2013-09-26 - Cleaning Duty

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Title: Cleaning Duty

It's like the Hunger Games except with Junko and Daichi playing everyone.


Junko Ishiki, Daichi Daigo


Ohtori Academy, Classrooms

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Daichi Daigo has posed:


September 24th.


Let it be known that on this day, Daichi Daigo got into trouble for sitting with his feet up on his desk. The teacher that had caught Daichi was a fearsome specimen. A veteran schoolground dog who had seen everything and then some. None of Daichi's glares, barks or ultimate protests that it was lunch time did any good. Sitting with one's feet up on school property was not conducive to the schoolroom environment, and the hardass teacher wrote Daichi up for punishment.

In this case, punishment meant staying up after class to perform cleaning duty outside of Daichi's already-scheduled cleaning duty for the month. Ugh.

Of course, Daichi had a partner to help during cleaning duty. Was this someone who was supposed to perform the cleaning that week to begin with, or was it another poor sap who had been oppressed by The Man? Daichi didn't know. Daichi didn't care.

After the teacher came by to make sure Daichi didn't skip his punishment, he handed the young student a broom, to his partner in crime he handed a mop and a bucket, and then left them to get to it. Glaring down at the broom, Daichi snorts. Above him, floating on her back with arms behind her head, Sora enjoys the afternoon sunlight streaming in through the windows.

Junko Ishiki has posed:

Had Junko Ishiki not been spending that portion of the day in a restroom stall, fingers tapping away at her PDA as she expertly wasted time, she would have been present for Daichi getting written up for having his feet on the desk. And she would have called him out as a wuss, because really, wasn't he some sort of yakuza prince or something? The Head had briefed her on her notable classmates, and Daichi had been one of them, but so far Junko was utterly unimpressed.

But as it goes, Junko WASN'T present for Daichi getting written up, and instead spent an hour and a half in that restroom stall. She returned in the middle of history and got called out for her extended absense-- which, on its own, might not have earned Junko cleaning duty. What earned her cleaning duty was the fact that, in response, Junko threw her middle finger in the teacher's face, saying she had more important things to attend to than this dumbass class.

And THAT was how Junko landed herself in cleaning duty. She briskly followed the teacher into the room (as Junko had tried to slip out of the building unnoticed) with her nose held high, taking a seat immediately on the closest desk, kicking her boots up beside her. A mop and bucket was shoved into her hands-- she scrunched her nose in the teacher's direction just until he turned and left, at which point she dropped the bucket, sloshing soapy water every which way.

Only then did she realize that someone else was on cleaning duty with her.

"Daigo-han," she sniffed, looking down her nose in his direction. "Shouldn't ya hurry up and get to work?"

Daichi Daigo has posed:

Junko only earns the most cursory of glances from Daichi when she arrives alongside the teacher. The male student recognizes her as his classmate, and how couldn't he? Her ridiculous mane of hair was pretty distinct. However, that ridiculous mane was also where the buck stopped. Daichi knew absolutely nothing else about the girl, and he much preferred to keep it that way.

His plan, in short, is to ignore Junko and mind his own damn business until the girl finishes cleaning the classroom and they can both leave. Until, that is, Junko opens her mouth. Daichi's plan gets a little bit derailed when that happens.

Jerking his head around to openly glare at his classmate, the male student is about to throw a scathing insult at the Junko-bitch, interrupted only when Sora's calm voice says, "Yes, Daichi. Please get started, and remember to clean behind your ears."

With the words cut off before he can even say them, Daichi gnashes his teeth. Sora didn't even open her eyes, or even move from her comfy mid-air perch when she spoke.

"Tch!" Is Daichi's ultimate response. "Shut up and do something useful with that air-head of yours," he snaps. "Like dunking it in that bucket!"

Not quite as heated or as vulgar as Daichi's initial instinct called for, but it was enough to pass his point across.

