2013-10-09 - Strength Of Friendship

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Strength Of Friendship

Some of the Sailor Scouts come to the aid of the civilians in the Industrial District. What they find is a very hungry demon who doesn't take kindly to being interrupted.


Hotaka Domen, Michiru Kaioh, Minako Aino, Vita, Sailor Sagittarius


Keiyou Industrial District

OOC - IC Date:

10/9/13 - 10/1/13

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Keiyou Industrial Zone is a city onto itself. Many crews work here among the warehouses and different business that line the area. Cranes hang high. Cargo is hauled and moved. Pipes pump out smoke. Its a very dirty area, but without it. The industry could suffer.

People jog along the catwalks. People move along the bay area, which is far more clean looking. There is just a general bustle right now as people are leaving for work and some getting off to head home. However there is a yell off in the distance as a young worker suddenly starts to run for his life. Almost running right into a man carrying some stuff.

The man was about to yell to watch it before suddenly he notices a shadow that moves right overhead and his old eyes look up at the figure swooping down from the sky, "D-De-DEMON!!" the man shouts and then makes his own run. The people scatter and the demonic six foot figure descends right down on the youth like a hawk snatching his pray. However instead of lifting the young adult to the air, the demon simply slams him to the ground, before lifting him right back to his feet as the clawed gauntlet snatches around the young man's neck.

Those gold demonic eyes piercing right into the young man's own as he snarls his fanged teeth. It isn't long till security comes and takes aim with their weapons. The horned young man stares at the security force that has arrived and smiles softly, before giving a chuckle. A chuckle that echoes of one of youth, but some far darker behind it. The index clawed finger squeezing tighter against the neck, causing a little bit of blood to drip down. "Is this honestly the best you can offer. Bring your guns upon me?" His voice even carries the echo. "You are all foolish hairless monkies."

His left hand extends out. "This young lad is mine and the very energy he possess. You are nothing but pests!" A magic rune encircles around his arm as blue fames appear at the center of his palm. Then it explodes outward blasting the vehicles the security was hiding behind causing the armed men and women to flee for cover.

His eyes then drift back to the one he holds, "..now where were we...?"

Michiru Kaioh has posed:

This wasn't quite the sort of area that someone like Michiru Kaioh often visited. There simply was very little need. It was not that Michiru looked down on the sorts of people that would work here; in fact, she rather appreciated the work they did to keep the rest of the country running.

Michiru had an extremely close friend in the area, though, shopping for car parts, and while they did that, Michiru had decided to walk along the catwalk, seeing what she could of this portion of the city - her eyes flickering over the view that the catwalk provided.

It would be impossible, however, for her to ignore what was going on. A flicker in the back of her mind, her eyes snapping in the direction that the youma was rampaging, her eyes narrowing tightly. Bringing up her cell phone, she taps a quick text message off, and, in the midst of all the chaos going now, it was easy enough to find a quiet little corner, in an alleyway.

And soon enough, Sailor Neptune appears!

In just a handful of moments more, she was approaching the demon and his prey - and, in true Tuner fashion - she decides to make her presence known by firing a bolt - the bolt shimmering and flowing like ocean water, but it would certainly pack a bit of a punch if it would strike true!

Minako Aino has posed:

Minako is out stalking for demons again, hoping to catch one by surprise. Unfortunately, it's the sounds of running and screaming that catch her attention and cause her to rush away from the wharf and bay and towards the the warehouses and other buildings, right towards trouble.

She arrives late and probably isn't as appreciative for the work going on. From behind her own live private alleyway or corner comes Sailor V, exploding the darkness with bright beams of light as she transforms and jumps out onto the open street, alighting gently on top of a damaged vehicle.

Vita has posed:

Hotaka, or Alastor as the case may be, clearly does not care about attracting attention. If he did, he wouldn't be rampaging around a populated part of the city, blowing up vans and such. This is why it is particularly easy for someone /else/ who is patrolling the area, coincidentally for remarkably similar reasons, to sense the outpouring of magic currently coming from the industrial sector.

<<Kapitan, Ich spure ein grosses Magie.>> The crip-sounding German voice emenates from Graf Eisen, gripped tightly in Vita's gloved hand as she flies between the buildings, fast enough to leave little contrails in the air as she passes. "Where?" She asks. <<Es ist hier.>> A ping shows the direction, and Vita alters her flight, increasing speed so that windows rattle as she passes by outside, causing a few office workers to look up in surprise and mutter about airplane pilots thinking they are stunt fliers.

