Georgia Jenks

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Georgia Jenks
IC Information
Full Name: Georgia Jenks
Aliases: George. Georgia-san. Jenks-san. Tuner ID #5655. She prefers the first one, though.
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 15 (February 16th, 1998)
Height: 5'8"
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: O-
Favorite Food: Spicy BBQ
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Organization: Tuner Organization
Position: Monster Hunter
School: Ohtori Academy (Grade 10)
Combat Rank: B
OOC Information
Source: Mai-HiME
Chartype: OC
Player: Maxyrama


“Ah, don't worry too much about it.”


A transplant from America, Georgia is the epitome of “cool cucumber”. She doesn't seem to worry about many things – including her school work – but she has a clear passion for skateboarding; as well as music. She can regularly be found drumming on things with everything from actual drum sticks to pencils and everything else one could conceivable beat on stuff with. At first glance she doesn't seem like the sort of person who'd fit in at Ohtori Academy, but she does a well-enough job of blending in. Questions about how she got in are easy enough to answer – her father is the good friend of a very wealthy heir who is seemingly funding her stay out of nothing else but a willingness to do so. Rumors further persist that she was sent away from home due to some “troubles” since she does at times look the part of a delinquent. Nevertheless she doesn't go out of her way to cause problems, though some would say it's hard to stay neutral when you're secretly a monster hunter! Yes, she belongs to the Tuner Organization, and is a HiME (though she doesn't really care for that term in the slightest). Beating Orphans, Youma, and their kin up with her element – chrome escrima sticks that really pack a wallop – and her Child – an equally chrome, “magichanical” grasshopper known as Tithonus – for profit has become quite the part-time job for her. And it's kind of thrilling, too.


Georgia Jenks was born in New York, making her a citizen of the red, white, and blue land known as America. Her parents were a fairly young couple – Mr. Jenks was a navyman while Mrs. Jenks worked part-time as a secretary. Still they were happy with their lot in life, and went to great strides to provide for their newborn babe. As Georgia grew older she proved to be a precocious sort, with a curiosity streak that often got her into some interesting situations. If it could be climbed, she climbed it. If it could be taken apart, she took it apart. This proved to be quite the headache for her parents, especially when the little tyke started elementary school and earned the frustration of her teachers due to her antics. Still, she wasn't a complete terror, even if she couldn't help but touch and poke at just about everything around her for better or worse. Her peers liked her well-enough; she became the one they went to whenever there was a dare that needed completing. She was dubbed “The Fearless Wonder” in no time, and it was during one of her “stunts” that she discovered she really enjoyed skating. Eventually she traded in her pair of roller blades for a skateboard instead, which she proved quite adept at handling. Many an afternoon were spent pulling off tricks at the local skate park, where she came home with her fair share of scraps and bruises. She even broke an arm after trying a pretty complicated maneuver, but it didn’t deter her from trying it again later – and succeeding!

Of course, young Georgia often had to contend with all the moving that came with being the child of a naval member. Luckily enough it wasn't so bad given her willingness to embrace change and new things in general. Each move only meant she had new sights and sounds to experience – and more things to prod at. Mr. Jenks proved to be quite the climber, ascending the ranks at an admirable rate. By the time Georgia reached her teen years they were living an undeniably comfy life. Sure she didn't have many permanent friends, but again given her nature she always looked ahead at what was on the horizon instead of moping over who or what got left behind.

Life, however, took a turn for the tragic during the time they spent stationed overseas in Germany. While venturing home after a day of shopping with her mother, the bus they were traveling on was involved in a terrible accident that claimed the lives of many of it's passengers – including Mrs. Jenks. From then on things were quite different for Georgia. Her father, unable to express his grief, threw himself even further into his career, which had the unfortunate effect of isolating his only daughter. Georgia dealt with it the only way she could think of – acting out. In just a short amount of time following her mother's burial she became quite the hellion, embracing the teenaged rebellion she'd thus far eschewed. Tensions between her and her father escalated at an alarming rate, with all forms of “straightening her out” falling laughably short. Then, out of nowhere, an old friend of Mr. Jenks stepped forward to offer a helping hand. The kind and wise Jiro Watanabe, who Georgia had met several times in her younger years, proved to be the soothing presence the tumultuous girl needed. Though the damage to her relationship with her dad wasn't fixed overnight, things began heading in the right direction, despite his continued unwillingness to talk about his wife's death.