Junko Ishiki has posed:

She quirks a brow in Daichi's direction. "You got guts," she manages with a sickeningly sweet tone, more a mockery than anything genuine. But this is a luxury that very few people are worthy of-- only those with formal acknowledgement from the Head ever get to experience this.

But even those lucky few never get to experience it for too long.

She swings her legs over the side of the desk, crossing her ankles and leaning on one hand for support. "Looks like those guts supplement for all that fluff in your head, aho." She takes ahold of the mop by the handle and shoves it in the man's direction, leaning forward and perching perilously on the edge of the desk as she does so. "I've got places to go and people to see, so chop chop."

The girl claps her hands as she says the last few words, before giving up on regaining her balance and hopping to the floor. She clicks her tongue and drums her fingers on the desk, reaching for her PDA to check the time. "And I ain't got all day."

Daichi Daigo has posed:

Daichi's glare turns ever grimmer as Junko speaks. Hearing her words is not unlike having a red sheet waved in front of bull-Daichi's face, and this particular bull-Daichi is very much full of bull. Er... yeah.

"Keh, you little," the male student mutters, eyes narrowing.

"Take care of your own fat gut before you try giving me orders." The sneer as he speaks is clear in his tone as it is clear on his face.

Grasping his broom tight, Daichi then swivels around, turning his back on the female brat. "You want this place cleaned, do it yourself. I'm just here to kill time."

Marching up to the classroom windows, Daichi plants the broom vertically on the floor and puts both his hands at the very top of the handle, resting them there. And so he remains, passively surveying the school grounds through the glass, brow wrinkled in a grouchy display.

Up above, Sora finally rolls onto her side, glancing down at the two jailbirds. "My my," she says. "That's no way to speak to a lady."

"And you're not a lady!" Daichi immediately barks over his shoulder in response to Sora's words... though of course as far as Junko is concerned, the comment came unprompted.

Junko Ishiki has posed:

"Who're ya callin' fat, beefcakes?" Junko's response is almost instantaneous and she takes a step forward, one hand balling into a fist and the other passing the pda and reaching instead for her lyre. The fact that metamorphosising here might not be ideal is the furthest thing from Junko's mind.

But what iS a present thought, however, is how severely she would be scolded by none other than the Head himself if she were to break rule 6, clause a.2 within the first month of her schooling. That is the only thing that makes her hesitate in her movement. Her face, still twisted into a scowl, falters for a moment. Had she not been challenged, Junko might have sucked it up and done some cleaning after all. However, now that he has raised the stakes, she has no other choice.

The comment about her lady-ness is what finally sets her off. Her face visibly darkens as both of her eyebrows raise, disappearing into her hairline. Her femininity is not something usually attacked-- mostly because people don't often associate Junko Ishiki with femininity to begin with.

She decides, in that moment, that it's unacceptable.

Briskly and without a word, she recovers her mop from the floor. She matches Daichi's pose, resting both palms on the top of the mop handle, and her chin atop her hands. She juts her hip out to the side, putting her weight mostly on one leg as she waits for him to notice her. He doesn't. That, too, is unacceptable.

"Oy," she calls, and with a certain finesse that one might only attribute to a magical girl of some kind (?!), she grips the mop in both hands and twirls it around, sending an impressive torrent of soapy water Daichi's way. The mop clangs against the floor and Junko resumes her previous pose as if nothing had happened.

Daichi Daigo has posed:

Daichi has been doing a very good job standing stoic (read: sulking) by the windows. With his back to Junko, he sees none of the girl's actions, granting him the ultimate in passive-aggressive dismissive techniques. This has the unfortunate result of causing Daichi to miss an amazing opportunity to make fun of Junko's 'lame baby guitar thing'. It also means he has no way to defend himself when the spray of soapy water comes his way.

"WHAT THE F--" The male student sputters, swiveling back around to face Junko the same way he had swiveled away from her to begin with. Sora, whose body remained ~magically~ dry as the drops simply passed right through her, gives a stretch and rotates upright in the air so she is now in a seated position. This was getting interesting.