Arriving on the scene, she alights upon the roof of a factory, one booted foot placed on the edge of the roof as she looks down at the battle in progress (or just beginning, really). "Hey, its that jerk from the restaurant!" She exclaims.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

The dark armored Demon, with his dark brown skin and black hair seems very content with his catch as he left hand comes around. The runes start to change, before suddenly there is water coming right in his direction, "What?"

His hand switches the magic cast and then sends off a fire ball right for Sailor Neptune, only to have her own attack get in just in time for his attack to go slightly stray and hers to knock him right over. The three clawed fingers that the gauntlet covers over, with the ring and pinky being normal (beyond having just natural nail claws) loses hold on the young man as the demon is kicked back by the impact.

The claws, sure scratch his neck and the young man stumbles over, but he is quick to get to his feet and make for his escape. The Demon however gets back up his feet and snarls at Neptune, "You know how hard it is to find a decent--"

Then that is when Sailor V shows up and he looks over in her direction. Not even finishing his statement. Only narrowing his eyes then. "Hmph. Hope you both have more reinforcements then this. You're going to need it."

He doesn't notice the Vita has arrived. That could actually be bad, because right now his full attention is on the two sailor scouts before him. He places out his Gauntlet hand and summons the demonic blade from the blue flames and takes hold of it with ease. Then pushing off the ground he races right at Neptune first, moving to slash outward quick to not only strike, but to send her up in the air.

Then with a hair kick off he heads right for V and goes to impact her right toward Neptune if he hits, only to fly straight up into the air and bring his sword down on them both as he swoops right down to catch them in the air; That is, if he hit.

If He did or even as he landed back on the ground, he quickly flips himself back into the air flapping those black demonic wings.

Sailor Neptune has posed:

Water beat fire, apparently. Sailor Neptune stands straight and tall as the remains of the fireball that manage to flicker through the attack blast a rush of heat in her face, her hair flowing backwards. Setting her hand on her hip then, she twists a bit, right hand on her hip, left hand hanging free. "Invited by a new age - Sailor Neptune acts with elegance!" she enthuses, her voice just a bit deeper than those who have heard Michiru would probably expect.

But there was little elegant in how she had to respond to the demon's attack.

Eyes widening as the man approaches, Neptune - while not able to avoid the attack outright, does manage to see what he was doing with it. Twisting in place, she lets one of her knees go limp, so that when he strikes her like that - she falls backwards, ruining the complicated attack he was setting up. But she still had been slashed by a sword. You had to take what you can get.

And while she could feel the sting of wounds that the blade left upon her, Neptune twists - leaping back - putting more distance between herself and the demon as her eyes flicker to... "You?!" she exclaims, eyes widening on V. And then to that armored-clad young woman, Neptune's jaw clenching. Closing her eyes, she lifts her hand high - hands glowing blue again - before she twists, and shoots another bolt of water towards the demon, still keeping as much distance as possible.

This bolt, however, had a bit of a twist to it. It emerged from her - and then split off into a hundred smaller bolts, leaving the scent of the ocean lingering in the air. And perhaps even the sound of violins.

Vita has posed:

Vita peers down from her rooftop perch, watching the battle as blows are exchanged. "What do you think, Eisen?" She asks her Device, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Is there a profit in this for us?" <<Ja, ich glaube so.>> Comes the reply in those crip, even tones. "You're right, I think." She says, shifting her grip slightly on the hammer's haft. "But if I'm going to go in there, it needs to be hard. Those two," a gesture with her free hand indicates the Sailors, "Are no friends of ours, either." <<Dass stimmt, Kapitan.>> The Device replies, acknowledging its Mistress' wisdom.

Vita then nods her head. "Alright then." She holds the hammer up in the air over her head, its steel glinting in the sun. "Loado Cartridgey!" She declares, and as she does the perforated part of the staff below the hammer's head pumps up and down once, twice, slotting the cartridges into position to be used.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

The Demon holds steady in the air, only to see suddenly a water ball coming his way. The demon attempts the then to slash the water ball with his sword, only to be to slow and impact back by it, flipping in the air correcting himself.

That is when he sees her. He See's Vita. Those gold eyes look in her direction and he snarls at her. Oh yes. /They/ remember. One though more eager to finish what was started more then the other which was causing a minor desync in what to do. Thought that quickly regathers when Sailor V decides to take advantage of the situation.

The Bright attack comes racing in and though his gauntlet arm was able to deflect some of the attack, the brightness of it blinds him for a moment causing him to shake his head and narrow his eyes as he was having trouble making out details for the moment. Everything was double imaging and for a flying individual, that made his life ever so much harder.

