2014-12-30 - Tada!! Siren Appears To Bother Fresh!

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Title: Tada!! Siren Appears To Bother Fresh!

A mysterious silver stranger, accompanying Siren the evil song fairy cat, unleash an attack on the Fresh Precure! What could they be planning?


Siren, Cure Peach, Cure Berry, Cure Pine


Tama Outer City

OOC - IC Date:

3 May 2014 - 12/31/2014

<Pose Tracker> Miki Aono [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

Clover Town Street. Like many days out of the year, the three young women - after school, of course, always planned to meet up - the hardest part was often deciding what to do. Today (maybe like many other days,) Miki decided on what to do - and that would be: meet up outside of the candy store that was prominent in the street, and spend a handful of yen on sweet things.

Not to mention say hello to the owner as well.

To that effect, Miki was standing up straight - still wearing the light blues of her uniform, her thumb and fingers dancing over the buttons of her cell phone as she texts Love and 'buki both, hoping to guide both young women in towards her location.

Well that, and kinda send little texts to her mother every so often, her face kinda twisting a little bit into a frown as she does that.

<Pose Tracker> Love Momozono [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Love Momozono was absolutely -exhausted- at school today. But fortunately, or maybe unfortunately for her, none of her classmates or teachers really took notice. It really was not all that rare that Love would be absent-minded during school hours. Well, maybe someone like Daisuke might have noticed that Love was a little less cheerful than usual. But who cares what Daisuke thinks? Certainly not Love!

But what really picked Love Momozono out of the miasma of exhaustion was that she was going to go meet her two best friends after school. Love Momozono then strolled her way on over to Clover Town Street with a great big smile on her face. It was nearly time for everyone to meet up!

Thanks to Miki's....well perfect directions, Love actually ends up being on time for one. She scans the nearby crowd with those pink eyes of hers until she sets them on familiar sight, Miki! Love quickly stashes her cellphone away in her schoolbag as she breaks out into a run. "Miki-chan! Hey!" calls out Love from beyond the normal polite distance to start a conversation with someone. But hey! Love Momozono was just really excited to see her friend. "Is Buki still coming too?" She asks hopefully.

<Pose Tracker> Inori Yamabuki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

It was such a beautiful Spring day. It was easy enough to shove the fact that they'd participated in a battle of apocalyptic proportions not long ago.

When the text came in, 'buki looked up from her work at her sewing machine, and out the window. She'd only been home a short time, but it seemed a shame to stay cooped up indoors sewing when she could be spending time with her friends. Considering, she sent a reply text assuring Miki that she'd be there soon, then took a few more minutes on her current project.

It's not long after that she's quickly walking down the sidewalk, until she caught sight of the candy store. Looking each way, she crossed the street in a more unhurried fashion, waving at a bicyclist as he passed by, then Miki and Love as she finally reached the opposite sidewalk, a bright smile appearing on her features, "Hey Love-chan! Thanks for the invite, Miki-chan!" Adjusting her ever-present bag over her shoulder, she moves through the throng of passers by to stand near them, before looking at the candy store. She'd ask what the occasion was, but does she really need an excuse to spend time with either of them? "Sorry that I took so long!"

<Pose Tracker> Miki Aono [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

Miki glances up from her phone. It was still a few minutes early. Certainly that couldn't be...

"Love-chan!" enthuses Miki, a brilliant smile touching her features. In spite of the gazes that the loud greeting had gathered, Miki steps forward regardless, her eyes only upon Love proper. Stepping forward, Miki extends both of her hands, hoping to take both of Love's in her own and briefly squeeze them before releasing her touch.

"She is... I think," says Miki, her tone of voice a little less perfect. "...I think we're all a little tired after yesterday," she says, in the understatement of the year. Like her friend, Miki had deep circles under her eyes, even if she was hiding it well with makeup. "So if she couldn't make it, I'd probably understand, and..."

But speak of the 'buki, and she doth appear!

Glancing up from Love at that point, "'buki!" she exclaims. "Hello! Are you..." Miki pauses a moment, kinda giving 'buki a critical eye. "...feeling okay?" she asks.

<Pose Tracker> Siren [None] has posed.

There is background music. This is a thing that is happening. It leaks into earshot subtly at first, but then increasingly obviously, rising in pitch even as it deepens in richness of harmony.

Three male voices, sliding down the scale in a musical portent of doom.

Just as it becomes audible, it appears: a gigantic Data Diamond taller than Love's mom. It is an as-yet unseen color, a rich indigo shot through with circuits that positively sparkle with glittering silver circuits.

It smacks right onto the nearby candy shop, promising a building-sized Nakewameke in seconds--!

<Pose Tracker> Love Momozono [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Love's question about Buki is answered in the best way possible when her friend comes a-walking across the street and greets the two of them. Straining to smile any bigger, the young auburn haired girl offers a frenzied wave to the newcomer. "Hey Buki!"

Letting Miki take her hands into her own, Love just keeps on grinning. Miki's timely arrival yesterday was definitely a unexpected blessing. The three of them really were unbeatable when they all worked together, no matter the odds!

Love looks left and there was Miki. She then looks right and there was Buki. She now can't help but try to extend both her arms and reel her friends in for a quick hug. "So!" begins Love excitedly. "Where to first?! Oh, right the candy shop!" exclaims Love with as much excitement as if this was the first time she had heard they were going to such a place.

