2020-04-14 - Cli-miii-ing

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Title: Cli-miii-ing

Kitten rescue


Mikoto Minagi Ai Yamamoto


Asakusa Traditional District

OOC - IC Date:

04/14/2020 - IC Date>

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Asakusa Traditional District is home to tradition, street culture... ... and cats.

There are cats /everywhere/ in Tokyo, of course, but these are /Asakusa cats,/ and to ask Mikoto there's obviously a difference. They're not as city-smart as Shibuya cats, but they're friendlier than Nishitama cats..! And, of course, the most important detail of cats...

Ichika, resident calico lady, has had /kittens./

> Kittens are here > You should come see kittens > Kittens in Asakusa > They're so small

Mikoto finishes summoning her new friend AI YAMAMOTO to the cat location, and slips her phone back in the pocket of her yellow shorts. The pink shirt she's wearing over them, of course, has a cat emblazoned over it. Everything on her is colourful, really, aside from the sword-case slung across her back. She perches on the back of a park bench, in flagrant misuse of how one is /supposed/ to sit on a bench, legs swinging back and forth. Faintly, her too-keen ears can pick up the sound of meows. The cats... are /not far./

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Where there's water, there's Ai and of course with the Sumida River to the east of Asakusa, it means that Ai doesn't have to go too far out of her way on her return trip to her Aunt's house. On her way through the district, the fishing rod carrying girl does get some curious and slightly strange looks, but no where as bad as she would have got carrying a spear for fishing.

She pauses when her phone beeps telling her of a message, reading over it curiously until she reaches the word kittens.

> kitties!1! > b right there

Ai soon diverts from going to the train station, and instead redirects herself towards the park, and after getting lost once, manages to find it. She wanders through, looking around trying to spot the other Ohtori girl and when she does, she makes her way towards her.

Ai, at the moment is dressed in a grey skirt, with a white shirt, complete with a cartoon cat vomitting a rainbow onto an icecream cone. She's also wearing an old straw hat, and a pair of old joggers. "Mikoto-senpai!" she greets, as she rushes to join the older girl. "You've got kittens?"

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"Ai!" Mikoto waves her over, and if that shirt is anything strange, she's not one to comment. Clothes are clothes are clothes.

"They're not mine," the smaller girl rolls right into explaining, as she hops up from where she'd perched. "They're their own cats! I'm keeping an eye on them, 'cause when they get old enough, vet can help them!" That's right. Mikoto has /veterinary connections/ now. "But right now, they're just getting used to people..."

She waves Ai over to the side of one of those traditional buildings, all tiled roof and detailed walls. Under a bush rests a calico cat, and three kittens. "This is Ichika-momma," Mikoto says, because naturally that's how one refers to a mother cat, "and Tomomi, and Nobu-kun, and Sakura, and..."

Mikoto pauses. Mikoto counts the kittens. "And..."

Mikoto crouches down, extending her hand out for Ichika to sniff, and reaches over to feel under her. She does not find another kitten, much to the bemusement on her face. "... where's Kayda?" Mikoto asks, with a confused look to Ichika-momma.

'Meow,' she says.

Mikoto still can't actually speak to cats, even given her latest misadventures with Yumi, so she cocks her head and frowns.

That's about when...

'Mii,' comes a smaller voice, from higher up. It's the meow of a kitten, and Ichika-momma's ears perk right up. 'Mii..!'

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

A look of surprise forms on Ai's face when Mikoto explains that they're not her kittens, but rather their own kittens. She blinks a couple of times and tilts her head to the side, looking confused for a few moments. "They're wild cats?" she says in confusion, thought mostly to herself as she watches the other girl move over to the older style buildings.

She trails after Mikoto, but doesn't get too close to the mother and her kittens. "Awww. They're so cute!" she says as she crouches down to get a closer look at the litter and mother. "Now I really wish I caught a bigger fish!" She gives a little sigh and frowns softly.

She watches as Mikoto introduces the three kittens and the mother, still rather curious. She picks out her phone, flips it open and takes a quick photo of the three kittens, the mother and Mikoto with her confused look. That frown remains on her face when the older girl mentions that one is missing. "Oh no! T-that's not good!" she murmurs worriedly.