He lands down and growls shaking his head in aggravation, trying to get his vision to clear up. He then changes his stance. His sword coming to bare, but in a defensive way. He shifted from aggressive to defensive.

His teeth sneer before he glares at the three before him. Then decides to address each one with a snarl and his teeth clenched. The deeper voice was much more in control here then the more youthful one. "Come! Challenge me if you dare! Show me your strength! Your might!" His eyes look over to V from Neptune, "Your courage and your will!" Then his eyes go to Veta before that smile only grew dark. "Because I will break every single ONE of you before the sun full sets!"


Sailor Neptune has posed:

This time, Neptune takes a different tack, the young woman standing straight and tall as she glances from the demon - letting him speak, sparing just a moment's glance to her fighting allies of the moment. Especially Vita. "Do you know him?" asks Neptune of Vita, her eyes hard as she turns her gaze back to the demon, narrowing as she bends her knees, assuming a bit of a fighting stance.

There was a bit of a pause, as Neptune turns her eyes from Vita to Sailor V, a bit of a frown dancing across her lips. Neptune narrows her eyes, and gives V a nod of her head. "V!" exclaims Neptune.

"Let's go!" Dashing forward then, towards the demon, Michiru - perhaps foolishly, leaps to one side - just to dash forward towards him and try to strike him with a kick - one that was designed less to hurt, and more to put him off balance and leave him vulnerable for the other two.

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V gives Neptune a V sign with her fingers, then watches her jump in and attack. Motivated by the action, she decides to follow suit, running behind Neptune and introducing the demon to another beam (even though it hasn't worked too well so far).

"Yeah, let's go!" she shouts. "But I'll... stay way back here!" She concludes with another finger-pointing and another beam.

Vita has posed:

Vita meets the gaze of the demon as it is directed up towards her and, though she would never admit it, she does quail a bit inside.. it's a fierce gaze, and she has to wonder, even if momentarily, whether this opponent is too much for her. But then she shakes her head. No.. she is Vita, the Iron Hammer! She will break all barriers! None can stand before her might! The fierceness returns to her eyes, and she snarls at Neptune, "I know him. I owe him a beating! Eisen!" She holds the hammer up high. "Raketenform!" <Jawohl, Kapitan!> Graf Eisen enthuses. <Raketenform!> The hammer rotates, a spike sliding out of the front, the read blossoming into three jets which release a hiss of steam as they lock into position. Vita grits her teeth, then launches herself off of the building. The rockets roar to life with a shuddering shockwave that shatters nearby windows as they propel the small mage downwards at dizzying speeds, made all the more dizzying as she throws herself into a rotation, her body beginning to spin wildly, driven by the rockets on the end of her hammer, as she builds up incredible centrifugal force! "RAKETENNNN..." She aims to make Alastor the end destination of that spiked, rotating hammer! "HAMMMAAAAA!"

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Sailor Neptune comes racing in and Alastor was having some trouble seeing which one was which. This didn't help the demon any when he swings his sword out to try and counter attack the kick while stepping back. His sword swings wide and her kick scathes his chest armor.

It was just enough force though, enough force by him trying to counter and her kick to send him off balance. Being off balance was never good thing. "..crap.." he mutters out.

'CENTER YOURSELF NOW!' The voice barks in the mind of the true owner of this body transformed. The true voice of Alastor trying to quickly correct Hotaka's mistake and his own for under-estimating what Neptune was going to do.

The demon rapidly attempts to correct himself, almost turning on his heel to find his center once more. It almost came in to late as V is coming right at him; At least her beam is. The beam clips across his face, streaking against his dark brown skin and clipping some of his black hair right off as he nearly staggers right over and has to quickly scamper back up to his feet.

There was actually now a streak of 'black' blood that gentle ran down that side of his face. The beam had indeed made a mark on the demon. Which he reaches up with his left hand to wipe away, his gold eyes glaring at V about then.

'New plan. We defeat them and then we take their artifacts. ..don't worry about the negative effects.. they deserve whatever comes for them.'

Alastor's eyes then narrow before he snarls and bares his teeth right at V for a moment, before his attention quickly goes to find where Vita has gone off too. She was the only one who hasn't been-- Oh. There she is.

The Hammer comes spinning down and Alastor quickly raises up his left hand as his voice intones with power behind it. "Armored Wall Barrier!" With a snap of bright blue flames a magical armored wall forms. The Hammer comes slamming down upon it, but by sheer force the wall doesn't stand a chance.

This causes Alastor's gold eyes to wide with some surprise. Vita shatters the magical armored wall, breaking it into wisps of demonic light that dance in the sky like stars flicking, with him only whispering, "..how.."

