2016-09-20 - Damn Rich People And Their Pets

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Title: Damn Rich People And Their Pets

Walking someone's pets seems normal enough - but this is Ohtori. Really, chasing after magical Notes might be the most normal part.


Inori Yamabuki, Hibiki Houjou


Ohtori Academy

OOC - IC Date:

22 November 2014 - 09/20/2016

<Pose Tracker> Inori Yamabuki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

It's a chill November afternoon at the gates of Ohtori. Just after school on a Saturday, which meant there was still plenty of daylight for note hunting. That was the purpose of this, and in one hand, Inori had brought a butterfly net, which was being held awkwardly because she had two leashes in the other hand. She's still dressed in her winter uniform, with the added touches of a scarf and leggings, "Ah- I'm really sorry about this." She moans remorsefully, in annoyance.

Attached to one leash was a peacock. A stately strutting bird which was just pacing around on the length of its leash. It's feathers are like a train following behind it.

"I just didn't know what to do. This upperclassman came up to me and asked 'So you're that vet's daughter aren't you?' Then one of her friends entrusted me with walking their pets like I was their personal servant."

"What is the delay?" If the bird could sniff, it would, "I'm /ready/ for my afternoon stroll. I'll have you know- commoner- that I'm on a very tight schedule and I don't have time for your dilly-dallying!"

A yellow key was just hovering around, and around, and around.

There were few students about right now, just a stray one every here and there- and some meeting in club rooms, but mostly the campus was already quite evacuated in anticipation to the weekends. 'buki bows her head at the peacock, "Ah! I'm so sorry! We'll get going very soon." 'buki hesitantly offers the other leash to Hibiki. "Again I'm really sorry about this, they did it so fast, I didn't know how to say no!"

<Pose Tracker> Hibiki Houjou [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

For whatever reason, Hibiki practically came loaded for bear when she arrived at Ohtori. A fluffy coat, poofy gloves, and then her actual equipment. Two butterfly nets and a lacrosse stick, slung over her back for whatever purpose she had in mind when she left Infinity today. There was adventure in the making, and she's certainly ready for it.

Loaded for bear was nearly apt - but as it turned out, the bear cub was having a nap anyway.

"Hey, it's no problem - Waon cancelled soccer practice, Kanade's busy with some big order, so I was kind of free anyway. Besides, it's not every day I get to see how crazy things can get around here." Grinning, Hibiki takes the leash - pauses, then pulls out her collar a bit. "Though hey, do you want to say hi to this cat? Maybe you can be friends..."

There's a pause. And then there's a sudden poof of white fur, wriggling at the open neck of Hibiki's coat. Finally, Hummy's head pokes out with a pop, the cat looking around. "Did you say a cat, nya- oh! This isn't anything suspi...."

Behold, however long it lasts, the sight of Hummy being utterly dumbfounded. Because Hibiki wasn't wrong - she's walking a cat.

A lynx counts as a cat.

The lynx, fuzzy for the cooler weather, spotted all over, yawns in total boredom - pausing a moment to bat at its collar. Hibiki's just a little wary, but she's generally grinning - all the more as Hummy starts stammering. "Th- th- that's a big cat, Hibiki-chan! Inori, you can tell her not to eat me, right?"

The girl, for her part, laughs. "Like I said, no problem at all - and Kanade's going to be so jealous when I tell her about these 'paw pads'."

<Pose Tracker> Inori Yamabuki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"It doesn't get too crazy-" A beat, then she kind of says weakly, "Most of the time."

Hummy gets a soothing rub behind the ear as Inori repeats it- "Hummy is noone suspicious and please don't eat-"

"I heard her the first time." Inori shuts up as the lynx yawns once again. "Do you truly think I don't understand Japanese or something?"

Hesitantly she starts back up again, "Ah well- I wasn't sure- could my friend Hibiki-chan here touch your paws-"

"Maybe later, if I feel like she's done a satisfactory job of giving me exercise."

"Cecil! Why are you fraternizing with our handlers?"

"Well Reginald. That cat they have looks like an interesting chap."

"Nonsense!" The peacock bristles, "The heart is obviously a sign of low breeding."