The mewling of a kitten is missed by her at first, until the second 'mii' is made. "Mikoto. Is Kayda an explorer?" she asks, as she looks upwards towards the noise.

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"I think Ichika-momma has three humans around here," Mikoto explains. "She wanders!" Mikoto, of course, tries to keep track of the homes of all her cat friends. She is an expert in Tokyo's cats in exactly the way she isn't an expert at chemistry.

Ai raises the possibility that Kayda is an /explorer,/ and Mikoto looks up, too. "She really is..." Ichika's grumbling calls her attention back down, and Mikoto pats her behind the ears. "It's okay, Ichika-momma! We'll get Kayda, so don't worry!"

Mikoto straightens, looking up. "Kaaayda..?" There is another 'mii,' from up high. Mikoto's ears twitch, and she looks up...

... and up...

... and there's a little calico kitten, looking down from the rooftop. 'Mii!' Kayda meows.

"Oh!" Mikoto exclaims, pointing. "There's Kayda! Come on, Ai, let's go get Kayda!"


And the way Mikoto straightens up and moves to a nearby tree, springing up to pull herself up by a branch, she /really does intend for it to be that easy./

Just climb up onto the roof. It's fine. No one will mind. "This way!" Mikoto says, arms pulling her up overhead to the branch, before she springs up to a higher one. Is her plan to... oh no, her plan is to jump onto the roof from the tree. Isn't that dangerous?!

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed. Ai glances towards Mikoto when she mentions that the momma cat has three humans in the area, and seems to quickly relax. "I'm sure that the lost one is just with a..." She doesn't finish what she's going to say as she glances up again at the meowing of the kitten high above where they stand.

She glances up again, frowning softly as she spies the kitten as well. She swallows nervously at the height, and then glances as Mikoto reassures momma cat, and moves towards the tree.

"C-can't we just use a ladder or a way up?" she nervously asks as she follows after the older girl. "I don't think we could make it across to the building from here, without falling!" She shifts from foot to foot anxiously as she watches the shorter girl jump to one branch, and then to another one.

She reluctantly puts down her fishing rod and old straw hat before making her way towards the tree as well. She's no stranger to climbing trees, as she reaches up to pull herself up onto the first branch, before using the branches and the trunk of the tree to follow the smaller girl up higher into the tree. "Senpai, can't we just use a ladder?" she whines as she continues to climb.

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"Too slow!" Mikoto dismisses the idea of a ladder, with confidence. "Kayda might get away!" /Where is she going to go, she's on the roof./

The branch under Mikoto's feet diiips precariously, but she just shifts her heel to get a better footing on it, and shifts her weight up and down as she looks to a higher branch. Then - she /springs/ up, with the aid of the springy branch. Catching the bough, she chins herself up, gesturing down to the swimmer. "It's okay," she assures her, despite the fact that there is /clearly sap on her palm now./ "Just don't look down!"

That's sensible advice, since Mikoto is taking them pretty far up.

Of course, tell a girl not to do something...

Up on that high branch, Mikoto shimmies out until she's away from the trunk, and looks down at the rooftop not so far below them. "Like this!" She calls in encouragement, before her knees bend, and she springs from branch to the edge of the roof.

And begins to sliiide down, but luckily, a good grip on the tiles stops that before too long. "See? Easy!"

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Ai certainly doesn't climb anywhere as fast as Mikoto, as she's more cautious in her climbing, staying close to the trunk and testing each hand and foothold with each upwards movement. She gives a surprised cry at Mikoto's shifting weight, which she feels through the tree.

"I've got no intentions of looking down!" she complains, as she continues to climb upwards.

Her jaw drops open as Mikoto launches herself from the tree, and starts to slide down the roof. Her breath catches in her throat, worried that the other girl might continue her slide and she'd be helpless and only able to watch it happen.