The mighty hammer slams down into Alastor's chest, the spike impacting dead on into the chest. The sheer force of it drives not only the spike through part of the heavy armor, but also sends him sailing back across the ground and flipped right over one of the cargo boxes and directly into the water.

There was nothing for a time. Till suddenly the water rises straight up and the demonic form could be seen flying straight out of the water in a twirl of his body. His wings then spread open wide and a fire ball was raised up in his left hand. He let out a roar in frustration really, before twirling his body and throwing the demonic fire ball.

The Fire ball broke apart and started to blast around the area at the three girls, trying to catch them in the barrage of blue fire explosion right behind the other.

Sailor Neptune has posed:

After the demon falls into the water, Sailor Neptune manages a grim smile. If he should stay down there...

Sailor Neptune rises up, stepping to the edge of the water, her eyes searching the surface. Lifting a foot, as if she were going to step forward and off of the dock, to dive into the ocean herself...

When the demon chooses that moment to burst from the waves. Neptune was caught entirely off guard, and while she tries to affect a dodge - stepping to one side, and pushing off of the ground to leap - that comes too late, and the fire strikes her, causing her to cry out and hit the ground, rolling end over end. She didn't expect it to split like that!

Jumping up, to one side - Neptune lands atop one of the cargo boxes, her eyes flicking to the demon, to the other young women. A beat, though, and Sailor Neptune brings a hand up to brush her hair over her shoulder, unleashing a heady sigh as she centers herself. What was it she always said? Act with elegance? Perhaps she should start doing that.

Neptune smiles a secret little smile, and opens her eyes again.

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V is equally caught off guard by something leaving the water via flight, both hands raised up to ward off little bits of fire. The brunt of the attack passes right around her and a few little swats of her gloves hand leaves nothing but little singed white fingertips as a result of the attack.

Seeing Sailor Neptune taking a quick breather, she does the same, letting the girl up overhead with the hammer do the heavy lifting for now.

"Give up! Surrender! You're outnumbered at least 3 to 1!" she states, opening up her crescent compact and basking in the glow, immediately feeling refreshed.

Vita has posed:

Vita lands on the roof of a car after sending the demon spiralling away into the water. Breathing hard, she holds Graf Eisen out to the side. Superheated steam hisses from his vents, making a small cloud around her, and two spent cartridge shells spring outwards, clattering to the ground with a metallic ringing. She warily watches the water.. and so it should be, as fireballs erupt from its depths and head towards all three targets, her included! Scowling, Vita holds her hammer before her, and a triangular red shield blossoms into being. The fireball hits it, spreading fire around and singing her hair, but most of the force is dissipated.. and when it clears, Vita is /glaring/ at the source of the attack. "Nice try. But not good enough!" Her hand snaps up. With little *pings*, three metallic balls, like ball bearings but the size of ping pong balls, appear between her fingers. She tosses them up, as if going for a tennis serve, and brings Eisen around in an arc.. hitting all three of them. As they are hit, they turn into flashes of red light, hurtling off towards the source of the fireball. "Schwalbefliegen!"

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Neptune and V seems to be trying to recompose themselves after the Fire Barrage and Alastor takes a moment to inhale deeply as he glares at all three of them. When V tells him to stand down he can only bark a laugh at that. "Really? You want me to stand down? Your full of it!" He then barks out another laugh.

"I'm only getting warmed up!" That part may not be true, as they were doing a number on him bit by bit and he could feel how tired he was starting to become, but now was /NOT/ the time to give into the bodies woes. His will was strong and together-- together they could do this. They had to do this. To prove themselves!

The beams from the hammer impacted Alastor as he dove down from the sky right for Vita, he spun around and unleashed a fire ball in her direction as he continued down his decent, before flipping around and bring his sword down upon her. Then he kicked off, before racing right for Neptune to swing the blade around with a pacing strike.

Yet his full focus came right around on V who told him to stand down. His eyes locked right onto hers and then he raced right in, before his hand reaching to take a hold of her throat. Those clawed fingers reaching right at to take a hold and stare her down as he snarls out as he comes in. "Now tell that to my face.. I dare you.."

Sailor Neptune has posed:

It was a close thing.

The pacing strike arcs in, and Neptune twists her body to take it against her arms as opposed to her torso, the various cuts and bleeds the man was inflicting upon her starting to take its toll, itself. Breathing heavily, Sailor Neptune twists her eyes towards V as he attacks her.