"Ah- the cat- Cecil thinks you're interesting rather than suspicious Hummy and-" Inori swallows, as she moans once, "-I really shouldn't repeat the rest."

Her head hangs for a moment, but then she straightens, "I think we should check the music room first. It's pretty world famous- so if what you all said about notes is correct, there might be a few hiding in there." Down the path into the main building they walk. Ohtori students don't even spare a glance at the Lynx and Peacock.

... those damned rich kids.

<Pose Tracker> Hibiki Houjou [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

Head poking out of Hibiki's coat, the very picture of feline cuteness, Hummy's eyes and ears dart back and forth. Can she understand the speech of animals? Maybe, probably not - perhaps she's just watching Kirun fly around. Upon hearing the verdict, though, she brightens up considerably. "Thank you, Inori-chan! And I'm happy to meet you, Cecil-chan - I'm Hummy, a song fairy!"

Hibiki, for her part, picks up the pace readily - step matched to the predator padding its way down the hallway beside her. "I've heard, yeah - Dad says it's got fantastic acoustics for piano playing in particular. You can hear a sonata halfway across the school, if it's quiet enough..." She pauses, listening...and nods to herself. No one playing to day, at least. "...so are you sure it's fine to take these two through the halls? I'd have expected the grounds outside would be better - more room to run and all tha-"

"Hibiki-chan! A Note!"

Suddenly alert - and grateful that there aren't any other students nearby - Hibiki starts looking around. Unfortunately there's no sign of anything other than Kirun flying around - and Hummy's squirming doesn't help matters. "Over there! No, not that way - my paws are too short! Inori-chan, next to you, it's going to get away!"

...still nothing to see, though.

<Pose Tracker> Inori Yamabuki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MhZPqHeEAQ&t=0m13s

"You're not a cat?" The lynx snuffs, as if that thought were ridiculous, but then he gives it a second thought, "Maybe you're correct. How fascinating."

"Hardly. A /common/ song fairy is no more interesting than an uncommon rodent."

"Well I wouldn't mind an uncommon rodent. Do you remember that Capybara M'lady got me as a Christmas present...?"

"Your tastes are so uncouth."

Inori tries to ignore the exchange, so much ignoring, "Your dad is right. Some days, you can hear the same lovely song for hours..." When Hummy shouts, suddenly the Peacock's feathers poof up and fan out, "What is all this racket you're making!?"

Brandishing the butterfly net, Inori swipes and nearly catches Kirun in it, "Ah sorry Kirun!" "Kiii~"

Suddenly things break into chaos as Inori starts swinging here, and there, and every which way that Hummy is pointing.

She goes into something of a dizzying panic, because notes are important and she can't let it slip away- "Next to me!? Where!? Where!? I don't see it!" One of her swings connects with tailfeathers, "Watch it! Don't sully my pinions with your flailing!" "I'm so sorry!"

Turning around suddenly she closes her eyes- as if she were going to use the force instead of a targetting computer, and the net descends over something solid, "Ah! I did-" Her eyes open, "-it?"

Het net is currently over Hibiki's head, smooshing down her hair, "Reh!? I'm really-really sorry Hibiki-chan!

Slowly she pulls the net up, then hunches down with an awkward look. The Peacock makes this loud mocking call, "Ah Cecil I get it! These handlers are supposed to be a comedy act for our benefit!"

"M'lady is so thoughtful about our entertainment."

<Pose Tracker> Hibiki Houjou [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

Hibiki is, abruptly, netted. Within the veil of the butterfly-catching web, she blinks once. "...thanks for the compliment, but I'm not quite that musical, 'Buki-chan..." Once freed of the net, she reaches over to pat Buki on the shoulder in sympathy. "It's fine, it's fine...could have been a lot worse, right?"

From the collar of her coat, a cat watches empty air. "Bye-bye, cute little Note~ Still! That was completely shameful - it was right there, you two! Clearly you're lacking in Harmony Power...there's a piano around here, right? We can fix this!"

Grumbling under her breath, Hibiki reaches down into her coat with both hands - and pop, the cat is free, being held in the air by a nonplussed Infinity Student with slightly messed-up hair. "Oh, don't you start - you just got lucky that Kanade and I used to play together! How are we supposed to catch something we can't see?"