Sensing that his old friend likely needed some space to come to terms with it still, Jiro extended an invitation to Georgia to come back to Japan with him in the interim. She accepted, once again yearning for the change in scenery she used to always look forward to before the accident. Pulling some very influential strings meant Jiro was able to get her into Ohtori Academy, where she instantly found herself surrounded by people who clearly outclassed her in several areas. Still, it was at Jiro's suggestion that she try to find a niche that fit her, since skateboarding alone wouldn't win her any accolades among her peers. Heeding his advice led to her trying her hand at several endeavors, all of which fell through save for the Music Club. It was here that she found a talent for playing the drums. While most would scoff and say just about anyone could beat on things, she took to it like a duck to water all the same with much contentedness.

Life, however, once again took a turn for Georgia during the Ohtori Invasion by the Searrs Foundation during the Sister Schools Sports Festival. She happened to be in the woods when everything went down, and stayed there as she thought it would be her best bet. Unfortunately she didn't count on running into opposition in the form of actual monsters – or Orphans as she would eventually learn to call them. Faced with certain peril, she desperately looked for a way out. Thankfully, she found one in the form of a strange boy known as Nagi, who offered to provide her with the means to save herself on the condition that she be willing to risk her “most important thing”. Although it seemed like a bad idea to take such a bargain, she very much liked the idea of not being eaten by monsters and agreed to Nagi's terms.

And that's how Georgia became a HiME. Feeling the birthmark she'd always had on her ankle throb, she was rightfully shocked when two chrome escrima sticks appeared out of nowhere within her grasp. There was no time to sit there and ponder what the heck was going on – the monster that had been chasing her had caught up and immediately went on the attack. Using skill she didn't know she had Georgia struck back, the sticks emitting brilliant sparks that drove the beast back. But it was relentless, and out for her blood. The battle began to turn in its favor, and the moment before it would deliver what would surely be a killing blow, Georgia reached deep inside of herself and found a strangely familiar name to shout out for – Tithonus. In a shower of sparks before her appeared a mighty, chrome-encased grasshopper creature of mechanical design. In awe she watched it kick forward off the ground with enough force to propel itself headlong into the monster, which proved to be no match for the freshly-summoned Child who made short work of it. Then, before she could even form coherent words, Tithonus swept her up onto its back and hopped off with her hanging on for dear life. The rest of the invasion saw Georgia hiding out in a desolate cave with Tithonus standing guard.

Once the school was liberated and the Searrs Foundation forces driven off, Georgia trudged her way back to campus and attempted to recuperate along with everyone else. As far as anyone knew she had been a prisoner too, and she didn't dare say otherwise. From then on however she could no longer ignore all the strange things that happened – but on and off Ohtori's pristine grounds. Her first few battles post-Ohtori occupation were rough. Honestly it seemed as though she got by on pure luck and brute force alone more than any kind of actual skill. It was that same fortuitous luck that brought her to the attention of the Tuner Organization, who offered her the support and resources she would need to become a true hunter of things that go bump in the night. The mention of monetary compensation was truly the sweetest sounding part of the gig to be truthful, and with that she signed on the dotted line and entered their illustrious ranks. Now after having lived in Japan for about a year and a half or so she’s of the mindset that she totally has this “foreigner in a foreign land” deal in the bag.


