2019-04-06 - TIMELINE X: Three Dances, Interrupted

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Title: TIMELINE X: Three Dances, Interrupted



Mai Tokiha, Midori Sugiura (cameo), Takeo Akamizu (cameo), Mikoto Minagi (cameo), Mami Tomoe (cameo)


Ohtori Academy

OOC - IC Date:

2019-04-06 - September 13th, 2014

Timeline X - Three Dances, Interrupted

Time and time again, so much of Mai Tokiha stays constant. Always slow to adopt the life of a magical girl. Always willing to give the benefit of doubt to those who threaten her. Always prepared to burn the world down when threats are levied against her loved ones.

Every time the Ohtori Sports Festival concludes, Mai Tokiha is always on the dance floor when the SEARRS invasion begins. Always, some event is interrupted by the destruction of the bridge, heralded by golden skies.

~ ~ ~

A romantic song concludes, and the dance floor begins to clear of romantic couples. The orchestra conductor flips over a page, clearing his throat and raising his baton - only to be interrupted by a hand slamming down on the sheet music.

"Take a break from the slow dances, already! Everyone here just finished an amazing sports festival - you need to start playing some upbeat songs that will help all of us celebrate our youth!" Even in a ballgown, the girl flips her ponytail while pumping a fist into the air. "As a young maiden of-"

"Sugiura-sensei, you are a teacher." Mai interrupts Midori's rant from a few meters away, grinning the whole time. "However much of a genius of history you're supposed to be - and I'm still unconvinced that Mikoto doesn't have you beat - odds are pretty good you're older than your students."

"Mai-chan, how could you..."

"You're not wrong, though. So, on behalf of the rest of us youthful -students-..." Mai emphasizes the last word to the point that Midori turns away with a huff. "...could we get a few more upbeat songs? This isn't all about romantic couples, after all."

The conductor takes a moment to consider, then nods. Flipping a few pages, he announces a number. It's a few moments for the orchestra to arrange themselves accordingly, and then swift violins begin an upbeat little jive piece. A number of small groups begin to congregate, jumping around to the music and just enjoying the atmosphere.

"All right, sensei, come on and join us."

"Oh, -now- I can mingle with the students?"

"No, you get to mingle with the waitresses. Linden Baum survivors and all that." There's a grin on Mai's face, as she starts nearly-skipping towards the familiar faces there. "Akane-chan isn't around, but I figure even if you bailed after a week..."

Abruptly, the skies shine gold...

~ ~ ~

The candlelight seems to dim as the lady in yellow steps onto the dance floor, accompanied by a knight in shining tuxedo. It's the hour for couples to step forward proudly, but Mai's chin isn't exactly held high - she's blushing ferociously, almost as much as the young man by her side.


"I still can't believe you said that - admittedly I didn't know a word of it, but still!" Mai hisses to her boyfriend, whirling on him as soon as the two of them have found a spot for the dance to begin. "Did you see that poor Juuban girl who actually understood what you said? I thought she was about to catch-"

"Sorry. I'm - really sorry about this. That idiot just keeps speaking up at the worst times." Takeo hangs his head, scuffing one foot against the dance floor - heedless of whatever mark he might leave on the marble. "I mean, I still want to dance! If you want to. Dance, that is."

A hand rests on his chest for just a moment, and Mai shakes her head. "It's fine. I've known about your little 'lake' problem for months, and truth be told it beats what half the Ohtori guys tend to say without resorting to foreign languages. Just relax, and try not to think about the bacon-wrapped whatever those were that Mikoto's found."

The shorter member of the couple smirks ferociously as the taller half's gaze whips around in a panic before settling. "Nice try, Mai-chan, but you know that I care about you more than bacon. Not just because you can make bacon."

Mai smiles, stepping into the dance pose, and rests her head on Takeo's shoulder. The music picks up, and a slow waltz begins. As the slightly clumsy steps begin, Mai murmurs. "Coming from you...that really means a lot. Almost as much as that ridiculous confession you pulled...though given that it worked, maybe I shouldn't call it ridiculous."

She leans back, looking into her boyfriend's eyes, and considers.

Sorrowfully, the skies shine gold...

~ ~ ~

There's a hand on Mai's arm, as if to hold her back for a moment. Imploring eyes peek out from behind dark hair, a question hesitatingly voiced. "Mai, dancing's for people who like each other, right? Why...?"

Mai shakes her head, earrings flashing in the light of a thousand suspended candles, and laughs quietly. "Not this time, Mikoto. It's not always about having a romantic dance with someone we like. Right now, this..." She turns to the dance floor, a smirk quirking her lips as she steps forward.

"It's about neither of us being willing to back down."

It doesn't take long for Mai to reach her dance partner, violet eyes locking on gold. The part-time waitress curtseys, that smirk still on her lips. "I confess, I'm surprised you're going ahead with this. Or is this more of those 'principles', Tomoe-san?..."

The calm smile on Mami Tomoe's face doesn't even shake for an instant as she holds out her hand. "We both have to consider the impact of our actions, Tokiha-san. Whatever the circumstances, I gave my word that I would be here. I do appreciate that you decided to keep yours."

Hand takes hand. "I think we both know what this was really about."

"True. Now, as the older partner, I believe it would be your responsibility to lead."

"Oh? I thought you relished that mantle of ordering people around."

As ever, the skies blaze gold...