2013-10-03 - Fast Food Mess Up

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Title: Fast Food Mess Up

Sometimes you just can't sit down and enjoy a burger, because somewhere, someone has to start something. This is exactly what happens here. Thankfully there is a magical girl to help break up the trouble.


Madobe Kuroi, Hotaka Domen, Vita, Kirika Kure


Dark Burger

OOC - IC Date:

10/3/2013 - 9/28/2013

Vita has posed:

It is the middle of the morning. Hayate is busy with a dotor's appointment, so Vita has some hours to kick around. They finally threw her out of the room at the hospital because she was hovering a bit /too/ enthusiastically. Grumping, the young-appearing girl walks down the sidewalk, her hands stuffed in the pockets her skirt totally has, her big clompy boots clomping in a dissatisfied fashion on the sidewalk. She might have just wandered about without a destination for the entire time, but she wanders by Daku Bagaa and her nose twitches at the smells. Then her tummy growls. Looking around with a slight blush and a scowl to hide her embarassment, Vita reaches up to push open the door to the restaurant. She had a few Yen that Signum gave her for emergencies. Surely this qualifies?!

Inside, she looks around, letting her eyes adjust to the artificial brightness. Hmmmmm. She sniffs the air again.. scenting the delicious food AND in case there's any magic around but.. so far, nothing. Deciding its safe to take a food break, then, she lines up for the register. She has to lean around on her tiptoes to see the menu past the taller people in front of her.

Kirika Kure has posed:

Kirika had been at the train station again -- and like so many days beyond count, it'd ended with 'I'll talk to her next time, for sure.' The disappointment was practically palpable on her breath as she huffed out a sigh of defeat, wandering lazily along the sidewalk until she'd reached the entrance of the burger joint -- with a sudden swirl on her heels, she shoved the door open with one hand while the other remained obstinately at her side. Hnnnf. She shoved forward into the doorway as soon as she could, eyes closed in an imperious expression -- if that person wouldn't look at her, why should she deign to look at a mere door!? -- and promptly nearly tripped over herself in a fumble that ended with several steps-slash-hops forward before she managed to regain her balance. Haah..! Everything was so frustrating. Of course, for the magic sensitive, a Puella Magi always carried the stink of a magical artifact her, however miniscule.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka Domen normally would get breakfast at home, but there was no school on the weekends anymore. Thank god for the change back in April 2002 some would say. Now they too got whole weekends off. Not that Hotaka would celebrate this. He happen to like school!

The five foot seven male walks into the burger joint. He was rather lanky, but your average looking Japanese teen. Well. Sorta average. He had short, messy brown hair and blue eyes. He had a very mild tan and he was wearing a pair of blue jeans, white tennis shoes, and a black shirt with long sleeves; Oddly enough. There was also something on his right wrist that was being hidden by the long sleeve as well.

Just as he went to step inside some poor girl about lost her balance. His eyes go wide slightly and he attempts to snatch her. However his right hand gets kinda-- held back, as Hotaka's eye twitches. With only the voice ringing in his head with a mild chuckle.

'To slow!'

Hotaka then pulls back his right arm, glaring at it offensively, before making his way inside. He smiles at Kirika, "You ok there?" He then takes notice of a the smaller girl having issues seeing the menu. He furrows his brow in some concern for her. Then looks around trying to see what he can do to maybe also help her. Though his eyes do sometimes look back at Kirika. After all he did ask her a question!

And for those with the magical sense who are looking. He also had an artifact on him. More correctly it was around his wrist. Yet depending on how sensitive you were to the auras of such things, one may get a very bad feeling off that artifact.

Vita has posed:

Vita is too concerned with the menu, at first, to notice the smell of magic in the vicinity! Should she get the Dark Double or the Dark Triple? She's pretty hungry! Oo, and they have shakes. She pulls out her wallet - it is shaped like a little bunny with X's for eyes and a frown face with a zipper down its back. She looks inside, counting her money. "Hmmmm.." She mutters to herself, doing calculations.

It has only when she has decided what to get (the Triple, for sure!) and steps forward as the person in front of her moves up, that she catches that faint whiff. Her little nose twitches again, and her head turns, orangey braids flying, as she stares about her, trying to locate the source. Luckily, with Kirika and Hotaka standing so close to each other, and in a crowd of other people, its a little confusing! She squints at them, with a frown on her face. Its a little rude, like maybe she thinks Kirika has something on her nose, or something.

Kirika Kure has posed:

"Haaah!? I'm completely fine!!" Kirika responds to the sound of a voice, while recovering her balance and taking a moment to smooth out her composure; her tone was hurried and self-conscious, with a dash of overly enthusiastic. She quite horribly suffered at performing the role of a Cool Senpai for other middle school students, in spite of her position in the final grade level of it. After steadying herself, Kirika knitted her brow and immediately took up a straight-standing position with a sudden jerk of her body, arms set close to her sides as her gaze darted up toward the menu board.. she was a bit awkwardly far from the line to be staring at the menu, but that didn't stop her at all from taking the first available idea on making herself look like less of a klutz and sticking to it. Eventually, however, she took a brief glance toward the short girl squinting over in their direction; her gaze flits between her and the menu several times before settling on instead just offering Vita a dramatic-if-silent 'What?!?!' expression, brow quirking and her mouth curling into a fussy frown.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka Domen gives a soft smile to Kirika, before he looks at the menu himself. He doesn't even notice the little girl now staring at them. Mostly because when she was able to at last get up there, there was very little reason to actually worry about it.

