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The Plot

The magical girls have been rendered helpless and unable to transform due to a dastardly scheme, and must rely on their mascots to retrieve their henshin items from a dark fortress so that they can save the day. Thus begins the legendary tale of...

From clockwise: Lion, Batiste, Tarte/Yuuno, Citadel, Kero-chan, Chu-Chu, Ressi, Luna, Deimos, Mepple, Mokona

The Details

  • Players will be primarily roleplaying their characters' mascots instead of their actual characters.
  • If your character doesn't really have a mascot, or your theme doesn't have enough to go around for all the PCs, or you're otherwise confused or concerned about who you're going to play, please contact Pink Moon Stick IN ADVANCE OF THIS EVENT so we can hook you up (take a look at the list at the bottom of this page, ideally approach us with a preference). Mascots from unplayed themes/characters are on the table in order to fill out the roster and allow more people to participate.
  • We will not be using the csys. We may be using some silly dice rolls with an open mind and a joyous heart, but wholly in the service of wacky hijinks.
  • We are using a mascot page template to record mascots' marginally-structured character sheets, so please make a page for the mascot you'll be playing prior to the event!

Vaguely-Official MASCOT GEAR SOLID Character Generation

Ed. Note: Examples are provided, but are very non-binding. Any players of these mascots are encouraged to follow their own hearts when filling out their character sheets.


Stat values range from 1-5. All mascots get up to 12 total points to distribute across all stats. You can spend fewer points if you want. Minmaxing is fine as long as you're ready to enjoy some really epic fails. There are no safe 'dump stats'.

Cuteness: How cute a mascot is, and how effectively a mascot can leverage its cuteness to accomplish its goals.

Most mascots are cute, but some are cuter than others, and not all mascots use their cuteness to get the job done, preferring other strategies.

Even in a dark fortress full of enemies, being extraordinarily cute can be a powerful asset. Not every youma and lieutenant is as immune to cuteness as they'd like to think. Sometimes, cuteness can open doors or create opportunities that no other stat can...

Roughness: How rough a mascot is, and how effectively a mascot can leverage its roughness to accomplish its goals.

Some mascots are surprisingly rough, while some aren't rough at all. 'Roughness' includes both actual combat capability as well as degree of badass attitude, including resistance to fear (almost as though how well you can defend yourself from harm, and how afraid you are of the big world... are... connected). Not incompatible with cuteness; a mascot can be both cute and rough at need, and use the best tool at hand for the task...

Even a Roughness 5 mascot isn't rough enough to huff, puff, and blow down all the doors (and enemies) between the group and their objective, but it can be extremely useful to have decent self-defense (and the ability to defend your friends!) in a piinchi. A fearless mascot who lacks the roughness to back it up can justify this discontinuity (and its inevitably unfortunate consequences) with a Trait (see below).

Quickness: How quick a mascot is, and how effectively a mascot can leverage its quickness to accomplish its goals.

Some mascots are faster runners (...fleers...) than others; some mascots are stealthier than others; some mascots are clumsier than others; these traits correlate well (if sometimes inversely) so they are all shared by the same stat.

Mascot Gear Solid has a fair amount of stealth in it, so if your mascot has low Quickness, you'll be telling some amusing stories about the other mascots covering for your incompetence.

Smartness: How smart a mascot is, and how effectively a mascot can leverage its smartness to accomplish its goals.

Some mascots are brilliant, some are brick-dumb... and some are highly intelligent but in totally useless ways. Smartness covers most mental abilities, including being usefully knowledgeable, witty, and clever, as well as thinking fast in a tight spot. Smartness does not, however, confer resistance to fear (which is normally handled by the Roughness stat), because mascots with high Smartness are exactly smart enough to know how very, very vulnerable they really are...

Example Stats
  • Luna: Cuteness 2, Roughness 2, Quickness 4, Smartness 4
  • Kyuubey: Cuteness 4, Roughness 1, Quickness 2, Smartness 5
  • Kero-chan: Cuteness 1, Roughness 5, Quickness 3, Smartness 3
  • Hummy: Cuteness 5, Roughness 3, Quickness 3, Smartness 1


All mascots have two traits; notable aspects of themselves that they can call upon to accomplish extraordinary feats, but that fate can call upon to force them to behave according to their nature.

Example Traits
  • Hummy's Incredible Naivete: Hummy can be suckered by anyone about anything at any time, but her belief in the essential goodness of all beings can also inspire that goodness in surprising places.
  • Kero-chan's Insatiable Hunger: Kero-chan will go to extraordinary lengths and can accomplish six impossible things TO GET breakfast, but he can't resist going after food if he sees it, no matter how unwise.

Special Ability

All mascots have one iconic magic power or other extraordinary ability that they can use usefully up to once per plot. (They can use it uselessly more often for comedic value.)

Example Special Abilities
  • Luna's Dimensional Pocket: Luna can leap up, do a little midair dance, and summon a useful, even (single-use) magical item, though if it's a thing that requires opposable thumbs to operate, she'll need someone else to actually use it.
  • Kyuubey's Compost Program: Kyuubey's body can be totally destroyed once per plot and he'll just show right back up in another body (after using it to consume the leftovers of the first). After that it will take too long to replace himself; he only has one copy in useful range.


