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Battle Fantasia underwent a very long development cycle. It would not exist today if not for many tirelessly enthusiastic and supportive people. We would like to extend our special thanks to:

  • Nodaitsu and Nabikasu, who passed the torch
  • Valzacard of Super Robot Taisen MUSH, for consultation
  • Belladonna of Persona MUSH, for consultation and donation/importation of generic code platforms, many written or rewritten by her (+requests, +who, +where, +orgs, +casts, +pot, +help, room parent code, and more).
  • Alice and Trish, also of PMUSH, for the generous donation of their MUSH Survival Guide, Wiki Etiquette and Wikipage Tutorial pages
  • Myrddin, author of the widely used bulletin board and timer MUSH codes
  • Our crack team of combat system beta testers
  • Our dedicated and thoughtful community of LiveJournal friends, who followed and lent their voices to our (no longer updated) development blog over multiple years!

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