Though there is someone who does take notice of the stare and perhaps doesn't like it very much. Mostly the fact that also Kirika seems like a /wonderful/ target for the Darkness as well. Just the question is...

...does he really want to do anything or just roll over and go back to sleep for a bit. It is far to early in the morning for this kinda stuff!

Hotaka then motions to Kirika, "Go ahead of me if you like. I am still looking." He then places both of his hands into his pockets and goes back to staring at the board. Though he gives an odd side glance as the voices in his head ask him a muttered question about how he could eat such disgusting stuff. It seems Alastor was a health critic.

Vita has posed:

Vita squuiiiiiiiint. She even keeps squinting, looking over her shoulder, as she steps up to the register. But then its actually her turn, so she has to turn to place her order, raising herself up on tiptoes and grasping the edge of the counter as she does. "Gimme a Dark Triple, a Large Dark Fry, annnnd a chocolate shake." She says, her tone a little too demanding, but the person behind the counter just smiles and nods, used to it. She hands over her money, then steps aside as she waits for her order, gripping her receipt. Once there, she goes back to squinting at Kirika. Hotaka has mostly avoided her attention because Kirika is giving her dirty looks back, she makes her the focus. Vita, seeing that scowl back at her, sticks her tongue out. Nyaaaa.

Kirika Kure has posed:

Kirika briefly pops back to attention at the offer, pausing for a long moment to process the situation; she wasn't particularly good at multi-tasking. "A-... ahh.." She murmurs off, brow lifting and a faintly confused expression crossing her face -- she lifts her hands to start poking her fingers together in front of her chest sheepishly. "I actually don't know what I'm going to order, so if you want to --..." She mumbles off, gaze wandering subtly toward.. oh no she didn't!!

"What the heck!!" Kirika suddenly blurts out with all the grace and subtly of a tuba, lifting off of her heels and shoving her fists downward to accentuate the angry lift of her shoulders, like a cat trying to make itself look bigger than it actually is. Her glare is instantly on Vita, her position holding for an awkwardly long moment before shifting back down, only for one hand to lift into a fist. What was with this short girl insulting her with her vague gestures!?! J-Jeeez..!!

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka was about to say something until suddenly Kirika gets up on her toes like a cat and seems to be directing all her female rage right at the young girl who-- just insulted her. He blinks his eyes a few times and decides to carefully step around Kirika. This is not something he really wants to get involved in right now.

'I sense.. a fight coming!'

"You would.." He mutters out loud at last. Amazing that it seems /now/ Alastor has his full attention on this. He realizes he started his reply out loud and glances around in hopes no one heard that. So he just slinks right toward the counter and steps up to order himself a Shrimp burger, with a medium fries, and medium vanilla shake.

He then reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet. Pulling out the money for the order and laying it on the counter, before taking his receipt and then going to stand in wait on the /other/ side. Away from Vita. Also where there is less people and he can just relax there for a bit.

'Though there is something odd about all this. I can't put my finger on it right now. You should have gotten coffee.'

Hotaka rolls his eyes, before he gently rests his head back before he mutters something about go back to sleep.

Vita has posed:

Vita smirks at Kirika's reaction to her tongue-sticking-out. And they say older girls are much more mature, hah! She can still detect that whiff of magic, and might even have done something else to provoke the amusingly easy-to-provoke girl except that just then her order is called. Ooo, food! She turns around and exchanges her receipt for the tray of food, balancing it carefully as she trundles over to a table nearby, slides the tray onto it, and then scrambles up into the chair. Her eyes are big and a cartoon water-drop appars at the corner of her mouth as she unwraps the Triple Dark Burger, which looks nearly as big as her head. Aaaaaahn, her mouth opens wide and she takes a big bite, ending up with ketchup smeared all over her cheeks as she chews happily, her antagonism forgotten.. momentarily.

Kirika Kure has posed:

Kirika's glare remains set toward Vita for a long, harsh moment even after Vita's attention is drawn away from her and to the excessively enormous pile of fast food. Eventually, however, she runs out of patience with glaring, and simply slumps her shoulders while giving a long, exhasperated puff of breath, no doubt visible as a line of swirls beyond the fourth wall. 'Jeez, what's with that midget..' she thinks to herself, one eye briefly opening again to shoot another glare toward Vita, filled with all of the fury of 'I'm petilly insulting you in my thoughts!'

"Anyway, like I was saying, you can.." Kirika mumbles off, glancing around herself several times after a pause. Eh, eh..? Wasn't there a .. haaah..!? She was certain there was an older student nearby last she'd looked; she fidgets around several times while looking around with short jerks of her head. Eeehhhh..!?!

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka watches Vita take her food and then looks over to Kirika who is flailing around. He isn't sure what her deal was actually. What an energetic girl. That is when Hotaka asks quietly to himself. "..is that why you are interested in her..?"

'One reason. Yes. High energy like that could be useful for collecting and souls like that could also be very useful. Though the other one, the little girl is curious and that is the one I can't put my finger on. Both are interesting targets.'