Neptune frowns then. Breathing in deeply, she takes a step back - casting aside all doubts in her head, and allowing herself to fill with confidence - body swelling with a deep breath - as her eyes open up, and fix upon the man once more, a fierceness in them. "Unrelenting...!" she calls out, and water seems to crash around her, the nearby ocean turbulent. "...TIDE!" With that call, Neptune jabs her hand forward towards him, palm open and out - then she closes her fist. Waters seem to lift in twisting torrents to batter into the demon, Neptune's gaze just as unrelenting as the waters.

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V makes her opinion known that there is entirely too much hot stuff flying around, staring down the flighty demon as he charges at her. She waits until the last second and counters the claw-for-her-neck with a single kick upwards at his face to ward him away, then follows it up with a few extra kicks, trying to take advantage of any openings she may have made.

"Hyaaaahhhh! Get away fro--" she starts to say, but suddenly jumps away, not happy to be too close to her allies' attacks.

Vita has posed:

Vita stands firm upon the car as the demon dives at her, even as he launches a fireball before him, raising Graf Eisen to meet his downward sword swing. The fire washes over her, and then the sword impacts the haft of her hammer, sliding along it. It nicks her arm as he rockets away to attack the others, but its a minor wound and she shrugs it off, most of the attack deflected by Graf Eisen's might. Turning, she leaps up into the air again, denting the roof of the car in the with the force of her takeoff. Circling around in a wide arc, she brings herself back towards the rampaging enemy.

"You can't escape!" She screams at him as she homes in, pouring on the speed again. She's fighting against the same enemy as two others, but really is fighting entirely on her own, the Sailors more pieces of the scenery than anything else as far as she is concerned. She rockets past Hotaka, turning at just the right moment to bring her hammer swinging down against the back of his leg, attempting to crush his knee and hinder his movement.

Sailor Sagittarius has posed:

Watching the combat quietly is a third senshi. Standing on the side of a building. She is just standing there, watching. Watching Sailor V's combat. She is not participating yet. Just standing perpendicular to the wall like it's just the floor. She walks forward/down, waiting to see if she has to intercede.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

There was a kick to Alastor's face that actually knocked him back a few times. Then soon followed by more high end kicks. The final one hard enough to spend him around to suddenly see the tidal wave coming in and his one eye twitches. His wings flap hard as he goes to kick off from the ground into the air to avoid Neptune's ocean call, however he was a bit to slow and the tidal wave catches his lower half of his body and slams him into one of the warehouses with a hard slam; denting the metal wall behind him.

Alastor grunts as he slides down a bit and shakes his head once more. Only the voice in his head, the true voice of Alastor telling him to keep it together.

That is when Vita suddenly charges in and tries to come behind him and the wall. His gold eyes go wide then they narrow sharply. He swings his blade around and as she goes to strike with the hammer he slams the blade against the hammer to hold it away. His gold eyes looking right at the smaller girl as the blade's demonic metal screeches against the hammer it holds back.

"I still need to repay you for out last little fight, hairless child monkey." He says with coldness in his voice. Before breaking away from the attack and flipping backwards landing on top of one of the cargo boxes.

He then slams his sword into the box, before he places out both of his hands. Magic runes dance around his hands as two flaming orbs come into his palms and he grips them, before suddenly blasting them into the ground. At first this may seem harmless, but what comes next though is the trouble.

Demonic black chains with fire blast out of the ground and go to wrap around each of the three girls, attempting to hold them in place. His gold eyes addresses each of them unaware of his new guest. "You will all now surrender to me or prepare to face the price that shall come."

Sailor Neptune has posed:

Those demonic dark chains do lash out, wrapping around Neptune - and holding her fast - at least for the moment.

Fierceness in her eyes, Neptune struggles - a bit of her hair falling into her face, as she narrows her eyes carefully upon the man. "Pay the price? You're hurt. Outnumbered, and this will hardly hold us for long. As Sailor V said..." says Michiru, casting her eyes towards the blonde a moment, a little smile touching the corner of her lips.

"You should give up now. Or it will end poorly for you."

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V repeats after Michiru, although she shouts at the top of her lungs. "I DID say that, I agree, but I said it better and I said it LOUDER," she announces, angling her compact in the air to send the occasional small little crescent beam towards Hotaka's face.

"We'll never give up. Never surrender. You should do the exact opposite!" she says, as if it were a real quote.

Vita has posed:

Vita shouts in dismay as her attack is countered, thrown backwards by the clash of sword against hammer, and before she can right herself in the air, those firey chains leap up from the earth, coiling about her and momentarily holding her captive. "Rrgh.." She struggles against them in vain for long moments.. beginning to fear that maybe she has gotten in over her head. But that very fear only makes the ferocious determination within her grow stronger..

