2014-03-31 - Mew and a Maybe?

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Title: Mew and a Maybe?

Mew Strawberry and Cute Wolf Tsukiko get a chance to talk, and Tsukiko learns what makes a Mew.


Mew Strawberry and Cute Wolf Tsukiko


Odori Park (Ice Palace)

OOC - IC Date:

03-31-2014* - 12-23-2013
*: Scene finished 04-01-2014

It had been a tough week. First final exams, then killer androids, followed by a fierce musical ballet battle in the hokkaido mountains. Ichigo had finally managed to grab a few moments of relaxation, however, after hoping to go skiing with some friends, she had then been interrupted by a chimera anima in the form of a snow lynx..Of all things!

Having transformed into Mew Strawberry, she now finds herself the lone defender against a giant snowy lynx that uses the very snowy environs as a weapon against her! She'd been fighting it for a while and it was starting to slow down. However, Strawberry herself was growing tired herself, having not fully recovered from her wounds during the previous battle less than a day ago!

Even on a school trip, the job of a magical girl is never quite over. Still slightly tired from her earlier fight against two snowy guardians of the mountains, Cute Wolf Tsukiko nonetheless was prowling around Hokkaido looking for possible clues.

The sounds of battle had caught her attention, and so she carefully approached. While a giant snow lynx wasn't exactly something she was expecting to see, the magical girl fighting it looks familiar - and certainly suffering from the recent battles.

Taking a deep breath, Tsukiko darts forward. "Hey, over here!" she yells at the lynx, darting around the feline's legs in an attempt to limit its mobility. Looking over at the catgirl, she asks "Are you okay?" before rolling out of reach of a swatting paw.

Strawberry is breathing heavily by this point. Normally she'd have no trouble taking on a single monster, but she's still a bit winded from the other night, and has not fully recovered from her wounds. Besides, this weather is chilling, especially in a little sleeveless dress like the one she wears.

Actually, she looks relieved to see the wolf girl, recognizing her from the battle the other night. "Hey, it's you! I'm okay, just a scratch, I'll survive." she gives her a little smile before backflipping out of the way of the Lynx's powerful claw swipes before it attempts to swing around to face the wolf girl. However, Tsukiko proves to be far more agile than the larger lynx monster as she darts around its legs with the animalistic agility Strawberry would normally associate with a mew. Hmm, strange.

However, there is no time to ponder now. Although the lynx is clearly slowing down itself from the wounds strawberry has already inflicted on it, it still seems to have one more trick up its sleeve. It roars as it opens its mouth, unleashing a powerful avalance of snow and freezing winds from its mouth at the two girls.

Tsukiko nods to Strawberry as the cat girl dodges the Lynx's swipe. The relief is shortlived, though, as the Lynx buffets them with its icy roar. The wolfgirl is able to get her shoulder turned into the assault, but the snow and wind still shove her back several meters. "Cocoa, back at the lodge," she mutters to herself as she shakes off the fresh layer of frost.

Picking herself out of the sudden snowdrift, she glares at the Lynx. She's still a bit tired from her earlier fight, but she has enough energy for a swift (and hopefully decisive) strike. Running forward in defiance of the Lynx's rage, she turns into a silvery blur, dashing past the Lynx and knocking it off of some of its feet.

As the Lynx struggles to regain its footing, Tsukiko skids to a halt a modest distance from it. "Now!" she shouts to Strawberry - the Lynx is clearly on its last legs, both literal and figurative.

Hmm, the image of warm cocoa is very inviting right now. Strawberry just smiles and nods, "Looking forward to it!" However, first they have to deal with this monster!

She yelps as the blast of wintry air hits her like a truck, causing her to shiver from head to toe and nearly completely burying her in snow. If it werent for her enhanced agility, she might have been worse off as she claws her way out, flipping and cartwheeling out of the way of further frost breath assaults.

However, it seems that Tsukiko is already up and running, slicing into the lynx in a silvery blur, which causes the lynx to shriek out in pain as its struck again and again, blood spattering on its thick snowy coat.

"Right!" She nods as she pulls out her strawberry bell, spinning around several times as she summons a pink ribbon of magical energy to spiral around her, gathering up force. When she stops, she points her bell towards the Lynx, releasing a burst of rainbox colored orbs of light. "Ribbon strawberry...check!" What happens next is quite..Strange. Rather than explode into hundreds of bits of dust, the monster reverts back into a normal lynx, while a glowy green jellyfish like thing pops out of its body. Masha is already there, waiting to gobble up the infusor.

"Phew, no sweat!" She runs towards the lynx, checking it over and healing its wounds before letting the poor confused and frightenned animal to dart back into the wild.

