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IC Information
Full Name: Mytho
Aliases: The Prince
Gender: Male
Age/Birthdate: Supposedly 15
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Gold
Astrological Sign: Doomed
Blood Type: Storybook Character
Favorite Food: Yes
Least Favorite Food: Yes
Favorite Subject: Ballet
Least Favorite Subject: Yes
Soundtrack: Bring Mytho Light
Coin Operated Boy Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act II, No. 10
Organization: Unaffiliated
Position: An ideal
School: Infinity Institute (Grade 10)
Club: Advanced Ballet
Position: Primo Ballerino
OOC Information
Source: Princess Tutu (FC)
Player: Open!

Mytho is perhaps the greatest ballerino at Infinity Institute, certainly one of the top handful; his dancing is as gorgeous as his long, dreamy lashes, silken, snow-white hair, and burnished golden eyes. The glamour of his abilities, plus his quiet, innocent willingness to do whatever is asked of him -- such as, for example, dancing a pas de deux with an interested party -- has given him an enormous following. He tends to inspire admiration rather than jealousy, rather like a beautiful rose.

Spoilers for Princess Tutu follow.


Once upon a time, there was a man who died.

He was a writer, whose stories all came true, and for the misuse of this gift, he was murdered. But at the time, he had been crafting his greatest fairy tale yet...

Once upon a time, there was a story about a happy prince who loved everyone and who was loved by everyone. The people fought, each wanting him to love them and them alone, and an evil raven pecked at their loving hearts one after another. The more the prince loved them and tried to save them, the more the people's love just fed the raven. In the end, the raven thought, "I'd like to try eating the prince's heart, the most delicious one of all."

But with the author dead, their battle would go on for eternity with no end. "I'm sick and tired of this!" cried the raven. "I'm sick and tired of this!" cried the brave prince as well. The raven escaped from within the story and the prince, in pursuit of the raven, did as well. Then, the prince took out his own heart and sealed the raven away by using a forbidden power.

The world was safe from the raven, but was it safe from the story?


  • The Raven - The one who hates him.
  • Fakir - The one who protects him.
  • Rue - The one who loves him.
  • Duck - The one who likes him.
  • Princess Tutu - The one who... what is this feeling?

Chapters: Heart Shards

  • Bitter Disappointment possessed Anteaterina after Rue told her she'd never dance the same as her. Returned to Mytho's heart by Princess Tutu.
  • Homesickness possessed Freya during the Hokkaido Winter School Trip. It also interacted strangely with the Star Shard of Homesickness, though the two were ultimately separated. Returned to Mytho's heart by Princess Tutu.

Appendix: Notes and Rumors

What most people know:

  • Mytho is Mytho. Despite the intricacies of keigo, the etiquette of respect found in Japanese language, nobody finds it odd that he only has a given name -- his lack of a surname somehow flies below the radar of even the strictest, most formal ojous. A lot of people unironically call him Mytho-sama.
  • Mytho stays in the dorms at Infinity, and his roommate is Fakir. They came to Infinity together a few years ago, and are brothers in all but blood.
  • Mytho has been dating Rue, the prima ballerina, for about as long. Their relationship is one of the most fabulous and enviable in the school.
  • Mytho never seems to smile or frown, never loses his temper, and is never cruel. He seems to be compassionate, but in a very understated way; his random acts of kindness are just that, performed without need for recognition or acknowledgment.

What people have heard:

  • Mytho is a diligent student, but gets very poor grades in everything but dance. (Mostly true. Trying to get him to tutor you in anything that requires knowledge of the modern world is a fool's errand. He'll say yes, but you won't get much out of it.)
  • Mytho seems to be incapable of refusing a request. (True, unless Fakir or Rue is there to stop him. That happens a lot.)
  • Mytho is accident-prone! How can someone so graceful be so clumsy? (Untrue; what Mytho is, is entirely lacking in self-preservation. Baby bird falling off the roof? He'll jump out to catch it without a qualm... and then fall without complaint.)

Supernatural community rumors:

  • None. Mytho is a quiet, moderately strange, absurdly talented dancer. No one suspects more, at least not within the general supernatural community.

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