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Battle Fantasia In-Character Celebrities

On a game like Battle Fantasia, expecting players to be familiar with minor (or major!) characters from every theme is absurd. However, there are some people who may be ICly famous enough that there's a good chance your character may have heard of them. They might even be fans! We encourage you to mention them in roleplay, as background parts of our setting. Here is a list of a number of famous people, though it is by no means exhaustive.

If you have a PC or NPC you'd like to contribute to this list, please contact the staff!

Television and radio personalities

  • Nobuko Saeki (Shugo Chara!): A famous medium and fortune teller, she has a weekly television show where she talks about the workings of the spirits, luck, and other such matters. She's a regular guest star on a number of other television shows and is a household name for those who believe in spirits and fortune telling ('and if you don't, YOU WILL DIE!').
  • J Dite (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): This new DJ has smashed into the Tokyo scene with a midnight show where he reads listener love letters and talks of romance. Unbelievably popular with the teenage crowd. Off the air.
  • Sasame (Pretear): The host of a popular radio show. The show is a mixture of soothing smooth jazz and Sasame reading and responding to mail sent in from troubled listeners. Because of his sympathetic demeanor and calming voice, he's very popular, especially with particularly troubled young men and women.


  • Momoka Kurumi (Heartcatch Pretty Cure): Momoka is a famous teenage charisma model who makes regular appearances at a number of fashion shows and teen fashion magazines. Most people who are into youth fashion know of her. She also attends Infinity Institute as a second year of high school!
  • Adrien Agreste (Miraculous Ladybug): Adrien is one of the top teenage supermodels, with a face emblazoned on posters, advertisements, and fashion magazines everywhere. Despite his popularity, his personal life is shrouded in mystery -- he's given very few interviews, due to the insistence of strict father (and fashion designer legend) Gabriel Agreste.
  • Stella Amanogawa (Go! Princess Precure): One of a handful of adult supermodels whose faces are so omnipresent that they are household names worldwide. Stella is strong, kind, and beautiful, and also an alumni of Ohtori Academy.
  • Kirara Amanogawa (Go! Princess Precure): An up-and-coming teenage model, Kirara is aiming to become as famous and beloved as her mother Stella, and though she isn't quite a supermodel, she is rapidly on her way up. Particularly in Japanese teenage fashion, she's a well-known celebrity. She attends Ohtori Academy.

Pop Idols and Other Music

  • Utau Hoshina (Shugo Chara!): Although she started as a model, Utau has recently become a top idol singer and is the headline star funded by the Easter Corporation. It seems that whenever she puts out a new song, it hits the top of the charts. She’s said to be enrolled at Infinity Institute, but seems to mostly use a tutor since she’s so rarely around.
  • Tsubasa Kanazari (Senki Zesshou Symphogear): Originally half of the hit duo Zwei Wing, Tsubasa lost her idol partner Kanade Amou in a tragic terrorist attack two years ago. Though she never completely left the limelight, Tsubasa is assumed to have been grieving since then, and her return to the stage was a major sensation. Her career as a solo artist has been on a meteoric rise ever since, though she is rarely in the public eye, eschewing most social events. She's another Infinity Institute student.
  • Creamy Mami (Magical Angel Creamy Mami): Parthenon Production’s new idol singer who has skyrocketed into the public eye, Creamy entertains with a stunningly beautiful voice and luscious violet hair the envy of shampoo commercials everywhere.
  • Fancy Lala (Magical Stage Fancy Lala): Another hit idol singer, this one a new face from Lyrical Productions, Fancy Lala wows the crowd with her sweet songs and adorable costumes.
  • Mimete (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Another new but extremely popular talent, Mimete draws huge crowds to the arena stadiums, mostly of middle and high-school age. Her songs are said to be hypnotic and truly draining to listen to, as though the experience is so intense that it takes a lot out of you!
  • DARTS (Shugo Chara!): Another Easter Corporation headliner, three cute boys with very well-crafted songs designed to ensnare as much profit as possible.
  • Jagged Stone (Miraculous Ladybug): One of the most famous modern rock-and-roll artists in the world, Jagged Stone has a worldwide following among all ages. They say his albums smell like sweat and leather. He embodies today's definition of rock.
  • Maria Candenza Eve (Senki Zesshou Symphogear): One of the top idols in America. She has yet to make her stage debut in Japan, but has a wide international following on account of her legendary voice.
  • Dark Shizuka-hime (Codename wa Sailor V): An idol singer mostly popular with older men. Employed by the Dark Agency.
  • Dark Guys (Codename wa Sailor V): A triplet boy band idol group employed by the Dark Agency.
  • Twin Dark (Codename wa Sailor V): Two twin sisters who seem to be inseparable. Employed by the Dark Agency.
  • Pandora (Codename wa Sailor V): A popular idol singer with red hair and blue eyes. She's one of the Dark Agency's headliner acts and is often seen on TV.
  • Petite Pandora (Codename wa Sailor V): Pandora's younger sister and an idol in her own right. Petite Pandora is known to have the 'World's Cutest Wink' and is employed by the Dark Agency.
  • Trinity (Fresh Pretty Cure): An idol group known for dancing rather than singing. Members are Miyuki Chinen, Reika, and Nana.
  • The Tomb Stones (Saint Tail): A popular heavy metal group.
  • Maria Houjou (Suite Pretty Cure): A world-famous violinist. Currently, she's performing overseas in Europe.
  • Michiru Kaioh (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Another world-class violinist, said to perform on a Stradivarius called the Marine Cathedral. She’s also an extremely talented artist, mostly working in paint. Infinity Institute managed to attract her talent.
  • Master and Madame Minazuki (Yes! Precure 5): A husband and wife pair who are world renowned, and thus always world traveling, though they make their home in Tokyo. He plays the piano; she plays the violin.
  • Aruto Tsukiyomi (Shugo Chara!): A violinist of note, who vanished abruptly a few years ago.
  • The Eleki Troupe (Princess Tutu): A touring ballet company; they have recently come to Gold Crown Town to perform Sleeping Beauty and offer the students the chance to study with them, making them quite a hot topic, especially at Infinity Institute. Their leading lady, Paulamoni, is especially skilled -- and glamorous.
  • Miki Kaoru (Revolutionary Girl Utena): A piano prodigy in middle school at Ohtori Academy, who has been performing to massive audiences since he was scarcely five. He has a wide collection of awards at the national level, for both performance and composition.


