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Probably the single-most discussed class of people by teenagers, the teachers and staff of a school wield a great deal of authority over their daily lives. Some are loved; some are feared; many are both. We encourage you to mention characters from this list in your roleplay -- they are very much a part of the setting of Battle Fantasia, if often a background one. All are playable! There is a fair amount of OOC knowledge given here, however, about peoples' secret involvement in the supernatural world; unless noted otherwise, such knowledge should never be assumed ICly.

Juuban Public School

Juuban Public School's elementary, middle and high schools are on separate but extremely nearby campuses. Accordingly, they are each administrated separately.

  • Principal (no name given) (Futari wa Pretty Cure): The Principal of Juuban Middle School is a big-hearted and jolly man, who is passionate about his profession and produces as many enthusiastic teachers as students. He is rather clumsy, unfortunately, often dropping his glasses or slipping on the steps, but bears any laughter with good grace.
  • Kyouto Kometsuki (Futari wa Pretty Cure): The Vice Principal of Juuban Middle School in charge of discipline, Kometsuki-sensei is infamous for his terrible pep talks, which tend to stress students out more than inspire them. Sarcastic and short-tempered, he is not very popular with the student body. Rumor has it that originally he put a lot of energy into disciplining the students, but a while ago he started getting into all the confiscated manga -- and now he only confiscates other things as a smokescreen so that he can laugh himself silly after everyone has gone home from school.
  • Haruna Sakurada (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): 8th grade homeroom and math teacher, Sakurada-sensei is very supportive of her students in life and in love, but a brutal taskmaster who doesn’t tolerate anyone slacking off in her classes. She routinely fails people without the slightest qualm, and they have to work very hard indeed to get back into her good graces.
  • Higure Akiyama (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Middle school home economics teacher and said to be a master seamstress, Akiyama-sensei is shy and soft-spoken. It is said that her dream is to have a beautiful wedding ceremony dressed in a gown of her own crafting -- but thusfar, she's been unlucky in love.
  • Yoshimi Takenouchi (Futari wa Pretty Cure): A 9th grade homeroom teacher, and literature teacher, Yoshimi-sensei (as she’s affectionately called by many of her students) is kind but fair, and brings out the best she can get in each of her classes. She tends to be very hands off about class projects, such as entries to the Culture Festival, but can occasionally be convinced to talk about her reputedly romantic and wonderful fiance.
  • Kaho Mizuki (Cardcaptor Sakura): Kind, warm, serene and mature, Kaho is patient, polite, calm and level headed and effortlessly elegant. She works as a shrine maiden day-to-day, but occasionally acts as a substitute math teacher at the elementary level. She is secretly a descendent of Clow Reed, and in possession of one of his greatest artifacts.
  • Yoshiyuki Terada (Cardcaptor Sakura): An elementary school homeroom teacher, he also teaches a variety of subjects but probably prefers physical education. He is a pleasant and supportive teacher, and wears a mean business suit, as well.
  • Pakkyalamao-sensei (no first name given) (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne): 10th grade homeroom and history teacher. An elegant, classy lady with a no-nonsense approach to education and a soft spot for flowers. She has little tolerance for unruly students, frequently calling them to order by playing a shrill note on the recorder she carries wherever she goes. Also an advisor to the gymnastics club, with the stated goal to nurture beauty in mind and body alike.

Infinity Institute

Infinity Institute's chain of command is fairly convoluted, but best described as 'the founder, the Principal-General, and then various Headmasters of the sub-schools, which are split not by grade but by subject.' As a reminder, the Magic School is secret, an unknown to the uninitiated (whose teachers are assumed to teach 'something, somewhere in this huge skyscraper') -- actual students of the Magic School know who all the teachers are, however, and that they are, of course, magical. Gold Crown Town, however, is simply the arts school, and the fact that the elevator lets you off into an entire Germanic village complete with bright blue sky goes unremarked upon.

