Azyana Konstantinov

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Azyana Konstantinov
IC Information
Full Name: Azyana Konstantinov
Aliases: Reborn Mystic Knight Galahad
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 17 (December 20th, 1996)
Height: 5'0"
Hair Colour: Snowy White
Eye Colour: Dark Green
Blood Type: A
Favorite Foods: Raspberries, Tea, Grilled Foods
Least Favorite Foods: Mayonnaise, Chili Peppers
Favorite Subject: Literature
Least Favorite Subject: Social Studies
Clubs: Aikido & Aiki-ken
Position: Some Position, Some Sub-Category Of An Organization
School: Ohtori Academy (Grade 9)
OOC Information
Source: Your Cast Page (OC)
Player: Myrrh

Azyana Konstantinov

Azyana is a shy, intensely private girl who mostly keeps to herself and her books. She usually has inkstains on her hands from writing, and she is actually quite nearsighted, making her squint a lot when she isn't reading or daydreaming. She shies away from confrontation and avoids loud places whenever she can, preferring the peace and quiet of the Ohtori gardens or the library. Despite this she is very active in the Aiki-ken and Aikido Clubs, where her quiet nature makes her a dedicated and impressive combatant. She even has a few admirers in those clubs, though she's much too focused on the actual practice to notice. It all goes quite neatly over her head.

Almost everyone in her classes at Ohtori Academy has experienced the frustration of trying to pronounce her monster of a surname. Even her teachers have trouble with it, though of COURSE the teachers who are more used to european languages don't bat an eye. This leads to her classmates calling her 'Aza-yana' rather than the tongue twisting 'Ko-nu-tsu-ta-no-to-no-va'.

She hasn't got a lot of friends, really. She's reclusive-- the gossip about her is that her father is Petri Konstantinov, the uber-wealthy CEO of a trading corporation. He's supposedly never at home, and so Aza was raised by a fleet of servants and housestaff that he brought with him from Russia to Japan when he came to live in his late wife's country. They're all very professional, and all dress in black suits or maid's uniforms, making it a little creepy out of context. If Aza ever had anyone over to visit, that is. It wasn't till two years ago that she was enrolled at school at all, having been homeschooled by private tutors. Now she lives on campus in Ohtori's dorms, but occasionally goes home on the weekends to the Konstantinov home out in the countryside.

The most interesting thing about her as far as the gossips of Ohtori are concerned is that Azyana seems thoroughly incapable of lying. THOROUGHLY. Either she's a snob and refuses to bother with it for the sake of social graces like a normal person (as one opinion goes), OR she's just too dense to manage it, since she gets so flustered that the truth just tumbles out of her in the most gauche way possible. It hasn't earned her any allies at the famously treacherous academy, where deceit is both armor and weapon against other students. And worse, she won't be bullied into corroborating other's accounts if she knows them to be false; the best one can hope for from Azyana is to keep her away from delicate plots, or (if there's no other choice) to make sure she keeps her mouth shut through threats or other methods.

Mystic Knight Galahad!


As Mystic Knight Galahad, the first thing Aza did was break her only pair of glasses. But to her surprise, she didn't need them as Galahad, and so fought the monster that Morgana le Fay summoned up to catch her or chomp her into bits (it really wasn't clear), defeating it just by the skin of her teeth...

...only to discover, after she transformed back to herself, that her eyes were not miraculously healed for good and now she's blind as a bat till she gets a new pair! AUGH!

The Rabbit Merlin has been in her company ever since, as she's been taking care of him. She doesn't ask him a whole lot of questions about the knights of the round table, but instead has aqquired a copy of Le Morte de Arthur and has been slowly translating it one page at a time. The Pure Heart Cabochan (the artifact linked to her transformation!) is now around her neck, and she's become cautiously aqquainted with Takeo, another of the knights.