Every mascot has a class. The three base classes are:

  • Animal: +1 Quickness (max 6). An animal of a type natural to Earth (whatever its actual origin may be). Can pass in public as a mundane beast, but secretly possesses magical powers. Luna and Hummy are both Animals, so they would modify their Quickness by +1.
  • Fairy: +1 Smartness (max 6). A supernatural, mythical, or alien mascot. Usually either native to another realm of existence, or created by magic. Kero-chan and Kyuubey are both Fairies, so they would modify their Smartness by +1.
  • Baby: +1 Cuteness (max 6), -4 stat total, +1 Special Ability. An immature, helpless mascot often possessed of extraordinary potential. Cannot care for themselves, yet they may hold the key to dark plots or bright futures. Chiffon is a Baby, and not going on this adventure.

Character Sheet

The Mascot Gear Solid character sheet is available here. Please fill it out, and link to it in the list below, to show that you've reserved a playable mascot! If your character doesn't have a mascot and you aren't sure who else's to play, please contact Pink Moon Stick and she'll find you a match. If you feel that an option is missing entirely, by all means please inquire.

Dice In The Service Of Wacky Hijinks

Challenges will call for a roll against one or more stats. If multiple stats are available, a basic outline of what it could mean to use varying stats will be provided.

If you have an alternative narrative you'd like to propose (including one that invokes an otherwise unavailable stat) you may do so OOCly to get approval BEFORE rolling.

If you have a TRAIT you'd like to invoke to help you succeed in this challenge, please do so OOCly so we can discuss BEFORE rolling. If you have a TRAIT that you think might NEGATIVELY IMPACT this challenge and the GM has forgotten to bring it up, please do so OOCly, same reason.

If you want to use your SPECIAL ABILITY (remember, it's only useful 1/plot, after that it can only be used for comedy), please declare so very clearly OOCly, then we can discuss its effects.

Dice rolls are 2D6+Stat Value, sometimes modified further by traits or special abilities.

The mascots usually rise or fall together as a team. If one mascot fails a roll, they must be helped to overcome the challenge by one (or more!) mascots who succeeded. If more mascots fail the challenge than succeed, the challenge as a whole will fail. Fortunately, mascots win ties (their lives are hard enough as it is), so if four mascots succeed and four mascots fail, the team overall will succeed.

Example Challenge


Tokyo's a huge place and the Desolate Mansion is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the countryside. Normally humans use some combination of trains and busses and human-length legs to get where they're going. Things may not be so simple for the mascots... some of the larger and more mobile ones might get stopped by alarmed people if they're seen just running around by themselves.

Challenge Outline:

  • Cuteness: Hitchhiking (openly)
  • Roughness: N/A
  • Quickness: Hitchhiking (secretly)
  • Smartness: Getting the money and the disguise to successfully use public transportation/hire a cab

If you get at least a 9, you have no problems. If you get under, you'll need help from someone who succeeded to catch a ride!

Playable Mascot List

From top left to bottom right: Citadel, Hummy, Luna, Mokona, Roomba Fallen Stern, Flappy, Choppy, Tarte, Mepple, Phobos, Deimos, King Penguin Plush Souverain Heraut, Lion, Kyuubey, Batiste, Chu-Chu, Ressi, Kero-chan, Yuuno-kun

  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Luna, Artemis, Luna-P, Phobos, Deimos
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Kero-chan
  • Kaitou Saint Tail: Ruby
  • Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne: Finn Fish
  • Knights of the Round Table Reborn: Merlin
  • Little Witch Academia: Lotte's skull spirit
  • Lost Inheritor Yumi: Tama-chan
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Yuuno, Arf, Zafira (all three stuck in cute animal form and largely sans spellcasting), Citadel, Fallen Stern, Souverain Heraut, Intelligent Devices^
  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Mokona
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Tikki^, Plagg^, Ressi^, Tak^, other kwami
  • Pretty Cure: Mepple^, Mipple^, Flappy^, Choppy^, Tarte (Chiffon is a baby, what is wrong with you?? wanting to bring her to a dark fortress), Hummy, other fairies
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Kyuubey
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Chu-Chu
  • Shugo Chara: All charas^
  • Sirens of Sorrow's Sea: Batiste
  • Steven Universe: Lion$

^ Mascots who normally have both a henshin item form and a fairy form, or whose fairy form is dependent on the henshin item being in good hands, were magically separated (and the item stolen). Intelligent Devices may have cast their intelligence into alternative devices (such as stuffed animals, whatever was around in the moment) at the last minute as an emergency measure before their pendants/etc were taken, giving them basically no magic whatsoever beyond piloting their fluffy little mechs around.

$ Magical girls whose henshin items are inextricable from their bodies were themselves PHYSICALLY STOLEN by the dastardly scheme that motivated Mascot Gear Solid.

Logs & Cutscenes

Please include 'Mascot Gear Solid' in the title of all of your logs and cutscenes, and they'll automatically appear here.