  • Professor Souichi Tomoe (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): The founder of Infinity Institute, and the highest authority over it; despite that, he’s basically never around, said to be busy saving the world with science next door at Tomoe Labs.
  • Kaori Kishi (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): The Principal-General of Infinity Institute, second only to Dr. Tomoe, who manages its (and his) day-to-day affairs with the help of the various sub-school Principals. She drives the Magic Association crazy, because they’re so sure she must be evil, but she’s so perfect and helpful and cooperative whenever they try to launch an investigation. They’re right: she’s Kaolinite, Grand Magus of the Death Busters.
  • Miranda Holbrooke (Little Witch Academia): Headmistress of the Magic School. A conservative and respected woman who is nevertheless rather kind and cheerful, and incredibly patient and accommodating of her students. She's like a hundred and fifty years old or something, but retains an excellent sense of humor. Headmistress Holbrooke has a tendency to go on a bit, turning short conversations into interminable oratories.
  • Madoka Mano (Devil Hunter Youko): 107th Devil Hunter of the Mano lineage, although she has now passed on the title and duties to her granddaughter. Former chief instructor of the magic school, she's for the most part too busy running the local Magic Association, the Kantou Magic Association, to teach many classes. Nevertheless, she's still highly sought after as a mentor, and retains an affiliation with the Infinity program.
  • Samantha Badcock (Little Witch Academia): The new Chief Instructor; a diminutive and distracted person who is obsessed with school finances. She strictly manages student equipment, and woe be to the student who is wasteful of magical resources. Some of her numerology classes are indistinguishable from very high-level mathematics, and are taken by non-magical Infinity students, especially at the university level.
  • Anne Finnelan (Little Witch Academia): The Magic Linguistics teacher, who fulfills her duties as a disciplinarian with a little too much enthusiasm. She is perhaps the most conservative traditionalist on the faculty, which extends from the proper practice of magic to the proper practice of MANNERS. Most Likely To Give You Detention.
  • Ursula Callistis (Little Witch Academia): A relatively young and new instructor at Infinity's magic school, Ursula encourages dungeon-delving field exercises and otherwise hands-on efforts to make the world a better place. Secretly, she's the former Shiny Chariot, a magical girl forced into retirement after circumstances caused her precious Shiny Rod to fail. Its powers seem to have been renewed by the next generation, however.
  • Tsurusaki-sensei (no first name given) (Heartcatch Pretty Cure): 8th grade Japanese teacher. Is afraid of ghosts.
  • Lukić (Little Witch Academy): Teaches pharmacology, alchemy, and jurisprudence, the last of which she also teaches the mundane version of for non-magical students, giving her an unusually large presence at Infinity as a whole since law is a popular topic for overachievers. Which is a little awkward, since she's such a classic witch in appearance, who takes a certain sadistic pleasure in scaring her students.
  • Yuuichi Kazama (Futari wa Pretty Cure): Fresh out of college, this student teacher teaches a variety of classes at Infinity Institute, mostly at the middle school level. He is known to be cold and strict, but is, nonetheless, admired by many for his excellent looks. Or he was, until he mysteriously disappeared, or possibly died...
  • Yuuko Arimura (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): A popular teacher who is also an 12th grade student (because at Infinity, the students can be the teachers, if they establish themselves as best for the job); her philosophy and etiquette classes are nothing short of terrifying, and her training camps are legendary. Definitely not Eudial, leader of the Witches 5.
