Akemi Tsukiyama

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Akemi Tsukiyama | Guma
IC Information
Full Name: Akemi Tsukiyama / Guma
Aliases: Scarlet Rune Maiden
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 15 (July 9th, 1998) / ????
Height: 5'0" / Currently too short for Guma's tastes
Hair Colour: Dark red
Eye Colour: Light Amber
Astrological Sign: Cancer / Bear
Blood Type: A / Bear
Favorite Food: Kiritanpo, Sweets, Mushrooms / Berries, Anything spicy
Least Favorite Food: Cucumbers, Food that's been wasted / ???
Favorite Subject: Home Ec / History
Least Favorite Subject: Math / Home Ec
Organization: None
School: Juuban Public School (Grade 11)
OOC Information
Voice Actress: Mariko Honda / Mariko Honda
Source: Shining Rune Maiden Akemi (OC)
Player: Tanyuu


"It's not bad to have hope." "Someone very smart told me that to find a balance, you need to know both sides."


A quiet, sometimes sleepy girl with a kind heart and a diligent attitude, Akemi secretly comes from a family with unorthodox methods in dealing with spirits. Using a lotus tattoo of holy energy magically passed down her family line, Akemi uses her body as a seal, housing kami and spirits until they are purified enough to be released or, if that isn't possible, sealing them into another object. For things like Noise and things she can't seal, she calls upon the power of the kami sealed within her, transforming into the Scarlet Rune Maiden. Attempting to protect humanity and the spirits of nature from each other and from forces that exist beyond them, Akemi's motives are innocent enough, but some are wary of a girl who allows herself to be possessed by what some would consider a 'demon'. Others, meanwhile, may be interested in an example of a human bloodline influenced by playing a seal to a powerful kami...


Guma - "She's basically a giant mama bear. She's very blunt and isn't afraid to let me take a few bumps to the head for my own good, but she wants the best for me. I wouldn't have been able to do this without her! There's something she's not telling me, though, about her and Auntie's past..."

Hakuto Tsukiyama - "Even if he died when I was five, I still miss my dad. I keep a photo of him in a mushroom hunting book he had. I wish he could see me now. Would he think I was doing the right thing...?"

Katsumi Tsukiyama, aka Auntie - "She's tough, but she has reasons to be! She's probably the reason I'm still around today. I wish she'd tell me more about her time as a magical girl, but even Guma refuses to say much..."

Reiko Tsukiyama - "My mom died when I was born. Dad told me her favorite flower was the dandelion, and every time he saw them bloom he thought it was her spirit trying to remind him to smile. He said he still heard her when I laughed and saw her when I smiled. Am I still that way?"

Beings Encountered

Kasa-obake - "These types of youkai usually require an umbrella to be over 100 years old, but these ones came from all sorts of umbrellas! They're thankfully harmless; they just want people to smile. They're very sweet. I need to make sure they're safe, now that they're here."

Rollercoaster Gremlins - "Something made them go berserk. We all stopped them, but could I have saved them beforehand? ... Maybe I can find the source of their agitation."

Guma's... Acquaintances????

Sailor Maidens - "Odd. I've never encountered these types of magical girls before- they seem to be looking for a 'moon princess'? I wonder if if she's a rabbit."


Akemi's Theme - Dandelion - Kokia

Guma's Theme - Kaine / Escape - Emi Evans

Scarlet Rune Maiden - Red Moon - Kalafina