In combat, Georgia prefers to deliver quick and powerful strikes rather than carefully measured blows, her physical prowess increasing in her HiME form to the point where she can pour on short bursts of strength and speed to run across non-solid surfaces (like water), scale up walls, or even jump across an intervening space that would otherwise be difficult to clear. Her escrima sticks (aka Highly Advanced Materializing Equipment) have the active ability of discharging vivid green magical sparks whenever she lands a hit; or even when she just knocks or rubs them together. This also offers her some ranged capabilities since she's able to “shoot” them off from her current position on the field. The sparks are damaging by default and usually inflict some form of knockback, though one trick she often utilizes lets her use them to blind opponents temporarily by causing what is in essence a “flashbang” right in their faces.

She's a deft dodger thanks to her regular skateboarding activities which has blessed her with dexterity to spare. In battle she tends to hop from spot to spot to avoid any retaliation thrown her way. While she can go toe-to-toe with a combatant for a period of time, a continual full-frontal assault isn't her strongsuit. Instead she relies on her swiftness to wear them down. Hitting a target that is intentionally trying their hardest not to get hit is no easy task. In these chaotic moments is when she goes in for the jugular, intending to do as much damage possible while her opponent is off-kilter and looking for her in a location she no longer occupies. And then she backs off before they “catch up”. This way, she stays three steps or so ahead of them, making a smackdown all the more difficult to deliver to her.

Her Child, Tithonus, meanwhile employs different methods of attack. It's still as quick and agile as Georgia, though it has an overwhelming about of brute force available to it. With powerful legs that can propel it dozens of stories in the air, enough to easily clear most obstacles in a single bound, and wings to keep it afloat as needed, Tithonus is an undoubtedly versatile fighter. On her command it can perform attacks such as shooting forth the same green magical sparks from its mouth that she utilizes in combat, punching/grabbing/kicking opponents with arms and legs that are capable of lifting and crushing several tons nearly all at once, and stomping the ground with enough magnitude to topple the unsteady. Georgia can jump on its back for use as a mount, riding Tithonus into battle like a trusty steed. In this case both HiME and Child combine their strengths to further overwhelm their mutual adversaries.

However, the fact that Georgia relies on her HiME abilities to pull off the majority of these stunts can be quite the hindrance under certain circumstances. If she were ever in the unfortunate position where her escrima sticks are knocked free of her grasp she would more or less be unable to attack on her own, reducing her to having to desperately dodge whatever else comes at her. Furthermore, calling out Tithonus places a heavy burden on her because of the close bond between HiME and Child. If anything severe were to happen to it, it would equally affect her on a heavily emotional level, which will likely break whatever concentration she has going during the conflict at hand. The same goes for Tithonus, who will actively break away from an enemy it is engaged with to protect her should she get into serious peril.


Mr. Jenks: Her dear old dad. Well, not so dear anymore following her mother's death, which led to the utter breakdown of their formerly close relationship. Mr. Jenks has become a hard man since then, which has driven a wedge between him and Georgia that is only now starting to heal. It's not quite all the way there yet, of course. They correspond via mail semi-regularly which helps a little. Georgia isn't sure if and when things will go back to the way they were. Until then she's happy with the distance – both emotional and physical – they have. Despite all of this however he is her most important person – family is family.

Mrs. Jenks: Her unfortunately deceased mother. She was quite the woman in Georgia's eyes. In a way she was her hero. But heroes can fall, as she learned first hand unfortunately that fateful day. Georgia has only fond memories of her – from the amazing brownies she made to the way she would fix Georgia's wild hair in the mornings before school. As a keepsake she always wears a butterfly hair clip that used to belong to her mother. It's about the only actual tangible thing of hers she has left.

Jiro Watanabe: Probably the person who saved her from becoming a real loser delinquent. She's known him since her time as a child, the man a good friend of her father who made small visits whenever he could. He took her under his wing following her mother's death and helped her deal with a lot of the issues she was letting rule her life for the worst. He lost his parents at a young age and became the heir to their fortune, which he utilizes in charitable ways. More than anything Georgia wants to repay his kindness and not disappoint him. Calls him “Uncle” affectionately.

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