2013-10-11 - A Parfait End of the School Day

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A Parfait End of the School Day

Vita picks up Hayate after Hayate's first school day, then they have parfaits together and talk about school before heading home for dinner.


Vita, Hayate Yagami


Linden Baum Diner

OOC - IC Date:

10/11/2013 - 10/02/2013

After school! It was Hayate's first day, and of course, Vita has shown up to pick her up while Shamal starts dinner and Signum patrols around the city keeping an eye on things. She has met Hayate at the gate of Ohtori Academy, scowling the entire time and staring around at everyone fiercly, causing them to murmur about strange little girls. But when Hayate appears, she is all smiles, her demeanor instantly improving.

She steers Hayate towards the nearby diner, authorized by Signum to spend some of their household budget on a treat after the big first day. She enters the restaurant, pushing Hayate's wheelchair. She has to raise her arms to do so - she can see over it, she's not /that/ short, but it was clearly meant to be pushed by someone adult-sized. As they wait to be directed to a table, Vita is chattering. "And I hope they treated you nice because if they didn't.."

Meanwhile, Hayate looks a bit tired. First days of school can be exhausting, "Don't worry about that, Vita. I had fun." She smiles, a bit amused by Vita's protectiveness. As they wait, Hayate looks around the pictures trying to figure something delicius to eat, "What do you think of having a parfait?" She points at the image showing a parfait, "Two, one for each of us, though I'm not sure I can finish mine."

"Shamal said not to eat /too/ much, because she's making dinner." Vita recites her instructions faithfully. She looks at the picture of the parfait, and licks her lips. "But I think that would be okay." A waitress arrives and guides them to a table, a chair moved out of the way so Hayate can scoot up in her wheelchair. Vita climbs into the other chair, kneeling on it rather than sitting normally and resting her elbows on the table. "I still don't know how I feel about this 'school' thing, I think I should go with you. I don't like having you out of touch for so long every day!"

Hayate scoots up to the table and orders the aforementioned parfaits, "I'll ask Uncle Graham if we can afford you going as well, Vita. I'm sure it'd be fun." As long as Vita won't be too overprotective, of course, "So how was your day, Vita? Were you able to enjoy yourself while I was out?" Hayate is of course still in her school uniform, the first day she's ever worn it. "If you'll go to school, you'll have to wear something like this too."

"I'm sure it won't be a problem." Vita waves her hand dismissively, believing in the power of pulled strings to get her anywhere. She, of course, is only thinking of being close to Hayate during the day, not of the fact that if she goes to school she'll actually have to, y'know, do schoolwork and stuff. Hasn't even crossed her mind. She leans on the table, across towards Hayate. "It was boring!" She whines, making a face. "I don't like being stuck home all day without you, Hayate. And I was worried if you'd be okay." She looks over the other girl again critically, as if inspecting for injuries that Hayate might be trying to conceal.

Hayate is okay, she looks a bit tired but beyond that, nothing looks wrong. "I am fine, Vita." Hayate smiles and just as she's about to open her mouth again, the parfaits arive, "Thank you very much." She tells the waitress before she starts eating with small bites, talking in between bites, "Have you thought about your schoolwork yet, Vita? And a club? For now I'm going with the 'Going Home' club but maybe I'll get into a real club later.

Vita begins eating her treat with a good deal more enthusiasm and a good deal less restraint than Hayate. Om nom nom. She looks up after a moment with whipped cream on her cheek. "Schoolwork?" She makes a face. "My job is taking care of you, Hayate!" She points out, before returning to devouring the treat. "Mmmf ffmmfm mmfm." She comments a moment later, mouth full.

"But if you don't do your schoolwork I'm not sure you'll be allowed to stay in school." Hayate giggles amusedly at Vita's antics, but does tell Vita sternly, "Don't talk with your mouth full. It's rude and people won't be able to understand you." Of course, the giggle doesn't really help with trying to sound stern.

Vita swallows her mouthful of parfait, and then repeats herself. "I'll do whatever I have to to protect you, Hayate! If that means 'schoolwork', whatever that is, then I'll do that too!" She makes a muscle with her arm. "No work is too hard for me!" Then she goes back to eating, nearly having finishes the parfait already, almost a new Linden Baum record (Mikoto probably holds that record).

"Schoolwork means paying attention, listening to the teacher, and studying. It's training your mind instead of your body." Hayate tries to explain it, but it's not really the best possible explanation by any means. She takes another bite then shoves the parfait a bit forward, "If I keep eating I won't have enough space left for dinner."

Vita eagerly seizes the leftover parfait and begins devouring that with just as much gusto. "My mind is sharp as a tack!" She exclaims, perhaps with dubious authenticity, between bites. "That sounds like a piece of cake to me!" She grins, whipped cream all over her face, still, her confidence unshakable (at least until she has to sit through a math lecture).

Hayate is not voicing her doubts here, though she doubtlessly has them, "Well, I'll ask Uncle Graham about it, I'm sure he'll do what he can." Because clearly Uncle Graham can do nearly everything if it's about paperwork. Hayate watches Vita devour the remnants of the parfait, but eventually grabs a handkerchief and leans towards Vita, trying to clean up the Wolkenritter's face.

Vita scowls as Hayate cleans the parfait-remnants off her face, but she allows it, of course. Then she settles back onto her knees on the chair, resting her elbows on the table again and her chin in her hands. "That was good." She declares, as if declaring victory in battle. "And okay! I'm sure your Uncle can do whats best."

As their treat has been finished, Hayate tries to draw the attention of a waiter or waitress to ask for the all important bill. "I'll send him an e-mail right after dinner." Hayate promises, pushing herself away from the table and getting her wallet from her bag, which of course also contains all her school materials so she has to dig a bit, "Do you know what Shamal is making for dinner?"

"Something called 'chicken pot pie'." Vita says, holding up a hand. "Wait, wait! Signum gave me money." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small fold of bills, tossing them onto the table. She doesn't bother checking the amount, so Hayate will have to do that to make sure there is enough (or not too much). "It doesn't sound very good to me, why would you want to put a pot IN the pie, but, Shamal has never made anything that tasted bad so I guess I'll trust her."

Hayate checks the money and leaves about two thirds of it there, enough for the parfaits and a modest tip. "Chicken pot pie is pretty good." As a waiter comes over, Hayate exchanges the money for the bill and puts what is left in her wallet, "Then let's go home, we don't want to be late for dinner." At least Hayate doesn't want to be!

"Okay!" Vita agrees readily, as the bill is paid and Hayate pockets the change. She makes no protest, its not like its her money anyway, its all Hayate's in the end. She hops down from the chair, walking over to reach up and grab the handles of Hayate's wheelchair again, turning and pushing it towards the door. "Maybe we can have parfaits after school again tomorrow.." she says, perhaps seeing a silver lining in this school thing.