"I guess even this place isn't safe from the cyniclons." she murmurs, staring after the lynx.

Tsukiko watches the restored and healed lynx scamper off. Strawberry's comment prompts a slightly curious and blank stare - cyni-what-lons?

Shaking it off, she looks at the cat girl. "We didn't get a chance to introduce each other the other night, did we?" she asks with a smile. "I'm Cute Wolf Tsukiko - nice to meet you!"

Mew Strawberry smiles, striking a pose. "Mew Strawberry at your service! Pleased to make your acquaintance, Tsukiko-san! Nyah!" she bows politely as she tears her eyes away from the now harmless lynx as it vanishes into a snowy thicket and nods as she turns to face the wolf girl fully.

"Oh yeah, you're friends with the Wind Knight, aren't you? She mentioned your name briefly. I was hoping to meet you." Strawberry takes a better look at the girl, coming over.

"Cyniclons are the aliens that are trying to wipe out humanity, so they can re-inhabit this planet and claim it as their own. I'm afraid I don't know too much more than that, we're still researching them. But they're infusing poor, innocent animals with infusors to mutate them into dangerous monsters."

Masha comes over at that point, his tummy now full of infusors. "Fortunately, Masha can eat infusors before they can inhabit other animals and cause further harm. Oh by the way..Thanks for your help! I guess I'm still pretty winded from the fight the other day.."

"Glad to help!" Tsukiko smiles. "So cyniclons do bad things to turn animals into monsters, but the bad things can be undone," she muses, recapping for herself.

A thought crosses her mind. "Do you know how long the cyniclons have been infusing animals?" she asks. The idea is an unlikely one, but it might be an unexpected explanation.

Strawberry shakes her head. "I dont really know much about the cyniclons. I think they've been around a long time now, after all, according to my...Err...Boss, they were here long before humans inhabited the earth. But it seems that their monsters, the infusors are pretty recent. I guess they've been experimenting..."

She frowns, "It's a little sad though, being able to turn a monster back to normal isn't always easy although I seem to be able to do it with my magic." what about the other Mews? She has no idea..Although she does smile hopefully, "Fortunately, my buddy Masha is able to detect an infusor. I guess with all these magical girls around, they're more cautious than they could have been.."

Tsukiko nods. In an odd way, it's reassuring that werewolves aren't infused wolves; it keeps things simple. Well, about as simple as anything involving curses and lycanthropy can be, anyway.

"You're able to restore them, and that's the important part, isn't it?" she smiles. "I'm willing to help out if you ever need assistance, and I can be an extra set of eyes on patrol."

Strawberry nods and smiles, "Yeah, I'm also relieved that we dont have to kill them. Sometimes it's difficult to figureo out if they're just monsters or anima chimera. Fortunately, I have Masha to help me out." She beams when the wolf girl offers her help in the future and nods.

"Thank you! I'm grateful for that....I have a question, Tsukiko-san, are you..Are you a Mew Mew too?" Of course she might not even know if she is..

Tsukiko headtilts. "Ummm... I'm not sure," she admits sheepishly. While her family is well-versed in Curse Hunter knowledge, that knowledge is pretty tightly focused on curses and the like. Specifics about magical girls, on the other hand, aren't exactly known.

Only one way to find out. "What exactly makes someone a Mew Mew?" she asks.

Strawberry hmms, "Well...It's a little hard to tell. Ryou tells me they're just people whose genes were fused with animal DNA, giving them some animalistic properties. I was hit by an experimental beam of DNA altering energy at the Red Data exhibit, but I dunno who else might have been hit by it.."

She peers curiously at Tsukiko and her wolfish qualities however. "But they do tell me that one of the Mews is a wolf Mew...All mews have a little mark, like a kind of tattoo that marks them as a Mew..Like this!"

Strawberry pulls up the hem of her skirt to reveal the mew mark on her thigh.

Tsukiko takes a look at the mew mark, thinking about the other traits. Genes infused with animal DNA? That's part of the definition of lycanthropy, so check. The mew mark, on the other hand...

She shakes her head. "No, I don't have a mew mark," she admits. "I do have some wolf DNA, but it's from my great-grandfather. Kind of a long story there."

Strawberry hmms, "Are you sure?" Why, she almost seems disappointed. "I think Mews are a relatively new thing, so it probably wouldn't have stretched back generations. Still, I'll have to talk to Keichiiro about that..."

It's a lot to think about, and right now, Ichigo's just totally tired. "But hey, thanks for all your help. I'm sure we'll see each other again! Even if you're not a mew, you were pretty awesome out there...In the meantime, I think there's supposed to be a party starting soon.."