"..you know I don't agree with this kinda stuff and even more so in places like this."

'And that is why Hotaka, we don't do this kinda thing /in/ places like this. Don't worry. There will be a time and a place for it. Just not today. Hey. Orders up!'

"Huh?" Just about then he blinks and notices his order number gets called. He would have probably missed it if Alastor didn't direct his attention. The teenager then snatches up his order and walks over to Kirika, "Hey. You alright? You looked kinda lost just standing there." He then shrugs his shoulders. "By the way, the name is Hotaka and uh," He looks behind her. "..you may want to move to the side. Your probably going to start to some confusion by standing where you are."

He then takes a sip from his shake before walking over to get a table to eat his freshly made order.

Vita has posed:

Vita chomps down again on the burger. It is a Dark Triple Burger and it is almost as large as her head. She looks sort of like a vampire, because she has ketchup smeared all over her cheeks and hasn't bothered to wipe it away. She takes a handfull of fries between bites and stuffs them into her mouth. Who taught this kid how to eat?! She has no table manners. She looks satisfied, though, full mouth and all, when Kirika suddenly storms back out. Of course, that lessens the whiffs of magic she has been getting, which ironically makes it easier for her to identify the source. Which at the moment is Hotaka. Her bright blue eyes wander to him as she continues to devour the massive burger, her feet not touching the floor, kicking back and forth under the table as she squints at him, now. Jiiiiiiiiii.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka is contently eating his simple shrimp burger and fries. Mostly looking out the window at the world going on outside. He doesn't even notice Vita staring holes into his body. Though Alastor does and though there may be no looking from Hotaka, Vita may get that feeling that /something/ was looking directly back at her.

Demon bound inside or not! Alastor somehow could do these things. Don't ask how. Ask the principles of magic and demons!

Hotaka then takes a sip of his vanilla shake before he looks right at Vita now realizing she is staring at him. He blinks his blue eyes a few times. Raising a brow gently. About then probably a leaf blew by. Don't ask why there is a leaf. It isn't important. Just that was a leaf and it blew by ok.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Madobe walks into the Dark Burger. The opening riff from 'There she is' plays when she notices Vita there, nomming like crazy. The camera angle shifts three times before Madobe spins around on a heel and approaches the counter. She won't recognize her because she was wearing a mascot costume and was Sweet Pea at the time~~ Sorry crazy little girl! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! LIFE IS GRAND.

She doesn't notice Hotaka's presence yet.

Vita has posed:

Vita can feel Alastor staring back at her, even if she can't identify the source of the feeling. This makes her tilt her head slightly to the side, one orangey braid sliding against her shoulder, and her next bite of the half-gone giant burger is slower, almost in slow motion as she makes exagerattedly thoughtful chewing motions. The burger is placed down then, and she seizes her milkshake cup, her fingers leaving ketchupy fingerprints on the paper cup as she puts the straw in her mouth and suuuuuucks to draw the thick shake up through the straw. SSTTTTHHHCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHH is the sound it makes. Several people nearby glance at her and cover their ears, but she is oblivious. She is also oblivious to Madobe because as said, the girl was wearing a mule costume the only previous time they met. But she does sniff a little more magic. Her tiny nose twitches.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka just blinks his eyes a few times before he looks away closing his eyes. He picks up a fry and twirls it around. "You know, its rude to stare." He says calmly aimed at Vita. "Even more so at your elders."

Then Hotaka's eyes open and instead of being that nice shade of blue, they were now red. He then looks directly at Vita then before he snaps his teeth down on the fry. Then there was a blink before he looked at the fry. "..that is surprisingly good."

'...you seriously have never eaten fast food before.. HEY!'

Sorry Hotaka your fast food is being eaten fast by a demon that has control of your body, while inside all Hotaka can do is just sweat drop as Alastor devours his food. So much for being mister cool demon. He didn't even get a chance to call Modobe over!

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Madobe just orders some fries because the food here is expensive which makes her wonder how that girl can afford it. Hotaka, being OLD, is a lot more comprehensible than a kid who is even younger than her! Well, it's probably some magic thing, Madobe resolves. She turns and ends up spotting 'Cousin' Domen. That guy, she recalls, is also pretty weird. Once Alastor starts getting really into the scarfing down, Madobe cringes. She looks around for a table far away from either proceeding.

Vita has posed:

Vita keeps sucking on her straw as Hotaka speaks to her, criticizing her rudeness. SSTTTTCCHCHHHCHCH STTCHH STTHHHCHCCCHCHCHHH. Then she puts the cup down. She opens her mouth to reply to him, no doubt snarkily, when his eyes suddenly change color! Her brows draw together. She seems to be trying to remember whether or not humans around here can normally do that. Hayate certainly can't. Well.. she doesn't /think/ she can. She'll have to ask later. She picks up her burger again as 'Hotaka' begins to devour his food with new enthusiasm, biting into it, still watching him. Her nose twitches again as she chews, and she casts her gaze around again. Finally, she looks back at Hotaka, like a full minute later, and answers him. "Bite me." She says. How rude!

Hotaka Domen has posed:

'Hotaka' continues to eat his food, his eyes though did watch Madobe walk by as if trying to avoid the looks between the two. That was probably for the best really. He then picked up the shake and grinned, taking a sip from it when Vita says 'bite me'. "Maybe I will."