She takes a deep breath, and carefully finds her footing as she balances on the tree branch that the other girl just used, abandoning the safety of the trunk behind. Powerful muscles launch her over the gap between the roof and tree, and she lands rather hard on a Mikoto free area of roo. She starts to slide downwards, her foot connecting with the gutter pushing it free from the mountings at one end, causing it to swing away. Thankfully, it was enough to stop her sliding any further.

"I-I'm not dead! Mikoto, I did it!"

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"Yeah!" Mikoto cheers, a fist pumping in the air, with no regard for her grip on the roof whatsoever. "Ai's the best!" Her enthusiasm is entirely genuine: she is /very proud of Ai's climbing achievements./

There's a 'mii' from further along the roof, and Mikoto clambers over, demonstrating to Ai the safest way to move along a tiled roof: hands and knees! Much like the cats she's mentoring, Mikoto knows that the best way to teach someone something new is by /demonstration./

She forgets that she's supposed to actually explain that, since Ai is a person who uses her words, because Mikoto Minagi is in the Cat Zone.


"Kayda!" Mikoto calls, as the kitten perks up from where she's curled up by the heating unit on the roof. "Kayda, Kayda!"

But Kayda, resident explorer, does not /want/ to return to the safety of Ichika-momma, who is pacing up a storm down below.

Instead, she picks herself up on her little kitten legs, and wobbles on down the roof... towards the /new person./

'Mii,' she meows, to Ai.

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed. At first Ai's too worried about moving, especially considering the gutter that helped arrest her slide is swinging free. She glances downwards for a moment and winces when she realises that she just broke someone's property, and secondly she has no idea how to try to fix it either. "We're going to get into so much trouble if someone sees us," she murmurs to herself.

Her own climbing is more like a sloth at the moment, with her carefully reaching out with one arm, moving up a bit, then the opposite leg and pushing her body up a little bit further. Slowly she repeats the process, until she look towards Mikoto and how she's moving. She carefully moves onto her hands and knees and makes her way further for the edge.

Upon spotting the tiny kitten, Ai carefully extends her hand towards her to let her sniff her fingers. "Kayda," she calls softly.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you. Senpai, she's coming over to me. I think it's her, unless there's more kittens that like to climb onto high roofs."

She doesn't make any sudden movements, as she glances towards Mikoto. "This is her, right?"

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"It's okay," Mikoto assures Ai, with that same confidence. "No one ever looks up!" This is clearly what Ai was worried about, according to Mikoto Minagi.

Look, it's just one little gutter. It's an acceptable sacrifice to teaching people how to climb rooftops. Climbing rooftops is a vital skill for...

This is the precise moment where Mikoto realises Ai is a /normal/ rural girl - that's what she knows! - and probably has never had any occasion to get up high on a rooftop.

The 'oops' is entirely visible on her face.

Luckily: Kayda is here! The kitten headbutts Ai's fingers, and happily goes to sit on her hand. 'Mii!' She meows, proudly. She has /found a person./

"Yup!" Mikoto enthuses, beaming. "That's Kayda! She likes you, Ai!" At this point, Mikoto looks down over the edge of the roof...

And does an excellent impression of a meow down below, to the grumbling Ichika. Mikoto may not be able to understand the language of cats, but she is a /pretty good emulator./

This done, she looks back over to Ai and Kayda, tilting her head. "Want me to go get ladder?" Mikoto asks, because apparently /now/ it's fine.

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

With the reassurance from Mikoto, Ai breaths a sigh of relief. She does think about the comment, and finds herself agreeing with it. After all, when she walks around looking up, she either walks into random people or random things and usually ends up looking like a fool.

"I-I guess you're right," she comments to the other girl. "Do you spend a lot of time up on roof tops? It seems like you do?" she then asks curiously.

She then carefully rolls onto her side, letting the kitten it headbutt her fingers, and then sit on her hand. She smiles at the baby cat, and slowly reaches out to give her a scritch behind the ears. "Hi Kayda! I'm not going to hurt you. You're pretty, aren't you?" she cheerfully offers to the kitten. "Your mother is awfully worried about you!"

Mikoto gets a strange look at the meow that she offers down to the mother cat, but she doesn't comment on it.