But then something completely unexpected happens. Some strange music begins to play and a Data Diamond crashes into the very candy store that they were going to go investigate. Love gasps in shock as she quickly remembers that they may had won a big victory yesterday, but there were plenty more battles to be fought. Love now looks to her two friends and nods towards both of them. "We have to do something!"

And that something is that Love reaches for her 'cellphone' and unlocks it with a click. And then with a brief touch of her finger, she is covered in a bright pink light. Hopefully in unison with her friends, Love begins to yell, "Change! Pretty Cure! Beat up!" Gone is Love's auburn hair and much longer bright blonde pigtails shoot out from her and unfurl majestically. Her uniform disappears too to be replaced by the pink and white outfit of a certain blonde warrior. Love Momozono is no more and she now stands proudly as Cure Peach! Peach raises her hands above her head and forms heart with her hands that she now lowers in front of her. "This pink heart is the emblem of Love!" CLAP! "Freshly-picked, Cure Peach!" Once more, Peach hopes to shout at this final part at the same time as her two fellow Cures should they follow her in transformation, "Let's - Pretty Cure!" Cure Peach now stands ready to face whatever creature this Data Diamond summons. She may be tired from the yesterday's battle, but she was going to let a little exhaustion get in the way of getting her own or her friends their happiness!

<Pose Tracker> Inori Yamabuki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Inori's eyes show just a minor amount of wonderment at Miki's question. There's a short pause, but it's a notable one, as she processes the context. The reason seems to occur to her right before she gives her a sheepish look, waving a single hand at her as if to ward off any worry. "Oh! I'm feeling just fine. There's nothing to worry abo..." She looks around in confusion, "...Is someone singing? It sounds..." Her commentary dies as she sees the giant data diamond come into view. She's points towards it frantically. "Labyrinth?!" Did Labyrinth executives sing!? She hadn't as of yet seen anyone, but the diamond was all too familiar.

Her other hand frantically digs through her bag, grasping her yellow linkrun, she looks around quickly. 'We have to do something!' "Right!" The crowds were already dispersing in a panic, which gave her time to place a clover shaped key in the top and turns it. It opens, and she finds herself suffused by golden light. "Change!" She yells in unison with the others. "Pretty Cure... Beat up!"

Taking a leap of faith, 'buki's hair and eyes change to luminous gold. Her clothes become gloriously frilly, girding her for battle as a Pretty Cure. When she lands, Cure Pine stands in her place.

Raising her hands above her head, she lowers them to her sides, then makes a heart, "The yellow heart is the emblem of of faith!" Clap! "Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!" The final chant, is a call for battle and a show of solidarity at the same time, as she shouts, "Let's - Pretty Cure!" At the same time as the others.

There were enough warning signs that this was going to be different from their usual battles, and they were all worn from the battle of the other night. Right now, however, standing alongside Berry and Peach she fully believed that they'd make it through this one too!

COMBAT: Inori Yamabuki transforms into Cure Pine!

<Pose Tracker> Miki Aono [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

A laugh leaves Miki as Love hugs her to herself, Miki, of /course/, sharing in that quick hug, squeezing both of her best friends in the world briefly. That noise, falling so sharply in pitch. Miki - conditioned to a great many ways that evil forces tended to begin their work - purses her lips and glances in the direction of the sound, a shiver running up and down her spine. "Did you guys hear...?" she begins to say, but 'buki draws her attention away from the sky as she identifies the sound as 'singing'ish, Miki starting to nod her head.

She was alerted to the data diamond by the way 'buki's features change, her eyes lifting up towards the sky. Labyrinth seemed to be a good enough explanation for that occurence. Even if... "They've never sounded like /that/ before."

Love gives the command - well, the thought that Something Had to Be Done. And Miki bobs her head in a brisk nod. "Right!" she says, reaching for her linkrun and clasping it tightly. She was exhausted as well. And conciousness of that thought teases at the back of her mind briefly. But like she had to do at class earlier, Miki steels her will.

Something Had To Be Done. And Pretty Cure were the ones to do. Phone unlocked with her little key, azure light bathing her school uniform.

"CHANGE!" she calls, her voice bearing a little more conviction than normal. "Pretty Cure - beat up!" A twirl, and a spin, in unison with her friends, the henshin begins in earnest, her ponytail sprouting majestically from atop her head, tied with a jeweled clasp. Then the uniform, bows, ribbons, skirts, boots - it all springs into being upon her.

And at the very end... "Let's - Pretty Cure!"

And Miki allows herself a pleased little smile.

She was exhausted, but she was proud - of herself, and her friends. Especially at this moment.

<Pose Tracker> Siren [None] has posed.

As the Pretty Cure transform and approach the data diamond, it explodes!

This is not unusual in itelf; a cloud is commonly blasted outwards to shield the Nakewameke from view as it adds things to itself like eyes, arms, and legs.

The purple, blue, and red confetti, on the other hand...

...and that silver glitter on the circuits seems to have been real glitter, and it's getting everywhere, on everything...


When the explosion clears, the diamond is revealed to be (now the remains of) a pinata. Someone is waiting inside, someone who leaps out, out and up, onto a lamppost, where she can be properly taller than her enemies.