  • Haruka Tenoh (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): A highly competitive racer who has driven sports cars in races around the world, both as an amateur and professionally, Haruka makes for charming one-liners and gorgeous photographs to go with a hugely impressive win/loss record. Attends Infinity Institute.
  • Mifuyu Torii (Shugo Chara!): A fifth-grader who has taken women’s snowboarding by storm, she routinely competes, and wins, against the adults. The half-pipe is her best event.
  • Kanako Watanabe (Star Driver): A world-class boxer whose talent led the chairman of the International Olympic Committee to institute Womens' Boxing in the 2012 London Olympics just for her. He apparently didn't quite realize she wouldn't be old enough to participate until 2014. She's taken home several high-profile championships, but hasn't been participating since her marriage to Leon Watanabe.
  • Juri Arisugawa (Revolutionary Girl Utena): Widely believed to be Japan’s first real shot at Fencing Gold in the 2016 Summer Olympics, Juri Arisugawa is a fencer of international renown. However, she rarely competes anymore, choosing to train privately instead. Although she has won foil and sabre matches over the years, she is primarily an épée practitioner.


  • Biff Standard (Pretty Sammy): The CEO of Standardsoft. In recent years, their World Standard PC operating system has swept the world by storm, and is used by preference in almost every nation on Earth...except Japan, which continues to prefer competitor Pineapple. All this was done at the personal behest and direction of Biff Standard, a man who will not settle for less than total standardization. His lust for this goal is greater than anyone knows, as his success is due to working with Ends of the World...and he may just have even darker allies than that.
  • Tanaka Suzushiro (Mai-HiME): An absurdly wealthy construction magnate, Suzushiro built his fortune from almost nothing. Today, Suzushiro Industries builds everything from mansions to skyscrapers, and many bridges and railroads besides. His name is all over the place; the man himself is more known for his ostentatious use of his wealth than his personality. “Suzushiro buys 37th summer villa” is generally the sort of headline he makes.
  • Mr. Searrs (Mai-HiME): Another of the richest and most influential people in the world, the CEO of the Searrs Foundation is a well-spoken American man said to make the very planet shake with a twitch of his pinky. Recently deceased, the Searrs Foundation has been taken over by one of his nephews, who (as the new Mr. Searrs) seems to be carrying on the company much as it was before.
  • Tsukasa and Masumi Kaido (Go! Princess Precure): The Kaido Group is one of Japan's more powerful corporate groups, and Tsukasa and Masumi are the power couple at its head. Together they manage a great deal of Japan's fishing industries and beach tourism, among other portfolios.
  • Leon Watanabe (Star Driver): Head of the Grand Tonnere Foundation. 65 years old. Despite the surname, French. An infamous ladies man, though that supposedly ended when he married teenager Kanako last year. Still, both respected and powerful. Secretly funding the Order of the Glittering Crux in their effort to awaken the Cybodies, apparently out of the hope of reaping the profits.
  • Masato Sanjouin (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): A new star on the business scene, Masato Sanjouin is a handsome millionaire and socialite. Smooth-voiced and charismatic, he’s always encouraging new talent and ideas, and often invests in small, local businesses, helping their stars rise with his. He's completely disappeared from the public eye in recent months.
  • The Mysterious Easter Corporation CEO (Shugo Chara!): The new CEO of Easter as of a few years ago, his identity is unknown to all but a handful of confidantes. In the company, he is known only as "Gozen," or as "The Boss." For the most part, the day-to-day functioning of Easter seems to be run by his mouthpiece, Kazuomi Hoshina. Still, when word filters down from management signed with the name Gozen, employees scramble over themselves to comply, no matter how mad the order may seem.


