Akemi Kimura

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Akemi Kimura
Please...please leave me alone...I'm reading...sorry...
Name Akemi Kimura
AKA Paper Heart Guardian Michiko
Cast Open Heart Guardians (Original theme)
Gender Female
Age 15
School Juuban
Grade 8
Eyes Green
"I'm Paper Heart Gurdian Ak-...er...Michiko!"

Bookish, shy, and sometimes cold, Akemi tends to hide behind a book rather than make new friends or face difficult situations. She is not hateful or heartless quite the opposite. She is both focused on her education, and worried that if she gets too close to others, they might hurt her or the other way around. Her mother is constantly pushing her to put herself out there and get involved with various clubs and make friends. With the advent of her Heart Guardian form, she has found a way to be more outgoing and vibrant due to not needing others to get close to her secret identity, but the happier personality is beginning to bleed into her civilian life. }

Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food:Anpan, dango, melon bread...
Least Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite Subject: Literature
Least Favorite Subject: Physical education
What's in your heart?
Garnet: "Very big. Very helpful. Possibly someone I can learn from.
Steven Universe: "Garnet's...son? I think? They make a great team but he seems a bit childish and innocent to be fighting."
Logs and cutscenes


Logs and Cutscenes

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