This would otherwise be a challenge, as her head is somewhat less than one foot off the ground. Her tail, at full extention, can do a little better than that, and, indeed, right now it's pointing right at the sky, pleased as punch.

She licks her chops with her little pink tongue. Her incisors briefly gleam, fangily. Her luminous golden eyes blink, catlike as they narrow.

No... not catlike. Cat is. She is a cat. A cat with a magnificent, feathery ruff and a blatantly supernatural mark upon her forehead of the outline of two concentric, magenta hearts, but a cat nonetheless.

"Pretty Cure! At last you meet your match!"

...a talking cat.

Her nose in the air, whiskers twitching proudly in the wind, she looks down at them. "I, Siren, the Songstress of Minor Land, have come to defeat you! After today, you will never rise from the ashes of your shame and humiliation!"

With what, you might ask? She's tiny.

<Pose Tracker> Love Momozono [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

The area around the Data Diamond explodes and Cure Peach tenses up as she readies herself to crush whatever candy robotic monster was about to emerge. But when the dust clears, there is only glitter, lots and lots of glitter. But what most be evil laughter causes Cure Peach to raise her arms once again to start the punching. And yet, this doesn't come either when Peach sees what jumps out from pinata like remains of the 'nakewameke'. It's a cute kitty cat!

That just issued them a stern warning before finally introducing herself. "We'll see about that!" replies Peach fiercely before tilting her head to the side. Wait a minute, something didn't seem right here! Wasn't this creature a little short to be a nakewameke? "Pine, did a cat jump into the way of the Data Diamond?" She then looks over at Berry to see if she knows what's going on. "And um shouldn't it be all robotic and evil looking?"

Finally, Peach turns her pink gaze upon Siren. She then raises a fist into the air before declaring somewhat hesitantly, "Um. don't you worry! After we figure this out, we'll save you kitty!"

<Pose Tracker> Cure Pine [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

There's so much startlement as the pinata explodes, that Cure Pine literally quickly gets down, with her hands over her head, believing it to be a bomb. Instead, there's confetti, and glitter. And it's getting everywhere. Sheepishly she stands up, wiping away some silver glitter from her face.

There's laughter. Evil laughter! And Cure Pine looks up, squinting against the sunlight as she looks upon their foe, who is looking down upon them from on high. Suddenly the image of Siren in all of her feline glory comes into view, and Cure Pine gapes silently, as Siren issues her challenge.

When she's finished, Pine finally states a single word. "Adorable!" She turns to the others, bringing them into some sort of huddle lowers her voice in a whisper, "No, I think she's really our opponent! Animals that become Nakewameke don't really give speeches do they?" A beat, "She's so cute! Do you see those hearts on her head!? She looks a little like Hummy!"

Cure Pine seems entranced by this turn of events, as she comes out of the huddle. Straightening up, she puts a hand to her mouth, and coughs. She was issuing them a challenge as Pretty Cure, so she had to take her seriously! ...Even if she thought she was the cutest thing. "Siren of Minor Land."

Red-faced and embarrassed, she suddenly realizes she's having trouble figuring out how to respond seriously. She had a hard time being harsh with animals! Suddenly she points up at her, "Bad... kitty!" Another pause, "Oh I didn't mean it! You're really just the most precious thing! Can we please not fight? I really don't want to hurt you!"

<Pose Tracker> Miki Aono [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

The explosion of the Data Diamond seemed to lend creedence to the thought that wherever this thing came from it... ...

Cure Berry pauses a moment, lifting her hand up in front of herself. She was observing her sleeve. Berry frowns a little bit, bringing up a hand to brush off her sleeve. Now her fingers were glittery.

Berry gives her hand a bit of a shake, before the glitterfied Cure decides that perhaps the new threat deserved more attention, Berry lifting her hands and taking on a more martial stance as she looks upon the fell beast that was...

Berry glances to Peach, and then in unison with Peach, turns to look at Pine, the expert on these matters. Of the three, however, Berry remained suspicious of Cat. (perhaps she was more of a dog person). Shuffling closer to the others, the martial stance that was so fierce before becomes half-hearted, Berry kinda...


"Is that one of Tarte's friends?" asks Berry, looking between the others and the Cat, her eyes flickering kinda rapidly between the three. Even if... "She is... pretty cute," admits Berry, sounding a bit defeated even as she does so.

COMBAT: Miki Aono transforms into Cure Berry!

<Pose Tracker> Siren [None] has posed.


With awful screeching noises, Siren, shreds curls of metal and lacquer off the top of the lamppost, kneading it furiously with her claws. Her verbalization is also a screech, the screech of a diva denied her due.

They are both sadly ugly sounds.

"How dare you address me, the Princess of Evil, in such a way! And I am /nothing/ like that pufflebrained, butterfly-chasing, bobble-headed..."

She lacks a noun sufficiently furious to finish the sentence with, electing instead to leap over to a rooftop. She flips in midair, which produces... a glint of silver.

"Now you've really got it coming -- I am your doom! And with what might I bring it about, you might ask?"

Oh. Maybe the huge sphere of quicksilvery metal(?) that balloons into being from the spark, hovering above the girls like a misplaced Christmas ornament. It, however, has more than enough malice to make up for the ridiculousness that is Siren herself. It crackles a bit with dark energies, like and yet unlike the energy tree fought the day before.

