2018-06-12 - LOTUS AWAKENING: Steven Universe

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Title: LOTUS AWAKENING: Steven Universe

Having a terrible nightmare in which his friends were devoured by an evil book, Steven awakes to find his mother, Rose Quartz at his side at the beach house, and worries seem to melt away as the best day ever starts.


Steven Universe


The Gem Temple on Tokyo Bay

OOC - IC Date:

6/12/2018 - ??-??-????

A book. A darkness. A dying tree. Friends in trouble. Can't get free! Can't call out to them! Everyone is being--!


That voice. Soft and lilting. Familiar. He can hear it over their calls of pain and fright!


Louder now. That book, drawing him in... Evil...!



Steven snaps awake, eyes blurry and watery. A cold sweat has overtaken him. Everything is fuzzy. A large but lightly colored shape is in front of him, sitting on his bed. a /very/ large palm makes contact with his shoulder. Gentle and warm. His eyes begin to focus as he wipes a pajama sleeve to his eyes.

"Huh...?" Everything finally comes into view. He is in a... higher place in his beach house? Some sort of second loft above his door. Of course he is. Why wouldn't he be here? With a view down to the first loft, with a very large bed on it. Greg is downstairs cooking something on the stove.

BGM Change: Rose's Fountain - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNcXFlcBJy4

And in front of his is Rose Quartz.

"Steven, were you having a nightmare again? You... haven't been getting good sleep since the change of locations to Tokyo." Steven looks stunned and pale. His mother was here. Why wouldn't she be? Because that /awful nightmare/ said she was. "M-Mom!" sniffles Steven as he near tackles her. He begins to gush immediately. "Hey babe, is Stu-ball okay up there? I got the waffles cookin' for you two!" comes a surly voice from down below. "I-It was awful! There were badguys hurting my friends, and you were gone, and I had your Gem, and-- and-- and--" Steven loses the ability to effectively communicate as he buries his face in Rose's dress. "Ah, hahaha! Awww..." comes a motherly laugh, with that large, tender hand running through Steven's hair. "It was just a bad dream, everything is fine!"

"It felt so real..."

Rose picks up Steven, and with a graceful leap, jumps down from the upper loft to the floor, gingerly setting him down. "Go get ready for the day!" "R-Right!" the boy says, trying to regain his composure. Steven goes to the mirror in the bathroom, beginning to change clothes and perform daily hygienics. His eyes fall on his stomach, particularly his navel. But what was so strange about it? It felt different... it felt... Oh wait. "I think Lion got in by bed again!" the boy shouts out of the bathroom, as he plucks a particularly long mane hair from off his skin.

For once, it felt like the nicest breakfast ever had, even though it was just waffles and strawberries. Well, really big strawberries. Rose must have went to the battlefield to get one for breakfast! The slices are as big as the waffles.

"Hey honey, wasn't there something you came bursting in here to tell Steven?" Greg kindly says, reminding his spouse of something important. Rose's eyes fill with stars. "Right! Pearl lost a bet to Amethyst, and now has to eat one thing from the Beach City Boardwalk Plaza on the bay of Amethyst's choice! Wanna go watch?" "Oh, I /got/ to see this," Greg chimes in, reaching for a thin cardigan and heading for the door. "I wanna see! I bet she will take her to Fish Stew Pizza!" "Haha... I will take that bet."

"Oh yeah? What have you got to offer for that bet?" the boy says with a smirk.

"How about... I take you back over to the pyramid temple, hm~?"


"What if I win?" Rose responds, a smile and a quirked brow meet his gaze with folded arms. "How about a kiss on the cheek? In front of your friends."

"Going for the embarrassment route huh? F-Fine! Deal!"

The two shake hands, but do not let go after. Instead, Steven cherishes the hand held, and together they walk out the door, to a boardwalk area with all the familiar shops in Tokyo, rebuilt here for the Economic Exchange.

Because why wouldn't they?