2013-11-05 - Can We Be Friends?

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Title: Can We Be Friends?

Sakura Akagi comes to return the book back to Hotaka Domen that he left behind. Yet when she tries to put on the brave face to confront him, she finds far darker things lurk behind those eyes.


Hotaka Domen, Sakura Akagi


Juuban High

OOC - IC Date:

11/5/2013 - 10/14/2013

Hotaka Domen has posed:

The Juuban School. Not your bad public school, but not the best either to some's opinions. Though for many who go to Juuban, they happen to like their school. Hotaka Domen was moving between classes, since he had some time before his next class started. Mostly debating on even skipping class really. It wasn't a big deal, mostly an art class and sometimes he just wasn't in the mood to go.

He was moving things around in his locker and noticed that about then he was missing one of his books. He peers at the books he /does/ have and then glances up. "..oh right.." Yeah. He let someone read that book and forgot to get it back. This resulted in him gently closing the locker door and then resting his head against the locker door itself.

Now he have to go find a younger student... augh.

Sakura Akagi has posed:

It's all right, because, Sakura was also looking for Hotaka. Though she has a more complicated plan than just 'hand back the book.'

She wasn't too sure where Hotaka's locker was. But she enlisted help...

A tiny lizard-like creature is crawling atop the lockers. It's colored yellow right now, blending in perfectly so as to almost be invisible to the naked eye. It has a tail like a chameleon... so maybe it is one.

It quickly darts out of sight if spotted.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka was gently going to bonk his head against the locker, until Alastor brought his attention to-- something near by that wasn't right. The brown haired youth raised up his head and went to look upward, then around, but couldn't see anything. "..are you sure..?" He whispers mostly to himself.

'I am sure of it. There is something around here. If I must find it myself...'

"..not needed.." Hotaka hisses and he goes to step away from his locker a bit, fixing the collar of his school uniform. That is when he spots maybe the person he is looking for. "..Akagi?"

Sakura Akagi has posed:

Sakura is indeed walking toward him through the crowd. She has her bookbag over one shoulder, and is holding his book in the other... the one she accidentally borrowed.

There might be a little shape of something darting into her bag just now. But it's quick.

Sakura walks up to Hotaka, and... holds the book out to him. She gives him an embarassed look. "...Sorry. You left this. I was looking for you to give it back."

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka tilts his head and smiles softly. "T-thanks." He says reaching out to take the book back. The jacket hides the marking on his arm, but the bracelet can be partly made out. "I just realized that I forgot it with you. Hopefully you enjoyed the book."


Hotaka glances off to the side. "Though I am sorry about you having to hand this back to me and all. I-- I shouldn't have forgotten it like that. It was kinda irresponsible of me."

Sakura Akagi has posed:

Sakura smiles a little. "Yeah. I read it yesterday... it was actually not too bad. Sorry for borrowing it on accident."

She hands the book over... but pauses.

It's a little hard to ask this question, but she decides to. "You seem like you have something you want to talk about. Do you want to ..."

She is a little nervous, not seriously really sure she's suggesting skipping class, but then she looks in her bookbag, for some reason.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

"Its fine, glad you enjoyed it." Hotaka says with that same soft smile. He actually didn't mind her, but then again-- he did like people-- even if circumstances were playing against him. "..and talk about..." He blinks his eyes a few times. "What do you mean?"

'Yes. What /does/ she mean? Did you have something to talk about, Hotaka?'

"N-no I--" His brows furrow before he glances to the side with those blue eyes of his. "No. I don't have anything I wanted to talk about." He then looks at her. "Nothing at all." His hands were still on the book, he doesn't tug it away. He actually doesn't even try to take it away at all. "..why would I?"


Sakura Akagi has posed:

Sakura lets go of the book, forcing him to hold onto it since she isn't anymore. But her eyes drift over to his bracelet for a second...

Then up to his eyes.

She's a shy unassuming underclass girl. But there's suddenly something steel-like in those dark eyes.

After class might be better, Sakura thinks. Then she wouldn't get in trouble at all. But this may be her only chance to ask him about it...

