Ashen Knight

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Ashen Knight
Ashen Knight.jpg
IC Information
Name: Ashen Knight
Intelligent Device: Unknown
Race: Belkan
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Background: The Ashen Knight is an ancient warrior that fought in an ancient war, fighting alongside her fellow Knights and the Princess against an unknown foe.

It is known that she was an orphan and considered the other Knights as her own family. The name of her Device has been lost to time.

Abilities: The Ashen Knight, in conjunction with the Device she wielded, was very talented for using ice to great effect on the battlefield. Her rapier's movements is said to leave behind afterimages.
Umbral Knight: The Umbral and Ashen Knight were knighted at the same time, and worked together constantly against Belkan's enemies. Both knights lost many brothers and sisters in arms as the war raged on, yet were able to support each other and keep going.
OOC Information
Soundtrack: Nier OST - Snow in Summer
Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - SeekerS
Player: Blasktin

Logs and Cutscenes

There are no cutscenes on this wiki that Ashen Knight participated in.