  • Nelson (Little Witch Academia): Broom-flying instructor. Tall and tough and DEADLY serious about safe flying. Said to have participated in world tournaments as Japan's national broom-flying representative, as well as in the JSDF.
  • Mimi Hanyu (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Idol (and Witches 5 member) Mimete by night, Performing Arts head instructor by day, Mimi is technically in charge of managing Gold Crown Town. In practice, she avoids it at all costs. Her classes are usually lessons in how to flatter her, at least if you want to pass.
  • Neko-sensei / Mr. Cat (Princess Tutu): The ballet teacher Mister Cat cares for his students, but he's a very strict instructor. Those poor girls who fall short of their potential are issued the ultimate punishment -- he'll have them MARRY HIM! And yet, despite his obsession with matrimony, he never acts when an opportunity to wed one of his students actually arises... oh, and he's a man-sized cat who walks on his hind legs, but that's perfectly normal.
  • Pisces (Little Witch Academia): Philosophy teacher. Surprisingly kind and considerate, for being a literal goldfish. Yearns for adventure outside of her fishbowl.
  • Gordon (the eponymous Cooking With Mascot): One of the most feared cooking teachers at Infinity Academy; a veteran of the kitchens, who was once head chef at his own restaurant, Gordon is known for being a merciless critic who expects his students to be hard workers. Under that hardened exterior, though, is a dedicating and caring teacher that wants to communicate his love of good food and good service. Also, he's a talking rabbit, but nobody seems to care.
  • Yui Bidou (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Another student-who-is-a-teacher (a 10th grader, in this case), Yui leads Infinity Institute’s Science department to unheard-of glories. Her personal specialty is nanotechnology, but she also teaches classes on temporalspatial simulation. Arrogant and cruel, it still goes scarcely imagined that she’s Viluy of the Witches 5.
  • Ryou Shirogane (Tokyo Mew Mew): Science teacher. Known for being a teacher despite his young age of 15, but it’s less out of place at Infinity than it would be anywhere else.
  • Lulu Teruno (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Caretaker of Infinity Institute’s botanical garden, and also its top gym teacher, Lulu spends her days developing remarkable new plant hybrids, and occasionally marketing them to the general public as a small-business owner. One of the best of the Witches 5 at pretending to be a reasonable human being, nobody suspects her as Tellu.
  • Croix Meridies (Little Witch Academia): The newest instructor at Infinity Institute. Professor Croix (as she prefers to be called) is a celebrity in the magical at the cutting edge intersection between traditional spellcasting and modern science (which is to say, she's sort of the Next Generation of Infinity's founder Professor Tomoe). Conservatives dismiss her as 'new age,' but that's a title she embraces with defiant honor. Also, she is (relatively) young, intense, gorgeous, and -- by all indications -- extremely cool. Overnight, the waiting list for her course on Modern Magic became longer than the total number of enrollees in the magic program. Her magitronic roombas are already soaring through the hallways of the school, drawing much interest and speculation as to their purpose, and her lab has been nicknamed the New Moon Tower.
  • Cyprine (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Cyprine has no surname; she’s just Cyprine, and presumably foreign (also, presumably human, but not really, since she and her shadow Ptilol comprise the last and greatest of the Witches 5). She teaches a new, innovative course to any soon-to-be graduates of Infinity Institute’s magic program in their final semester, and is also starting to take the raw beginner courses into her busy schedule. She’s very careful to be above suspicion when teaching the latter course. No one knows what goes on in the former; graduates refuse to speak of it.

