2014-03-13 - Love-Beams Fix Everything

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Title: Love-Beams Fix Everything!

Sailor Vega unwittingly intrudes on Grace Chapel's territory and steals a chunk of a bounty. FIGHT!


Sailor Vega and Grace Chapel


Nishitama Park District, Tama Outer City

OOC - IC Date:

<03-13-2014 - 12-15-2013>

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
One of the wonders of Tama is Nishitama Park District, a slice of nature that while touched by its human denizens, seems to live in harmony with it. That harmony however, is frequently tested...

Right now, as students pepper the areas of the park studying for finals, and others jog for stress relief, there's a feeling of wrongness which permeates the air, an electric humming which one feels, more than hears.

A dark cloud descends, of impossibly large locusts, each the size of a person's arm, with slavering mandibles. Wings beating and thrumming through the air creating a cacophonous din. These are Noise, manifestations of humanity's darker emotions, and during finals week when emotions run high, they're appearing more frequently.. causing the Tuners to have to work overtime just to keep up. The screaming starts shortly after they appear, as most sensible people start running away from the host.

Pose Tracker: Asagao Uekawa Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
Asagao Uekawa, student of Ohtori, enjoying an evening walk in the park... with her cat, Orpheus. Perched on her head, the calico is generally mindful of not talking to her while there are people about. Words are shared here and there, though, mostly because aside from the fact that he's a talking cat, talking to pets is relatively normal!

Of course, the 'Orpheus Doesn't Talk' rule tends to go flying out the window when danger strikes; batting her forehead, the cat draws Asagao's attention to the humm - Locusts! But they're huge! "Better transform, then," she muses out loud. As the cat leaps from her head, she touches a hand to her chest. "VEGA POWER..." and then raises that same hand, "MAKE UP!"

Cue Henshin sequence of gymnastic poses and ribbons of energy and starlight. Sailor Vega is on the scene!

Like no time at all has passed, the Star River Wand appears in her hand. "AURORA RIBBON!" calls the long cascading name accessory to the head of the wand. Leaping into the fray, Sailor Vega twirls the ribbon ahead of her, lashing out at the initial group of Noise to make herself some space.

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
Like a rhythmic gymnast, Sailor Vega wields her ribbon with elegance and grace, the coruscating light running down its length lashing at the Noise. As each is touched by the accessory, they disappear with an angry whine, their forms being criss crossed by static, as if from an old television, before vanishing entirely. Her attack was far more effective than expected, each of the Noise are individually pathetically weak, which is likely why they are attacking in a swarm.

The swarm moves in to take advantage of its numbers, when suddenly little tiny gleaming disks flank the swarm. Each one plowing through them in straight lines, taking out multiple locust noise at once. The swarm whines angrily as more than half of it is destroyed in moments by the efforts of Sailor Vega and...

"Just what do you think you're doing, desu no?" A voice, dripping with verbal tics resounds from her side, irritation evident within it. "The Tuner responsible for this area is me!"

The first thing one might notice about Grace Chapel is that her Henshin is rather fabulous with the large amount of ruffled, crimson, pleated skirts. Also the cord around her neck, which shamelessly holds a yen coin, is on FIREEEEEE!? The second thing one might notice at a glance are the disks revolving around her body, orbitting her like miniature satellites are... yen coins!? Who uses coins as weapons, really!? Her left hand lay inert at her side as if it took no part in her combat style, while her right hand plays with a few coins between her fingers.

From a nearby tree, a golden furred cat, lazily watching unseen up to this point, drops down to the ground, pointing a paw at her angrily, "Hey Greko, calm down!" It's now standing in a bipedal manner. "That exquisite creature over there!" It thumbs a claw towards Vega, "...has lit a fire in my heart!" Hearts appear in the cat's eyes, as Grace bellows angrily, "Damnit you lewd cat! Why do you always show up at the worst of times, and act like that, desu no!?"

The cat holds its arms at its side in a defensive posture, "I could say the same for you Greko! Just leave this one alone!"

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
Sailor Vega is feeling rather pleased with herself as she whips her way through about half the swarm. The help, when it comes, is - at least on HER part, not unwelcome! Which is why, when things calm down enough for Grace to issue her pronouncement demanding information, Vega looks... confused.