Not that Daichi was feeling that way at all. With murder in his eyes, his bared teeth are the only warning before the young man goes on the offensive. Grasping his broom with both hands, he begins aggressively sweeping the floor in Junko's direction, sending dust and various filthy fluffs found on the floor Junko's way.

Junko Ishiki has posed:

If she were to take a step back, Junko would realize that this is stupid.

But there are many things that Junko is good at. Music, for one. Golf for another. And probably a few more things that haven't been well established yet. But one thing that she ISN'T good at is taking a step back.

"You little shit!" she cusses, her words devoid of any fondness or playfulness that one might associate with the term. She steps back (which, as it turns out, she's perfectly capable of doing as long as it's literal) as if the dust and dirt carries the bubonic plague, grabbing onto the edge of the desk as if she could somehow use it as a shield. But wait, Junko, that won't--


She tips the desk with great fervor, creating quite a clamor and stopping Daichi's dust in its tracks."Heh," she laughs, more to herself than for Daichi's ears, and she puts one foot on the edge of the desk, now facing upwards. She's the queen of this veritable mountain, and she's going to enjoy it!

"You're fighting a losing battle, Daigo-han," she informs, one hand on her hip and the other flipping her mane behind her shoulder. "I implore you, give up when you've still got a shred of dignity."

Daichi Daigo has posed:


Daichi glares daggers at Junko, hunching over his broom like an animal. "/You're/ the one who looks like she crawled out of a fucking toilet," he spits back, refusing to take her insult lying down.

Besides that, if she thinks her blocking of his dust was going to dissuade Daichi from continuing to press his offensive, she was sorely mistaken. "Go eat a dick!" He orders, hoisting the broom and throwing it at Junko's face like a freaky spear.

The broom's just a diversion, though. Even as it goes sailing through the air, Daichi is already reaching to the blackboard next to him, snagging the two erasers on hand and beginning to slam them together. Large plumes of chalk-dust explode outward, and with his arms stretched ahead of his body, and his legs moving him forward, Junko is the very clear victim of this PARTICLE-ular assault.

Junko Ishiki has posed:

"Jesus /fuck/!" Junko yelps, ducking just in time for the broom to soar past her ear. She hears it clatter against the wall behind her, but before it even hits the ground she jumps back up, shooting Daichi a glare that's sharp and scathing. 'Ya aim like a girl,' she makes to say, but before she can get the first few syllables out she's accosted with a terrible coughing fit.

She hikes her shirt up slightly, just enough to pull over her nose and mouth so she can breathe, with her other hand swiping wildly at the air in front of her. She can see Daichi through her eyelashes as she squints, and her eyes would have narrowed if they weren't already.

Further backing away from the advancing male student, Junko twists her body so she soon finds herself backed against the blackboard. Daichi may have possessed both erasers, but Junko had something else going for her-- something very feminine indeed.

Flexing her hand and giving her nail polish a once-over, the girl shifts again before raking her nails down the blackboard, gritting her teeth and wincing, but above all else, doing what she does best-- making a hell of a lot of noise.

Daichi Daigo has posed:

"How'd you like this, huh?" Daichi demands. "How'd you like this?!"

With his lips twisted into a predatory smirk and his eyes gleaming, there is no denying it - the male student is on the warpath. It's doubtful anything could break him out of his tunnel-vision induced trance. He has to finish tormenting Junko and making her pay for her insolence. Only after that would he calm down, as the only thing capable of calming Daichi down was Daichi himself.

Or Sora.

Or nails on a chalkboard.

Wait, what?

"Uh, Daichi," Sora begins, but it is too late. Junko enacts her nefarious plot with much gusto.

"GAAAAAAH," the male student cries out, dropping both erasers and slapping his hands to his ears. It's of little use, though, as the sound seems to easily overcome these fleshy barriers, penetrating Daichi's skull.