There was a strange flicker of light that surged around his finger tips that was up on the table still.

'Alastor! No! NOT HERE!' there was pleading tone then in Hotaka's voice. 'Please.. just.. not here..'

The flicker died just as quickly as it started and 'Hotaka' looked over to the side before letting out a soft 'tsk'. He then looked away before taking another sip from the straw with the shake and then closing his eyes. His left hand drummed on the table. "..but thankfully for you.." He grit his teeth a little. "I don't like to eat little girls. To stringy." Wait-what?

Vita has posed:

Vita blinks her eyes slightly when 'Hotaka' replies that maybe he will bite her! But then there's that faint glow of magic around his fingers, which she totally sees because she's looking right at him. In a flash, she is on her feet, standing on her chair, one finger pointed over at him. She makes a declarative statement, but her mouth is full of burger, so all that comes out is "Mmmbh mnhhfm mmngh!" as well as a bunch of crumbs. When he continues on to say he 'doesn't eat little girls', she struggls to say something else, finally swallowing her mouthful and spitting out, "I'm not a little girl, jerkwad! You wanna find out?" People around turn and look at her, shaking their heads. Such bad children these days! Really a lack of parenting in this country.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

'Hotaka' can only smile at this. It wasn't a very pleasant one actually. "You should sit down and finish eating your meal. After all, much as I would love to see what you have to offer, there is no reason to get so hostile." He then goes to stand up and takes a bite of his last fry. Before walking over to the trash can and tossing what was left in there, though still finishing on the shake.

The teen does walk over to her with one hand in his pocket. Those red eyes looking directly at her with a very confident smile on his face. "Or do you really want to create a show here in public? I can only imagine what your parents would think." He then whispers softly for only her to hear. "..little hairless monkey.."

'Alastor! Do not provoke the kid! I wont fight her if you make us! I wont help any at all! I mean it!'

'Hotaka' then goes to step away. Nothing further being said but it seemed he was done with his shake. Man the teen was provoking the kid. The kid provoked the teen. Things were getting a bit heated in this corner of the restaurant. Thankfully for Hotaka none of his school friends were here or this would get really bad. Oh wait. /There/ was one. Yep. This was going to be an interesting week at school if Madobe decided to interfere in this little thing.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Oh my god, Madobe thinks. Don't these people have a book on not being problematic to the normies or something? Maybe all this magic stuff isn't supposed to be all hidden away and secret after all!!

She sits herself down, quietly nomming on fries. She should have gotten it to go, she thinks. Will Hotaka eat the girl now that she claimed she's not little? That would just be gross. Vita om nom nom nom. No, Gen Uroboshi, not here.

Madobe sighs. Honestly, shouldn't Hotaka be embarrassed for getting into a fight with an eight year old? Sure she has ridiculous magic power but it's not like Hotaka would know that and even if he did, isn't he aware of how it /looks/?

She takes one french fry, eyes Hotaka, and flings it at him in a quiet way to discourage him from harassing Vita. She doesn't actually know her name is Vita of course she calls her Maxine Facepuncher. MAxine Facepuncher has a tendency to punch faces and be really careless about her magic usage so she has to stop this before innocent people get hurt. Or she gets punched in the face again.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Vita throws the punch and suddenly she will find her fist being caught in the right hand of the teen boy. The sheer force of the throw being met by the hand causes a loud clap in the air and the sheer area around them explodes slightly with wind. 'Hotaka' doesn't finch, but he silently must admit; That stung.

Though being his right hand, for a moment when the sleeve bellowed up, she may get a chance to not only see the black bracer bracelet with strange writing engraved on it, but a tattoo that was climbing up the arm that was also glowing softy. It was the source of the magic she may be sense off of him and being this close was probably a strong whiff of it; even more so since Alastor was slightly channeling some of his own strength.

'Hotaka' then narrows his eyes. "..you're no average girl..." That is about the time the fry flicks him in the side of the head and those red eyes peer over at the offender. It was Madobe. His eyes narrow slightly as he then goes to release Vita's hand then steps away. If not for Madobe being there. He might actually just do it, but he has an image to protect and worse; He needs to protect Hotaka's own image. At least not giving away who Hotaka is.. or more correctly who /he/ is.

The teen then turns away, waving his hand before he then starts to head for the door. "I am done here." Just as he approaches the door his eyes go from red back to blue and he almost missteps. Hotaka gritting his teeth before hissing softly. "..that was to damn close, Alastor. Are you /trying/ to give us away?!"

'... I just protected you, but watch your back. She may come after us.'

Vita has posed:

Vita blinks in surprise as her fist is caught in the hand of the teen boy. She honestly had not expected that, despite the strange magic she can sense from him. She struggles briefly to get her hand back, and only once he releases her (due to the chucked fry that Vita did not notice) is she able to yank it back and curl her fists by her sides. She fights with her own internal fury as he turns and begins to walk away from her, out of the store, escaping.. or so he thinks. As he vanishes through the door, Vita's hand raises to clasp around the hammer-shaped pendant around her neck. "Eisen," She whispers, her voice tight. "Barrier."