The Ribbon fades as her hand comes up to touch her chin, "Uhhh..." and then her eyes and cheeks are shaded blue and a large sweat-drop forms... Is that cat HITTING on her?! Hopping nearer to her side, Opheus hisses up at the golden cat, the star-marked calico angrily shouting, "SHE'S ALREADY SPOKEN FOR, INTERLOPER!"

Laughing nervously, Vega rubs the back of her neck, "Hey look, I wasn't trying to encroach on your turf - danger struck and I was close, it wouldn't be very responsible not to help would it?" Inwardly, she's wondering why 'Tuner' sounds remotely familiar.

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
At some point during the banter, Grace realizes there is in fact a battle going on, leading her to hurl another barrage of coins into the locusts. Most of the remainder dissipate.

Moeru grins from ear to ear, looking very much like the Cheshire cat as he grins at Orpheus, "She looks a little young to be spoken for, nyan! But I certainly wouldn't blame someone for trying!" The cat clears his throat, before pointing his paws to the air. "That skin, soft enough to moisten silk, those limbs, just like molasses, are ripening more and more with what they show us, and continue reaching the level of perfection! Nyan~" ...yep, that's definitely flirting. And not entirely in a healthy way

Grace actually pauses from the battle, with a sweatdrop and blue wavy lines all over her face, "Stop adding that creepy narration! I will never understand how Kana-tan puts up with you, desu no!" Moeru just laughs, "You will never understand my love, Greko!" Whereas she angrily shouts at him, "Do you want me to throw you again!?" Moeru blanches again, paling visibly.

Crossing her arms, as if pouting, she turns back to Vega, the irritation more evident, "It'd be more responsible to just walk away! I can handle it all by myself, desu no! I don't need the help of some helpless magical girl!"

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
Vega's teeth are gritted, though she goes through the next series of combat motions with red hashmarks as well as the sweat drop - a comet-like beam wipes out a huge swath, and as she lands gracefully in high-heeled boots, she and Orpheus nearly in unison prepare to yell at the cat - when Grace does it for them, with threats to boot.

Cue Kabuki rattle.

"HELPLESS?" Sailor Vega sputters, "I was doing just fine on my own, I'm hardly *helpless*! Why are you being so RUDE? What's wrong with working together, anyway?"

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
Spinning with a swirl of those crimson pleated skirts. She flicks a coin towards one of the stragglers, as it hurtles towards it with astounding force and speed, neatly causing it to disintegrate. Before she turns back towards Vega, her smile one of supreme arrogance and confidence, "Fufufufufu~ You certainly sound helpless! Talking about working together. The strong they do everything by themselves. Seriously what is it with you newbie Magical girls and that working together tripe, desu no? How are you ever going to get better at what you do relying on others?"

Moeru slyly leans in, as if he were off panel until this moment, before stating, "Oh~ I think you like working together with my Kana-tan Greko~" This causes her cheeks to flush, as she clenches fists at her side. "S-Shut up, desu no! What do you know anyhow, you lewd cat!? That's right, nothing! Sometimes we just happen to be in the same place, desu no!" She then juts a hand over towards Vega, "Besides, he's not helpless, unlike her!"

COMBAT: Grace Chapel has used Fufufufu~ What a weak magical girl... on Sailor Vega.
COMBAT: Grace Chapel has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Sailor Vega fails to brace Grace Chapel's Fufufufu~ What a weak magical girl..., taking 0 Fatigue damage!  

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
The words wash over her, and now her cheeks burn red, though her brow is set and jaw hard - words like it she's heard before. Turning her body, she raises one hand and responds, anger tinging her voice, "The desire for friendship and camaraderie is not weakness! We're stronger together than we are apart, don't you understand that? By working together, we can overcome obstacles that would be insurmountable alone!"

Tilting her chin upwards slightly, Vega crosses her arms and adds, with a slight narrowing of her eyes - "You must not have many friends at all to feel the way you do. Don't take your loneliness out on me!"

COMBAT: Sailor Vega has used You Should Be Ashamed! on Grace Chapel.
COMBAT: Sailor Vega has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Grace Chapel fails to dodge Sailor Vega's You Should Be Ashamed!, taking 0 Fatigue damage!  Grace Chapel is Quipped!  