It was mindless.

This is someting else... a palpable presence, a consciousness, an intellect.

The silver unfolds into the figure of a man, roughly ten feet tall, and takes a readied stance, hovering in midair.

"GO FORTH!" the diva cat calls.

His silver lids open, revealing more silver beneath, pupil-less yet clearly seeing.

"Come," he orders the Pretty Cure.

COMBAT: Siren transforms into Silver Stranger and Siren!
COMBAT: Siren has fully healed herself. She is now ready to take on 3 opponents!

<Pose Tracker> Love Momozono [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Pine absolutely would be the expert in this situation as she knew animals better than either Berry or herself knew. When the vet aspirant expertly observes the markings on that cat's head and her similarity to Hummy, Peach nods her head in emphatic agreement. "You're right! She's absolutely adorable!" Sure she looked a -little- shady, but Tarte himself was one shady customer too and look how he turned out! Maybe Minor Land was a fairy kingdom like the Kingdom of Sweets?

The blonde warrior does notice Berry getting distracted by the glitter that now covered the entire area including the three of them. Even if she didn't say anything, Berry brought up a great point in Peach's mind. Glitter definitely wasn't evil and thus a creature that causes an explosion of it couldn't really be evil could it? Wait, a minute. Glitter bomb. Pinata. This was totally a surprise party from one of Hummy or Tarte's friends. Peach leans towards Pine and Berry in complete conspiratory fashion. "I think this just might be actually a surprise party and we should probably just play along." Love nods to herself before pointing an accusing finger at Siren. "We're not going to let you get away with you evil plans! We're going to stop you right here! Now let's Pretty..."

Siren pretty much sinks Love's surprise party theory by scratching the lamppost really hard which causes Peach to cover her ears. Uh oh. They weren't convincing enough and now they angered her. "Wait!" Peach begins to call out when Siren jumps away onto a rooftop. "Come back, we're going to be serious!" But it seems like it is Siren whom is going to get serious. That strange orb that she summoned has formed into an imposing 10 foot tall figure. Peach now looks utterly perplexed at this turn of events and ends up looking back at Berry and Pine to see if them were understanding any of it better than her.

Siren gives the command and the silver figure issues its challenge. Cure Peach, still a little confused, raises her fists up into the air. "Um...we're really -not- going to let you get away with your evil plans and we really -will- stop you here and now! Let's Pretty Cure!" She may have started out a little unsure of herself, but Peach picks up steam and lets loose that last little part like her own battle cry. Deciding to attack, the pink-eyed warrior dashes forward a few steps before jumping up an attempting to land a series of punches on the silver creature.

<Pose Tracker> Cure Pine [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Even furious, Cure Pine thinks Siren looks adorable. And yet with every passing moment she comes to better understand the seriousness of the threat that she poses, her gaze following her as she leaps from lamppost to rooftop. "O-Oh you know Hummy?" She waves a hand from side to side frantically, "C-Calm down! I didn't mean it!" She tries to backpeddle, but she definitely meant it.

As Berry considers whether she's a friend of Tarte and Peach wonders if this is the prelude to a surprise party, she leans in and whispers to Peach, and Berry leaning in and cupping one hand near her mouth, "She doesn't sound like a friend of Tarte's. I think she's completely serious in wanting to fight us!" Which is when she feels the presence, before she sees it it, like an electrical thrum of darkness. She looks up above them at the crackling sphere, and suddenly shifts a foot backwards, taking up a wary stance, as she watches it take shape. Take form. Everything about him seems to exude maliciousness to her.

He commands then to come, and she seems uncertain of how to react. There was something different about this. However Peach is moving, and soon Pine is as well. She starts running forward, and leaps past the silvery being, kicking off the lamppost Siren had originally stood on in order to double back on his flanks. She feints with a series of kicks to build up momentum and test her opponent's guard and substance, before drawing back a hand. She twists her hips as her hand launches forward, attempting to land a body blow of explosive power.

COMBAT: Cure Pine has used Pineapple Punch on Siren.
COMBAT: Cure Pine has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Love Momozono has fully healed herself.
COMBAT: Love Momozono transforms into Cure Peach!
COMBAT: Cure Peach has used Pretty Cure One-Two Punch on Siren.
COMBAT: Cure Peach has finished attacking.

<Pose Tracker> Cure Berry [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

That sound screeching through the day - Berry has to pick up her hands to cover her ears at that terrible, terrible sound. Of all the things it did do - it also did draw Berry's attention back to Siren. "So..." Berry begins, kinda sounding sheepish. "Definitely not a friend of Tarte's then - are there fairies that help Labyrinth?" she asks - well, she asks in appropriately hushed tones so as not encourage the cat's wroth again.

As it turned out... as Pine warns them of her sense of Siren, tension again begins to slip into Berry's posture, her lips pursing tightly.

They had quite other things to worry about instead.

The Silver Stranger appears, and Berry takes a handful of moments to regard the strange creature as she scurries back a handful of steps - lifting her hands up in a defensive posture, when... Peach makes the statement, Berry moves to step beside her and a little behind, making certain she had a determined expression on her face.

'Let's Pretty Cure'!

With a cry, Berry sidesteps just a touch, and lunges towards the creature alongside Peach, her hands and feet lashing out to match Peach's own attacks on the creature with a fierce cry.