Instantly, an amber-colored diamond grows in the air, swallowing in a matter of seconds the entire store and a good chunk of the street outside. It washes over Hotaka just outside the door.. making everything suddenly have a strange orange tinge, and all the non-magical people vanish into think air, locked safely away in an alternate version of the street where nothing untoward is happening. Seconds later the entire front of the Dark Burger store erupts outwards in an explosion of brick and glass, spraying the entire (now empty) street with debris, shattering car windows and setting off alarms. A red streak is among the flying detritus, and metal boots hit the sidewalk with a screech, throwing up sparks, as Vita lands and spins around to face the demon-boy, pointing at him with her now full-sized iron warhammer. "Hold it, jerk!" She shouts. "No one talks to me that way and walks away!"

Behind them,in the gaping hole that used to be the front of the shop, Madobe is left sitting at the table with her fries, the only one left visible in the store, entirely unnoticed.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka takes note of Alastor's warning, but he doesn't believe the demon until suddenly there was a strange light, everyone on the street vanishes and then there is an explosion of the side of the building. His blue eyes go wide. His facial features almost turn white as he slowly looks over his shoulder.

It was all in slow motion really for him. The building parts shattering away, the girl with a massive hammer. He quickly staggers backwards a few times before coming to a stop. "" stuck in silence really as he stared at the girl. Then he at last speaks. "..Alastor.. what did you get us into.."

'Hm. I did warn. Transform now!'

"But if Madobe sees us.."

'DO IT!'

Hotaka closes his eyes for a moment. He then opens his eyes and then places his right hand in front of him clasping his hand tightly into a fist. "By the contract of old. Given us power to hold. Alastor!" He then throws his hand up into the air. "Take what is yours!"

Then a dark crimson lightning strike streaks down before impacting Hotaka's right hand. It streaks down the youth, tearing apart the very fabric of his form only leaving behind a dark blue flame of a silhouette. Then his body curls up as wings suddenly expand out from his backside. The flames becoming thicker as a dark purple orb encases him, before it explodes outward in an dark blue inferno.

Now hovering in the air was not Hotaka Domen, but that of Alastor. Six foot, dark armor over his form. Demonic horns, gold cat-like eyes, long black hair with a white tip. He hovers there placing out his left hand summoning a demonic blade from blue flames and grasping his hand around the hilt. His feet then touch down on the ground before he chuckles softly. "Your move." His voice echoing of once Hotaka's own voice, but also a much deeper voice.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Madobe sees Vita raising her hand. She knows Maxine Facepuncher has about as much self control as a...er...uh...okay, Madobe admits, she can't think of anybody with less self control than Maxine facepuncher. "Watch out!" she shouts towards Hotaka but, as is typical, it doesn't ultimately help.

And then Hotaka was Satan, the entire front of the store was gone, and Madobe's last fry is awkwardly gripped between her teeth.

It's Satan and Maxine Facepuncher.

Madobe picks up her tray, turns on a heel, and figures they can just go ahead and kill each other!!

She sets the tray down, and thinks: But what would Sweet Pea do?

Mad, she's super mad. She just wanted to eat food in peace. They ruined every...

Hey, the readied burgers are still there. Madobe pilfers one and unwraps it.

Vita has posed:

Vita is impassive as the boy transforms into a large floating.. demon.. thing. A) she's seen it all. B) she knew he was magical so she was expecting the unexpected. and C) She's Vita the Mother-effin' Iron Hammer. Nobody scares her. Except maybe a certain pink-ribboned girl, but that's for another time. She glares at Alastor as he appears with all his fancy pyrotechnics, and challenges her to begin the fight. She shakes her head slightly, tossing her orangey braids. "Ha! You'll probably be worth a good couple of pages, Horny." She calls, before swinging Graf Eisen around. "Eisen!"

"Jawohl!" The crisp German voice rings out in reply, and Vita launches herself skyward, zooming around in a quick, perfect arc.. coming back up behind the demon. "Aaahhhhh!" She yells as she swings the hammer at the back of his head.. though she's holding back. She's probing. Testng his defenses.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Vita strikes in around and comes in with the hammer. Alastor spins his own sword in his left hand, before clasping it then in both to strike against the hammer as it comes in. The sheer force of impact between the two causes not only the sword to perhaps clip Vita, but her hammer to get a good nick on him, sending him flipping back and sliding across the ground a bit.

His wings stretch out for a moment before his eyes narrow. Then with a hard push up into the air, while the blade being held in his right hand. He places out his hand to summon an orb of blue fire. He then spins around and snatches the orb, before sending it sailing to the ground. It explodes and shortly several pillars of fire attempt to explode from the very ground around Vita to 'cage' her in. At least slow her down a bit.

"You should have let us walk away. I had no interest in fighting a child. You were not my primary target, but I guess if you shall lose here. You will have to do."

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Madobe Kuroi eats a burger.

The world is a marginally better place. She considers 'sides'. One of these people is literally Satan, the other is a psychopath. She should definitely try to figure out a way to end this pointless fight as quickly as possible.

She takes out her cellphone and starts taking pictures.