Sailor Sagittarius has posed:

Sailor Sagittarius stares at V, as she quotes Galaxy Quest. She giggles a bit, and suddenly kicks off, flying to be above the battlefield, floating thirty feet above. She grins widely as she looks around. "Hold it right there! You are chaining up my friends and companions, and you are even more pathetic than the foe I helped defeat yesterday! I am Sailor SAgittarius, Soldier of Freedom and... Flight! Yeah, Flight. And in the name of Sagittarius, I will flatten you!" She looks around, seeing a forklift nearby. Shrugging, it shimmers with a dark aura like Sagittarius' aura as the forklift raises up a few inches... then is flung towards the youma. "Sagittarius Shooter!" she calls out.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Alastor stands on his box, eyes narrowing as Neptune address him. His eyes narrow sharply at her words and the chains around her tighten their grasp. He may seem like he has a cool composure right now, but those words did hit Hotaka a bit. What-- were they doing? Why did they have too--

'Hotaka. Focus! Now is not the time to let your guard down or your mind wonder!' Sometimes Alastor swore, working with humans was a difficult thing. Even more so when their heart started to ponder over just what they were doing. Though he be the first admit, there was times he enjoyed silently watching Hotaka suffer in some realizations of what he was doing, but now was not that time.

Sadly when the youth does wonder just what he /has/ been doing that is when V makes her own comment and the beam shines right in his eyes and he howls slightly in pain, the light causing a bit of smoke around his face. He then snags the sword from the crate and yanks it free about then as he looks away to rub at his face. "Tsk.."

That is then when another shows up and announces they are 'worse' then someone else they face. He spins around to remark right back to only see a fork lift come right at him. His eyes narrow and sure enough it slams into him and crashes right through the building. For a moment there was nothing, but thankfully the chains lose their hold with the very forklift impact.

Though what does come next is suddenly another mass of fire ball barrage from the hole the forklift created heading for each one of them. Moving to slam into, each and everyone as Alastor then walks out on top of the Forklift. His sword dragging across the metal. His body was battered, there was cuts across the exposed parts of his skin, even his wings look a little torn. "I don't think any of you get it. I am not going /anywhere/." He snarls out. "Nor will I surrender to the likes of any of you!"

Sailor Neptune has posed:

Neptune didn't have to get herself entirely free. Pulling her way through the chains, Neptune gets most of her body free - although the chains were wrapped around her legs a fair bit. Bringing up her arms, she dashes a hand in front of herself - an ephermal shield of water placed inbetween the fire and herself, causing hot steam to billow over her, Neptune closing her eyes as she steps forward, the chains clattering around her ankles.

Lowering her chin, and closing her eyes, she thinks of the ocean. She thinks of the memories of a life long lost, of a ruined castle hanging in the clouds above an empty planet.

Why did she have such visions? Why did they fill her with such strength? The wind was not rustling here, but she could hear violins. And the crash of the ocean. Waves seem to spring out of the catwalk on both sides of her, a tide washing over her as if to carry Neptune away, Neptune lifting her hands up and catching a ball of the water. Salty ocean water, infusing it with the emotion she carried from her memories.

Neptune opens her eyes again, and fixes her gaze on the demon, the blue ball of water - so similar to the ones before - yet this one carried with it a presence that would not be denied - floating in her hands. "DEEP!" she calls. "SUBMERGE!" she says, tossing the ball towards Hotaka.

Sailor V has posed:

Three-way triple counter! Sailor V casually throws out one of her own little glowing balls of light to intercept the demonfire balls, using those beams of light from her fingertip to stop any of them from hitting her.

She follows it up with... running away to hide behind a damaged car and take another breather!

Vita has posed:

Vita is afraid she might lose. She's like a wild animal, twisting inside the chains, snarling and spitting. Unlike most, her fear is not displayed through despair - it is the fear of a cornered animal, the fear of a desperate beast. It gives her strength. With a shout, she throws her arms outwards, shattering the chains that were binding her into pieces, rocketing herself skyward in the same motion. Her eyes shine a bright blue as she turns her twisted snarl down upon the demon. "I.. refuse.. to lose!" She screams at the top of her lungs, raising her arm. A single metallic ping-pong ball appears between her fingers, just like before.

Then, with a resounding *boom* that shakes the buildings, it grows. Its huge. Its the size of a hot air balloon, dwarfing Vita beneath it.

She rears back, Graf Eisen swinging over her head in a circle. "I'll CRUSH YOU!" She screams, before slamming her hammer into the giant metal ball. Despite how small the hammer is in comparison, the strike causes the huge sphere to lurch into motion, hurtling down towards Alastor, fire blooming along its entire surface until it transforms into a huge, firey ball of doom screaming straight downwards. This may not only be bad for him, this might be bad for the industrial sector in general. "KOMETFLIEGEN!"