Strangely at the offer of getting a ladder, she shakes her head as she considers the view and what she can see from their vantage point. "Ummm. No. It would be good to know how to get off a roof like this. Because it might, ummm, be good to, errr, see things from up on high places?" she trails off, seemingly uncertain on how to explain her sudden unwillingness to use a ladder to get down, and why she wants to know how to get down another way.

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Kayda 'mii's, shoving her head into the scritches. She is a /very pretty calico,/ and astoundingly friendly for a stray. No doubt Mikoto has been socialising her for a while now.

"Yup!" Mikoto's answer to Ai's question is enthusiastic, with a bright smile. "I like being up high!" This, of course, is also a trick she learned from her cat friends. Of course, her cat friends don't usually hang out on skyscrapers, but dark secret of Mikoto Minagi is thus: /Mikoto is not a cat./

As a person, Mikoto has access to /high-level high places./

This is why Mikoto doesn't look worried at all to be on the roof of a building like this. In the scheme of things, this is not nearly as high a perch as Mikoto has ever found. It's still high for people who aren't used to being up high, though. Mikoto knows that! Well, she realised it eventually.

Even so, Ai declines her offer of a ladder, and Mikoto nods firmly. "'Kay!" She chirps, entirely happy to accept Ai's hesitant explanation. She is not one to pry into areas of discomfort: Ai said she wanted to know how to get off the roof, and that's enough for Mikoto.

In any case, Mikoto thinks, she's probably just nervous because she isn't used to roofs. Some people are scared of heights!

"Going down's usually easier," Mikoto explains, moving over to the back entrance of the building. "'Cause you can lower yourself down, and you don't gotta lift all your weight up. Best to find stairs, or a window, or something else what sticks out, to put feet there!" Now she's remembered to help people the way people need help, Mikoto does her best to explain herself.

"This place has covered exit," Mikoto explains, pointing down. "So Ai drops down using the pole, and puts feet on railing! From there, it's easy to step down! Grab tiles, they're stronger than gutter."

She pauses, and looks over to Kayda.

"Want me to bring Kayda down?" Mikoto asks, because /maybe Ai doesn't want to try a descent with a cat passenger./

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Ai carefully scoops Kayda up in her arms, not stopping with the scritches, smiling brightly at the kitten. "Who's a little cutey? You are!"

She appears distracted for a moment, and then glances toward Mikoto again, listening closely to her as she speaks. "I don't mind climbing cliffs or trees. I've never really been up on a roof before. I guess this is my first time," she sheepishly admits.

If Mikoto hadn't been around, she would have used Arathtrue to get up and down, but at least she's learnt something new that will help her be less reliant. The less that she has to use her Child, the less chance that people will find out.

She carefully climbs the roof and moves in the older girl's direction. She listens to the explanation of how to descend as she peers over the edge, down towards the ground as she figures out where her hand and foot holds are.

She offers Kayda to the other girl and nods her head. "Please! I'd feel horrible if I dropped her or hurt her." She pales for a moment as she thinks of an accident in her past. An accident with a pelican that she never speaks of, that continues to plague her dreams.

"So tiles, not the gutter. Ooooh! So that's why that gutter fell off before! I always thought they were really strong because they held all the water when it rained."

She offers the cat to Mikoto, and then once the kitten has been taken, she starts on her descent. It's slow and deliberate, as she's unfamiliar with climbing down buildings, but she does follow the instructions given to her. [ <Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"Gutters are strong for water," Mikoto says, "not for people." People and water weigh differently!

Sometimes water weighs much more than people instead of much less, but never mind that. The ocean knows what it did.

"Sometimes tiles can be loose," she goes on, "and those aren't good to hold onto. It's always good to test grip before climbing. Don't worry!" She hastens to assure Ai. "These tiles are okay! I checked!"

She gives Kayda a scritch as she watches Ai shimmy her way down. "Foothold's to your left," she offers, helpfully. Once Ai is free, she'll make her own descent..!

She does this one-handed, because the other hand is holding a kitten.

