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School Clubs

With school having such an important role on Battle Fantasia, afterschool clubs will often be relevant to roleplay. There's no comprehensive list of which clubs each school hosts; some have been established already by other players, but don't feel limited by that! If a player character wishes to be in a certain club, and that club doesn't violate theme in some way, it exists. Indeed, unless a player specifically wishes to start a new club, the club is considered to have existed for some time, and already have members and some modest school funding.

If you want to join a club that's already been established, just get in touch with the other players in the club. To found a new one (or, more commonly, bring attention to one presumed to have existed all along), send a +request to staff.

You shouldn't feel constrained to join a certain established club, though, if for some reason you prefer not to. If you want to form your own club separate from the existing club of the same type, feel free; each school can host an indefinite number of Cooking clubs, for instance. Just as in reality, sometimes people want different things out of a given club, and multiples will form, each considered as official as the next. For guidance on club leadership, refer to the Student Council page.

Variation By School

Clubs at all three Sister Schools are informed by the culture of the Japanese school system, which places more emphasis on club participation than is typical in the West. Being in a club isn't mandatory, but it is generally the default, such that those who choose not to join one often joke about being in the "Go Home" club. This greater participation and interest leads clubs to be more active, on average, than their Western counterparts, and also leads to a greater diversity of clubs, permitting more niche interests to sustain a club.

There's no distinction on Battle Fantasia between sports clubs and sports teams; all are referred to as clubs, and are equally able to represent their school at competitions.

Infinity Institute - Even in Japan, Infinity's highly motivated students are famous for the sheer quantity and specialization of the clubs they form, from the World Tree Club investigating Tama's enormous, mystical landmark to Feels for Wheels, a group of happy nerd engineers trying to literally reinvent, and improve, the wheel.

Ohtori Academy - Owing to its venerable history, Ohtori's clubs are often especially formal and tradition-heavy. Many observe their own small holidays on especially significant dates, such as the anniversary of the club's founding. Clubs of the same and different types often engage in intrigue against one another, to their own ends or simply for pleasure.

Juuban Public School - Juuban's clubs are the most community-oriented of the Sister schools, with an emphasis on school spirit and inclusivity. When their clubs split, it's generally to accommodate more people rather than out of any sense of rivalry.

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