7-9, and 10-12. BF is starting in the second half of a school year, so barring exceptional birthdays, 14-year-olds are usually in what would be American 8th grade, equivalent to the 2nd year of junior high school in Japan.)

Clubs: What afterschool clubs your character participates in. Sports are officially considered clubs; other group activities such as Student Council may also be appropriate for this space. Characters who participate in no such activities are in the "Go Home Club," whereas characters who don't attend school and have no club-like activities write "N/A." Please detail your club participation, or lack thereof, in the History or Personality section.

Quote: A transformation or attack phrase, spell incantation, or a characteristic pre-fight speech. If your character doesn't have anything like that, you can use a regular quote instead.

Profile: Tell us a short, one paragraph summary of the character. Nothing too complex; a summary of their background, personality, and goals that will give other players a general overview of your character. Check out the profiles of pre-existing characters for some examples!

4. Do you remember the past?

Tell us your character's history. Use as much detail as you think the character needs. If your character has super powers or magic, be sure to explain how they got them (and keep the Paths to Power in mind!). Remember, Battle Fantasia's world isn't exactly like your character's canon theme, so if the world setup has affected their past, be sure to factor this in. If your character is attending one of the schools, be sure to mention it here.

5. Open your heart!

Describe your character's personality. Don't skimp; this is arguably the most important part of the application. What are their hopes and dreams? How do they view their mission, if they have one? What do they do for fun? How do they relate to their friends and enemies? What do they think of school, magic, current events and the world around them? Include as much as you think you need. Obviously some characters are going to have more complex personalities than others, but everyone has a little bit of depth.

5a. The heart speaks!

Describe in depth the relationships your character has with various important individuals in their life. For Feature Characters, we want to explore your understanding of canon relationships, with the understanding that once a character is approved, their subsequent roleplay can change these profoundly. On Battle Fantasia, not everyone may even have met yet, but we still want to know how they're likely to feel given canon. For all characters, we want to know who's really important in your life, and how you feel about them, because magical girl stories are very much about relationships.

6. Fight for your friends! Fight for your school?

Are you apping your character into an organization or planning on having them join one? If so, explain why your character is working for that organization. Also, whether they are in one or not, how do they feel about the different organizations? It's okay to say if they don't know much about the organizations, especially if they are unaffiliated. If they attend school, how do they feel about their own school, and what are their views on the others?

Juuban Public School:

Ohtori Academy:

Infinity Institute:

Dark Fall:

Ends of the World (rarely known about directly; secret conspiracy is secret):

Magic Association:

Tuner Organization:

7. Show us your true power!

Describe your character's combat and non-combat powers here. Are they fierce fighters, careful combat analysts or idol singers? What is their transformation like? What is the origin of their powers -- their Path(s) to Power, which must include some sort of Artifact? Please list ways that their powers might be taken away from them, and ways that they might someday be enhanced. Even if your character doesn't use any magic or supernatural power whatsoever, tell us about any capabilities they have, physical or otherwise.

7a. ...And your strength?

This is where you'll build your stats, or suggest changes if you're apping a character that already has stats. If you would like the staff to build your stats for you, simply suggest which stats are most important to your character. If you are building your own stats, please refer to the our detailed Chargen instructions, and fill out the following template:

Starting Master Rank: Normally B (with 369/393 Character points, a few unspent)

Master Traits: Abilities that your character retains in all of their Henshin Forms, including their Base Mode. A character gets a number of points for these defined by their Master Rank.

Then, for each transformation:

Henshin Name: The name of a given transformation, such as "Sailor Moon."

Henshin Rank: Normally equal to Master Rank; higher ranks incur a per-round mana surcharge. A civilian Base Mode is usually Rank E; please justify any other choice.

Stats range between 1-100, but 30 is already epic in scope by any normal metric.

Might: The strength behind your character's attacks.
Reflex: The ability of your character to avoid attacks by dodging.
Vitality: The ability of your character to avoid physical attacks by bracing.
Spirit: The ability of your character to avoid magical attacks by bracing.
Composure: The ability of your character to retain their composure in battle. Ranges between 0 (Sailor Moon) and 10 (Miyu Greer, a robot).

Henshin Traits: Special abilities that your character only has access to while transformed into a given Henshin Form.