Sailor Sagittarius has posed:

Sailor Sagittarius squeaks as she tries to dodge the fireball - but it follows her and singes her. Growling, she shakes her head, hissing sharply. "Alright. That's enough of that!" she calls out, as a glowing purple orb forms around her. "If youw ant to fling energy balls, I'll play. Sagittarius Crush!" she calls out as the shimmering orb fires towards Hotaka, seeking to crush him wtih intense gravity power.

Vita has posed:

Vita hovers in the air, panting, as her giant comet of a metal ball crushes everything beneath. Collatoral damage! But at least the demon is dead!

Well, not really. But suddenly, a little ping goes off in Vita's ear, reminding her that its Hayate's bedtime. She sniffs. "I'll absorb you next time." She promises the empty air, and turns to fly off.. already gone by the time the demon re-emerges to attack again.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka was /pissed/ now actually. He was called weak. A scrag really and it was seething in his mind. Alastor within can only start to laugh as he was picking up Hotaka's growing anger toward the whole situation now. It was amusing to the demon how fast the youth could go from 'what am I doing?!' to 'oh its on now'.

The demon that stood on the forklift watched as the tide rolled in, the water started to wrap around Neptune and become a sphere in her hand. His eyes narrowed dangerous as he growled lowly. The sudden massive attack comes from the Sailor Scout and he raises up his left hand and his eyes glow bright gold as he yells out loudly, "DEMONIC WALL INTERVENTION!" He throws out his left hand with rune symbols that fly out before creating a massive demonic wall in front of him.

Neptune's powerful attack slams into the demonic wall, the water races around it, cracking the magical barrier surface. Alastor's feet are sliding as he attempts to hold against the attack and just as the attack goes to finish Sagittarius gravity field then snaps in when he isn't paying attention and sends him flying forcefully into one of the buildings and as he goes to be pulled into the ground that is when Vita suddenly fires off her meteor of a ping pong ball.

Alastor impacts the ground and then is seem to be utterly crushed by the massive fire ball of doom which shakes the very foundation around him and breaks the ground under its massive force. Pipes can be heard shattering and water suddenly gushes straight out of the ground where Alastor was sent into.

There was a long silence, before the demon once more flies straight into the air once more with a howlish roar in anger. His wings spread wide, his armor was heavily cracked. His body was bleeding down black blood, but he holds the sword with both hands. His arms only shook for a moment as his body was wanting to surrender. Yet he stood firm.

Soon the demonic sword was engulfed by blue flames as he held it there with his eyes glowing blue and his hair started to be played with by invisible wind. He roars out with a demonic cry, before coming to crash right down on all those he can find. Swing is blade like an angry animal really. Cleaving, swiping, the only one who escapes from this is V cause she is hiding.

Sailor Neptune has posed:

Each of his swipes of the sword - Neptune dodges left and right, catching just the edge of each - the chains around her ankles clinking and clanking as she goes. But she does not quite attack in return just yet - her eyes narrowing on the man as she attempts to keep as much space between herself and the demon as much as possible.

Sailor Sagittarius has posed:

Sailor Sagittarius hisses as she dodges and weaves around in the air, but unused to people slashing at her, she got scored on a few times. Shaken, she retreats out of reach, and calls out, "Is that... is that the best you can do?" Sagittarius looks a bit pale, looking stunned that she got hurt. "You haev to do a LOT harder to keep me on the ground! You're ugly, and pathehic!"

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V spends some more time hiding, popping her head out to look around. She's really tired and makes that obvious with a set of hand signals to her allies. It's not very clear what she's trying to say.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Those glowing gold eyes turn away from Neptune as Sagittarius speaks up. Taunting Alastor really. "Pathetic am I?" He asks with a snarl, before he kicks back and flaps his wings a few times. Hovering there in the air. "You want me best!?" He then flies straight into the air. "Do you really want it!?"

It seems Sagittarius may have pissed the demon off.

'Hotaka-- we don't have the energy for this.. if we do this we will leave ourselves..'

"You said the plan was to take their souls.." The demon whispers to no one but himself high in their air. "..to take their artifacts.. haha.. your right.. it doesn't matter.. so long as they BURN!" They may indeed hear the burn part.

'...hm...' Now this is when the inner demon wonders if this was such a great idea after all. ...humans..