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
Grace flinches, then glowers back at her, "What do you know about anything, desu no!? That's right, nothing! I don't need any friends. I don't want any friends! I just want to be left alone, that's my strength, that's my purpose, that's my resolve, and the strength of my feelings! I'm Grace Chapel, and it seems I have no choice..."

Coins begin to revolve around her right hand, before she plucks one out of the air, turns about in a swirl of skirts, and flicks it towards the Senshi. "....but to show you my power!" The coin continues to careen towards her, with staggering speed and force!

Moeru starts waving his arms wildly at her, "No stop it Greko! You always do this! You shouldn't try to hurt such a beautiful creature!"

COMBAT: Grace Chapel has used High Interest Loan on Sailor Vega.
COMBAT: Grace Chapel has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Sailor Vega perfectly counters Grace Chapel's High Interest Loan, taking 0 Fatigue damage!  Critical Counter!  
COMBAT: Sailor Vega's counterattack, Sparkling Defense, interrupts, doing 0 Fatigue damage to Grace Chapel!  

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
Sailor Vega's eyes widen greatly while watching Grace Power up some sort of attack, even Orpheus is staring in disbelief - raising his paws in response alongside Moeru in Solidarity with the pervert, "YEAH!"

But Vega is ready for it, as soon as the coin leaves Grace's fingertips, she shouts "SPARKLING DEFENSE!" - which, naturally looks a lot like it sounds. A shimmering barrier of energy looks like a solid prismatic shield for a moment before resolving into a shimmer of star-light sparkles that flash around her. There's a spark and almost a crashing noise as the coin strikes home, and then sails off screaming in another direction entirely.

Though Sailor Vega has taken a 'ready' stance, her eyes are almost... pleading? "Please, we don't have to do this! We don't have to fight each other!"

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
Grace glowers as her coin attack is blocked by the shimmering prismatic shield, creating sparkles. For some reason the fact that her attack was defeated just seems to upset her. Leaping into the air, a blur in motion, she lands gracefully upon a tree branch, leaning casually on the trunk with her left hand. "What are you talking about, desu no!?"

Suddenly her right hand is beside her face, holding about a half dozen coins. "The one who provoked me was you!" She throws the coins not at Vega, but into the air, where they travel upwards until they seem to disappear. "You will pay a heavy price for that!"

Suddenly the coins are raining down upon Vega at terminal velocity.

Moeru on the other hand, walks over to Orpheus, offering a cat ^5. "Hey what's her name anyhow, so I can cheer her on?" Grace just yells at him, "You cat traitor!"

COMBAT: Grace Chapel has used It's raining yen, Hallelujah! on Sailor Vega.
COMBAT: Grace Chapel has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Sailor Vega narrowly dodges Grace Chapel's It's raining yen, Hallelujah!, taking 4 Fatigue damage!  Sailor Vega's Fade ability activates!  Sailor Vega's Flash ability activates!  

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
"ME?! You're the one who-- AUGH!" Yes, Sailor Vega just shrieked in surprise as the death-rain of money began. Moving with an ease and grace of her own in a series of skips, hops, and in one case lifting her leg really high, it nonetheless takes a bit of focus.

Moeru's Cat-High-Five is returned, and Orpheus sits with his tail curled around his feet, answering smugly and proudly, "She's Sailor Vega, the Pretty Soldier of Devotion!"

Once the Rain of Yen ceases, Vega realizes that Grace has made herself a decent target up in the tree like that. Pointing upwards with two fingers of one hand, "VEGA..." she intones, before pointing at Grace where she stands and finishes: "BOLIDE!"

In response, a streak of golden energy appears from somewhere nebulously above and behind her, spiralling like a comet of love and punishment!

COMBAT: Sailor Vega has used Vega Bolide on Grace Chapel.
COMBAT: Sailor Vega has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Grace Chapel narrowly counters Sailor Vega's Vega Bolide, taking 27 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!  Grace Chapel's Reverse ability activates!  Grace Chapel's Tactician ability activates!  
COMBAT: Grace Chapel's counterattack, Miser's Dream, partially gets through, doing 7 Fatigue damage to Sailor Vega!  

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
Moeru.. pulls out tiny cat pom poms. These apparently exist somehow, and Moeru starts.. cheering. "They call her Vega, Vega, she's no omega... Magic Girl! It's her devotion, that's gonna let her hurl Greko right to a demotion! Yay Vega!"