Somehow, she manages to hold herself up and lower herself down with one arm.

... Mikoto must make a /killing/ at the athletics festival.

She goes down slowly, which is more for Ai's benefit than anything: if Ai can watch her making her way down, she'll get better at climbing, too. This is the logic Mikoto applies, as she safely sees herself and the kitten down to the ground.

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

There's nothing but silence from Ai as she watches the older girl climb down single handidly. "Wow! You're really, really strong, Senpai!" she cheerfully tells the other girl. "I don't think I could have done that at all. I don't know how I would have got the kitten down by myself."

She glances back up to the roof, no doubt imagining have to be rescued because of getting stuck up there herself.

"So when you said to check when you climb, it's just like climbing rocks and trees? You always double check your hold, then move when if it'll support you?" she asks curiously of her roof climbing instructor. "I guess you climb up onto a lot of roofs, because you seem to know your way around them," she then remarks curiously. "I know you said to avoid the gutters, but is there anything else I should know about doing that?"

She's certainly taken an interest in getting onto roofs.

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed. "Yup!" Mikoto beams, when Ai compliments her physical acumen. She is very skilled at climbing, and not at all skilled at modesty. ... then again, Mikoto applauded Ai's fishing prowess back at the river just as enthusiastically, so maybe Mikoto is just like that. "Just like trees," Mikoto agrees, nodding with a firm affirmative grunt. "I used to climb trees, but when I came here there were lots of buildings! So I started climbing those, too. It's lots different, but it's fun!" With how brightly she speaks of it, Mikoto must not have much trouble looking down. Sure, Mikoto can't fly, but she can fall /really good./ She'd be fine, even if she slipped! This is the surety of Mikoto. She taps a finger to her lip, as she considers the details of Climbing Onto Rooftops. "If it's built into the wall, it's usually good to grip," Mikoto says, after a moment. "Like when there are buildings with bits sticking out. But machines aren't as strong, even if they look like they're attached, too. Windowsills are really good, and so are emergency exits! Ai's legs must be really strong, but make sure you can pull yourself up by your arms too, okay? 'Cause sometimes the only way to get up is pulling!" As far as Mikoto knows, this is the first time she's imparted her parkour wisdom so thoroughly - but she's happy to help.

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"You should take up sports or something," Ai offers encouragingly. "You've got amazing upper body strength, and no doubt great lower body strength. I bet you'd do great at track and field, as long as you don't have to do high jump." She does wince when she realises what she said. "Sorry about bringing up height there."

She goes back to listen to what the older girl says, offering a nod of her head every now and then. "Oh, so don't hang onto air conditions? They stick out. Same as gutters." She offers a nod of her head, and grins as she looks towards another building outside of the park. "I used to climb trees back in my home village, but never with any need to do it fast. It was just a way to climb up and see what was around." "But thanks for showing me how to do that. It's going to sound really strange, but I think it'll help me out knowing how to get up and down. Oh, after we return the kitten, do you want to get some icecream and I'll buy some food for your friends?" she offers with a bright smile. "Just as a thank you for the lesson, and showing me the kittens."

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Mikoto cants her head to the side, and waves a hand, conciliatory. "It's okay," she assures Ai. At least she wasn't calling her younger than she is on account of her height! "I used to be pretty busy," she speaks vaguely, because there's no possible way Mikoto can explain to a girl she sees as normal the dark obligations which kept her busy after school, "but maybe I can do more sports now!" Of course, Mikoto is already part of a club, but not being officially part of sports isn't about to stop Mikoto from getting involved. She just kind of shows up and does things. This is the methodology of Mikoto. "It's okay to climb slow," Mikoto makes sure to point out, though. "I'm just fast 'cause I've done it lots. But climbing buildings is lots like climbing trees in Tokyo! It's still good for seeing what's around!" Eyes bright, she insists, "Ice cream..!" BUT FIRST: there is a meow-meow-meow, the clarion call of the mother cat. Ichika-momma's found her way around to the girls, and to Kayda! 'Mii,' says the kitten, and Ichika reaches down to pick her up by the scruff of her neck, tail held high as she looks up to the brave heroes who saved her child from herself. "Ichika's happy, too!" Mikoto translates her body language, cheerfully, as that mother cat turns to take her wayward kitten back to the kitten pile.