Vita has posed:

After the brief clash of weapons, Vita skids away and blasts off into the sky again, looping around, leaving small contrails of red light behind her as she splits the downtown sky. She glances down to her forearm, where the demon managed to nick her in the midst of the clash. "Tch." She spits, annoyed.. turning in mid-air, a neat barrel-roll which completely takes her out of the line of the fire-cage which attempts to surround her, as if she wasn't even trying. Halting in mid-air, she spins around to face the demon, quite a ways away and below her.

"Homing bullet!" She shouts, and Eisen echoes with "Homing Kugel!" Her hand snaps up, and a single round metal ball, like a ball bearing but the size of a ping-pong ball, appears between her fingers with the *ping* of magic. She throws this up into the air like a tennis serve... and smashes Eisen down onto it, rocketing the projectile towards Alastor at insane speeds, the ball turning into a tiny comet of red light as it streaks towards him!

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Madobe turns away to start texting on her phone, apparently having lost interest in the dynamic duel. Vita can see she's texting complaints about her general behavior on her cellphone if she looks but otherwise she has clearly regarded this incredible duel as something of a major inconvenience rather than something worth granting attention.

In fact she seems kind of bored.

Vita has posed:

Vita watches with narrowed eyes of her own as the demon holds up his hand and blocks the incoming attack without much consequence. Yes.. better to get to know the capabilities of your enemy before comitting. Even she knew that, though she wasn't anywhere near the tactical genius of Signum. At least, she knew it when she wasn't overcome with her rage. At the moment she was keeping remarkably good control of herself, though this is likely due to the fact that the demon, scary-looking though he may be, has only injured her a little.

He spreads his wings, then, showing that they are not just cool-looking but that he can actually fly as well. As he zooms along the side of the building, then leaps towards her, Vita throws up Graf Eisen in front of her, prepared to absorb the blow.. but the blow never comes! Her eyes snap wide when she realizes the manuver was a feint. Acting on instinct, before Alastor can get away, she snaps her hand out. Her tiny, 8-year-old's hand. Her intent is to grab his ankle.. and then spin around and hurl him at the ground with a strength no one her size should possibly posess.

Then she glances back at the store.. and spots Madobe. She can clearly see the screen of the girl's phone with her magic eyes. 'little brat...' GLARE. GLARE GLARE GLARE.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Vita goes to snatch Alastor's ankle and she goes to throw him. This should have worked, but as soon as she lets go. He flips in the air with such speed it almost seems like a flicker of dark light. His foot touches down on the ground for a moment, before he kicks right off with enough force it cracks the very ground under his foot.

Alastor then charges right at her, his clawed, gauntlet hand extending out to to strike for her in returned. One he goes by, he comes right back around and tries to return the favor. He reaches for her arm and if he gets a hold, he uses his momentum to actually twirl her around and slam her straight into the very ground. Those gold eyes almost burning with evil light.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Madobe looks up sharply--what...was that painful sensation searing into her back. Is she..being watched? OR WORSE, is someone reading over her shoulder?! She turns her body around on Vita so she can't get a good look at the texts. This has the natural consequence of allowing Alastor to see what she's writing. She seems to be sending a text now to a friend about how the devil is an upperclassman of hers and apparently likes fast food. It's pretty nonchalant. This is a lot easier for her than basic social interaction, after all. She hits send again.

Vita has posed:

There's some serious aerial acrobatics going on here, Nanoha would be proud! Vita tries to throw Hotaka at the ground, but he spins around and launches himself back at her. She cartwheels out of the way in mid air, turning instantly to recieve his own attempt to do likewise to her, throwing her arm up to blunt the main force of the attack. He still drives her downwards towards the ground, her boots touching and crushing some of the asphalt to pebbles beneath the pressure, but the damage is light. She looks up at him, and the fierce snarl on her face is not the snarl of a little girl. It's the expression of a beast, her eyes, normally deep blue, shining with a bright inner light. She reverses her arm, grabbing his arm before he can think to pull back from his attempted attack, and swings her other arm wide.. bringing Graf Eisen down directly towards his head from point-blank range.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Madobe is writing text about him? Inside Hotaka kinda does a twitch. He has been trying to hide this stuff! Thankfully there is a mental slap in his head space from Alastor telling him to get a hold of himself. It wasn't the end of the world and it wasn't a big deal.

However such a distraction was enough for Vita to get the advantage over Alastor and she takes hold of his arm and next thing you know, there is a hammer coming at his face. His eyes go wide, before he suddenly goes to brace with the other arm, a magical barrier being summoned out for protection which only does slightly well.

The Hammer strikes the barrier and it shatters under the impact only, slowing it down and slamming it the side of one of his horns. Cracking the onyx horn slightly. Alastor then breaks himself free before he moves straight up into the air. "..that hurt.." He snarled out. "But is that really the best you got!" His wings flap a few times. "Come on already! Hahaha!"

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Madobe senses that Hotaka looked at her text too! She stands up suddenly and after one last glance at her phone, puts it away. "Oh my gosh!" She stands up and points a finger towards the both of y'all. "You're reading my texts over my shoulder aren't you?! That's incredibly rude!! It's a private conversation!!!" She spins on her heel and marches to the bathroom. "I'm going somewhere where I can talk to my /friends in peace/."

She stomps off. Cue bathroom henshin sequence.