Soon the demonic sword was engulfed by blue flames as he held it there with his eyes glowing blue and his hair started to be played with by invisible wind. "I will show you just how pathetic and worthless I am you pathetic excuse of a hero!!" He says with great deal of anger in his voice as he takes even higher into the skies. The flames on the blade extend out at great lengths before he yells out loudly. "Now FALL!!" He then swings himself around sharply, before his voice enchants those words, "BURNING HELL FIRE!!" Then as he comes around for his final spin he swings out the blade with a mighty slash, "UNLEEAASSHH!!" The flames break from the sword and start to sail down for the very area like a massive blade wave of fire. It yanks part one of the water towers, crashes through one of the taller buildings, and is heading right for the very heroes below.

Sailor Neptune has posed:

The hellfire rakes over her, and Neptune tries her hardest to repel it, bursts of water turning instantly into steam as the powerful attack just rakes through it. The edges of her fuku singed - her skin pinkened from the heat when it finally finishes raking over her. A step back - Neptune falls to one knee, glancing up at the demon, the blue eyes of the woman filled with... something akin to determination as she stands up again, her hair falling out of place, her hand coming to kinda wrap over her belly.


It was a simple word that she breathes out. "V! Sagittarius!" calls Neptune, clenching her fist before herself. She was drained - empty - felt weak. But she staggers forward - that stagger turning to a jog, turning to a run - she was hoping to strike the boss with a foot, and stagger him towards V and Sagittarius - who were hopefully behind her.

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V eventually comes out from behind her car-cover and looks up into the air, immediately and totally regretting her decision. She stops, drops, and (pre-emptively) starts to roll as fire, flames, winds, and assorted degree come crashing down on her.

Immediately after, the insides of the water tower spills on her and she -almost- shouts something accusatory at Neptune, but the fact that it helps put out the little bits of fire on her silence her quickly.

V is also staggering, but she manages to get enough speed to jump forward and put her all into one more hit.

Sailor Sagittarius has posed:

Sailor Sagittarius whimpers as there was no avoiding that effect, as immense fire erupts throughout the battlefield. She moves over the bay and falls like a stone, diving into the water to extinguish herself. She raises up, dripping wet, as she growls. She moves close to V and extensd her hands together, fingertips glowing. Purple orbs form all around the demon. "Enough of this! I will TEAR YOU APART!" she shrieks as she pulls her hands apart, as all those orbs tear open into tiny black holes, each having immense gravitational pull on the monster, trying to tear the thing apart into many different ways. "SAGGITARIUS SCISSION!" she shrieks with a hoarse voice.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Neptune comes right up and the inner demon did warn Hotaka. This would be a /bad/ idea to pull such a stunt so late in the game and it seems to be echo now truth. Just truth to late. The Sailor scout slams the demon in the back and rockets him right for the other two scouts, which are fully charging up with their own heavy attacks.

The Demon attempts to correct himself to brace for the attack, attempting to create a shield for protecting, but V's attack breaks the shield as it tries to form by magic and then Sagittarius gets a hold of him and throws him down hard through the roof of one of the warehouses and his back slams then into one of the cranes before his eyes go wide from the impact and then he crashes right down onto the ground into several boxes.

The demon doesn't rise from there, he doesn't take flight. Nothing comes out from the warehouse. No fire balls. No yells of anger. Nothing. It was dead silence in the trashed warehouse surrounded by the now trash distract.

'Hotaka!' Alastor roars in the youth's mind. 'Hotaka Domen! WAKE UP!' Yet the boy does not move. So the demon tries to reign control, but the body will not move. They went to far. They pushed to hard. '..I tried to warn you.. I tried to tell you.. and this is now what we get ourselves into..'

By The time anyone comes down to check up, several people are coughing in the warehouse. Many who went in to actually hide here. Some helping others get out from under fallen boxes. As for the demon, he wasn't in sight for he had already reverted back to a young boy who only stood five foot seven, with a light tan, short, messy brown hair, and was completely knocked out hidden under a few boxes beyond what someone may find if they went searching.

Sailor Neptune has posed:

And it was done. Neptune, after doing her part in the combo - does fall down to her knees again, bringing up a hand to touch her forehead - fighting off the wave of dizziness that struck her at the exertion. For a moment, she just falls quiet, listening to the sound of the waves as they lap against the shore.

Finally, she rises up to a stand again, pursing her lips as she lowers her head, glancing about herself. She wasn't attacked. The plan must have worked.

Sailor Sagittarius has posed:

Sailor Sagittarius whimpers as she finally sinks down to the ground, her everpresent shimmering black aura winking out as she sinks to her knees, wheezing softly. "Not... as exciting... when one gets... hurt..." she whimpers, brushing soot off of her fuku, coughing softly.