"Oy," Sora sighs at this pathetic turn of events, otherwise unaffected by the loud noise, while Daichi collapses to the floor on his elbows and knees.

"STOP-- YOU FUCKING-- KHHKKHHH," Daichi gasps and wheezes and grinds his teeth. Recognizing the futility of keeping his ears covered, the young man removes his hands and begins pawing blindly at his surroundings, trying to find something to use as a counter-attack against the noise.

His hand bumps into the bucket Junko abandoned in the beginning.

Daichi doesn't think twice before he grabs it and empties its contents on Junko... as well as on himself.

Junko Ishiki has posed:

Unfortunately, Junko's next-highest expletive ranks in a tier too high to be rewritten word for word. Please examine Reggie Watts' most popular rap for reference.

Junko doesn't even have time to finish her long-winded expletives, let alone to peel away from the chalkboard and out of the water's range. So she is drenched, her hair taking most of the wetness but also becoming incredibly heavy in the process. Instantly, she seems to pick up on the slight chill in the room as she shivers. "Daigo-me!!" she barks, hands shaking by her sides. She lunges forward, but not at Daichi-- rather, she makes for one of the still-upright desks, peeling off her backpack and shaking the suds and wetness off of her hands before recovering her pda.

She has rescued it before the dampness had reached it-- her shoulders, which she hasn't realized were tight, dropped back to a relaxed position.

Her moment of temporary panic puts things into perspective, and Junko realizes just how ridiculous this whole exchange is. And to think that her device might have been collateral...!

"I would've murdered you," she growls, slamming her fist into the desktop before shivering again. "You're real lucky, Daigo-me. Now get outta here before I change my mind!!"

Daichi Daigo has posed:

Of course that at first, Daichi blames Junko for the sudden onslaught of damp water cascading over his head. Only a second later does his brain connect the resounding splash that was heard with his swinging of the bucket.

He keeps blaming Junko for it anyway.

"Agh, you /bitch/, now I got soap in my /eye/!"

Indeed, Daichi had dropped the bucket and was now rubbing at his eyes like a fool. This spared him from the sight of Junko trying to murder him, for better or for worse.

When the girl tells him to skeddadle outta there, the punk Yakuza doesn't even care if it came out as an order. The stinging in his eyes has only gotten worse in time with his rubbing, and the male student could only focus on how awful it felt, and how much he wanted it to stop.

"Fuck you," he bites, struggling back to his feet. His cheeks are red, water, soap and tears streaming down them. "You're lucky I can't see a goddamn thing, or I'd rearrange your ugly face."

Staggering towards the door in his half-blind state, Daichi bumps into the doorframe instead. He covers for his embarrassement by immedately amending his last statement with an impulsive, "IT WOULD BE AN IMPROVEMENT."

And then he stumbles out the door, cursing, grunting and groping around for support. He needed to find a washroom, and he needed it /now/.

Sora rolls her shoulders and floats out of her seated position after Daichi. "Good luck cleaning the room," she says to Junko, though it's doubtful the latter could hear any of it.

Junko Ishiki has posed:

Junko doesn't hear any of it, indeed. In fact, it is almost as if she can't see Sora at all, because before the light maiden even finishes her well-wishes, Junko storms right on through her. She gets about halfway to the door before she pauses, whipping her head back and forth a few times and pelting everything in the room with a fine mist of soapy water from her long, toussled hair.

She doesn't even offer the room a cursory glance before she slams the door open. "Fuck it," she snarls under her breath, wiping some of the suds from her face. She's vaguely aware of Daichi heading the wrong way-- why is he going further into the school? Junko has places to go and people to see-- and restrooms are meant for doing things during school, not after.

Junko goes unopposed as she peels out of the door, down the stairs, and eventually off campus. If someone tries to scold her tomorrow-- well, what's the worst they can do? Give her cleaning duty?

She'll just make Daichi do it.