Vita has posed:

Vita lets Hotaka go, taking a moment to catch her breath as he moves up to hover in the air and gloat down at her. She makes a face at him, sticking her tongue out as she pants. "You're the one with a cracked horn, Horny!" She yells at him, shaking Graf Eisen in the air. She then slams him into the ground at her side, hard enough that the pavement cracks and the cars directly behind her leap in place, settling back down with a groaning crash of metal. "I haven't even begun to get serious yet!" Eisen is swung back around and held in front of her, both hands on the haft, as she shows her teeth. "So show me what you've really got and I'll show you why I'm no little kid."

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka probably is getting a little pissed by this point and though in truth it is him at control in most cases, Alastor is picking that up. There were times when humans sometimes, though as interesting as they were, just are unpredictably hard to keep in line.

Between Madobe and then Vita's own. It causes Alastor to come rushing down with a demonic roar. His blade though goes missing wide with a hard swing. His foot catches the ground for only that moment before he pushes right off and goes charging right at her. The blade's tip catching in the strange orange light, before he moves to actually try to impale her body on the very blade with that same mighty roar in anger.

It seems everyone has pushed Hotaka's buttons and all Alastor is doing right now for the youth is just guiding him so he doesn't get /to/ reckless.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

And then...a toilet can be heard flushing.

Then a sink can be heard being used for a bit. squeak squeak. The air dryer--

And then Sweet Pea bursts out of the bathroom dynamically, wearing--inexplicably--a Dark Burger crown on her head.

"Sorry for being late, but I really had to go to the bathroom! I can't let you destroy alternate universe Dark Burgers or get into fights..." She performs a few random poses she has seen on television. "--For I am Sweet Pea, defender of memory!"

She jabs a finger at Vita. "Shishi-kun warned me about you!" She twirls a gun around her finger and adds, "So I'm not going to take you lightly! Sweet Pea...Strike!"

She fires off a quick pink blast--where it hits, a pink sweet pea flowerbud appears. It's adorable. And smells nice!

Vita has posed:

Vita watches as Hotaka and/or Alastor seems to grow angry, and her own grin is fierce in return! "That's right," She calls, slamming Graf Eisen into the ground again with another 'boom' that shakes the cars around her. "Don't give me half-measures! You won't be able to win if-" She cuts off as he suddenly charges at her, sword extended in front of her to impale her right through!

"Eisen!" She shrieks, "Protection!" <<Panzerhindernis!>> comes the crisp German voice, as Vita brings the hammer around in front of herself. A glowing red triangle of magic spirals from the center of its shaft just at the last second, intercepting the attack. She's too late to stop it entirely, but she does deflect it, so that the blade slides by, nicking her shoulder instead of running her through. She spins then, teeth gritted.

"I've had enough!" She shouts, and Graf Eisen is raised to the sky. "Eisen! Rocket Form!" <<Raketenform!>> Eisen echoes her, its front splittig open, a broad but sharp triangular point rotating out and locking into position, while at the same time the rear blossoms into a trio of rocket engines. Vita leaps up into the air, and the rockets ignite with a roar that sends debris and dust blasting away from behind her. The propulsion hurls her after Alastor at incredible speeds, and at the last second she throws herself into a rotation, the jets screaming as the centrifugal force drives the pointed hammer right at her target's face! "RAKETEN.. HAMMMAAAAAAAA!!!"

Regardless of how this turns out, she lands on her feet.. and is shot in the back by a pink laser that stings more than all the other attacks the demon has done to her in the whole battle! She staggers, looking around wildly for who attacked her!

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Sweat Pea makes herself known, "What?" It was enough of a distraction as the hammer comes slamming in and just goes right into Alastor's body. It sends him sailing across the area, through a car, into another car, where he gets flipped into the air, and then lands hard onto the ground.

He struggles to get up. His armor cracked and one of his wings didn't look right. He slowly pushes himself up at last and staggers back a few steps. He grits his teeth and then almost falls back onto his knee. "..should.. not have taken my eyes off the prize.." he remarks to himself with a smirk, before gritting his teeth again with a sharp his in pain. There was several snaps as he forces his wing back into place.

Alastor then stands up once more re-summoning his sword into his hand. He inhales deeply looking at Sweat Pea. Then at Vita. "..You knew she was here?" He pointed his clawed finger at the girl. "..cause I don't like her much.. and she seems to have a problem with us both."

What was he implying here. He then looks over at Sweat Pea with a smile on his face. It wasn't a very nice smile either. "..how about we just get rid of her and then we can call it a draw. This has become a bit of an unfair fight for both of us at this point-- and I like my battles to have some sense of honor in them. Even if crude."

Yes. He was implying a strange twist of alliance for just the moment.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Hotakalastor tries to make a deal with Sweet Pea who stares at him for a few moments.

She thinks about it for a moment and then swings a tiny fist onto Alastor's head. It doesn't hurt at all. Maybe tickles a little. Teehee! Alastor's morale goes up because of how pathetic that was. But what is perhaps less pathetic is her shout of, "Don't start fights in Dark Burgers!" She turns to face Vita. "After her, I'm going after you! I'm not about to make deals with the devil! I've seen how that goes in movies! And besides... you hurt innocent people! What's so honorable about that?!"

But it's towards Vita she brings her guns forward towards. Alastor might attack innocent people, but Maxine Facepuncher has proven herself another kind of dangerous altogether.

