2014-03-17 - Uncorking Past Mistakes

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Title: Uncorking Past Mistakes

Sailor Vega happens upon Dark Amber!


Dark Amber and Sailor Vega


Shibuya Shopping Ward

OOC - IC Date:

Some Winter Evening during Finals Week

Pose Tracker Dark Amber Infinity Institute (11) has posed.
There was a small magical disturbance on the rooftop of one of the taller buildings in the shopping ward. It seemed small...but something louder joined in. It would be enough to drag the attention of other passerbys.

It was however, slowly growing to a close. Wispy, black snake like creatures, a nest of them on top of a roof, one by one, being dissapated with transulecent amber blades of thier assailiant, a fancily dressed young man who might look like he's going to a steampunk convention of varying sorts.

By the time Sailor Vega arrives, the last one goes poof. leaving the young man in quiet contemplation for a moment, he seems to talk to himself as he walks towards were the next initally was.

"I wonder what brought them here..." he says as he seems to be searching the ground suddenly.

Dark Amber also, said creatures smell abousltely horrid, of course.

Pose Tracker Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
Isn't that always the way? She arrived just long enough to realize the matter was well-in-hand and that she'd at best be annoyingly bandwagoning the mop-up. And Gods forbid the young man might be one of those Tuners!

So once the job is done, THEN she leaps gracefully from the other rooftop.

Landing a polite distance away, Vega watches for a moment as Dark Amber searches - "Anything you could use a hand with?" she calls over to him, brows up questioningly. She adds, with a small, hopeful smile, "I can help look for clues? Or be on hand in case something bigger decides to take revenge for the deaths of the smaller ones?"

Pose Tracker Dark Amber Infinity Institute (11) has posed.
Dark Amber isn't a Tuner. He's in fact, the opposite of one! But that is not the point at least. Though the apperance of someone new causes him to look over his shoulder, then turn around a moment as he regards the girl for a moment.

Alright, apprasial over. You're not here to cause a fight. "That would be helpful. Thanks." he says as he scans the rooftop. "They gather around sources of bad memories. But thier recent prescene is obscuring my nose. I can't sniff it out." he says. "No bigger one is coming. But more will eventually reinfest this rooftop unless I can find the source of what's drawing them here." he says.

He turns back around as he speaks, scanning the ground. "Your manner of dress reminds me of a few aquatancies I've fought with. Are you related to Sailor Moon and her team?" he asks curiously.

Pose Tracker Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
"Signs Hazy, Ask Again Later," Sailor Vega answers with a bit of a nervous laugh, briefly rubbing the back of her neck. "Still working that out, actually!"

As if to fend off further awkward questions, she snaps to a sassy-posed salute, "I am Sailor Vega, and I'll do what I can to help chase away the darkness of unpleasant memories!" Point and wink, "You bet!"

Ahem. Moving over to crouch, lady-like, near where Dark Amber is looking. "Are they Demons, or something else?"

Pose Tracker Dark Amber Infinity Institute (11) has posed.
Dark Amber nods. "I see..." is all he says. He finds this answer sufficent. Lord knows he couldn't answer the same a few months back if someone were to ask him if he was related to the Perfumes....

"They're Dark Scents. They feed on bad memories to grow powerful. They're not smart. They're basically animals. But they come from a dark plane between here and...... somewhere else." he says vaugely.

Sailor Vega might see something dark and glowing underneath the underhang of a radiator. Dark Amber is looking in a different direction.

"My name is Dark Amber." he says. He doesn't elaborate on what he does.

Pose Tracker Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
"Mmm," Vega answers with positive intonation. Inwardly, she puzzles over te meaning of what a 'Dark Scent' might be; a smell associated with a bad memory? How would a smell be that way, and what might it mean if it had been a nice smell before?

While thinking on the psychology of scent, Sailor Vega does indeed come across the dark and glowing... what is that? on her 'sweep.' Instead of bothering Dark Amber with something that might be nothing...

Vega reaches over to take the object in hand so she can study it herself.

Pose Tracker Dark Amber Infinity Institute (11) has posed.
Yoink! Vega's holding what appears to be some sort of perfume bottle, made of some sort of brown glass. What's inside seems to be horribly black and goopy like it was oil. It deosn't feel expecially pleasent to hold it.

Dark Amber looks over to the left and....sees you holding something. He pauses a moment, before he suddnely facepalms lightly. "Nrg--- that ones....my fault." he says. That's strange. How is that his fault?

"Please do me a favor and remove the plug. I cannot do it." he asides.

There's an awkward silence.

"Oh... um. That's a sealed bad memory." he says, almost a little ashamedly. "It belongs to someone in the city. It needs to be returned to it's rightful owner by opening the bottle. I... can't free a memory." he asides. "I will merely just summon more of those things from before." he explains.

Pose Tracker Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
Looking over her shoulder towards Dark Amber, Vega's eyes seem to shimmer with both concern and sympathy - whenever anyone takes fault for something like whatever dark thing this 'sealed dark scent memory' is, the history tends to be bad and the motives for fixing it good!

Vega watches Dark Amber like that for a few moments, before the creeping horror of the thing in her hands starts to feel like it's sinking through her body. Barely suppressing a shudder, she nods and then stands up.

Poised to pull the top from the bottle, Vega looks back over at Dark Amber - well, if whatever it is attacks them, there are two of them and they'll handle it!

She removes the plug!

Pose Tracker Dark Amber Infinity Institute (11) has posed.
Vega removes the plug. There's a small white flash, something escapes, and dissapears off into the night sky. Dark Amber nods contently. "Thank you." he says. "I guess I owe you an explanation..." he sighs a bit.

