2019-04-06 - TIMELINE X: Feathered Friends

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Title: Feathered Friends

Some time after the Invasion of Ohtori (in some timeline), Kasagami and Fuu bond over bullies and birds.


Kasagami Araki,Fuu Hououji


Ohtori Academy

OOC - IC Date:

<April 6, 2019 - Sometime in the myriad timelines>

It's a crisp, sunny day at Ohtori Academy. There's a certain feeling in the air, as a light breeze blows all over campus to scatter rose petals and a thousand other lesser kinds of plant seeds about in a beautiful display of nature's glory amidst the finery of the refined place of learning. The sprawling campus is marred, of course: it's not too long ago that Golden Age tread upon its grounds with tank and soldier.

But that's months ago, and though the forest remains damaged, the students' attitudes have well recovered. Things are normal, or as close to normal as ever happens on this campus. It's a less violent time, where bonds of friendship are often few but ironclad.

It is a time where it's crucial to have those you care for, especially as a magical girl.

Kasagami Araki, Disciplinary Executive, is no exception. She's sent a letter to one of her dearest friends, Fuu Hououji. It all started as an accident. Kasagami looking for a book at Infinity, bumping into the blonde during a Library Island expedition, crossing paths during fights with youma.

Then dances, reluctant appearances at a computer club, and a shared love of flighted animals seal the deal. Kasagami finds herself influenced by her much kinder good friend. She's a little less quick to abuse her power. A little more open to diplomacy, though ever a fight-thirsty warhound of a girl.

But there's something they've shared, and a mutual problem from different angles. That is how the two meet today.

A letter winds up at Fuu's place, inviting her out to stretch the wings of a few favored birds in the Falconry Club. The day is perfect for it: clear skies, a gentle breeze, temperate weather … the only thing not perfect is a pair of obstacles in Fuu’s way, as she heads across the Ohtori campus.

A brunette and a redhead pair of Ohtori students in matching ringlets and middle school uniforms bar the Wind Knight's path up the hill where Kassie has always favored for club meetings, and more than one study or sparring session. They're not looking for Fuu in particular. They just want a victim.

Fuu slows to a halt, eyeing the Ohtori girls, then bows politely. “Excuse me, please,” she says before trying to edge between them - only for the pair to close the gap, pushing her back. Not roughly, but their intent is clear.

“‘Excuse me,’” the brunette replies, imitating Fuu’s polite intonation. “Where do you think you’re going, glasses girl? You don’t belong here.”

Fuu’s lips tighten a little, but she maintains her friendly (if strained) smile. “I’m on my way to see another student here. Would you please let me pass?”

“Hmm ...” The redhead taps her chin, looking over Fuu’s Infinity Institute uniform. “You aren’t an Ohtori student, so nothing entitles you to use of the Ohtori grounds. Maybe you should pay us.”

“The Sister Schools -” Fuu begins to protest, only to be cut off by a cruel cackle.

“Please! That’s a charity program, to let you bottom-class kids see what a *real* school is like. Fork it over.”

There's a sudden shrill cry from high up in the air as these duo of Ohtori bullies are attempting to con poor Fuu. It's swiftly followed by /something/ landing directly between the two girls as they let out that much-hated Ohtori laugh that many learn to do (yet never quite reach the heights of Nanami Kiryuu!).

That cry gets ear-shattering loud as something very big and very fast buzzes the sides of the two bullies. One can almost see it in slow motion: a feathery monstrocity flying down, snatching the morsel of meat on the ground. Two sets of ringlets, red and blonde, falling to grass. Said grass has its own neat, slashed up divot in the ground where razor sharp talons snatched up its prey.

And one final cry as the great Golden Eagle Beatrice banks hard enough to rustle skirts and knock one of the girls off their feet before Beatrice lands atop the leather-gauntleted hand of one Kasagami Araki.

The two bullies cling to each other, eyes wide as saucers, staring back in the direction uphill. Their uniforms are now horribly stained green.

Kassie is grinning. "You two should be careful! We can't let the president and vice president of our newest charity at Ohtori get hurt because they wandered onto an athletics field! Or a falconry field for that matter!" Her voice carries, the Disciplinary Executive oozing a self-satisfied enjoyment of the pair's fright.