"And you--need to learn to pay attention to your surroundings...and start less fights for no reason! I don't know your reasons... but even if they're good--you have to be more careful!"

A sweet pea perfume aura ripples around her as she brings both pistols together, guiding them towards Vita.


A huge swath of pink energy erupts out of her pistols and ripples towards Vita. A field of flower ripples into place where the blast passes by--and, naturally, whatever it ends up smashing into!

Vita has posed:

Vita finally finds Sweet Pea, ignorant of the little pink flower growing on her back where the blast hit her. She scowls, shaking her hammer at the intruder. "Wait your turn, pinky!" She shouts. "After I'm done teaching this demon a lesson, you'll get a chance!" Of course, then Alastor gets back up, and begins sweet-talking, trying to get Vita to target Sweet Pea (and no doubt buy himself some time to recover from that hammer to the face).

"Yeah right!" Vita sneers at him. "As if I'd ever team up with /you/ Horny, after the things you said to me!" Then Sweet Pea is lecturing her too, and she throws up her hands in exasperation. "What is it with you people! I'll do whatever I want, because-" She stops then, as Sweet Pea points her guns. "Uhmm.." BOOOM. Poor Vita vanishes in a wash of pink energy. She /hates/ pink. When it clears, there's no sign of her.. just that new field of flowers.

The very observant, however, may notice a slight 'ka-chunk' sound coming from somewhere in there.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

"And that is why you should have said yes." Alastor remark tapping the side of his face. "Whatever." He then twirls the large blade. Then he pushes off the ground, before flapping his wings a few times. There was a side of him that wanted to push this battle. Just to see where it would go now. That curious intrigue. Yet another side of him realized this was probably rather idiotic and he should just pull out of this now.

After all. They were now focused on one another and there was little reason to stay and finish this. The battle had been interrupted and really, Hotaka and Alastor did agree sometimes honor is important. The problem is. Hotaka was a bit caught up in the moment and Alastor, like many times before, sometimes had trouble keeping Hotaka rolled in when he corrupted the youth's mind.

The demon swept back his wings and then descended down upon sweat pea. Ignoring Vita for now. It seems though he could have turned on Vita, all his focus was being steered now by Alastor to the 'hero' of this. He landed down and then kicked off the ground with great speed, bringing that sword around with a quick slash.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Madobe doesn't see herself as a hero but, well, she does see herself as someone who thinks starting fights for no readily apparent goddamn reason is annoying. She says, "Hey." to Alastor. "I don't think she's--" The blade rips across her shoulder, she tries to block the strike with a gun but he just ends up swiping it out of her hands. "URgghh..." She adds. "Hold on!"

And then she jumps back, landing on the ordering counter. She swings her pistols once more towards Vita, aims and--fires another pair of twin shots towards the flower fields! Looks like she follows the Nanoha method of making sure. Then again, after what Vita did to Nanoha after she got hit with HER pink finishing move, maybe she's just learned from Nanoha's suffering.

Vita has posed:

Sweet Pea fires into the flower fields, towards Vita's last known location. She must have hit something, because there was a brief squawk.. but Vita doesn't re-emerge! She must have decided, at least this one time, that discretion is the better part of valor, at least when facing two enemies at once.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Alastor watches as Madobe turns her focus on Vita still. So be it. He can use that to his advantage. He then leaps straight into the air and his large sword starts to ignite on blue fire. It burns across, before the flames consume right up his right arm.

He then holds the blade out in front of him as it burns in fire. "I was actually hope to get her and /you/ together. It be a nice ending." He chuckles with a dark grin on his face. His gold eyes glowing softly. "But I guess I'll just get you instead!"

Then taking up higher into the air he then roars out with more of Alastor's voice then Hotaka's. "BURNING HELL FIRE!!!" He then pulls the sword out to the side. It seems almost extend far outward, at least the flame does, before he twirls himself around quickly in the air and then throws the flame outward from his location as he finishes his yell, "UNLEASH!!!"

The flame wave comes racing down, impacting the side of buildings, ripping them apart and tearing them as if they were nothing and the sheer wave itself almost street length apart, if not longer comes racing down right for Sweat Pea.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Sweet Pea sees Alastor coming out for her--but that's to be expected, she did negate any alliance of her own will. "Scencurity....SHIELD!" She shouts, swinging a wave of perfume aura before her. The flamne slams into the sweet smelling shield and ripples around Madobe, swirling around her. She takes in a lungful of smoke and coughs and wheezes, but in her eyes--there is still...determination!

"Sweet Pea..." She murmurs. So far this could mean anything. "Shotgun..." She's doing it again?! She snatches up her fallen pistol, bringing it up level with the other one, guiding both towards Alastor.

"SOJOURN!" She yells, unleashing another large pink wave that will--yes!--even cover Satan in pretty pretty pink flowers! And of course there's the trouble of the heavy plasma burst. "Pick on people your own siiiiiiize!!"

Hotaka Domen has posed:

And in the style of many villains when defeated the attack comes in, impacts, and then when stuff clears Alastor is gone. Victor today was apparently the girl who just talked on her cell phone and text messaged.

Go figure.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

"And maybe next time you be considerate of the feelings of those around you!" Sweet Pea shouts before storming back into the bathroom.