2019-04-06 - TIMELINE X: Herding Magical Cats

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Herding Magical Cats

Steven Universe founds a magical organization.


Steven Universe, Mikoto Minagi, Luna


The Temple

OOC - IC Date:

04-06-2019 - Everywhen

"OKAY," Starts little Steven Universe, holding a clipboard, sporting a pencil behind the ear, and wearing a slacks-and-suspenders outfit with an adorable little cat facial disguise in the stylings of a tiger. His hair is not poofy, and is instead endowed with hair product and slicked back. "Take..." A glance to the clipboard. "142! This time I think we got it!"

The child has gone to his friends far and wide, rounding up /very important figures/ of the magical community. Only the best for the job at hand! No one else will do! But he needed help. One who was capable of handling these special individuals. A one MIKOTO MINAGI.

"Mikoto! Is everyone in place?"

"Yup!" she chirps, as she takes a seat next to three to four cats she brought herself, enjoying treats offered at the event that is friendly to both human and cat. Seafood!

Steven takes a breath, and stands at a makeshift pedestal in the Seaside Park made of cardboard boxes. Other boxes are around, as well as a scratching post. Plates of delicious seafood are laid out for the guests of honor.

"Welcome to the first meeting of the Catastrophe Aversion Team! Or C.A.T.!"

The boy dressed cat-dapper looks to his crowd. Which is... a bunch of cats. Of course, not ordinary cats. Luna, Tama, Rhett Butler, and Lion are in attendance! As is Mikoto, who makes for a great emissary to cat-kind. A few of Mikoto's cat friends are here too. Lion is currently stuffing his face.

"This is highly unusual!" protests Luna from her box. But she can't... deny the gifts given. "I wanted to try something different! No one expects the kitties!" Steven says, coming down from his fake stand.

"Relying on our talents /is/ a wise idea," Tama admits, her voice dry like an old woman's, "But 'Catastrophe' I'm quite sure... is a /pun/." From her seat lounging in another box, the fluffy black mentor's skepticism is audible. "And it makes the acronym unnecessary."

"Well, I mean it has to be catchy, right?"

"...I imagine they'll realize cats were involved," Tama says, as she lowers herself enough that her paw moves /right/ over her eyes onto her face.

"Isn't that the-- HEY!"

Steven claps his hands toward Lion, who is busy cleaning himself. The clap gets him to perk his head up. "I know you can understand me! You gotta pay attention, Lion..."

"Name's good!" Mikoto pipes in with, having finished a piece of sushi herself. "I know you would appreciate it!" Steven-- err, Tiger cheers. Rhett, best friend to all, of course hangs around not having others to save with affection. For now.

"Look, I just think it would be a good idea to have a cool group of pets that can save their friends! Like a league of animals or something!" Steven persists.

"Im not a pet!" Luna retorts.

"Seconded," Adds Tama.

"Okay, my bad there!" The boy states, sweating. "Kind animal friends! That could be there other animal friends!" Silence. "Okay, maybe I am going about this wrong. Dont you want to be remembered by cat-kind for your deeds of daring?"

"Hm." "Possibly..."

"Yes! Cat deeds!" Repeats Mikoto, holding one of her friends close in her arms. "Great!" Steven says happily, returning to the cardboard podium. "Then at least hear me out! It took a lot of work to get all of you here, and I can be happy to I can at least make the pitch today! What I feel like C.A.T. can accomplish is--"

And as if the fates conspired against this meeting, it happens.

In the park nearby is the King Penguin slide. Adorable but nondescript. It is what is on it that causes problems. In the evening sun, a bright glint can be seen moving down the side of the structure. THe greenish yellow huse of the gemstones on the creatures back play well with the dying sunlight. A small lizard.

Lions attention snaps up and sees it.

"Lion, what is it? Over here buddy-- oh no."

Steven now sees it. The other cats look to where Steven is looking and sees it. It twinkles so beautifully. Invitingly. Like jewelry. Or a target.

"H-Hey! Over here. Ladies? Gentlemen? Rhett?"

The cats start to get up. "Wait dont I got treats still--" The boy moves to stand in front of them at the lizard.

There is a massive storm of movement. Cardboard and plates fly everywhere. Sashimi goes airborne. When Steven comes to off the floor from being run over, there is no one left. Even Mikoto is gone! "Ugh! come on!!!" The boy stands up and dusts himself off, looking at the mess he has to clean up. "Guess Ill try again tomorrow...!"