Supercharged Henshin Modes

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It is possible for a character to have access to Henshin Modes above their Master Rank; using these modes exhausts the character’s mana rapidly. These forms are built one Henshin Rank up on +100 CP above the character's normal maximum, or two Henshin Ranks up on +200 CP above the character's normal maximum. As characters grow in power, their supercharged henshin modes can too, though they are still capped by the maximum within a Henshin Rank.

For example, Mai Tokiha, aka Mai-HiME, is Master Rank C. Her Henshin Mode at Rank C represents her Element, golden rings that give her the powers of flight and summoning flame. However, every so often she summons her Child, the massive dragon Kagutsuchi; her Henshin Mode representing Mai and Kagutsuchi together is Rank A! She incurs a heavy mana surcharge each round she is in this second Henshin Mode.

Over time, she gains more Character Points, which she is allowed to spend improving her henshin modes; her Element mode began at 180 CP, the bottom of Rank C, and can range as high as 264, while her Kagutsuchi mode began at 380 CP, in Rank A, and can range as high as 459 (the top of Rank A). Once she advances to Rank B, she can build her now Rank B Element Henshin Mode on still more points, and can decide if she'd prefer for her Kagutsuchi mode to stay at Rank A and become a +100 CP mode instead of a +200 CP mode, or if she'd like it to grow with her to two ranks above her new Master Rank, and become Rank S.

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