Megumi Aino

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Megumi Aino
IC Information
Full Name: Megumi Aino/愛乃 めぐみ
Aliases: Cure Lovely, Cherry Flamenco, Lollipop Hip Hop
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 14 (October 12, 2000)
Hair Colour: Dark Magenta(Megumi)/Hot Pink(Cure Lovely)
Eye Colour: Bright Pink(Megumi)/Hot Pink(Cure Lovely)
Astrological Sign: Libra
Blood Type:
Favorite Food: Her Mom's Jam
Least Favorite Food: Peppers
Favorite Subject: None!
Least Favorite Subject: All of them!
Clubs: Go Home Club!
School: Juuban Public School (Grade 9)
OOC Information
Source: Happiness Charge: Pretty Cure (FC)

The bottom of her class, Megumi hates to study, but loves to help out around the neighborhood, making her a familiar face across a broad spectrum. This hobby of hers can be meddlesome, but it's won her far more friends than enemies, because it's extremely obvious that her heart is in the right place. A habitual silly singer-songwriter and a terrible liar, she has avidly followed the recent explosion of magical girl activity, and couldn't be happier to join their ranks as Cure Lovely. But being a Pretty Cure is about more than beating up the bad guys and bringing happiness to the people, and Megumi has barely scratched the surface of her own feelings, introspection not being her forte. As the self-appointed ambassador of her new best friend to the rest of the world, she's often found in Hime Shirayuki's company -- and that of Cure Princess.


Born October 12th 2000, Megumi is the daughter of Masaru and Kaori Aino. Masaru, Her father has always loved his family but sadly his work has often pulled him away from them. Still he has always done his best to help his family and support them so Kaori didn't have to. Kaori on the other hand was always with Megumi. She was a stay at home mom with a passion for cooking and always seemed very happy, even when things seemed the darkest She kept her cheerful demeanor.

As a small child, Megumi was a really happy kid. She wasn't spoiled but all of her needs were taken care of. She has fond memories of her mother canning fruits and making jams and jellies. It was one of her highlights growing up. It was during this time that a new neighbors moved in. Seiji Sagara. The two became fast friends and were often inseperable. This brought their families closer together and lead to Seiji and his sister Mao to often have dinner with the Ainos due to their mother having to work late.

Eventually Megumi would start school at Juuban public school. School was tough for her. She hated studying it was just so boring. Megumi enjoyed being outside, playing and having fun. This didn't stop her from making friends. It was at about this point that she met another of her best of friends, Yuko Omori. Yuko often would share honey candy with her and most everyone. One day one of her classmates fell down and scraped up their knees on the way home from school. Megumi did her best to help out and help them feel better. This sparked something in Megumi. She loved helping other people. The feeling it gave her was one that she couldn't ignore. From that day forward she would actively seek out people to help, often singing made up songs the whole time.

As time moved on, her popularity grew. She really became well known as a very sweet, girl who was always helping out no matter what it cost her. Even if it meant getting soaking wet. While there were always magical girls and general weirdness going on around her, It was about this point that she actually began actively cheering for and being almost obsessed with how awesome they are. From the amazing powers of the PRetty Cures to every other magical girl out there. She enjoyed seeing their cool outfits and watching them where she could. It was also about this point that her mother came down very sick. Life threatening sick. Megumi begin helping out around the house where she could but her mother was often stubborn and insisted on doing much herself. Still, Megumi would have done anything to make her feel better again.

More recently, Megumi has started in the ninth grade. Its a real struggle for her, She has difficulty with studying and that makes taking tests and stuff really hard for her. While walking home from school, singing a little song, She got hit in the head with little pink crystal. At least it was a really cute crystal and pink has always been Megumi's favorite color. So she's kept it! Little did she know she spent much of that day being watched by a blue haired girl. Eventually The two would meet. The blue haired girl, Princess Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky or just Hime, would quickly become friends with Megumi. Not long after this, Megumi would discovered Hime's Secret! That she was Cure Princess! When Cure Princess is nearly beaten by Namekelder, Megumi steps in to protect her friend putting her own life on the line. Her pink crystal transformed into a Prechan Mirror allowing her to turn into Cure Lovely! Since then, She has been fighting baddies as Cure Lovely. She teams up with Cure Princess wherever she can as they do work well together.


Seiji Sagara - Seiji is one of Megumi's closest friends and has been such since they were both little. Megumi sees Seiji as a brother and Seiji is always looking out for Megumi. He is the type who will defend her no matter what happens. His sister is also a friend of Megumi's but to a much lesser degree.

Hime Shirayuki - Cure Princess and Cure Lovely are the two who started the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure team. Princess tends to be quite fearful at times and not even having beaten a single Terrabad until Lovely appeared. This causes Megumi to often be the anchor of the two. She is the one who is going to stand firm and support her good friend with all she is. At times, this is a 2 way street though, Especially when it comes to school. Hime is a bit more studious then Lovely but is often willing to help her out. Where Princess is weak Lovely is strong and vice versa. Things can be a little awkward though at times. Hime is often shy and introverted while I don't think there is a word to describe how unshy Megumi is and very much extroverted.

Yuko Omori - Another of Megumi's closest friends, Yuko is a hard worker as opposed to Megumi. She is often found at her parents resturant which is fine with Megumi because the resturant makes really good Food. Yuko is very kind and very supportive toward Megumi often there willing to help her if she's feeling down and of course giving her honey candy.

Iona Hikawa - The fourth member of Happiness Charge Precure, Iona and Megumi have met each other in passing before they find out about their connection as Precures. Personality wise they are very different. Where Iona is very determined and well trained, Lovely is more free spirited and acts more on instinct. Yet the two work together very well.

Blue - The god of the Earth, Blue is very much respected by Megumi. She even has a bit of a crush on him regardless of his rules. He does see her potential as a Pretty Cure and is often willing to talk with her in private when needed.

Ribbon - The fairy mascot from the Blue Sky kingdom, Ribbon helps Megumi and all of Happiness Charge Precure by supplying them with Precards. Megumi finds Ribbon cute and Ribbon enjoys Megumi's company because of how she befriended Hime.