Ohtori Academy

The Chairman of Ohtori is the highest authority over the entire academy. Beneath him are the Headmasters of the Elementary and Middle/High Schools, who have various Vice-Headmasters and so forth.

  • Akio Ohtori (Revolutionary Girl Utena): The highest authority at Ohtori Academy, its Chairman, has very little to do with day-to-day affairs, but when Akio speaks, everyone listens. He mostly busies himself wooing his fiancee, the heiress to the Ohtori family fortune (and the reason he is, thus, Chairman), playing with his private penthouse planetarium, and going for long drives in the night. He is secretly also a source of a great many of the letters sent by Ends of the World, and Anthy Himemiya’s older brother, to boot.
  • Tsukasa Amakawa (Shugo Chara!) (aka Louise Armstrong Amakawa): Headmaster of the elementary school, and caretaker of the now-unused old campus planetarium in the Gardens - the new one, in the Chairman’s Tower, is someone else's job. Despite his lofty position, he spends more of his time on the planetarium, by divesting very nearly all of his power into the Ohtori Guardians. A big fan of fortune-telling and the occult, he couches even fairly mundane conversations in the language of mysticism. He is especially talented in astrology and cartomancy, fields in which he is secretly actually a certified mage. Less secretly but rarely mentioned, Tsukasa was the Founding King of the Guardians, and instituted many of the legacies they now carry on.
  • Mashiro Kazahana (Mai-HiME): The Headmistress of Ohtori’s Middle and High Schools. Her age is unknown, though she appears to be a young, wheelchair-bound girl. Her poor health often requires her to send a member of the Student Council to treat with Ohtori’s various contacts in the world of international finance. She oversees much of Ohtori’s scholarship program. Mashiro loves flowers and is the one who ordered the garden maze planted on campus. Secretly, she is one of the overseers of the HiMEs and gives out scholarships to tempt them to come to Ohtori. For such a philanthropist, she seems oddly sad about her benefactor role.
  • Fumi Himeno (Mai-HiME): Mashiro Kazahana’s personal maid, who is always at her side and occasionally assists in school events as a chaperone or guide. Kind, gentle, and impossible to faze, she is well-liked by most of the student body. She is secretly a HiME.
  • Otaka-san (Yes! Pretty Cure 5): A lunchlady, she manages the best bread cart on campus, dispensing sage wisdom along with tasty snacks. She doesn’t hesitate to engage with interesting individuals, especially those in need; if being ‘the help’ makes her unworthy of speaking to the students directly, she definitely hasn’t noticed. That, or she’s not afraid of being dismissed, because she’s secretly Vice-Headmistress of the Middle School.
  • Midori Sugiura (Mai-HiME): A 10th grade History and homeroom teacher, Midori Sugiura replaced another teacher who is out indefinitely with serious bus-crash-related injuries. She is known for her boisterous attitude and occasional over-the-top student exercises, such as an Iron Chef-esque makeup session for students who flunked a test or missed a class. She's also a HiME.
  • Hitomi Ishino (Star Driver): Teaches high school English. Known for wearing a track suit to teach class; she’s very into her health, and very not into students talking in the middle of homeroom. Despite that, she has a hard time getting anyone to quiet down...
  • Kazuko Saotome (Puella Magi Madoka Magica): An 8th grade English and homeroom teacher, Saotome-sensei has a tendency to talk about love in class, and specifically her endless string of boyfriends, none of whom ever seem to work out. She is, however, deeply caring at heart, if a bit ditzy and unprofessional.
  • Kouji Kokoda (Yes! Pretty Cure 5): Definitely not a tanuki fairy, this handsome new teacher has captured many hearts in the Middle School, where he manages a homeroom and teaches math.
  • Yuu Nikaidou (Shugo Chara!): Elementary school teacher. He’s known for being a lovable klutz, often tripping over his own feet and dropping things. Mainly teaches science and seems to be very good at any technology-related field. He used to secretly work for Easter, and by extension Ends of the World, corrupting Heart Eggs into X-Eggs in search of the Embryo, but has since resigned from that lifestyle. Somehow he's managed to keep his job at Ohtori.
  • Kaiji Sakomizu (Mai-HiME): A teacher nicknamed Afro-sensei after his hairstyle. He’s often seen taking care of the smaller outdoor gardens around campus. Secretly a member of District 1. Even more secretly, he feeds select information from District 1 to the Tuners.
  • Wataru Ishigami (Mai-HiME): A tall and handsome art teacher, admired by many of the female students. Painting is his passion, and he often asks students to model for him. Secretly, he’s a member of District 1.
  • Father Joseph Greer (Mai-HiME): The priest of the campus chapel. He is the adoptive father of Miyu Greer, a 10th grade Ohtori student. Unknown to many, he works for the Searrs Corporation, and therefore Ends of the World.
  • Yukariko Sanada (Mai-HiME): A nun at the campus chapel, who is totally in over her head when it comes to counseling her many female petitioners about matters of love and romance. She does do an admirable job of coaching the school choirs, however. She is a HiME, though even she is not aware of that yet.
  • Yoko Sagisawa (Mai-HiME): A school nurse who often chaperones at high class off-campus events, with a penchant for getting (at least somewhat discreetly) smashed at them. She’s notoriously easygoing about letting students out of class and into the infirmary.
  • Midori Okamoto (Star Driver): Another school nurse, Okamoto-sensei tends to be very willing to let cute teenage boys skip class in the name of their good health. She’s secretly a Star Driver of the Glittering Crux, as Professor Green of the Science Guild.
  • Souji Mikage (Revolutionary Girl Utena): Technically a senior in the high school, everyone tends to forget this, including Mikage himself, since he’s mostly the leader of the legendary Mikage Seminar, an ideal elite group and fast track into all the right places once one graduates school. The technical name for his position is “guidance counselor.” Invitations to Nemuro Memorial Hall are thus highly coveted, though nobody ever tends to talk about the interview process. He’s also such a skilled genius scientist that he’s constantly approached professionally by major corporations.
  • Benio Shinada (Star Driver): A second year high school student. RA of one of the on-campus dormitories, said to be the only person to ever suffer the terrible punishments she promises for any rulebreakers. Secretly a member of the Glittering Crux as Scarlet Kiss, leader of the Filament division.

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