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Ai makes her way over to her fishing gear, and quickly picks her equipment up. "Oh, did you get detention a lot? I was like that before I transferred to Magano. It was like everyday I was in trouble because I wasn't doing my homework properly. I'd do a bit, then go outside because I was bored of being inside." She wrinkles her nose as she checks over her equipment again.

"You should do more sports! I bet if you applied yourself, you could be almost as good as me!" she teases playfully. "You're a really strong swimmer, I've seen you swim. Some time perfecting your form, and I think you'd be great."

"I'll get faster with more practice climbing buildings," the swimmer responds. "That was actually kind of fun, and I'm glad I didn't hurt myself." She glances towards the shorter girl with a worried look. "You didn't cut yourself or anything Senpai?"

She trails off and looks towards Ichika when she approaches, but Ai remains a respectful distance away from the stray. She pulls her phone out again, this time taking another picture of the mother cat reunited with her kitten. "Awww. Don't be giving your momma any more trouble Kayda! She was worried about you!" She tells the kitten that's just been picked up by the scruff of her neck.
"Mission successful!" she offers, as she tries to take a heroic pose, complete with holding out her hand and giving a thumbs up. "It's always nice to do good things like that."

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"Uh-huh," Mikoto grunts affirmation, on the topic of detention. "But I usually just walked out." Most teachers don't actually have any real powers to detain their students..! Well. Most teachers, anyway. The polite fiction that students are supposed to cleave to their teachers has not always been one Mikoto has been terribly good at respecting. "Yup!" Is her cheerful response to SPORTS, with a bright, broad smile. She happily accepts that she could be almost as good as someone who actually applies themselves at sports, if she tried hard enough. Mikoto is not terribly practiced at adverserial banter, either. "Nope," her answer to Ai's concern is just as simple. "I'm tough!" Why she's so tough is a question for the ages, because Mikoto doesn't go into it. Apparently this is just a truth one must accept. 'Miiiii,' Kayda mews as she's shepherded away, and somehow she does not sound particularly repentant about her adventures. /Some cats are like that./ "We did it!" Mikoto says, happily. She rocks back and forth on her heels, only to start off down the road, turning to wave her wrist in a beckoning gesture. "Come on, Ai! Let's get ice cream! And snacks for cats!" Snacks are /important/ after a successful rescue mission. This is the wisdom of Mikoto Minagi.

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

A soft laugh is given by Ai at the mention of walking out of detention. "I wouldn't have had the courage to even try that," she admits. "Knowing my luck if I did that, they'd ring my Aunt and then my Aunt would want to talk to me. She's scary when she's angry." She slowly shakes her head.

"I think I saw an ice cream place just outside of the park," she cheerfully informs Mikoto, as she takes a step away from the building and cat friends. She does pause, glancing towards the kitten and mother again, as Kayda 'miii's again, and then follows after the older girl. She hunts through her pockets, finding a few crumpled notes that she starts to sort through.

"Do cats like ice cream as well as a snack? Should we get them an ice cream, too?" she asks innocently. "Can they eat ice cream? I-I don't know much about kitties." She gives an overly dramatic sigh at that relevation.

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"I don't gotta worry about that," Mikoto says, on the topic of family. She delivers the line casually, though she does pause for a moment to add: "Sounds hard." Her guardian Mashiro never really bothers Mikoto about the little indiscretions, which suits Mikoto fine, because Mashiro just doesn't smell right. To ice cream adventures...! "Cats need to eat meat," Mikoto helpfully explains. "Some like to sniff other food, but ice cream isn't snacks for cats. It's snacks for people! Like us!" Mikoto has thrown herself into the insistence that she /is/ a person, even given her particular family lineage, but she doesn't explain why she's so cheerful to make that final note. "So let's get ice cream, and then we can find cat snacks!" Fearlessly Mikoto shall lead them... to the /correct snack path./