2016-08-17 - A Meeting by Moonlight

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Title: A Meeting by Moonlight

A chance meeting results in the Sailor Centauri discovering that there is more then Sailor Senshi in Japan.


Minoke Kobayashi and Akira Moto


Uminari Seaside Park

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Aug. 17, 2016 - Nov. 14, 2014

Nighttime, and Minoke was planning on some peaceful TV watching. Screw patrols. She hasn't run into a youma yet. But she kept being hooted at by her mascot. Until she finally henshined into her senshi form. Sailor Centauri, senshi of Nightfall and Freedom. Who wears a pitch-black fuku, but studded in sequins to look like the night sky. And, a cloak. Her midriff is bare as well. She sighs as she glares at her little owl, and just starts her patrol, being followed by a tiny shadow as she climbs up a rooftop, standing there, staring down over the city street, her cloak swirling around her.

The night is cool as it is November and winter is coming. That doesn't seem to stop the young Akira Moto from being out in the dark tonight. She is sitting in the park, just staring off in the distance. The only light is the light from her phone which is on. She isn't surfing the web, She isn't playing any games. No Pokemon Go here. The glow is pink with a chunk of violet which is highlighting her face. If there were any whitelight around, her violet eyes would show they are bloodshot and its clear that she's not really slept.

Suddenly A purple panda pops outs from nowhere. She does a double take. "Yanari, you can't be out right now! How did you even get out! I didn't press any buttons and I'm not changing! What the heck!" It makes several loud squeaks and then a long whine. "No I don't want to hear it. I will get you something when I go home."

Suddenly her owl shadow hoothoots, sensing the magic, and zooms towards the suddenly-appearing panda. Eyebrow raised, Centauri follows, jumping down from the roof, her cloak following after her as she stands before the one with the panda. She tiltsh er head. "A curious mascot," she states, the little owl with the three-star emblem on her forehead circling around the panda before returning to Centauri's shoulder as she brushes her cloak off.

"Yanariiiiii!!!!" The little redhead states in an almost pleading manner. Then with no warning there is a funky looking owl!! SHe blinks a few times, "Please don't try to eat her!" She states. Thats about the point that Sailor Centauri speaks up. It scares the heck out of her and she quickly quiets down. The voice of Fu begins ringing in her head. 'Hero Club Tenet Number One, Give a good greeting.' She closes her eyes tight. Darn this stinks. "Heelloo." Her voice is soft and cracking with nervousness. "I'm.. Akira Moto. This is Yanari. She's a fairy..."

Sailor Centauri raises an eyebrow as she studies the two, eyebrow raised. "I am Sailor Centauri. This is Kitora. She's an owl." She studies the fairy. "I have never heard of fairies... have you?" she asks, glancing to the owl. The owl hoots quietly, then says, "No. I haven't either." The two look at them. "Obviously, your fairy resonates with magic. Which means... that you, as its companion, must be a very special young lady." She smiles. "I... I haven't met anyone else who uses magic yet in my short time here."

Akira Moto blushes a little before she speaks up again with a little nod, "I am a Hero. Yanari is from a different dimension. At least, that's what I learned from my phone app." She looks at Yanari who just squeaks at her loudly. "Ugh. Fine..." She stands up and touches the screen. Immediately the area is filled with violet light and choral music floods the immediate area. Her school uniform is promptly replaced by her uniform. Then a giant hammer, bigger then her, appears in her hands. She swings it around and then poses with it before the light show fades.

Sailor Centauri nods as she holds her hand up as a shroud of night magic surrounds her hand as a three-headed flail appears in her hand. "So... you're a magical girl, but not a senshi. I didn't know there was such a thing..." She sighs softly. "I have much to learn about this confusing planet." She sighs. "At least looking up at the night sky makes up for it... it's a rare treat for me."

Yuusha Akira smiles a little. "Yes there are a lot of Magical girls around." She slowly begins to calm down and sound a little louder at least. "I am a Hero. A Yuusha. It is my duty to protect The World Tree from the threat of the Vertex. They are apparently big and nasty creatures from another dimension who have been trying to destroy the world for the past hundred years. A group who serves the World Tree finds girls who can fight against these threats. If a vertex ever gets to the world tree... Its game over. Everything is gone. The world will be destroyed."

Sailor Centauri glances at Kitora who hoots softly. "I never heard any of that. I came to this world to find out the truths of the legends of the Silver Millennium. And to meet hte local sailor-senshi... I've been training since my arrival..." Kitora HOOTS loudly. "Alright-alright. Trained when my irritating little pet insisted on it..." Kitora pecks at Centauri's ear. "Ow, quit it." She shrugs. "There isn't a lot of bad stuff happening where I come from."