COMBAT: Cure Berry has used Beautiful Battler on Siren.
COMBAT: Cure Berry has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Siren narrowly dodges Cure Pine's Pineapple Punch, taking 7 Fatigue damage!  Stagger applied to Siren!
COMBAT: Siren fails to brace Cure Berry's Beautiful Battler, taking 24 Fatigue damage!
COMBAT: Siren narrowly dodges Cure Peach's Pretty Cure One-Two Punch, taking 11 Fatigue damage!

<Pose Tracker> Siren [None] has posed.

Siren cackles as battle is joined, watching intently, her tail flicking back and forth with the interest of a gravely invested spectator. She answers none of the questions sent her way, rhetorical or otherwise.

Her silver servant, however, is much more active. He ducks his mighty bulk underneath Cure Pine's body blow, then brings up his forearms to brace against Cure Berry's punches and kicks, but she gets underneath his guard, knocking him wide open, then away! This unfortunately takes him out of the way of Cure Peach's second, stronger punch, but the first one landed solidly.

All in all, physical contact with him is a weird experience. He doesn't have flesh per say, and there's some give to the impact, like punching pudding.

Despite that, his limbs seem hard enough when he leaps back into the fray, applying a spinning backfist to Cure Peach, then trying to bodily pick up Cure Pine and toss her into Cure Berry with crushing force that might slam them up against the nearby vending machine outside the candy store!

"Yes..." he encourages them. "More..."

COMBAT: Siren has used Spinning Backfist on Cure Peach.
COMBAT: Siren has used Upsie- on Cure Pine.
COMBAT: Siren has used -Daisy on Cure Berry.
COMBAT: Siren has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Cure Pine narrowly braces Siren's Upsie-, taking 7 Fatigue damage!  Cure Pine's Block ability activates!  Cure Pine's Parry ability activates!  Tangle applied to Cure Pine!
COMBAT: Cure Berry narrowly braces Siren's -Daisy, taking 10 Fatigue damage!  Cure Berry's Parry ability activates!
COMBAT: Cure Peach narrowly counters Siren's Spinning Backfist, taking 19 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!  Cure Peach's Reverse ability activates!  Stagger applied to Cure Peach!
COMBAT: Cure Peach's counterattack, Pretty Cure Counter Punch!, partially gets through, doing 14 Fatigue damage to Siren!  Critical Counterhit!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Peach [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

There might have been some serious misunderstanding at the beginning, but Cure Peach quickly begins to get the picture when the summoned giant begins its attack. This was going to just as serious as a battle as last night and from a foe that Peach has never seen before. This definitely was no good. What else was no good was that the texture of this silver this was pretty gross. Punching it was not going to be a very fun thing at all, but Peach will do what she has to do to help her friends overcome this monster.

The silver being moves to counterattack Peach by slamming one of its limbs against her. The Pretty Cure Puncher sees the attack coming and winds up a huge punch of her own. Unfortunately, the two punches end up hitting each other at the same time and Peach still goes spiraling through the air. She crashes into a nearby wall and actually sticks to it before peeling off and plummeting to the ground. Oof! It hit really, really hard for a...whatever it was!

And to Peach's horror, she can see that the monster was also able to attack both Pine and Berry too. "Berry! Pine! This creature is just as strong as anything sent by Labyrinth! Let's work together to defeat this thing so we all can get our happiness!" The young girl shouts out to her friends as attempts to steady herself after receiving such a tremendous blow from their opponent.

COMBAT: Cure Peach has used Let's Get Our Happiness! on Cure Berry.
COMBAT: Cure Peach has used Let's Get Our Happiness! on Cure Pine.
COMBAT: Cure Peach has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Cure Pine accepts Cure Peach's Let's Get Our Happiness!, taking 0 Fatigue damage!  Cure Pine is Cheered!
COMBAT: Cure Berry accepts Cure Peach's Let's Get Our Happiness!, taking 0 Fatigue damage!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Pine [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Cure Pine's first attempt at making contact is thwarted, and she has to marvel at the agility of a creature that was nevertheless so large. She allows her momentum to carry her forward, where she makes contact with a foot at the candy shop's outer wall. Leaping off of it, she readies herself to make another pass at the partially amorphous man, when he snatches out of the air. Crushing force is applied to both of her sides, and she lets out a yelp of pain, pinned as she was.

Then she's released, and she immediately tries to cross her arms and brace herself for impact, but she has no control over her flight, and careens right towards... Berry. She doesn't even have time to warn her, as she rams into her, and the two crash into the nearby vending machine which knocked over and crumpled by the blow. Sprawled out upside down, she is covered in little packets of konpeito and pockey that have partially burst open. "Gomen, Berry!" She offers the apology with a sheepish voice, and rights herself.

There's something different, something wrong about this fight. And yet she can't quite place it. Perhaps it's the way the creature is taunting them. And yet, she didn't have time to think about it. Peach is counting on them, trying to get them to work together! She looks at Berry for a moment, then smiles at her friend, and says, "Peach is right! We can do this Berry!"

She waits for Berry to start moving, then does the same, moving at the same time as her. A little hop takes her off the ground as she gets close enough, her opposite leg curling against her body. She turns around, picking up velocity as she spins, before lashing out with a powerful roundhouse kick to try to complement Berry's own twisting blow.

