Ikiko Hisakata

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Ikiko Hisakata
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IC Information
Full Name: Ikiko Hisakata
Aliases: Cute Wolf Tsukiko
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 12 (April 24, 2002)
Height: 151.7cm / 4' 11¾"
(Slightly tall for her age)
Hair Color: Dark Brown (Strawberry Blond as Tsukiko)
Eye Color: Dark Brown (Cyan as Tsukiko)
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food: Gyuuniku no Negimaki (Beef rolls stuffed with scallions)
Least Favorite Food:  ???
Favorite Subjects: Phys Ed, and anything creative
Least Favorite Subjects: Anything that involves sitting and studying, like math & language
Clubs: Animal Care Club; has been known to assist sports/athletics clubs
Position: Cheerful Influence (Animal Care); Reliable Filler (sports/athletics)
School: Juuban Public School (Grade 6)
OOC Information
Source: Curse Hunters (OC)
"Dub Name": Isabella Hamilton
Player: Rachel Kazuko

First and foremost, Ikiko Hisakata is cheerful and friendly. She does what she can to help her friends feel better when they're feeling down, and even strangers are greeted with a smile. While she can be rambunctious, she is also not a troublemaker - at least, not intentionally. Sometimes her feisty energy gets her in trouble at school, but she respects her teachers enough to tone it down when they tell her to. In general, she's friendly and polite, not to mention respectful of her elders. Of course, if someone is rude to her, she's usually cheeky right back at them, unless there is a really good reason not to - and even then, she's usually having to bite her tongue to keep her cheekiness in check.

Cute Wolf Tsukiko ...

(work in progress!)

Rumors and Common Knowledge

  • Ikiko is well-known in Juuban's Animal Care club for getting along well with animals, especially canines. Animals are usually more willing to trust her, and even strays will allow her to get close.
  • While Animal Care is her primary club, it's not uncommon for Ikiko to assist sports/athletics clubs when they ask for help. She usually doesn't go actively volunteering; instead, she waits until they ask, then volunteers. The sports/athletics clubs know that she'll play hard and have fun, even if it's just for one game.
  • Ikiko has lots of cousins in a wide age spread. Most (but not all) attend Juuban, so there's a good chance one of them is in your class if you attend that school. These extended families live in an apartment complex converted from an old Japanese mansion.
  • Those with knowledge of magic might recognize the Hisakata family name. A few generations ago, a Curse Hunter by the name of Yuuki Hisakata faced down a werewolf in combat and punched it out with nothing more than raw force of personality. It is known that an Artifact enabled him to accomplish this; however, word has it that the Artifact was rendered unusable during the fight.
  • Rumor has it that there's been a rash of nightmares in the vicinity near Juuban, resulting in troubled sleep for many students. Some mention that their nightmares were interrupted by a wolf's howl, after which they were able to sleep peacefully. But there's no wolves in the area… right?


Ikiko Hisakata hails from a smaller town not too far from Juuban Public School, where she lives with her mother, father, and 10th-grade brother. They live in an apartment complex in the general style of a traditional Japanese mansion, owned and occupied by the Hisakata family - aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives, all living nearby but with breathing room for each family. While both of her parents work, their jobs don't involve much travel, so Ikiko and her brother can spend plenty of time with them.

She walks to school, usually with her brother or some of her friends. Some of her cousins also attend Juuban, but they usually travel at a different time thank Ikiko and her brother. In terms of academics, she's modestly good, albeit not much of a standout; her scores usually aren't the top of the class, but they're still decent, and she doesn't mind the classes. Mind you, that's for the more pedestrian classes, like math and language, which mostly involve sitting still and listening. Ikiko's favorite classes are P.E. and the more creative classes, including art and home ec. She usually eats lunch with her friends, and after school she's usually found with the Animal Care club, which helps take care of class/school pets and neighborhood strays. The club is also known for socializing club-member's pets and pet-sitting for locals. If Ikiko finds herself with some spare time, she's been known to help the sports and athletic clubs, but generally only if they ask for assistance.

While Ikiko generally doesn't keep secrets from her friends, she does tend to be rather vague when asked about what her family does, simply mentioning that her parents work for a private library - which is completely true, even if it's not a full explanation. To help keep things vague, she's never had friends visit her house, even though she has occasionally slept over at her friends' houses. The reason for this secrecy is because her family is one of the Curse Hunter clans, and Curse Hunters in general try to keep a low profile in mundane society.

