Renjiro Masaki

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Renjiro Masaki
Renjiro ready for school.
IC Information
Full Name: Renjiro "Ren" Masaki
Aliases: Bedivere
Gender: Male
Age/Birthdate: 16 (December 13, 1997)
Height: 5'4"
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: A+
Favorite Food: Grapes!
Least Favorite Food: Pork stuff.
Favorite Subject: Mmmmnnnn, history?
Least Favorite Subject: Math.
Organization: Your Organization
Position: Knight Of The Round Table!
School: Juuban Public (Grade 10)
OOC Information
Source: Knights of the Round Table Reborn! (OC)
Player: Bedivere


Ren was always a bit of a quiet boy. He attends Juuban Public School though not many have really taken notice, as he prefers to lurk in silence most of the school day and until recently hadn't attended any clubs. Joining into the Drama Club didn't really change much, and he tends to keep his head down when talking to any of his classmates, though he's gotten into a bit of trouble by helping people cheat in class. But the few people he has spoken to he tends to follow around like a lost puppy, even occasionally bringing them fresh fruit that comes from his personal garden.


Ren was born to and raised by a single mother who worked as a manager for a small retail franchise in the countryside. And though his mother taught him all the common lessons of humility and respect a parent is oft to teach, she also raised him as the Mother-Manager, expecting obedience. This wasn't to a cruel degree though, and Ren was happy to comply as a small child, taking care of his mother after she returned from long days away working. And it was thus that Ren grew up, with few friends outside the children in his class though they hardly counted.

He was kept sheltered for the longest time, and though she never said it or even really tried to acknowledge it Ren's mother thought he was weak. And he was, even had he had full use of both arms he would still have been smaller than the other boys. And so his mother tried homeschooling for a short time, before the work load became too much and she reluctantly enrolled him in the nearby public school. She would constantly check on him and learned that Ren didn't really interact much with the other children, though she made efforts to try and get him to be more social.

Ren ,of course, ceded to his mother's attempts and made some efforts to speak to the other kids around him. He made a few friends, sure, but there came name-calling too and the innocent teasing that came with being young. But the focus of a lot of the teasing was centered around the thing his mother had done her best to ignore - his left arm. Due to some complications at the time of Ren's birth, his left arm ended just before the elbow. He had never thought it strange, as his mother had never really mentioned it. But all the teasing pushed Ren back into his corner and even after a point made him feel ashamed of his arm. After that, Ren kept mostly to himself and only kept few friends over the years. He never made mention of it to his mother.

Just a year ago his mother received a promotion, one that would require them moving into the city for her to keep working. The same day though, Ren himself experienced something that would change his life too. While Mother Masaki was in her bosses office, Ren had wandered into their country home's attic, poking around at all the old boxes and containers when he spotted something white behind one of the old pieces of furniture shoved up here. Curious, he slowly approached, peeking his head around and jumping with fright as the white thing leaped out and past him. In it's place, something was left shining.

It was a...necklace with a small pendant hanging from it in the shape of a yellow heater shield, emblazoned with a red gonfanon of three gules, the bottom trimmed with white as if of fur. Ren held it in his hands for a long moment before putting it on around his neck. It felt strange, but comfortable, though his moment of reflection was ruined when the white thing, a rabbit, spoke. It's voice filled out the attic, resonating off of the walls. It named Ren as Bedivere and spoke tales of a time long past. Eventually it called for Re-...Bedivere to speak an oath, to take up the mantle to protect those around him from unknown forces of evil.

And so he did, Ren buying fully into the tale of Merlin and the goodness that seemed present in the white rabbit. "I, Bedivere of the Round Table, so do swear my oath to you. To uphold the honor of knight and be loyal to those that call upon me. To protect those of white heart and to turn those of the dark back towards the light. And so as Bedivere did before, I will stand between my lords against the dark tide and be a beacon to those encompassed. This, I swear." He spoke the oath in as calm a voice as he could manage, and so to was calm the waters that flowed through the walls and from the floor, wrapping themselves around Ren before slowly dripping away to reveal him standing there, suited in armor befit the Round Table and with spear in hand.

And then the front door opened and he heard his mother's voice call out. Just as quick as he had seen him, the rabbit had disappeared and so too did his knightly attire. That night his mother told him they were moving to Tokyo.

Ren was enrolled into Juuban Public School midyear, only a small fuss being made in the 9th grade class before he was nearly entirely forgotten about, unless of course it came to someone needed a bit of help on their homework. And more than once Ren has gotten in trouble for letting the more slack members of the class copy work entirely from him. Though Ren still hasn't learned his lesson and doesn't quite see what the problem is. Being the shy boy that he is, he never joined into any of the clubs, instead spending his afternoons gardening behind his new city home. The white rabbit would sometimes visit as he was gardening, telling Ren the tales of the Round Table as he pulled weeds.