She looks to Fuu, then to the girls again. "Now run along, you have a dance hall to clean up for your next event. Maybe my dear, elegant and very wealthy friend there might deign to donate to it...if she finds you've done a good job cleaning the place top to bottom. Right, Fuu-chan?"

Kassie's good eye twinkles at her friend.

Fuu’s smile betrays twin notes of amusement and relief as she replies, “Indeed, Kasagami-san; I would at least give it serious consideration!” She bows to the duo - politely, again, in spite of the turning of tables - and takes advantage of their clinging to detour around them and head towards the falconer, her pace quickening a little ... though not nearly so much as the two Ohtori girls, whom she hears running in the other direction.

“Thank you for the assist,” Fuu says as she reaches Kasagami. “And my thanks to Beatrice-san as well. That might have been a little over the top,” she admits wryly, “but I can’t say I’m sorry for the way they freaked out.” And, of course, if there’s one thing Ohtori and Infinity have in common among their student cultures, it’s a certain flair for going over-the-top, sometimes WAY over it.

With the pair of students gone, Kassie is quick to dip into a far-too exaggerated bow, sweeping one hand across her front...pausing only to let Beatrice hop up on top of her noggin and similarly repeat the action. This is a poor idea, as it has Kasagami wincing as her head is pricked by Large Eagle Claws.

She'll go to her grave before she doesn't commit to a bit of bombast though and straightens.

"It /is/ my job to keep our students in line. They'll learn their lesson. And more importantly? Those two need to know whose friend you are. I won't have the Student Council be insulted, even indirectly!" Her pride flares up, though just for a moment.

Further up the hill, there's a second bird waiting. Though not as gargantuan as Kassie's favored feathery compatriot, this one is equally special. A peregrine falcon. But instead of the usual deep blues or brown-and-blacks, this one is a stark white creature from beak to claw. Nothing but the best in Ohtori.

They're alone, just birds and friends of a feather.

"...How about we range them a bit today, Fuu? There should be some nice underbrush where the forest was burnt. I don't know about you, but I /really/ don't want to have to deal with girls like those again today."

A deep, deep sigh.

"Hah. I feel like I'm in middle school again, whenever I talk to brats like them. I'd love it if you'd transfer. It gets lonely here some times."

Fuu reaches into her bag for her own falconer’s glove, tugging it on with relative ease, and lets the falcon step onto her forearm once that’s done. “Somehow I have trouble imagining you ever being bullied, Kasagami-san,” the bespectacled blonde admits. “You carry yourself with such confidence and certainty …” She trails off for a moment, gently grooming her falcon’s head with a finger, a light stroke to help the bird stay calm. “Hm … I suppose that *would* draw bullies, though, wouldn’t it. People wanting you to be less confident, less certain of who you are and where.”

“At any rate, ‘ranging’ sounds good to me. I know my parents are planning a donation towards re-planting the forest - or have those donations already started coming in?” Fuu wonders.

Kassie lets out an amused 'tchhh!' She looks away, amusing herself with Beatrice for a moment. Then, finally, she speaks again.

"I wasn't /nearly/ this confident. Actually, middle school was a pretty rough time for me. After the fire anyway. I found out real fast that all the people I thought were friends suddenly didn't want to hang out with an 'ugly murderer'. Half the school thought I set the fire."

Her eyes lid, and Kasagami isn't staring so much at Fuu, but through the other girl.

"One day I lashed out. They left me alone. So I kept on doing it. Walked around like I owned the place, talked back to the bullies, beat them at their own game. You can either talk around them, outsmart them, or be better at it than them. Either way, you have to be the one with a spine. Let their glass vertebrae snap first!"

Then she punches Fuu lightly on the shoulder.

"But hey, I don't have to worry about that anymore. I've got my best friend right here! Now come on, the forest awaits, good hunter!" Griiiin! And then she's running down the hill, and Fuu follows after her, walking at first, then running as her falcon takes wing to keep pace with her.

Not that either of them has experience or real knowledge in actually hunting game. But maybe, maybe, two friends can figure it out.