2016-08-15 - A New Hero

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Title: A New Hero

New arrival to the Infinity Institute Middle School, Akira Moto meets with Hero Club President, Fu Inubouzaki and learns about the club and this weird app that someone put on her phone.


Fu Inubozaki, Akira Moto


Infinity Institute Hero Club Room

OOC - IC Date:

08/15/2016 - 11/14/2014

Fu Inubozaki received a very peculiar text from the Taisha that she hadn't seen the likes of in a long time. Someone else had scored high on the Hero Aptitude test and was wanting to join the Hero Club as well. This was both great news and a little worrying to Fu for what was to come next. But those concerns of hers would have to wait for now. There was no need to worry over something that hasn't happened yet. And yet, Fu still wanted to speak with her and see what Akira was like personally.

Earlier in the day, Fu had bumped into Akira and told her to stop by the Club classroom a little early before their normal meeting time. However, the Club President didn't elaborate beyond that and merely told Akira that she looks forward to seeing her soon. And soon was right about now. The Hero Club's classroom was full of technology, supplies, blackboards with potential ideas on it, and many other miscellaneous things that made it seem a little cluttered, but quite lively on the inside in. Seated in the middle of this was Fu Inubozaki. The ninth-grader was sitting on top of one of the many desks, legged crossed with her cellphone in hand. She was tap, tap, tapping away at it while she waited for the newest Hero Club member to arrive.

Where her life had changed rapidly in the past three years, life at Infinity hasn't changed much at all. The Saccharine memories of the times she spent with her best friend, Kat here now pained her so. The person she is compared to the person she was are miles apart. Before her encounter with Fu, she was approached by Kat. It was bitter sweet. Akira wanted to open up to her and let things be as they once were but the dance of the past three years had left its mark. She was barely able to talk to her. She wanted to but the words wouldn't come out. She simply hugged her and walked away.

It wasn't long after that when she bumped into Fu. Akira didn't say much. That seemed to be her modus operandi these days. She doesn't know her. She wasn't given a name. All she was told was that she should look into the Hero Club. So when she was approached she was a bit apprehensive. Only speaking when spoken to and very quietly when she did. Still, She got the message and her curiosity is piqued to say the very least.

Finally, her first day of classes is over. Having to re-introduce herself was very difficult. Still she managed with only a few bumps. Now though she is on her way to the classroom where she is supposed to meet Fu. She knocks at the door and pokes her head in, "Hi?" She softly questions. Spying Fu she steps inside and moves to sit near her. "You wanted to speak with me?" Her voice is shaky and soft. "Also, what is the Hero club?"

Fu smiles in faint amusement as she read the messages she received back from her friends, but the knock at the classroom door causes the blonde girl to look up. When she sees that it was Akira, Fu's smiles turns into a big grin as she hops down off the desk and approaches Akira. "Hey! Akira-chan, right?" Welcome to the Hero Club!" She then openly gestures with her arms before realizing how cluttered the room was. Fu places her non cellphone holding hand on the back of her neck. "Um, sorry about the mess, but we left in a hurry after last meeting." She flashes a cheesy grin towards Akira before going to sit back down properly at the desk now near where Akira had sat down.

"I'm Fu Inubozaki, President of the Hero Club. And no, while I do have many wonderful qualities, being telepathic isn't one of them." The older girl begins to explain before elaborating, "I saw your test scores on the Hero Aptitude Test, I'm impressed." The question about what the Hero Club was draws a blink and then confident smile from Fu. "It's a club where we do volunteer and do good deeds around the community." Fu suddenly glances around before leaning forward a little to speak at a conspiratorial distance to Akira. "It's also a club that is helping save the world." She says rather nonchalantly before drawing back a little. Fu studies the other girl more closely before asking, "But we'll get to that later, how are you doing? It can't be easy transferring like that."

Akira Moto starts to relax a little. She is still very guarded and still quiet but at least she might be a little more talkative. She speaks up softly, "Nice to meet you, Fu-Senpai. I'm Akira Moto. I went to elementary school here at Infinity. Most of the way. I had to move to Kyoto to help my grandma." At the mere mention of Kyoto she looks downward. "Sorry. It was a difficult time there. But, now I'm back. I missed it here." She softly states. "What was that test about? I mean. I thought it was some weird acronym. Like Hanaori Intellect Report and Observation or something." She gives a little giggle and promptly hides her face.

Then its onto the information about the Hero Club. "Oh that sounds like fun. Like going out and helping people out? Thats really cool. I think it would be really cool!" She then blinks a few times as the secret purpose of the hero club is revealed. "Wait what? I umm, I guess by helping people you would be helping to save the world. One person at a time." She smiles a little. Then the question of how she is doing. "I think I hurt one of my old friends earlier. Everything changed so much."