Grace yells at him, "That cheer was terrible!" Moeru sounds nonplussed, "You can't rush an artist... in love! It came from the heart!"

But so distracted was she by the dialogue, that she didn't notice the golden comet until it was too late, hurtling at her. "Tck! Careless of me!" Some of the coins of her swirling aegis which surrounds her as a barrier, rush to intercept it, but she's still scathed by the comet, as she finds the tree she's using for footing breaking apart, and her falling to the ground with a gasp of startlement.

But while she's falling... she flicks yet another coin at Vega, in what amounts to a slow motion sequence of debris

COMBAT: Grace Chapel has used High Interest Loan on Sailor Vega.
COMBAT: Grace Chapel has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Sailor Vega perfectly dodges Grace Chapel's High Interest Loan, taking 0 Fatigue damage!  Critical Dodge!  Sailor Vega's Fade ability activates!  Sailor Vega's Flash ability activates!  

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
Not content to shoot and then cheer herself on, Vega watches - and looks sort of relieved when Grace isn't TOO injured. But no time to be TOO relieved - even as she FALLS Grace is attacking? Flipping backwards as the coin streaks towards her, she stands in confident poise as it *PLING!*s off the pavement where she was, knocking a chunk of it loose, and sailing off in some other direction entirely. Since Grace doesn't want to listen, though, Vega doesn't waste her breath on another plead for peace - not yet anyway. With eyes closed and her hand touching the brooch on her bow, "COMPASSIONATE..." Her other arm outstretched towards Grace, "WING..." Her eyes snap open - minor regret reading as clearly as the focus and determination, "CANNONADE!"

From the area of her heart, a gout of energy shaped like many birds and feathers forms and sails in a contained cloud of manic magpie screeches towards Grace!

COMBAT: Sailor Vega has used Compassionate Wing Cannonade on Grace Chapel.
COMBAT: Sailor Vega has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Grace Chapel narrowly braces Sailor Vega's Compassionate Wing Cannonade, taking 4 Fatigue damage!  Blind, Cripple, and Diversion applied to Grace Chapel!  

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
Grace finally lands with a wince, which more knocks the air out of her than anything. Her eyes take on a swirly state, with one hand over her chest. Which is when the gout of energy shaped like many birds and feathers flies towards her.

The swirling aegis of coins moves to intercept, taking the brunt of the force, but its still so hard to see with so many feathers all over the place.

Fortunately... "I don't need to see to do this, desu no!" She proclaims loudly, pinging the coin around her neck. Suddenly Sailor Vega very much feels like she's a planet on her own.. as she's being orbitted by countless coins, serving as rings around her. "...Who wants to be a millionaire?"

She pings the coin again, and as one, the rings of coins begin to home in and barrage the pretty suited sailor, "I'm pretty sure you just volunteered!"

Moeru shouts at Vega quickly, "Be careful! That's one of her most powerful attacks! It's almost impossible to dodge!"

COMBAT: Grace Chapel has used Millionaire on Sailor Vega.
COMBAT: Grace Chapel has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Sailor Vega fails to brace Grace Chapel's Millionaire, taking 47 Fatigue damage!  

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
Maybe she should have shielded herself again, but Vega only hopelessly sort of watches as the coins surround her. When the cat shouts his warning, she puts her arms up in front of her face and just tries to huddle through it. Coin after coin strikes home, *plingplingplingplingpling!* and Vega screams through it - as much to distract herself from how MUCH it hurts as anything else. Once it stops, coins everywhere, Vega whines a little - quietly, mostly to herself, "Ahhh, that huuurt!"

It hurt, and it made her mad. "I've had enough of this!" she yells again, addressing Grace as she brings herself back up to proper posture, bruising visible along her legs and face. "I only wanted to help, but you won't listen to reason!"

Around her, the nighttime sky seems to close in, the stars sparkling merrily even as a glimmer of light appears near the horizon. "TWILIGHT," Vega announces, as the light gets brighter and more intense, "BOLIDE..." suddenly drawing her fingers across a lyre of golden light appearing in her hands only long enough for effect "CRESCENDO!"

The Vega Bolide looked cute in comparison. A Magical Girl Meteor of Love en-route!

