Umbral Knight

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Umbral Knight
Umbral knight2.jpg
IC Information
Name: Umbral Knight
Intelligent Device: Fallen Stren
Race: Belkan
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Background: The Umbral Knight was a Belkan knight who participated in an ancient war against an unknown force invading Belka.

He was the first wielder of the intelligent device Fallen Stern.

Abilities: Though not associated with a specific element, the Umbral Knight was an adept melee combatant. His device, Fallen Stern, was well known for its destructive ability.
Ashen Knight: Knighted together, the Umbral and Ashen Knight have stood beside one another on countless battlefields. Though their fellows are lost, they hold tight to their memories. Fraternal bonds can not be broken.
Vermillion Knight: The Umbral Knight discovered the Vermillion in the wreckage of their former village. Though their family could not be saved, they were at least able to join the knights of Belka and seek vengance.
OOC Information
Soundtrack: Still in the Dark
Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - SeekerS
Player: bloopbloop

Logs and Cutscenes

There are no cutscenes on this wiki that Umbral Knight participated in.