Fu breathes a quick sigh of relief when she sees Akira relax a little bit, and soon focuses a friendly grin on her as she talks about her past. "Oh! Well, welcome back then!" The question about the purpose of the test and Akira's pondering that it was possibly a acronym causes Fu to looks a little uncomfortable. This was a difficult thing to explain, but the time for hiding it was over since there were many threats to the World Tree that weren't just the Vertex. "You're not totally wrong in that there's more to it than it just being a personality test." She eventually says before tapping a finger against he chin. "The world needs heroes of all shapes and sizes, but what the world needs most are a certain kind of can-do heroines that and brimming with unstoppable girl power!" Fu declares as she rises out of her seat with her hands going up in grandiose fashion.

Green eyes blink as Fu smiles at Akira now. "Your results showed that you just might be the kind of person that they are looking for. And you wanting to go out and helps people convinces me that they are right." The older girl suddenly looks a little bit serious when she makes the logical leap there about the club. "Again, you're half-right. We are doing our best to help out others one person at the time. But...." Fu glances away with a sigh before looking back at Akira. "...there's more to it than that. A lot more. Anyone can join the Hero Club, but not everyone has the aptitude that people like you and me share." The talk about her Akira's old friends is a pleasant detour around this topic for Fu. "They just might not have known how to react with you coming back. But give it some time and trust in your senpai that things might turn around."

Akira Moto nods slowly as she listens. Then Fu stands in such a theatrical fashion that Akira can't help but laugh a little. 'Hold that pose for a moment?" She quickly gets out a sketchbook and a pencil. Immediately she goes to work, sketching away, "Sorry, art is sorta my passion." She grins as she continues drawing. Something happens while she sketches. The things she went through melt away for a time. She really begins lightening up and almost seems pretty outgoing. She is still listening though.

Akira stops sketching for a moment or so, "Wait, They? You mean the people that gave the test? They were weird. They really were devout to the World Tree." She smiles a little and then continues writing. She speaks as she keeps going. "Umm, What is the other half? You said I was half right. Like we are going to hop in space ships and save the world or something? Or like we are going to do like they do in some manga and Put on cute outfits and kick evil's butt?" She stifles a laugh. "I umm... I will try, Senpai."

Fu smirks before adjusting her pose a teeny bit to make it more dramatic by raising one hand higher while keeping the other on her hip. The older student does catch a few more of the signs that Akira is relaxing more and more which is for the best given the topic that Fu was dancing around. "Oh? Do you think you could make some new banners and posters for the Hero Club?" The blonde haired president asks curiously. "You would be my Hero if you could!"

Akira mentioning the Taisha causes Fu to drop out of her pose and nod her head seriously towards her. "For good reason too, the World Tree is more important than any of us might realize." Fu then returns to her desk, turns it, and sits down so that she was facing Akira now. "If you could put on cute outfits and kick evil butt would you?" It's a preposterous question asked sincerely. "I already dragged my friends into something more dangerous that....that I still feel guilty about." Fu admits eventually after looking away. Her green eyes soon shift back over towards Akira. "So would you risk your life to save the world?"

Akira Moto finishes up the sketch and shows it to Fu. Its rough but but it looks really good. She shrugs and nods, "My forte is sculpting. I don't get to work with stone too often but I do a lot of clay sculpting. But sure! I can do up some Hero Club posters and such. It would be fun!"

She smiles, "Oh I understand. It protects us and keeps us safe. One of my old teachers would pray to the Shinjuu-sama before class. Its kinda cool." Then there is that question. She blinks a few times and then laughs! "Senpai, do you do this to all your kohais?" Then it clicks just how serious she is being. "I dunno. Umm. I probably would. If I were magical I would wear cute outfits and protect others. I think it would be cool. You can't share art with the world if the world is destroyed and stuff." When she mentions about her friends her jaw drops. This isn't a silly question or a game. "This is real? Umm, I think I would. I think I could do that. I'm not magical but if I were I would definitely help out. Besides, no earth, no us. No us... well. No art or anything."

Fu's expression lightens up when she sees Akira's finished sketch. A smile and a thumbs up is aimed Akira's way. "Good job!" She says in English before nodding. "You can sculpt too? Would you be comfortable teaching some younger students how to sculpt? That could be our next project!" The Hero Club President suddenly gets up, heads over to the board, and writes 'Sculpting?' write next to Akira's name. She looks over it with a satisfied nod before returning over to where Akira was at.

"I should have," replies Fu a little cryptically. She didn't tell Itsuki, Yuna, and Togo until it was too late for them back down. Fu was not about to make the same mistake twice. But Akira seems like her heart is in it. "That's right. There wouldn't be anything left if we fail. No udon, no art, no Hero Club, no Earth." Taking the cellphone that Fu's been clutching onto this entire time, she turns it around to show Akira. "Using this app, you can transform into a true Hero. The aptitude test was to see if you have the potential for this app to unlock your potential. And you, Akira-chan, have that potential." Fu says quite seriously before closing her eyes before bringing her cellphone back down to her side. Her green eyes reopen on Akira. "The Taisha might have already sent you that app, but you should think hard before you use it. We're -supposed- to be using it to protect the World Tree, but sometimes a Hero has to be a Hero even if the World Tree isn't directly being threatened." She now flashes a grin at Akira. "So you have a choice, you can just dismiss what I'm saying and be a regular Hero Club member and even walk away from all of this. Or...." The President pumps a clenched fist up into the air. "You can become a Hero like the rest of us and protect the World Tree and save the world!" Fu grins now at Akira once more. "No pressure." She adds with a laugh.