Hisakata Family History

The Hisakata family is known among Curse Hunter circles for their skills in fighting lycanthropy, a talent they became famous for about three generations ago. Ironically, the item that was most pivotal in the incident that earned the family renown was rendered unusable by the same incident. That item, unnamed at the time, is now known as the Lycan Locket.

The Lycan Locket, despite its name, does not cause lycanthropy - or at least, not in the traditional sense. Instead, it augments and amplifies the essence of the one wearing it, allowing them to assume a more idealized version of themselves. The Curse Hunter who first used the locket, Yuuki Hisakata (a great-grandfather of Ikiko) wore it when he faced down a werewolf, trusting it to protect him against lycanthropy. The gambit worked, albeit imperfectly: after being bitten by the werewolf, the Curse Hunter's form became more wolflike, but he retained enough humanity to defeat the werewolf and break the curse. The wolflike features vanished when the Curse Hunter removed the locket, but reappeared when he donned it again; it turned out that the werewolf's bite left a lingering curse on the locket.

Yuuki Hisakata tried to remove the curse from the locket, but at best was only able to suppress all of the powers of the locket, rendering it inert. Without the amplification the locket provided, the lycanthropy caused by the werewolf was so faint as to not be readily noticeable - at most, existing hair grows 1% longer during a full moon. While a casual scan for magic won't reveal the traces of lycanthropy, a thorough examination will pick up on its mystical signature. The presence of this "curse" turned out to be somewhat beneficial, however, as it gave the Hisakata family a slight edge when dealing with curses based on lycanthropy or other transformations of similar nature.

As for the Lycan Locket itself, it was placed in a box to keep safe. For many years, the box was kept in visible storage by Yuuki; the better to keep an eye on it. In recent years, however, old age has been catching up with the elderly Curse Hunter, and the box was placed in the family's storeroom with other items from his youthful days.

Recent Events

This brings us to Ikiko. Great-granddaughter of Yuuki Hisakata and part of a family active in the Curse Hunter tradition, she grew up listening to tales of her family's experiences as Curse Hunters. While she was well-versed in the basics of Curse Hunter lore, Ikiko had never actually seen the Lycan Locket. One day, her parents told her to clean the storeroom as part of spring cleaning. Ikiko liked cleaning the storeroom, because she had permission to carefully look through any box that was not sealed while she cleaned. Sometimes she found old things that were still usable, like yukatas from a few decades ago, or an enjoyable book a few years old. This time, a locket on a neckband caught Ikiko's eye. It looked pretty in an elegant way, and the locket itself felt good in her hand, so Ikiko put it on and took it with her when she had finished cleaning the storeroom.

That night, after Ikiko had gone to sleep, she woke up with a sense of restlessness. Opening the window to her room, the moonlight of the full moon seemed to call out to her. As if in a dream, she leapt out of her window (on the second floor!), landing gracefully before darting off to frolic in the moonlight. Ikiko danced and sang with stray dogs in the neighborhood, and at one point even chased off a shadowy figure that was lurking near the house of a classmate. Satisfied with what she thought was a fun dream, Ikiko headed back home, leaping into her window (from the ground to the second floor!) and heading back into bed, fully intent on spending the rest of her sleep in bed.

However, when Ikiko glanced at the mirror in her room before heading back to bed, she got a shock: staring back at her was a wolfgirl! With a start, she realized that she wasn't dreaming, and the tales of her great-grandfather's fight against the werewolf came to her mind. Realizing that this was the same locket as from the stories, she quickly took it off and dove into bed, afraid of what her family would do if they found out that she had used this cursed artifact.

The next day, Ikiko brought the Lycan Locket with her to Juuban Public School, trying to keep her family from finding it in her room. She was less cheerful than her friends were used to, but she tried to wave it off like it was nothing. Still, the fact that the Lycan Locket had apparently awoken the faint lycanthropy in her family's blood was weighing heavy on her. That changed when she overheard a conversation between some of her classmates: one of them had been having unusual nightmares recently, but they had suddenly ended last night. The classmate couldn't recall much, but he did remember hearing a dog howl, and after that the nightmares didn't return. Ikiko recognized the classmate as the one whose house Ikiko had fought the shadowy figure outside of, and that it was her howl that the classmate had heard. This made her realize that she could do good things with the Lycan Locket, and that she was in charge of the wolf within her, not the other way around. During a break, she put the locket back on, confident in her goal to help others.

Ikiko still hasn't told her family that she's wearing the Lycan Locket, however - she's still afraid of what they might do, and she's especially afraid of disappointing great-grandfather Yuuki.

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