Chihaya Izumi

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Chihaya Izumi
The Black Knight
IC Information
Full Name: Chihaya Izumi
Aliases: Chi-chan, The Black Knight
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 16
Height: 5'3"
Hair Colour: Strawberry Blond
Eye Colour: Doe Brown
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Sushi
Least Favorite Food: Nanohana
Favorite Subject: Business
Least Favorite Subject: Her Family
Organization: Dark Fall
Position: The Black Knight
School: Ohtori Academy (Grade 11)
OOC Information
Source: Knights of the Round Table REBORN! (OC)
Player: Pink Moon Stick

"...scream for me..."

The Black Knight is nightmare made flesh, and a silent and terrible opponent. The dark power that pours off of them is terrifying in its intensity, threatening to drown the souls of all who get close in despair. In the shadowy halls of Dark Fall, they are known as a deadly enforcer of the will of both the organization in general, and Morgana Le Fay in particular. It's impossible to connect the Black Knight with Ohtori High School student Chihaya Izumi, the sophisticated and popular heir to the powerful and wealthy Izumi Group. She's not just a high society butterfly; known for her good grades, strong athletics (she was once a Kendo champion, but quit the team last year after a dispute with the Captain), and fierce loyalty to her friends, Chihaya shines as brightly as the Black Knight is dark.

Logs and Cutscenes

There are no cutscenes on this wiki that Chihaya Izumi participated in.

About Chihaya

  • Chihaya is the daughter of Chairman (kind of like a CEO, except the Izumi Group is many companies under one umbrella, and very family-centric) Taro Izumi and Ms. Ashlynn Jones, an American ballerina -- one of Taro's many loves. The social impact of Chihaya's illegitimacy is softened by the fact that Taro has never been married; as the eldest of his direct descendents, she is the heir apparent to the Izumi Group.
  • Chihaya has been groomed essentially from birth to someday assume the Chairmanship. This has left her a fairly typical portrait in ferocious overachievement, with few friends but many accomplishments. In the last few years, legitimate children of Taro's siblings have emerged as her rivals, who are eager to challenge her right to the family fortune, both on the grounds of her illegitimacy, and because they are male, and while the latter may hold no water under Japanese law, it still holds plenty under Japanese custom. This may explain why she's become even more fiercely driven in the last year or two.
  • Although she's not on the Student Council, she's always been at the center of organizing and leading major school projects, for clubs, classes and just in general. She gains experience and reputation, Ohtori gets a new swimming pool or a gorgeously planned Rose Ball. Everybody wins. Lately she's been planning a fundraiser gala to restore the forests of Southern Cross Island after the tragic terrorist attacks of last year.
  • Chihaya doesn't let many people close to her, given a lifelong supply of sycophants ordered by their parents to be her friend/date/confidant/etc in order to access her money/fame/connections/etc. As a result, she tends to treat those trying to penetrate her private life (by being overwhelmingly friendly, or even just doing her a random favor) with well-earned suspicion. Those she's close to, however, know her as a ridiculously hard worker (constantly pursuing her ambitions, particularly taking over the family business, but in general every smaller triumph serves this greater purpose) who survives the pressures of her life with a surprisingly sardonic sense of humor. She's the sort to bestow silly nicknames as a sign of affection, to get way too enthusiastic about forbidden, low-class foods (which don't appear in the Izumi household), and to quietly make arrangements to help a friend with their problems, and then snottily claim she did no such thing and what are you talking about.
  • There are, however, some who have succeeded in worming their way past her defenses, or are closer to her due to simple proximity:
  • The Sister Schools Program:
  • Ohtori Academy: Chihaya has been at Ohtori all her life, and knows it for what it is: a beautiful and dangerous garden. She's been playing its version of Game of Thrones forever, and there are few better preparations for a future Chairman, but it doesn't do a whole lot to make someone appreciate innocence and humanity. She takes justified pride in her surviving and thriving there (especially since she started near the top of the food chain, which she considers much more of a con than a pro, since it paints TARGET on her back), and can't imagine herself anywhere else.
  • Infinity Institute: Chihaya is insanely jealous of the Gold Crown Academy sub-program at Infinity and would give her left molar to attend its ballet program. Other than that, Chihaya respects that Infinity might have an even higher concentration of overachievers than Ohtori, takes for granted that she could be one of them, and considers them worthy peers.
  • Juuban Public School: When the Sister Schools program was initiated, Chihaya was excited for the opportunity to mingle with working-class kids in a more normal environment, and they have not let her down so far. She's too invested in her own overachievement to want to 'take it easy' at Juuban, and feels more worry than jealousy over any opportunities that she has and they may not and vice versa.
  • Those Two Girls: Chihaya is the blatant ringleader of a trio of girls who have been running together at Ohtori since elementary school -- these are the survivors of the aforementioned sycophant test. Misako is a softspoken and gentle mathlete who used to feel like a bit of an outsider, both because she was at Ohtori on scholarship, and because she felt like she couldn't keep up with the girls socially, but when she came out to them in middle school, and they instantly and totally accepted this revelation, she's relaxed a lot. Hana is generally the face of their group, since Misako's a bit shy and Chihaya liable to either politely blow off or totally savage whoever wants a piece of them; she's outgoing and affable, expected to take over her family's electronics corporation, and has wanted since they were all six years old to run away to Hokkaido and become a horse racing jockey. That this dream has ENDURED all these years is a source of incredulous pride to Chihaya, and she quietly plans to fund such a venture in the event that Hana gets disowned.
  • The Kendo Club: Chihaya was hard core into kendo growing up, and one of the major pillars of the Ohtori team for many years. It was her first really healthy and totally normal venue for competition, and at first her hot streak didn't make her very popular, but eventually she made her fair share of friends. Her quitting the team was a major scandal, and since she absolutely refuses to discuss her conversation with the Captain that led to it, the rumors about the circumstances are wild. She's lost most of her buddies over it, but a few people are still willing to (quietly) remain her friend.
  • The Tennis Team: After quitting kendo Chihaya joined tennis, lest her resume lose lustre from the lack of a sport (and because she genuinely enjoys athletics). Since joining the team almost two years ago, she has basically been a sports anime charicature of the ojou who comes in from left field and kicks an unfair amount of butt, which naturally creates both some offense from older hats and some admiration, too. She is generally well-liked for her work ethic alone, and this has prevented too many jealous incidents from getting out of hand. In turn, she likes the other girls, but isn't very close to them.
  • The Tea Ceremony Club: Chihaya started Tea Ceremony at age four or something equally absurd, basically whenever her grandmother could first get her to sit still long enough to do it, and her enrollment in this club was just straight-up required. Over the years her relationship with it has gone from resentment to acceptance, and some of her oldest -- if not deepest -- relationships are with other high-society girls who've grown up alongside her there, many of whom she's very fond of. It's a particularly classy place to be (invitation only!) and today Chihaya takes quiet pride in her skills.
  • The Driver: Chihaya has been attended to by a Cast Of Thousands over the years, maids and gardeners and chefs and on and on, but one critical constant has been her limousine driver, Arata Morimura. He was a little too old to be a big brother figure when she was very young, and now he's quite gray in the whiskers. But he's always been quietly supportive, sometimes going the extra mile to ensure his ojousama's happiness or success, and beneath this unexpected source of affection, Chihaya has flowered. They're on a first-name basis, and he's her favored source of advice. At those very rare times that she breaks down and cries, it's in the limousine, with the tinted windows all rolled up.