  • Kaoruko Hanasaki (Heartcatch Pretty Cure): One of the foremost experts in botany today, Kaoruko Hanasaki is the director of perhaps the finest botanical garden in Tokyo. Less well known (but not a secret) are the incredible martial arts championships under her belt, won in her youth using her maiden name, Godai.
  • Kenjirou Isshiki (Vividred Operation): Isshiki is one of the most prominent inventors of the modern day; he has quite the mad scientist reputation, but his results are undeniable. Recently, he’s become the darling of the press for his new invention, the Manifestation Engine, which is being used to provide completely clean, free power to all of the gigantic Infinity Institute skyscraper.
  • Souichi Tomoe (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Dr. Tomoe was a superstar of the science scene, but he was thrown out of the general mainstream scientific community after some of his experiments were deemed too controversial to tolerate. In response, he founded Infinity Institute, though he mostly spends his days doing research in Tomoe Laboratories, next door.
  • Dr. Breakstone (Futari wa Pretty Cure): Dead for several decades, Dr. Breakstone is basically Einstein; he was an extraordinarily gifted physicist who greatly advanced human knowledge about the underpinnings of the universe. Also, he had amazingly messy hair.
  • Asuka Kitakaze (Go! Princess Precure): A world-renowned marine biologist and veterinarian, Kitakaze's dream to fully understand the sea has taken her to every continent on Earth. She's especially encouraging of new young scientific talent.

Fictional? Characters*

  • Sailor V (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Not many people can say for certain if she's real or fictional, but Sailor V products are fairly common, and she has video games, manga, and anime about her adventures.
  • Shiny Chariot (Little Witch Academia): The general public knew her as one of the best stage magicians of the 2000s, whose magical girl persona went a long way towards taking fantasies previously only seen in anime and manga and actualizing them in the real world. Apparently retired, she has not performed in years. Genuine, old-school witches and wizards often consider her an embarrassment for her flouting the community's conventions on keeping magic a secret.
  • Magical Detective Loveline (Persona 4: The Animation*): Accompanied by her trusty, monocle’d bulldog Watson, Loveline uses her magical magnifying glass to search for clues and solve the mysteries of love! Big in the elementary school bracket.
  • Magical Girl Nene-chan (Princess Nine*): Fairy Princess Nene-chan rescues kittens and puppies from pesky, mean enemies, like boys.
  • Puni Puni Poemy (Excel Saga*): Aspiring voice actress Poemy Watanabe obtains a talking, magic fish that when used as a magic wand transforms her into Puni Puni Poemy, so that she can save the world from giant invading alien robots.
  • Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Still mostly relegated to a line of plushies in the bottom of crane games, rumors of more Pretty Sailor Warriors has spawned an additional line of Sailor Senshi dolls.
  • Stardust Witch Meruru (OreImo*): Meruko Akaboshi is a fourth grader who met Comet-kun, a fairy from Pretty Star, and became Stardust Witch Meruru. She fights against Thanatos Eros and her Dark Witches, using extreme force!
  • Magical Girl Biblion (Magical Sensei Negima): Magical girls protect the books of the world from digital monsters!
  • Majestia (Miraculous Ladybug): The headline lady of many Western comic books, like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel all rolled into one. Her signature proverb is "Evil succeeds only when good people do nothing!"

Lesser-known entities to the average teenager

  • Urara Kasugano (Yes! Pretty Cure 5): An up-and-coming idol singer who has had many small breaks in the industry, but has yet to have her big debut.
  • Daiki Asuka Jr. (Saint Tail): Known mostly to those who follow criminal news, he is noteworthy as being a middle schooler who oversees a police task force in charge of catching the famous thief Saint Tail.
  • Miyako Toudaiji (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne): Similar to Daiki Asuka Jr., she is known for being a high school girl often taking charge of the police task force out to catch the famous thief Jeanne.
  • Natsuna Sakurada (Codename wa Sailor V): Known as Super Sakurada by the press, she is the chief of the Tokyo Police.
  • Saint Tail (Saint Tail) and Jeanne (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne): Two infamous phantom thieves.
  • Tsukasa Amakawa (Shugo Chara!): Very famous in fortune-telling circles for his nearly unmatched accuracy, he submits forecasts to several major astrology magazines each month. Many prominent occultists, including TV sensation Nobuko Saeki, are fans of his work. Most of these people don't know or care that his mundane job is as the headmaster of Ohtori Academy's Elementary School division.
  • Shifu Wang Cheng (Miraculous Ladybug): A legendary master of Chinese cuisine, Shifu Cheng occasionally appears on celebrity cooking shows to promote appreciation for both ancient and modern elements of cuisine. His signature dish is called Celestial Soup.

* Many of these themes and characters are inappable on Battle Fantasia, as they are actual, literal joke magical girl shows within other, non-magical girl anime, but not actually themes of their own. Instead we give them their due shout-outs as IC magical girl shows in our setting!

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