There's a pause. The piano down the hall continues to be silent. Cecil the elegant lynx yawns once again. And Hummy blinks once, twice, thrice. "...oh! I forgot, nyapu!"

"What do you mean, forgo- hey, watch it- gah!" The cat in Hibiki's hands is squirming, wriggling - and abruptly kicks off of Hibiki's face, sending the girl staggering over towards Inori.

Hummy isn't bothered, though - she does a flip in midair, pink light shining from her paws. "Here you go! Nyapu, nyapu!" Little pink hearts, one two, fly out to catch Hibiki and Inori between the eyes, imbuing them with just a little musical magic - and then the cat spins, somehow still in midair. "You can play too! Nyapu, nyapu!"

...whether Reginald and Cecil deign to allow this blessing remains to be seen - but for those so imbued, the halls of Ohtori are suddenly much more colourful. Little Notes, eighth and quarter and half, notes and rests alike, dot the general area as they wander around. Nowhere near the whole Melody...but enough for a dozen measures, at least, in every colour and all practically singing with happiness.

<Pose Tracker> Inori Yamabuki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

'buki's head bobs weakly. "Right. I guess I just got a little overenthusiastic."

But lacking in harmony power!? A piano!? They can't fix this, "I- can't play the piano at all." She frets, "Or any instrument. I can dance I guess but- our dances are meant for a group of three or more..." She's still kind of fretting when Hibiki staggers backwards and she catches her, "Ah! Are you alright? Let me see?" Inori checks Hibiki's face for any marks, already digging in her bag for a bandaid in case she needs it. But there aren't any. "Hummy you need to be careful. Your paws are really soft but you have claws too..." She takes a breath, "...It's fine though." Pink hearts however change her perspective into-

A rainbow world of light. It's like the whole hallway is dotted with them like the walls themselves were their new staves, "There's so many-" She says breathlessly, but then a smile touches her expression and- "-well, are you ready Hibiki-chan?"

"Oho! Such splendor! Are we supposed to catch these shiny baubles?"

"Ah- yes. The point is to gather them- but be careful not to eat them-"

"Come Cecil! We'll show these commoners how it's done!"

The yawning lazy elegant lynx now takes on a predator's lope, as if it was now on the hunt, "Tally-Ho!"

The peacock was tugging against Inori's leash as it's path wended side to side in some squiggly spiral and she was hastening to keep up with it. It wasn't a hunter- of course, it just liked to think it was. It tries to catch a note within it's snapping beak, but misses, as Inori's net swoops down in an arc that catches two. "Good show! I'll do the difficult work of flushing them out and you- be ready with your net!"

The lynx was likely a lot more effective.

<Pose Tracker> Hibiki Houjou [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

Overenthusiasm still brings a grin to Hibiki's face - but when 'Buki starts fussing over her to check for injuries...well, the general impression isn't that far off from a fussy child. "Hey - it's fine, she does this all the time. Besides, I've got a hard head, so-"

And then Hibiki is blindsided by a bit of musical magic.

As Cure Melody, she could glimpse the Notes - but that came part and parcel with the whole Pretty Cure deal, really. The Suite Pretty Cures were meant to be in tune with music, so seeing the Notes was just part of seeing that whole aspect of the world. And generally, there were only one or two - the refrain of the Melody of Sorrow scaring most of them away.

So this is novel, and then some. For a moment, Hibiki just stands in awe at the colourful sight - right before remembering her ire. "Hummy! Hang on, you could do this the whole time?"

Hummy finally lands - on her feet, naturally - and salutes from the floor. "I forgot, nya! Sorry!"

Hibiki grumbles a moment...but it's hard to stay grumpy in light of this opportunity. She gives 'Buki a matching smile, and nods. "Ready on our end - and for the record, we should totally do a Pretty Cure song and dance get-together sometime!"

The lynx isn't yawning - and pounces, pulling Hibiki right out of whatever else she had to say. It's an awkward few steps as she's more pulled than running under her own power - but she's got her pride as a woman, whatever that means in this Ohtori context, and is soon sprinting alongside the pampered lynx. A predator pounces, a net swings, and there's yowls of triumph alongside a young lady's war cries. Not exactly dignified....