COMBAT: Cure Pine has used Pretty Cure Roundhouse Kick on Siren.
COMBAT: Cure Pine has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Siren narrowly braces Cure Pine's Pretty Cure Roundhouse Kick, taking 7 Fatigue damage!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Berry [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

"Look out!"

That was Cure Berry trying feebly to warn Pine when the creature leaps up at her, to bodily pick her up and toss her. About to step to one side - a wave of exhaustion overtakes her, and as opposed to trying to dodge the thing, she lifts up her arms, attempting to catch Pine.

Which would have been a lovely plan if she wasn't flung with so much force. Berry manages to catch Pine, but the momentum that the young woman had carries Berry towards that same vending machine, Berry smacking into it - dropping Pine, and collapsing to the ground herself, bringing up a hand to massage the side of her head. Possibly the only point in her body that didn't get hit. "Owowowowowow!" she complains, the vending machine discharging its sugary cargo unto the street proper. And them, as well, apparently.

First glittery, now sticky too.

Things could be going better. And Berry rises up to a strand, flopping her ponytail back over her shoulder. "Right, Peach!" she enthuses towards her friend. Even if something was bothering her in the back of her heart as well. Something was strange here.

Turning her attention back towards Pine briefly, Berry looks into the other Cure's eyes, reading the intention there. Another nod. Ducking low at first, Berry bursts forward in tandem with Pine, and by the time they both near the creature... Berry twists around, leaping at the creature and pirouetting in the air to kinda give a backhanded strike against the thing. It would strike it at the same time as Pine's powerful kick!

COMBAT: Cure Berry has used Twisting Strike on Siren.
COMBAT: Cure Berry has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Siren fails to dodge Cure Berry's Twisting Strike, taking 12 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!

<Pose Tracker> Siren [None] has posed.

Cure Pine's roundhouse kick is given all the thoughtful consideration of an incoming sword or bullet; his navel caves inward as he swings himself along with the girl's momentum, pushing her foot away from his solar plexus just enough to prevent things from getting really unpleasant. He's once again too busy doing so, however, to have the slightest chance of stopping Cure Berry, and her strike to his back sends him staggering back several steps.

But it's Cure Peach who has failed to strike back -- other than to punch his punch, which caused rippling across his weird silvery knuckles like the surface of a pond -- so that's where the silver servant goes first. It isn't a true failure, of course, but what does he know of emotional support? Mistaking strength for weakness, he says coldly, "Hesitation will get you killed. Fight me with everything you have."

Then he picks up a nearby dumpster and attempts to slam the girl into the ground with it, leaving it on top of her if he can. Turning, his leg comes up in a kickboxing jerk reminiscent of Muay Thai, lashing out with impossible speed to try to catch the undoubtedly close Cures Pine and Berry by surprise.

"This is all Pretty Cure has? Weakness. I was promised more."

COMBAT: Siren has used Silver Smash on Cure Peach.
COMBAT: Siren has used Silver Smackdown on Cure Berry.
COMBAT: Siren has used Silver Smackdown on Cure Pine.
COMBAT: Siren has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Cure Berry narrowly dodges Siren's Silver Smackdown, taking 18 Fatigue damage!  Cure Berry's Flash ability activates!
COMBAT: Cure Pine fails to dodge Siren's Silver Smackdown, taking 32 Fatigue damage!
COMBAT: Cure Peach narrowly braces Siren's Silver Smash, taking 14 Fatigue damage!  Cure Peach's Block ability activates!  Cure Peach's Parry ability activates!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Peach [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Cure Peach trusts her friends implicitly. She knows that even with her not attacking, she can count on those two to give it their all no matter what! And that's exactly what they do! Pine's kick and Berry's backhanded strike causes Peach to jump in the air with cheerful, "Go get'em!" being shouted in encouragement. But what the young girl should be focused on is their opponent who comes up close and personal to taunt and then attack her. It's pretty hard to offer much in the ways of a comeback when you have a dumpster dropped on your head and that is precisely the situation that Peach finds herself thanks to that silvery jerk.

With a loud cry of a 'Hiyaaah!' Peach punches that gross dumpster off of her and quickly turns to her friends. "Let's show them the strength of our teamwork!" She calls out before running over to rejoin her two friends. Cure Peach will then wait for the other two girls to ready themselves if need be and then hopefully all three of them will be able to press their attack on their foe at the same time.

It all starts with a big jump and then the combined cry of "Triple Pretty Cure Kick!" One of the hopefully three partipants will be Cure Peach herself! Her punches weren't doing all that much, but maybe her kicks will do something when all three of them kick at once!

COMBAT: Cure Peach has started a combo targeting Siren!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Pine [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

It was like he was made of mercury, except he certainly felt far more solid. She feels her foot cave in his body, but her momentum is his to control. Her kick redirected, she bounces off of him, flipping backwards to skid along the ground. She watches him lift up the dumpster and she cries out, "Peach, watch out...!" She winces, as she's covered by the gross dumpster, "...for the garbage." The second part of the statement lacks the enthusiasm, knowing it's too late.

What's more shocking is how quickly he turns to attack her and Berry, his leg striking with speed the yellow Cure can't match. She tries to leap up to spring over it, and catches her fully in the chest. Siren might be treated to the sight of the Cure making a wretched gagging noise, unable to even yowl in pain as all the breath is forced out of her. The kick sends her flying again, as she ends up smacking one of the trees dotting the sidewalk with an audible crunch of bark.