The hallways are clearing out. Maybe he'll bolt.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka Domen stands there for a moment, holding the book. He reaches over and opens the locker, placing the book inside. He pauses there a moment. His back turned to her as the hall clears. The air may be getting a bit stiff. "..Tell me.." He says calmly. "..why are you interested in me and why are you even concerned about me? You barely know me after all.."

There was a hint to his tone. Something was just a tad bit off about his voice.

Sakura Akagi has posed:

"You said you were having some trouble at home." That seems flimsy. But there's more, obviously. Sakura isn't sure how bold she can be about what she wants to ask. She looks down at the ground for just a moment. "...My friend. Madobe-chan, said, that..."

No, she won't go there after all. She looks back up.

"I want to help you."

Hotaka Domen has posed:

"Help me?" Hotaka seems to look up, almost laughing a bit. "There isn't anything you can help me with. You gave me back the book, which I /do/ thank you kindly for, but now you can get yourself back to class.. before.." Hotaka then goes to turn around look at her.

'Alastor! Please!'

Then when he looks at her with his eyes, they are crimson red in color. The soft smile was one of something far darker. "..you get yourself into trouble. Hate to see a fellow Juuban student have something like that happen." He then slams the locker closed with perhaps more strength then he should have. "..don't you agree?"

Sakura Akagi has posed:

Sakura gasps and takes a step back. Looking into those eyes...

Her own eyes go wider, filling up with sudden tears. What... this is what Madobe said. He really would become--

"Sakura-sama--" A very small voice from her bag, which... she suddenly drops, as she wasn't expecting it. She forgot that she let Mist crawl into there, but, of course he wants to tell her something. And of course she...

She scoops the bag up quickly.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka glances around the halls about then. They have cleared out and his eyes then look to her. "..your also on the wrong side of the building for your class." He says with a smirk. "Right?" He then tilts his head, before he steps up to her, placing his hands into his pockets and leaning down slightly. "So-- I guess that means because of your kind, little, actions we are both going to miss our classes.. not like I wasn't already planning to skip."

Hotaka then stands up straight once more. "Though I don't make it a habit to attack little girls. Even more so those of my same school. After all, hate for word to get out about all the things I could do to you."

'Alastor! Come on! She isn't worth this! I get the point! I remember now! Friends to bad to have! OK?!'

Hotaka closes his eyes before he laughs softly. "And to think.. you probably were hoping I was a nice guy. Maybe hoping some upper classman would actually give a damn about you and your kiddie ways." He snaps his eyes open. "..you're such a fool.. why would I ever even care about you."

Sakura Akagi has posed:

Sakura's eyes water. She holds back, though, saying.... "I'm not a little girl. I'm--"

But then she cuts herself off.

Even if ...it made sense to say it, she doubted very much the devil would be impressed by her own title, which she... barely remembers. Even if she were able to cut down evil, she couldn't do it here and now. And not alone.

She bows to him nervously, clutching her bag. "I'm already late for class- yes-- excuse me. So sorry."

Hotaka Domen has posed:

"That is it. Run you little coward!!" Hotaka barks out before breaking into a laugh that actually, was pretty creepy. He smiles darkly as she starts to head down the hall, before he eyes go back to blue and he almost stumbles to his knees.

The youth holds his head gently before gritting his teeth, then actually punching his locker. "Tsssk!!" Then he pauses there before he realizes-- that-- kinda hurt and quickly shakes his hand. "..you didn't have to do that.. I had it handle.."

"..crap that hurt.."

'You did not have it handled! The reason it is not good for you to have friends, if you forget, is because of what we DO. I am trying to keep you somewhat sane, you hairless ape. I told you I would not take full control, because we work better as a team-- but if you continue to push things..'

Hotaka closes his eyes and then rests his shoulder against the locker. "..why do you care about if you hurt one of my friends or not-- or even hurt me for that matter. What difference does it make to you? You damn lazy demon.."

'I have my reasons.'

"..sure you do.." Hotaka looks down the hall where he last saw Sakura run off too. "..whatever you say.." He then looks away again before moving along with his hands returning to his pockets.