But it's Ohtori. And they -are- catching Notes...

<Pose Tracker> Inori Yamabuki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"Well it's not that-" Inori gets quiet. Thinks. Stares at Hibiki, "-it's not that hard." She finally finishes.

Inori can't really get mad at Hummy, she's so cute- even when she's forgetful. "Oh! ... well I don't mind if the others don't! We'll just have to practice in private a lot first- getting on stage in front of other people-" She swallows nervously. She doesn't say 'I can't' but she still feels that way to some extent.

The lynx has the advantage of Hibiki trying to keep up more adequately than Inori is with the peacock, whose walk has become a half-strut of triumph over the fact- that he's done really nothing of worth. Another swing and- "Got another!" She's not exactly making war cries like Hibiki but-

Suddenly a group of chatting girls, leaving their cultural club meeting, turns the corner. The fact that Inori and Hibiki have a peacock and lynx doesn't so much as warrant a comment, but some do whisper and giggling about them swinging at nothing with a butterfly net in the halls. Whether they're playing 'pretend'. A few comment on both of their hairstyles- and finally one of them says something about 'Infinity' under their breath which causes them all to break out laughing.

Inori's head kind of droops with self-consciousness for a while- "Pay no attention to their claptrap! Why those harpies wouldn't know noble sport if it bit them on the rear!" The peacock looks at Inori, "And your hair is- adequate."

That causes her to perk up- before they're even fully gone, she moves forward and takes another swing, catching another amidst a squawk of triumph. Another yowl, as the lynx tosses a note from it's maw over to Hummy's waiting paw, "Why this reminds me of the time we summered in Bangladesh-"

"Does it? Oh right. That time M'lady had a craving for hundred fold curry lentil."


<Pose Tracker> Hibiki Houjou [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

The game's afoot! The hunt is on! Some other metaphor that really warrants pith helmets for these two girls!

Whatever Hibiki had expected in this lynx-walk, the reality blows it out of the water. This may be a pampered pet, but it's still a powerful predator - it's all Hibiki can do to keep up with Cecil, the fact that she's making a few pounces with her net defies explanation.

Hummy, for her part, is awash in delight. A pink heart for you! A pink heart for you! Pink hearts for everyNote, nya! A handful of Fairy Tones sit twinkling nearby to receive the stray Notes for safe-keeping; Dori seems, for once, almost impressed with Hummy.

"Did she actually plan this, dodo?....can't be..."

"Nice one, 'Buki!" Hibiki turns to give Inori a thumbs up - but then, disaster strikes. Ohtori girls walking by to....comment on things. And there Hibiki is, having just swung a butterfly net to capture what looks to most like thin air. The actual Infinity student freezes on the spot, because...

Are they about to be found out?!

(No. At most, the girls see a cat playing with large jewels, and if that's not Ohtori then what is.)

She doesn't, however, miss the comments on their hair, the snide comment about her school. She doesn't have the benefit of overhearing the animals' pep talk...

...but some things don't need words. With a sharp yowl, Cecil the lynx pounces again - catching one Note, and scaring up a few others. And...put on the spot, Hibiki decides to own the moment - she doesn't just swing the net, she spins with it. "Nothing like play-hunting with an actual predator, huh? Sorry, Hummy, you don't quite qualify!"

"I can hunt cupcakes, nya!" An answer in a voice that is totally just Hibiki using ventriloquism because cats can't talk, right?

<Pose Tracker> Inori Yamabuki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Inori beams at the thumbs up. "I admit, this is really a lot of fun."

It's hard to imagine that Dark Generals could show up and really ruin this at any moment, just imagine what would happen if they turned this whole hallway into monsters!?

But such thoughts are only shaken off by the fact that they're having so much fun- with two exotic animals, which may be pampered and stuck up, but that only made it kind of wild in a strange way.

"Did you say- cupcakes!?"

~One hour later- after many a note was collected and 'buki has checked numerous, numerous animal food websites~

The lynx sits on it's haunches, licking it's snout which now has frosting around it. It has a single paw pad raised, "It feels so nice..." She all but squeals as she rubs it. Then raises her Linkrun to snap a picture of Hibiki with the lynx. "Cheese!"