She slides down to the ground, lungs gulping down air, one hand rubbing the throbbing point on the back of her head where she struck the tree. She rises on legs which feel like they're made of substance just as amorphous as their opponent. While there's a hitch in her step, she takes Peach's cue, to run over to stand beside her. She readies herself as best as she could manage, she wouldn't allow her injuries to bring their teamwork down!

Bending at the knees, she then springs as high in the air as she can at Peach's cue, synchronizing her battle cry with her other two teammates, "Triple Pretty Cure Kick!" She makes her descent with a single leg outstretched, aiming to drive it into their silver opponent simultaneously with the other two.

COMBAT: Cure Pine has joined the combo started by Cure Peach!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Berry [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

The kickboxing - Cure Berry is clipped by a swinging foot moving fast - impossibly fast. It could have been worse - much worse. But Berry manages to twist herself so that she isn't sent flying by the creature's strike, stumbling and falling forward to hit the ground in a roll that she manages to right soon enough, a lock of her hair swinging into her eyes as she keeps her stare on the other.

"You're wrong," she tells the creature. Legs push off of the ground, and Berry doesn't move to leap towards the creature proper - but leap towards Peach, landing upon the ground - standing tall and powerful beside her fellow Cure. Briefly, she glances towards Pine - the sternness in her features dissolving a moment with a smile that she gives the yellow-haired Cure (and it gave her an excuse to check her condition - that looked like it hurt) before turning her eyes to level upon the creature again.

Crouching low, it was the months of dance practice that danced in the back of Berry's mind now. It was like a dance, moving in tandem with her best friends. Crouching low, leaping up and twisting at the same time as the others, her focus upon the creature now as she joins in with the cry...

"Triple Pretty Cure Kick!"

COMBAT: Cure Berry has joined the combo started by Cure Peach!
COMBAT: COMBO! Cure Peach, Cure Pine, and Cure Berry have used Combo: Triple Pretty Cure Kick!, composed of Pretty Cure Fresh Kick, on Siren.
COMBAT: Cure Peach has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Cure Pine has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Cure Berry has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Siren narrowly braces Cure Peach, Cure Pine, and Cure Berry's Combo: Triple Pretty Cure Kick!, taking 64 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!

<Pose Tracker> Siren [None] has posed.

Three girls, their hearts as one, a single, perfect kick.

The silver servant is ready for it, baiting it as he did.

But sometimes readiness isn't enough.

He brings both palms up -- they're more than large enough to handle six feet -- and shifts his weight into his knees, trying desperately to press forward and send the girls flying. But this is overconfidence; the broken ground shifts under his back foot, and that grain of rice is more than enough to tip the scales, sending him crashing down, at last, rather than merely pushed to one place or another.

When he falls, he falls into himself, briefly a silvery puddle on the ground before he reforms in entirety, perhaps slightly smaller than he was before, some of himself simply reduced by the might of the girls.

"Good..." he growls, "...but not good enough!! You will give me everything you have, or you will perish!"

He slams his fists on the ground, and out pours purple energy in a dire, deadly shockwave that leaves the air thin and faint and shatters windows up and down Clover Town Street.

COMBAT: Siren has used Silver Rage on Cure Peach.
COMBAT: Siren has used Silver Rage on Cure Berry.
COMBAT: Siren has used Silver Rage on Cure Pine.
COMBAT: Siren has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Cure Pine narrowly braces Siren's Silver Rage, taking 14 Fatigue damage!  Cure Pine's Block ability activates!  Cure Pine's Parry ability activates!
COMBAT: Cure Peach fails to brace Siren's Silver Rage, taking 29 Fatigue damage!
COMBAT: Siren is unable to keep fighting!
COMBAT: Cure Berry narrowly braces Siren's Silver Rage, taking 17 Fatigue damage!  Cure Berry's Parry ability activates!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Peach [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Cure Peach kicks off the silver creature after her attacks lands in order to create enough space for her to fall through the air and land safely. It seems that cat's aren't the only things that land on their feet as Peach click-clacks onto the Clover Town Street before turning back around to face her opponent. After safely landing, she quickly looks to both Pine and Berry to give them a quick smile and nod. They were doing it, they were showing this creature just how powerful their teamwork...their friendship could be!

For a brief moment, it looks like the battle might already be won as the creature falls back within itself. But the battle is not over yet! The monster quickly reforms and pounds the ground in one could be a deadly shockwave of negative energy. Cure Peach places her arms out in front of herself in an attempt to block against this shockwave but gets sent flying through the air for the second time. This time she doesn't hit a building but merely hits a portion of upturned ground from the shockwave and crashes through it. Peach has been backhanded, dumpster crushed, and earthquaked, but she still has a little bit left in her to fight on.

It takes a little longer than before, but Peach makes it up onto her feet. She might be a strong believer or considered to be perfect in any way, but Peach had a lot of heart. And it did look like this creature had weakened some which meant they might have already done enough damage to attempt to finish this now. She first looks to her friends, "As long as we work together, there's nothing we can't overcome!"

