Kimiko Akane

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Kimiko Akane
Name Kimiko Akane
Gender Female
Age 13
School Ohtori Academy
Grade 9
Club None
Birthday September 13th
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Blood Type A
Hair Black
Eyes Bluish-Gray
Favorite Color Black
Favorite Animal All of them
Favorite Food Home-cooked Meals
Least Favorite Food Fast food
Favorite Subject Science
Least Favorite Subject Physical Education
Likes Books, Nature, Cooking
Dislikes Bullies
OOC Information
Source: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Chartype: OC
Player: tlynn2002
Do you ever just sit by the water and listen to the waves? It's like the ocean has its own language.
Kimiko Akane is generally an unknown student at Ohtori Academy who is thought of as weird or stuck up by her peers. There are a lot of rumours behind Kimiko, especially when it comes to her family life, none of which she ever disputes. Her attempts at interaction with classmates are usually met with indifference and it's hard for her to build close relationships. What most people don't see is the kind, compassionate, intelligent girl that she is deep down. Her nightly activities as a Puella Magi often cause her to pay less attention in classes or not show up at all. It's hard for her to focus on school when she has to save the world and it's a job she takes seriously.

Eri Shimanouchi - Probably one of the first people that Kimiko can remember having an in depth conversation with in a long time. They are still acquaintances but Kimiko didn't mind talking to her and even shared cookies that were special to her because it was her mother's recipe.

Kasagami Araki - Kimiko would consider her relationship with Kasagami as complicated. On one hand, deep down she has a profound sense of admiration for the girl who is basically everything that she is not. On the other hand, she definitely knows how to get under Kimiko's skin. It doesn't help that she has recently found herself in trouble at school and having to answer to Kasagami was embarrassing to say the least and hit too close to home with her issues.

Rinji Sakurai - They are still getting to know each other but Kimiko enjoys being around Rinji. Their most recent interactions though have left the younger student a little confused and concerned about her demeanor.