Akira's eyes light up at the thought of teaching kids how to sculpt. "Oh my gosh! That would be so cool" Then a look of dread hits her. "I... I dunno if I can though. I mean, That would mean getting in front of people." She frowns and just hangs her head for a few moments. "When I was at school in Kyoto... I was in art class and I just did my best. I made a pretty sculpture of what I think the World Tree looks like. I've never gotten to see it. I sorta did a lot better then this other girl. Shebegan bullying me really bad. I was scared. I didn't want to fight with her. I'm an artist. Artists create. They don't destroy and fighting with her would have been really bad. It would hurt my grandma. She did all sorts of things to me. I was good. I never got angry. Never did things back to her. Then one day, she ruined a piece I had worked on. She painted over it with horrible things. I... I don't wanna talk about what happened." She shakes that off.

Looking upward, she shakes it off and smiles a little. "Yeah, I don't want to lose my home. Or my mom. Or my planet I guess. Those are all sort of important." She laughs a little. Then oh look there's the app! She pulls out her phone. "I thought the phone thing was like a new school program or something." She looks at the phone and notes a weird app, one she definitely didn't put on there. (POKEMON GO!!!) "They did. She looks at and opens the app. At the center of the screen is the image of a violet blossom. "Part of sculpting is knowing how your actions will affect your material. Taking a chunk of the material away could cause problems later. Just like taking too little can result in a lot more work. If the dangers that are out there are so bad, just as taking too little material can make a lot more work, not dealing with the small problems can create a much bigger one later." She looks at the app and then up to Fu. "No pressure at all. This is an easy decision after all. Save the world or let others do the job and hope they can do it well enough."

She pauses a moment and looks around the room. It really is a little cramped with all the stuff in it. The poster on the wall makes her smile, "You're likely to succeed if you try..." She laughs a little, "Well apparently the Taisha think I'm hero material. You wouldn't be telling me all of this if you didn't think I had what it takes." She looks long at that violet flower blossom on her phone.

"You wouldn't be up there alone. You would have me and the rest of the Hero Club up there with you in front of the class." Fu says with a happy smile on her face. The Hero Club may be small, but they are all very close to each other. The talk about what happened draws a serious look from Fu. She walks over and attempts to place a hand on Akira's shoulder reassuringly. "That's exactly why this Hero Club does more than just protect the World Tree. There are bullies like that all across Tokyo that want to intimidate and hurt others to get their way. But they won't get away with thanks to heroes like me....and now you if you want it." If she was allowed to touch the other girl's shoulder, than she would give it a brief squeeze before letting go.

Fu watches Akira fiddle with her cellphone and the mysterious app in question just as she listens to her resolve to become a hero herself. That's really all Fu needed to hear, but Akira's reference to one of the tenets of the Hero Club causes the Club President to smile from ear to ear. "I think you definitely have what it takes, but did you see what the first tenet of the Hero Club was?" The older girl asks before gesturing towards the door of the club. "Give a good greeting!" calls out a younger and more cheerful sounding voice as the door leading out into the hallway to reveal a trio of figures at the door. There's a young red-haired girl like Akira that is pushing a raven-haired teenager in a wheelchair. And behind those two is the diminutive form of a young blonde haired girl that looked around Akira's age.

"Welcome to the Hero Club, Akira-chan!" "Welcome, Moto-san!" "W-welcome!" The three voices call out in unison as they all come into the room to join Fu and Akira. It was time for the Hero Club meeting to start proper. Fu grins brightly and sneaks a glance at Akira before addressing the rest of the club. "Yo everyone! This is Akira Moto, and she's a Hero just like us!" The Club President then shoots a rueful smile towards Akira. "Now let's all sit down and introduce ourselves, I still have a meeting to run!"

Akira Moto thinks a little more, "The last time I fought with a bully, It didn't go so well. I was alone though. I don't want people to deal with what I did. No one should ever have to go through being tormented like that." She looks around again and there is a huge smile on her face. "I am definitely joining the Hero Club. This place just feels awesome. I'm part of the art club too though."

She then gets a slightly mischievous look in her eyes. "Well, I guess there is only one thing left." She presses the button and unlocks pandora's box. Violet light fills the area as music rings out. Her clothing quickly changes from her uniform to a blend of violet and white. She is suddenly wearing a violet blouse and a white short jacket over that. A violet flower petal styled skirt and knee high white boots. violet wrapping winds around her wrists as a violet appears on her right forearm. A violet and white panda like fairy appears beside her as a truly massive hammer almost as big as she is appears in her hand. She swings it around herself and poses with it over her shoulder before the light show ends. "Woah!" It's about that point that the other members of the hero club walk in and she is introduced. "Hi... My name is Akira Moto, and I'm a new Hero."