Extra Attacks: An extra Finisher or Special attack slot costs 5 points apiece. Henshin Forms start with 2 Finishers and 3 Specials. Base Modes get neither, and cannot spend points on Extra Attacks in this fashion.

Total Character Points Spent: Might + Reflex + Vitality + Spirit + cost of Henshin Traits + 5 * (# of Extra Attacks) = 369, unless Starting Master Rank is something other than B.

7b. ...And you use Saint Rainbow Lily Lipliner?!

Name your attacks in each Henshin Form here, with a bit of description. Remember, attacks can also include buffs, cheers and taunts; the power of emotion is every bit as potent as that of a magical blast.

If you would like to build your own attacks in Combat System, please refer to Attacks, then fill out the following form for each attack:

Attack Name: Self-explanatory.

Attack Description: What does it do, qualitatively?

Attack Tier: Finisher or Special.

Attack Power Level: 0-10. Remember that 3 is "dropping a building on someone's head," Specials cap at 5 and Finishers start at 4. 8 is the upper limit for attacks that can be used with any kind of regularity.

Attack Type: Magical or Physical.

Attack Range: Melee or Ranged.

Attack Flags: Various modifiers to the attack.

Total Points Spent On Attack: Power Level + Attack Flag Costs. Please break it down for us very clearly, and make sure it adds up to the correct number as listed on the wiki.

7c. ...What is the shade of your heart?

Are you applying for an antagonist -- that is to say, a character designed to be in a villainous role rather than a heroic one? If so, please indicate so here, give us some sense of the specific ways you hope to antagonize the grid, and your potential IC vision and rough OOC timeline for redemption (six months? a year? two years? never ever ever?). Obviously this is subject to change, so just give us your best guess. For your timeline, please account for the fact that the grid is overwhelmingly forgiveness and friendship-oriented; sustained antagonism requires active effort and commitment.

8. Are things different now?

If your character is from a preexisting theme that hasn't been integrated yet, describe the integration here. Some themes won't need very many changes at all in order to fit in; others will need heavier alteration. If your theme is already integrated, but you want to specify something about your character, you can do that here, too.

Likewise, if there's anything we need to know about an original theme that isn't covered in the history section, this is the place to let us know.

If your theme does not yet have its single paragraph of introduction and explanation in the Theme Primer, please fill out the template below and we'll add it for the world to see, so that people unfamiliar with your theme will have a reference!

The intent of Theme Primers is to sufficiently inform people who who know nothing about your theme such that they can think about it deeply enough to try to incorporate things important to you into their RP and plots (with your permission).

Share as much as you want to! Spoilers are often at least downplayed in FC theme integration, but if you want to just get real and lay it out, that makes it that much easier for people to integrate with it, either with additional applications (with your permission) or plots (with your permission).

The opportunity cost of that, of course, is shocking the public with the big twists (which you will presumably provide for the staff, elsewhere in the application, if there are any pre-planned ones).

Theme Name: Self-explanatory.

Theme Info: A paragraph of basic information for someone interacting with elements of your theme who hasn't ever been exposed to it before, as well as any notes on integration changes for people who have seen the theme but need to know what's different on Battle Fantasia.

Theme Organizational Connections: If there are any vital connections between theme elements and an Organization, please very briefly describe them here.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Please list the most usual way that a magical girl within your theme might access their destiny through an Artifact, and optionally a Contract and/or Legacy.

9. Origin Story GMing Round Robin

9a: Do you want to participate in the Origin Story Round Robin, in which in exchange for GMing someone else's origin story (typically, 'my first day as a magical girl'), someone else does the same for you?

9b: If yes, which themes do you feel comfortable storytelling in? If you're willing to do a little research beforehand to fill in the gaps in your knowledge base, 'all of them' is a perfectly acceptable answer, but if you have any themes that you have some depth of knowledge of, please mention them too.

That's all! Just send the application (in an e-mail, not as an attachment) to Please use the subject title Application - FC/OC - Name - Source Theme. Remember, we have the right to reject an application for any reason, including poor grammar and spelling. Please wait a week before contacting the staff about your application. Feature characters have a three day closing period; if there is a contest between multiple apps, the closing period will end as normal, but all the applicants will be notified and given up to three days after applications have closed, to revise as they please.

For more information, please see: Rules, Combat System, Chargen