It wasn't until a year later that he joined a club, deciding he'd like to try his hand at acting. Unfortunately he failed to show for both of his auditions and instead just slinked into the role of a stagehand, providing support to others in the spotlight. Though his mother was still proud of him for getting out there and spending time away from home. It was during his first week of the club that he first encountered the forces of darkness. He had been lucky thus far, as the rabbit had told him, and Ren knew it to be true. His luck ran out though, on a walk home after a practice when he encountered a deer. In the middle of Tokyo. In the winter. Made of shadow.

The antlered beast scream at him and charged, and almost in reflex Ren summoned forth his powers as Bedivere, dodging to and fro to get out of the way of the deer, too afraid to strike back. It was only when the beast neared someone else that Ren retaliated, piercing the shadow with his spear. It fell, though not without hurting Ren as he had thrown himself in the way of the beast to protect some random citizen who quickly scattered. He armor melted off again, and he limped home. His wounds healed quickly though, once he had gotten a chance to rest. He didn't know what the creature was, but he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched.

Ren told his mother that he had fallen off the stage. He wasn't allowed to go back to Drama club for a few weeks after, despite his protests. He still went though, and recieved many a lecture on why he was returning so late. He was an awful liar and certainly got in some trouble, but eventually his mother laid off and allowed him to keep doing what he already was. With a couple more check-ups though.


Normal Old Renjiro An unassuming younger boy standing a bit less than five foot six, or a good bit less than 170 centimeters for your metric folks, Renjiro cuts a barely noticeable figure against the scenery around him. He's as thin as they come and his bright blue eyes often stare down towards the ground in front of him, though even those are hard to see past the past-shoulder length brown hair that hangs down in uncombed waves.

He's dressed in the Juuban High uniform, nothing really setting it apart from all the others in the school. Shirt buttoned to the neck, pants ironed and crisp though they are a little small even for him, and shoes polished to the shine. However, if one were to look closer and stare so long at Renjiro, you'd notice that his left sleeve hangs limply past the elbow and no small, pale hand hangs clenched from it.

Bedivere! Knight of the Round Table! The formerly meek and slumped over Renjiro now stands gallantly in gleaming metal armor, layered closely to his thin chest in overlapping layers and slowly tapering to a point at his upper thigh, a short white and gold patterned half-skirt hanging from beneath and covering his left upper leg. Across his chest is a long royal blue cloak cinched by a simple golden ring brooch over his heart, wrapped under his right arm and draped over his left arm and shoulder. It hangs down to his ankles, flowing and waving as if lighter than the air itself. His legs and arms are just as protected, though by thin plates that wrap around his small appendages, interwoven with simple overlapping designs for mobility. His feet are left bare but it doesn't seem to be a bother for Ren, as he slow meandering shuffle has turned into a swift graceful gait full of intent.

And the centerpiece to this shining knight is held in his right hand, a spear that stands near seven feet tall, topped by a shining silver spearhead and separated from the intricately etched ivory shaft by a simple crossguard and further by a long triangular banner. The white banner slowly waves in the wind, even in the most dire gale or weak breeze, proudly displaying a golden dragon emblazoned in the old European style.

Current and Ongoing Plots

Brave Crusaders!(?) (PC)

Takeo Akamizu - (This is all just based off his Profile and wiki page...I'm so impatient :( ) Even at Juuban a few people have heard of Takeo and his street racing antics. And sometimes they're even whispered in the back of class near Ren. He thinks he heard Merlin call him Lancelot once, but that might've just been an accident. Either way, if Takeo-san's nearly as nice a guy as they say, Ren wouldn't mind him being a Knight. Maybe teaming up is the best way to conquer the darkness! (Maybe he'd help me pull weeds!)

Those Around Him (NPC)

Mother Masaki - Ren's only real role model in his life, having raised him alone and worked her bum off to take care of him. Her inner strength is what inspires Ren to keep fighting, even in the face of true despair.

Merlin - The who introduced Ren to the world of magic. He seems to have the world's best interest in his heart, so I'll follow him to the ends of the earth!

Morgana Le Fay - Ren has only really heard about her, but reading in the legends, maybe it's not the end. Surely she can be turned to see the error of her ways?

Arthur - In a time before, Arthur was the greatest leader that Bedivere had the fortune to know, and he followed him until the bitter end. Ren has promised himself that he will show just the same loyalty should Arthur appear again!

Lancelot - He caused all manner of problem in the court of the Round Table. But at the end of the day he remained loyal to Arthur. That is all Bedivere could ask for. Ren thinks he sounded like kind of a jerk.

Mordred - His betrayal shook Bedivere nearly as it had struck Arthur. To be betrayed by those believed closest burns the worst. Ren has never experienced this kind of betrayal, but reading and hearing about it from Merlin makes him anxious anytime he meets someone overly friendly.

Sailor V - Anime is a bit of a guilty pleasure of Ren's, and one of his favorite has to be Sailor V, especially now that he can somewhat relate to her fight against evil. (Of course, this isn't to say Minako, but the TV persona of Sailor V itself. Though it would be interesting to meet the actual, as the difference is kind of blurred.)