Cure Peach now looks at the monster before them. There really was only one thing left for her to say this to creature. Peach claps her hands above head before shouting, "Nasty Things, Nasty Things, Fly Away!" Her hands now down to her sides and then she crosses her arms in front of her. "Pretty Cure!" Peach uncrosses her arms and forms a heart with her hands over where her own heart would be with her pinky fingers extended. "Love Sunshine!" A vivid explosion of pink energy explodes out from Love where it will hopefully combine with a similar beam of blue and yellow energy before heading straight for their silvery foe!

COMBAT: FINISHER! Cure Peach has used Pretty Cure Love Sunshine on Siren.
COMBAT: Cure Peach has finished attacking.

<Pose Tracker> Cure Pine [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

There's some small feeling of victory as their foe gives beneath the force of their kicks united. He collapses into a puddle, and Pine makes a graceful turn in the air, before landing on one foot. And then hopping, wincing as she lifts her other leg and rubs her ankle. She gives Berry a sheepish, perhaps knowing look at that. It might be that she'd be wrapping Pine's ankle before the day was done.

Before she can blink though, her foe has reformed. And Cure Pine stares upwards at him. At first it's a look of surprise, but then her eyes take on a hard edge of determination. She had come here today to have a good time with Love and Miki. And this... man? Was here to spoil that, along with Siren the... evil cat. She was still having trouble processing the idea of a truly evil cat, well... not too much trouble. Either way, she wasn't going to allow their day to be ruined.

He's demanding all their power, and with that his fists punctuate the demand with an energy shockwave. Stomping down her wounded foot, all of a sudden, she digs in the toes of both legs and tries to endure it as best as she can. Lifting up her hands to shield her face, she weathers it as best as she can. It strikes her with tremendous force, and skids her backwards several paces, but she's barely able to remain upright.

Peach looks at her, calling for them to work together, that together they could overcome anything. She admires the sheer heart that Peach brings to the fore, believing what she says with every fiber of her being. "What we have to give... is more than enough! I believe!"

Bringing her hands over her head, she claps them, before shouting herself, "Nasty things, nasty things, fly away!" Her arms move down to her side as she speaks, and she brings her hands together to form a diamond golden energy gathering between them, "Pretty Cure!" She then spreads her fingers outward, radiant golden power cascading towards the silvery being. "Healing Prayer!"

COMBAT: FINISHER! Cure Pine has used Pretty Cure Healing Prayer on Siren.
COMBAT: Cure Pine has finished attacking.
COMBAT: FINISHER! Cure Berry has used Pretty Cure Espoir Shower on Siren.
COMBAT: Cure Berry has finished attacking.

<Pose Tracker> Cure Berry [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

Flying through the air as she was after the kick, Berry twists once in the air, pointing her feet towards the ground and landing with a steadiness to her stance. A moment to draw in and release a breath to chase the slight wooziness away from her head, and Berry opens her eyes and glances to the others. Catching Peach's smile, Berry gives her a nod of her head, even if she manages to sigh a bit at Pine's stumbling.

It might look like she would be wrapping it after all of this indeed. Assuming they defeated this creature guided by a cat. Evil cat. This creature - it seemed to enjoy it more and more the more they struck it. Idly, Berry worried that they were giving it power somehow - negative emotions, negative force - by striking it.

Lifting up her chin, Berry casts those thoughts aside for the time being. The energy shockwave helped. Ducking her head into it, her ponytail carried along with the wave, Berry crosses her arms and guards herself against the energy, enduring the shock of it as much as she can. Like the others, she skids backwards as well, gritting her teeth all the way - even if it was Berry's turn to trip and stumble - only for her to gather herself to her feet afterwards, stand tall and...


"Evil things, nasty things, fly away!"

Bringing her arms down to her sides then, energy gathers in her palm - bringing her hands before herself, she traces the shape of a spade before herself, "Pretty Cure!" she spreads her fingers outwards as well, that azure light lancing towards the creature. "Espoir Shower!"

COMBAT: Siren fails to brace Cure Pine's Finisher, Pretty Cure Healing Prayer, taking 89 Fatigue damage!
COMBAT: Siren narrowly braces Cure Peach's Finisher, Pretty Cure Love Sunshine, taking 60 Fatigue damage!  Siren is unable to keep fighting!
COMBAT: Siren fails to brace Cure Berry's Finisher, Pretty Cure Espoir Shower, taking 90 Fatigue damage!  Siren is unable to keep fighting!

<Pose Tracker> Siren [None] has posed.

Thusfar the silver face has been largely expressionless as he fights -- his voice cold, more than simply dismissive, almost detached.

That changes abruptly as the beams come in. He catches Pine's and he catches Berry's, blue and gold energy streaming into each palm, while Love's blasts straight into his torso, knocking him back.

But it's not like he simply balled up all of the energy of the other two, either. No, it's going straight in all right, and underneath his liquid 'skin' there's bubbling and roiling, like a thousand little worms crawling all over him.

It's gross.

"Thank you," he says, with more inflection than he was able to before, an awful sort of warmth, possessive, "Pretty Cure."

Then he leaps into the sky, reforming into a sphere along the way. Siren leaps after him, with a nyrrowled, "We'll see you again soon!!"

At least the lovebeams worked their typically sparkly miracle, repairing all the shops. All that remains is the confetti and especially the silver glitter from the data diamond pinata.

It's going to be in hair for a /week/.