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In some ways, Dark Fall preceded itself. The Darkness has been spoken of as a monolithic abstract force long before enough denizens of it realized the boons of cooperation to make that fearful allusion into reality.

But reality it is. Dark Fall is essentially a support network of demons. Unlike the machiavellian Ends of the World, Dark Fall's ultimate goal does not include much regard for civilization on Earth. Not all of Dark Fall's denizens are omnicidal, or bent on destroying humanity; but those that aren't, at best wield a studied indifference. To Dark Fall's denizens, human civilization is often prey, a source of energy to be plucked clean, or perhaps an obstruction to a greater goal. Some of them take an academic interest in humans (and some of those eventually find their affection for the "human cattle" grows too great for them to bear...), but often that academic interest is wildly misplaced and completely wrong.

What Dark Fall's goals do include is power. They crave the energy of human souls, they crave the artifacts of power that are scattered across the worlds. Many of the small demonic fiefdoms that comprise Dark Fall aren't even interested in Earth; they became dragged into this conflict when a Magic World hurled its last beacon of hope out into the worlds in a final act of defiance, and ancient magic ensured that that beacon landed on Earth, and took up a champion. Others simply destroy for destruction's sake, or feed on sadness. More than anyone else, the creatures of Dark Fall rely on summoned monsters to do their bidding, harvesting energy, sowing despair, and hunting for relics, while the commanding general stands nearby and oversees the energy collection, ensuring as much returns home as possible.

Most generals are very bad at this for some reason.

In short, Dark Fall is mostly made up of alien beings with little concept of what humans are and little interest in finding out. The Fallen are after power - the power to dominate worlds, the power to control hearts. Some are merely after the energy found in human souls; others want to transform Earth into a hell-world of their own design. None of them particularly worry about other groups gaining power first; partly that's out of arrogance, and partly because they are mostly all after different things in the first place. There are far more worlds than Earth, and Dark Fall has besieged many of them; there is plenty of room for everyone to have a chunk of Creation to call their own. For those of Dark Fall that do crave conquest, their conquest is apocalyptic in scope, transforming the taken world utterly into a realm of darkness. And if Earth gets conquered by someone else first, well...that just makes the humans easier to harvest, honestly.

Dark Fall is a top-down group, led from above by the most powerful among them; godlike forces like the Obsidian Prince, Lord Dune and Pharaoh 90. Immensely powerful, they expect obedience, and nobody who defies their decrees lives for long; however, these distant beings rarely have much to say, leaving much of the operation of Dark Fall to key minions and generals. Even little treacheries amid the band are tolerated, although it bears noting that "tolerance" does not necessarily indicate going unpunished. It only means the culprit isn't summarily executed.

Dark Fall has few real strongholds on Earth; instead, the Fallen generals are easily able to retreat to small private dimensions, controlled by their masters. Some of these are anchored to local geography; many others are adimensional labyrinths, enterable only by the generals themselves. The greatest of these, and open to all Fallen who haven't recently earned the ire of Queen Beryl, was once the Dark Kingdom itself, hidden in a dimensional snarl at Point D in Antarctica - not much more than a quick hop, to the generals of Dark Fall. Courts rise and fall. Now Queen Mirage holds hers in the Blue Sky Kingdom, while Prince Demando and the Black Moon Clan entertain visitors among the stars.

Example Character Concepts

Appropriate Dark Fall characters include:

  • A whimsically themed but monstrously powerful overlord, come to Earth as a stepping stone to the many worlds beyond it.
  • An ancient witch, seeking the pure energy of innocent hearts to at last cast her most powerful spell.
  • A loyal general to a distant demon king, offering up the energy of childrens' fear to loose the seals keeping the dark god asleep.
  • A mysterious masked man from beyond the stars, who turns peoples' dreams into demons!

Example Theme Affiliations: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (Precia Testarossa), Magic Knight Rayearth, Mai-HiME (District 1), Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, Pretty Cure, Tokyo Mew Mew, extradimensional omnicidal demons from practically any theme!

  • This list is not exhaustive, nor universally accurate for a given theme's antagonists, but exists to give an idea of typical themes (or characters within a theme) connected to the organization.

Cast of Characters

This list can be edited by players to add their characters to their appropriate organization. Feel free to add your name as a link to your character page!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Demando, Eudial, Hotaru Tomoe

Fresh Pretty Cure!: Northa, Westar, Soular

Futari wa Pretty Cure: Poisony

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!: Phantom

Heartcatch Pretty Cure: Dark Precure

Knights of the Round Table REBORN!: Chihaya Izumi

Lost Inheritor Yumi: Ryoko Kikuchi

Magic Knight Rayearth: Zagato

Oto x Maho: JJH Class President

Princess Tutu: Rue, Tsuru

Suite Pretty Cure o/~: Siren


The history of Dark Fall is the history of the world. Long ago, the darkness was cast out of the universe by the first great Light. Long after that, another light shined - the dawn of the Silver Age, where Queen Serenity used the light of her Silver Crystal to banish the darkness, and bind the demon kings to heel.

And each time, the darkness came back, lurking at first in shadow before gathering the courage and strength to lash out at the hated light - tearing kingdoms from the sky and gods from their thrones in the pursuit of their ambition to master all of creation. A simple oversight allowed the demons to slip their bonds at the end of the Silver Millenium - and long years of peace allowed them to crush the Silver Age's defenders, who had never fought their like. Only Serenity's final miracles cast the darkness back out from Earth. Most of the Fallen were banished from Earth entirely - the doors through the Prism Flower sealed against their kind by Serenity's final decree. Others were too powerful to be uprooted...and still others were born on Earth long after that banishment was cast.

Those that were banished wandered the worlds, preying on stray fairy lands and retreating like dogs from the powerful spells of the militarized dimensions. Perhaps their most dire feats were enabled by the Belkans - in the madhouse desperation of the generations-long Belkan wars, both the defenders amid the many worlds and the Belkans themselves bound demon kings to service, treating them with samples of Pure Heart, captured Star Crystals, and other valued pieces of soul.

It served only to whet their appetites. In what Earth recounts as the early 20th century, the Belkan conflict finally ended, and the Demon Kings were found without master. They retreated, for a time; they could do little but scrabble against the power of the Time-Space Administration Bureau. But they had heard the siren song of Clow Reed's world-smashing wonder, and could smell the magic of Earth from all across the worlds.

To call Dark Fall a coalition before the modern day would be amiss. Although the Darkness has been spoken of as one unit since the dawn of creation, only in the years following Belka's defeat have the Fallen masters realized the power they gained by working in tandem. They lost so little to do so, after all; human souls are ripe with energy to steal.

But in the modern day, the strength of working together stopped being a novelty, and began being a necessity. Although the TSAB was hobbled in the aftermath of the Book of Darkness incident, there were still ace mages and powerful battleships amid their number; and besides which, Earth's wizard war and subsequent rise of both great mages and great magical girls meant that nobody could gain much of any purchase on the blue orb. The solution was obvious.

Work together, to spread the one power that could potentially defeat even Earth's many defenders: Despair. Absolute, final, and undying.

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