"When I first...well.... started remembering things about myself, I started using my powers in a misguided manner." he asides. "I thought I could submerge all the bad memories in the city." he says a moment, motioning to the cityscape below.

"I know now that was a pretty bad idea." he sighs.

Pose Tracker Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
Once the stuff in the bottle flashes and then drifts, Vega watches it until it disappears... then turns back to give Dark Amber's story her full attention.

"Burying memories usually is, yes," she says, following the trail of his hand towards the city below - but something in her voice suggests that she has some sort of experience with the more metaphorical act of it herself.

"As long as you're trying to atone for whatever it was, then it'll be okay. Keeping moving forward is important."

Pose Tracker Dark Amber Infinity Institute (11) has posed.
Dark Amber sighs and shakes his head. "That's what my friends, the Perfume Warriors, say." he says. "But they don't remember what I do. They say I'm one of them now..... but I'm not. I'm just an outcast. I belive they only pity me, even though they say otherwise." he sighs.

"And even what I can remember is fuzzy sometimes." he says as he crosses his arms.

He smiles. "I'm sorry...." he says. "Sailor Vega... was it? How long have you been....doing this?" he asks softly. "If you'd care to share, too?" he asks.

Pose Tracker Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
"Just a few months now," Vega confesses - still looking out over the city. "I have dreams - dreams that are true somehow, but I don't know if what I see in them belongs to me or comes from somewhere else. But this... FEELS right."

Finally looking back to Dark Amber, Vega's smile is warm - a little bit of light in the darkening evening. "My life had started to turn in a circle, I think... and now I have this. Wether it makes a larger circle or offers me a way out I only hope I'm strong enough to recognize when the time comes."

Cranking the smile up a notch, Vega adds, "The Perfume Warriors probably wouldn't lead you on, you know - if they consider you one of them, you should just take it at face value! If you reject them and keep yourself separate and brooding, in the end you hurt only yourself!"

If only she recognized that, outside the Fuku, she should probably try to take her own advice.

Pose Tracker Dark Amber Infinity Institute (11) has posed.
Dark Amber smiles. "I can sympathize with that. The dreams I mean. I have them too. They're from my past life. I----he, was not a very nice individual. He did horrific things." he says with a frown. He nods. "If it wasn't for them reaching out, I'd had continued doing things wrong." he sighs. "And even when I told them what I remember.... what my past life had done, they remembered, too. But they still gave me a chance." he nods. "I can't reject that." he says curtly. "but I still feel undeserving." he says.

He head tilts. "I won't pry into your personal life." he says. "But.... do you happen to be a Tuner?" he asks softly.

Pose Tracker Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
It's an easy question to answer, and a welcome change of subject from the heavier tone. "No, I don't!"

Crossing her leg behind her and leaning back a bit, one hand on her hip (it still has the flask in it), Sailor Vega brings a finger of the other hand to her chin. "I was actually attacked by one for intruding on her territory and stealing part of a bounty from her! While the misunderstanding was resolved, it's sort of put me off of the idea of such a group entirely."

Gesturing towards Dark Amber, Vega continues, "It's why I didn't leap right into join you before - I don't want any part in stealing food from anyone's table, accidentally or no!"

Pose Tracker Dark Amber Infinity Institute (11) has posed.
Dark Amber shakes his head. "I am not a Tuner......and not all Tuners are like that. The Perfumes are Tuner's too--- but they're nicer and don't care if anyone 'takes' thier bounty, so long as people are safe." he nods. "Japanese Cherry Blossom, I guess, the one who takes charge most of the time.... said she only joined them because it keeps them in contact with others and keeps them in the know of going ons." he says.

He wonders. "This....Tuner... was she... a Red Haired young girl who.... threw coins? And said Desu No a lot?" he wonders.

Pose Tracker Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
"Grace Chapel, yes!" Vega nods in the affirmative. "That was her. She packs a heck of a punch, that's for sure - but once the dust cleared and we spoke..."

Vega covers her mouth, then adds quietly, "Her stomach growled so fiercely! It was like a starved beast ten times her size! If I were in her position, I would be very protective of the money I earned to eat, too!"

Pose Tracker Dark Amber Infinity Institute (11) has posed.
Dark Amber makes a face and a sigh. "She's unique to be sure... at least she means well." he asides with a sigh. "And she won't even take food you offer to her...." he asides.

"I don't think she gets in your face twice though." he nods. "But she can barely handle the big ones..... she's going to get someone killed." he laments with a sighs.

He smiles. "I think I should get going. Now that this is handled, they shouldn't be congregating here again. The Dark Scents I mean." he says. He flicks a hand, there's a puff of smoke as he tosses a card at you. "That's my number." he asides. "Well... a number... you can reach me at, if you have questions." he says. It's a card on brown backing, gold text 'Dark Amber' underneath that in small script 'Magic Association' and then a number that calls a specific cellphone no doubt.

"Be well, Sailor Vega." he says politely as he walks to the edge of the building and merely jumps down. You could probably say something last second if you were fast enough.

Pose Tracker Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
There's a moment where she just sort of starry-eyed listens to it all, catching the card (an older boy just gave her his number!), and the day is saved and... Oh, hey, wait, he's taking off?

"DARK AMBER WAIT A MINUTE-- " But he's gone. "What do I do with this?" Vega asks... herself, looking at the amber-looking bottle. It didn't disappear when the contents did, is it gonna bottle up something ELSE it shouldn't? "Well, I suppose if Orpheus thinks it's safe I'll just keep it. It IS kind of pretty."

Speaking of which... "Where *is* that cat, anyway?" Sailor Vega turns off in the direction she came from and leaps away to find that crazy feline.