The Young girl with the hammer smiles a little, "You are a Sailor Senshi. Like Sailor Moon! I sorta fought in the same fight as her just last night. She is really something! It was my first time seeing her and.... just wow. She's amazing. My Senpai and I were busy with another problem. A dark magical girl. She tried to run a sword into my throat. Yanari saved my butt!"

Sailor Centauri nods. "I hope you don't think I'm a..." She looks down. "Dark magical girl. I dress in black, but the night is sacred to me." She smiles. "Isn't that hammer hard to wield? It seems so." . Yuusha Akira looks at the girl and smiles a little. "If you were dark, you'd have attacked me by now. You said you are looking to meet with Sailor moon. You didn't say you were hunting for her. You didn't say you were wanting to do anything but meet and that's a good thing." She pauses and looks at the hammer. She makes a little face and twirls the thing over her head with ease. "I don't notice it. It literally feels like I've always used it. You can hold it for a moment if you like." She smiles, "Whats your name by the way?"

Sailor Centauri murmurs, "I am not at liberty to reveal my civilian identity at this time. The whole 'I'm not from Earth' thing could come up if people knew my real name..." She shrugs, clicking her tnogue. She reaches for the hammer and her eyes widen as the head thuds down. "Must be part of your magic. My flail is probably similar. When I became Centauri, it just came naturally to me... but still I needed to practice." She shrugs. She lets go of your hammer. "Sailor Moon, huh?" she asks, gazing up at the crescent moon. "What's she like?"

Yuusha Akira quickly accepts her hammer back and quickly shoulders it. During the whole time, Yanari was watching very closely. "So you are Sailor Centauri. It is nice to meet you." She gives a polite bow. "I didn't get to actually meet and talk with her. The fight we were in was nothing short of huge. There were a bunch of magical types there. I think there were like eight allies not counting the HiME who created the opening. Don't ask how." She sighs. "From what I heard during the fight, She is really wonderful. A real beacon of hope type."

Sailor Centauri nods. "Yeah... I slept through it last night. Kitora finally gave up trying to wake me up. She's been in a snitty mood ever since." CHOMP. "Ow, not my ears!" she squawks, flailing at the little owl who takes off and floats over to land by the panda.

Yuusha Akira blinks at Centauri and winces a little. "Yeah A group was kidnapping girls. They had two of them and a strange creature came requesting assistance. My Senpai and I agreed to go. We saved the girls. I only know of the HiME, The Senshi, and the Heroes and there was another person who said she was a Puella Magi. I've no clue what that is but that girl was packing these old matchlock pistols."

Sailor Centauri raises an eyebrow. "Pistols?" she asks softly. "Curious. Well, maybe I'll meet them one day..." She hmmmms. "So... what kind of abilities do you have?" she asks curiously. "Swinging that leviathan around is pretty impressive. I can fire energy blasts and do some neat utility moves... like ensnare my foes in a magic net."

Yuusha Akira blinks a few times, "Well, I don't really know a whole lot about it. I'm still learning what I can do. I only became what I am two days ago. I literally got into a fight the second day I've had any way of doing things. I just couldn't do nothing. I had to help." She blushes softly. She looks at the hammer and smiles, "Umm, hitting enemies with my hammer is pretty useful. I know if I slam the hammer onto the ground I can cause the ground to shake and trip people up. I can also throw energy at enemies with it."

Sailor Centauri nods. "I can call a flail but it's not mandatory to my fighting style. It's a sacred weapon, and its three heads deal a lot of damage to youma. I've only fought a couple in my years as Centauri... as I said, just not a lot of supernatural villainy back home."

Yuusha Akira laughs, "Well welcome to Tokyo. Here you will find more then you bargained for. I am nervous. I already know that Yanari will save my butt if I get in trouble but that won't matter if I can't do my part in bringing down a Vertex. Its a lot of weight to carry ya know?"

Sailor Centauri nods. "I know..." She hmmmms. "Well, I should continue my patrol before Kitora starts biting my ears again. Farewell, Yuusha. Just know. Those that go bump in the night should be afraid - for I am the night!" With a giggle, she jumps up to the rooftop once more, her cloak leaving a trail of stardust behind her as she starts to bounce through the city.

Yuusha Akira bows politely and with a quick flash, she is back to her school uniform. No sign of the massive hammer. She gives a little wave and sits back down. "I dunno if I can get used to this." She closes her eyes right there in the park. "I don't know if I can sleep tonight. I need to. I didn't last night. I kept dreaming about a sword coming at my throat." She whispers. Yanari squeaks at her and then vanishes. "Now you wanna go. I see how it is." She rubs her head and just sits again, quietly looking over her phone.