2019-04-06 - TIMELINE X: Once In A While, Take Him Seriously

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Title: Once In A While, Take Him Seriously

No Eas. No Soular. Westar has nothing left but his duty.





OOC - IC Date:

2019-04-06 - ????

The crash of body against metal rings throughout the halls of Labyrinth, echoes of a mighty conjoined blow fading into the distance. As the building he crashed into crumples in on itself, Westar tumbles to the roadway below, not even able to land in anything more dignified than a faceplant. There's a faint sizzle as the purification behind the combined punch works its magic against the darkness that empowers Mobius's servants...but that swiftly grows to a halt.

"I...I won't let you..." It's muffled, mumbled into the metallic roadway beneath him, but Westar's words can just barely be heard as he twitches. There's a slam, fist punching into that ground that supports him, and Westar struggles to rise. Arms and legs trembling, he struggles to his feet. "Not after Soular...not after Eas..."

Hunched over, he slowly stands - and then his right leg gives out, forcing him to one knee. "Damn it! Obey me, body - I can't...I can't fail again!" The sizzling returns, his will fading against the power that the assembled Pretty Cure brought to bear, and he collapses on the ground. Head hung low, Westar seems almost ready to accept that he's been defeated.


The clap echoes loudly, rebounding off of countless buildings around him. Once more - one last time - golden power shines between Westar's palms as his brow furrows in concentration. The Data Diamond emerges slower than it ever had before, but it shines there, waiting for a target, for an object to corrupt and transform. With a shaking hand, Westar takes hold of it. "Nakewameke..."

And slams it into his own chest.


More pained than ever, the shout calls out as Westar's form is engulfed by a surge of darkness and golden light. Smoke billows out, choking the lanes between these strange buildings, obscuring everything for a long few seconds. There's silence as Westar's shout fades away...and then a noise.

It's like the motor of heavy construction equipment, that whirring, that grinding of metal. Familiar, perhaps, to those from Earth - but then there's a crash of metal on metal that makes everything shake. Another whirr, another crash. Then, from the smoke, it emerges.

Yellow and black. They always were Westar's colours. Often have they towered like this, but something seems strange, seems different. Harsh lines of steel encase a form almost like a giant ape. An unholy amalgamation of technology and monstrosity, the whirr of motors accompanying every movement. From the monster's back drapes a great cape - black, tattered, shining with yellow lights, spreading like wings. The head is strangely unarmored - the closest to human, though the lime-green fur covering it makes it stand out.

Its face is pinched, as if its very existence is sorrow and pain - but the monster's eyes open, glaring balefully at the heroes assembled before it. Motors whirr as staggering steps turn to a crouch, to a sprinter's start, and there are but a handful of words as warning before it charges.

Words spoken with Westar's voice, echoing with an unnatural timbre.

"Everything for Mobius-sama."