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Long ago, there was an age of miracles; a shining age of magic and wonder, where all the many worlds were bound together under the silver light of the Moon.

But that age ended in strife, as ages often do. A jealous woman, urged on by dark forces, led an army of demons to cast down the queen, destroy her magical girl defenders, and shatter the links that bound the worlds close. The queen, with her dying words, wished for the darkness to be lost amid the scattering worlds, and wished for the future world to be safe from the dread of magic. Most of all, she wished that when all else failed, the world would be protected by a light greater than any darkness.

Millennia passed. It's now 2013, the modern day; just as we know it. Countries bicker and feud, as humanity surges beyond its adolescence and reaches for a shining Tomorrow. But it is not in the wars between nations that the future will be decided.

The darkness has returned. A century ago, the links between worlds were reforged by the grief of a mighty wizard. The darkness has seen the ripe magical power of Earth, shining now so very near. In the shadows, people's hearts are torn out and turned into monsters, while items of ancient power fall into the hands of corporate titans and middle school social climbers. Demons and humans alike grasp for the same dream: Conquest.

But the light has not gone out. As it was commanded so very long ago, it shines on; as the darkness swept across the world, champions appeared. They are called many things: Sailor Senshi, Pretty Cures, Puella Magi, Heartful Mages: Magical Girls. The gateways to power are many, but all shine with equal radiance.

The battle for humanity's destiny will be fought in Tokyo. Will the future be mired in unending darkness, or lit by Hope's infinite light? Even the gate to that bright Tomorrow can reveal only one thing: the Battle Fantasia is about to begin!


  • Genre Conventions - A brief guide to some conventions of the magical girl genre on BF.
  • Timeline - The story told on Battle Fantasia MUSH.
  • History - The magical history of the world.
  • Organizations - ICly influential forces that wish to shape the world; also OOCly useful boxes in which to organize players.
  • Schools - The sister schools of Battle Fantasia: Infinity, Ohtori and Juuban.
  • Paths to Power - Subtle but vital nuances of power on Battle Fantasia.
  • Magic vs. Miracles - The incredible and infinite potential of the heart.
  • Locations - A guide to the Battlefield Fantasia; also all the best places to get parfait.
  • Culture - Miscellaneous notes about our setting.
  • Theme Primer - A master list of primers to individual themes integrated on Battle Fantasia.
  • Cast Pages - Pages dedicated to further information about individual themes and their characters.
  • Theme Guides: Character Integrations - Details on how to integrate characters into themes that already exist on the game.
  • Glossary - A vocabulary guide to major theme concepts of Battle Fantasia.
  • Index - Tired of trees of links? Here's all of them in one place.