2019-04-06 - TIMELINE X: The House With Many Rooms

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Title: The House With Many Rooms

Eri makes Kyouko's house a home.


Kyouko Sakura, Eri Shimanouchi



OOC - IC Date:

04-06-2019 - Everywhen

Kyouko's house has many rooms.

They are sparsely furnished and lacking in amenities, many with manhole covers for doors. But for what they lack in comfort they make up for in space. Kyouko might have the largest residence in all of Tokyo, even if parts of it don't smell very nice, or lack electricity or running water. She has more than enough just for herself. She can share.

She had found the dark haired girl in a state of unconsciousness. Although she knew of Eri Shimanouchi, they had not been particularly close. But then, with Kyouko, who is? Kyouko did not particularly understand why, upon chancing across the battered magi, she had decided to take her with her to one of the many boltholes she has scattered across the city. Her instinct and whims of the moment simply pointed her in that direction, and as was typical. she followed her gut. Fetching a second foldable cot from similar room in another part of the sewer, the small chamber which contained only a duffle bag of emergency essentials, a few grocery bags of non perishable foodstuffs, and a miniature jukebox suddenly found itself hosting a second occupant.

It was meant to be temporary, just a couch of sorts to sleep off a bad hangover. But Kyouko soon learned that Eri had had a falling out with Mami Tomoe, and now had nowhere to go. Despite her typical inclinations, when the fire haired loner went to a different shelter for her next night's sleep, she was not alone.

It was an ascetic lifestyle, trekking from place to place, and unlike Kyouko, Eri had a school schedule to keep. Kyouko found herself subtly changing in habit, selecting each nightly residence less by whim and randomness for security's sake and more for its proximity to public transportation. Kyouko's house has many rooms, and over time they started to bloom. Green thumbed Eri began to project her own influence as the spaces began to become her own, too. A few hardy plants were potted around the city, and the air down there became that much cleaner.

Kyouko, who had been alone for so long, came to realize how lonely she had been. For the first time in some time, she had a friend. In time she revealed the extent of her network of shelters, withholding just one location or two. Sometimes they stayed in separate rooms from one another in Kyouko's grand home, speaking to each other in little walkie talkies that started to percolate alongside the ferns. More typically they stayed together.

Kyouko's house has many rooms. In time it grew less empty.