About The Black Knight

  • The Black Knight is the dark faerie Queen Morgana's chief enforcer. When they show up, things are very serious, and generally guaranteed to go badly downhill. Thankfully it doesn't happen often, though the thought that they've simply been conducting business out of sight is a chilling one.
  • The Black Knight continuously emits a powerful, awful aura of despair, but even without that they're intimidating as hell -- silent, implacable, too fast for their size, and all that armor, wow:
  • They wear full plate armor, a huge cloak, fully enclosing helm, the works. It's heavy and androgynous and super duper evil-looking, so black that it's difficult to pick out any details, but that's just as well because if you look too closely the abyss stares back. It is wicked, skin-burningly cold to the touch if you're not the Black Knight. Morgana is the Black Knight's outfitter, and made their equipment out of evil magic and tortured souls and so on. Dark stuff. The Black Knight, however, made the cloak - it's spun from Chihaya's own shadow, and while they wear it, they make no sound at all unless they want to, even in all that armor. It's also a major part of their defense -- it simply absorbs attacks, hungrily consuming heartful energies.
  • Lately, the Black Knight been witnessed taking an interest in the Pure Hearts that emerge from victims of Death Buster daimons. Presumably this is on Morgana's orders.
  • As a personal project, the Black Knight is forging a superior weapon to the ones they were provided off-the-rack by Morgana. It is tempered by powerful emotion, and quenched in the hearts of their most respected foes.
  • The Black Knight sees Dark Fall as a company of peers, and while most of the time, they're out on some sort of mission, Morgana has occasionally given an order to the tune of 'go increase my status at the Dark Fall court by mingling and being intimidating.' The Black Knight is sort of okay with these sessions, and is definitely interested in forging alliances, both for Morgana and for oneself.
  • Those who have actually gotten to socialize with the Black Knight report that they are focused and vengeful, somewhat bitter, and very vintage, the product of a bygone era -- their language is super old and formal, and some of their ideas are too, in terms of matters of duty, honor, loyalty and so forth. (They don't consider themselves honorable, but respect honor in others. They think chivalry is worth a nickel and a warm cup of jack squat.)