COMBAT: FINISHER! Sailor Vega has used Twilight Bolide Crescendo on Grace Chapel.
COMBAT: Sailor Vega has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Grace Chapel narrowly dodges Sailor Vega's Finisher, Twilight Bolide Crescendo, taking 44 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!  

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
Moeru starts paw-shaking at Grace, "Greko you bitch! How dare you hurt my Vega-tan!" ...Vega-TAN? Really Moeru?

Wiping away at her eyes repeatedly, trying to get the feathers out of them, Grace retorts back at Vega, "Really?! And here I was, thinking I was the only one who was getting tired of this, desu no!"

However, despite those damnable feathers of energy blocking her vision, it's hard to miss the sparkling sky closing in all around them, with a giant sparkling, glowing gold meteor highlighting the air. Suddenly flames blaze forth from the ground around her, entwining about Grace. She bends at the knees, and jumps high, and fast! The meteor streaks by, grazing her, and though it wasn't a direct hit, it buffets her out of the sky, scattering golden sparkles around her, as she's knocked into a nearby picnic table. The table shatters, and Grace lay in the middle of it with swirly eyes, and comical anime tears streaming down her face. Smoke rises off of her form, wafting through the air. Did that do it!?

...The flames rise again, as Grace gets up with ponderous slowness, gritting her teeth, she growls out, "I have had enough, of you newbie Mahou Shoujo taking away from my livelihood!"

Grace slowly hands a yen coin from her right hand.. over to her left. "So I'm going to show you the difference between you and me..."

Moeru pales a little, "Oh shit! Finish her off fast Vega-tan! Her left hand is five times stronger than her right!"

COMBAT: Grace Chapel has used The Difference Between You and Me... on Sailor Vega.
COMBAT: Grace Chapel has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Sailor Vega perfectly counters Grace Chapel's The Difference Between You and Me..., taking 0 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!  Critical Counter!  
COMBAT: Sailor Vega's counterattack, Aurora Ribbon Embrace, fails to get through, doing 0 Fatigue damage to Grace Chapel!  

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
There's not a lot left in her after Calling the Wild Bolide, but Moeru's shout nets a barely perceptible nod - and before Grace can finish her sentence, the Star River Wand is once more in Vega's hand. Summoning it's ribbon, she stretches out her arm in an attempt to tangle Grace up in it... instead it sort of flashes and snaps around her in a looping cascade.

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
The ribbon snaps out, and Grace probably gets out at most 'The difference betwe...' right before it strikes one of the coins moving to intercept from the swirling shield revolving around her.

Moeru shouts out, "Greko don't do it! Just let it g..."

She's already released the simple yen coin with her left hand. In it's wake, ripple waves of force tear out great gouges from the ground, ripping them into the air, as a sonic boom resounds. Normally she did this to ambush melee fighters who came in close, as a tactical move to punish them for it. As it stands... it's not much of a surprise, but it's still ludicrously powerful.

COMBAT: FINISHER! Grace Chapel has used Sinistral Surprise! on Sailor Vega.
COMBAT: Grace Chapel has finished attacking.
COMBAT: Sailor Vega fails to dodge Grace Chapel's Finisher, Sinistral Surprise!, taking 63 Fatigue damage!  Critical Hit!  Sailor Vega is unable to keep fighting!  

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
Vega only has time to retract her ribbon, swirling it back into a large loop she holds in her hand - and then to have her eyes turn into tiny doomed pinpoints as the ground shreds and breaks and... comes... right... for her.

She has time to see the cats cover their eyes with their paws in unison, too, and she STARTS to try to get out of the way but is just a touch too slow from the drawn out battle and gets caught right in it's wave.

Carving a furrow through the ground, as she comes to a slow, dirty, dusty stop... Sailor Vega just lays there on her back, panting and tears streaming from her eyes. Is that a low, drawn-out whimper?

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
Grace Chapel looks triumphant for just a moment, before she topples forward onto her knees, and then forward to the point where she's using her hands to prop her up. For a time there's only the sound of her arduous breathing. She's completely spent, and she knows it.

Moeru is silent, frowning. But he actually doesn't intervene now, or say anything else.

Grace Chapel may be a jerk at times(Okay a lot of the time), but she's not a murderer, and the lecherous cat knows it.

Eventually she manages to pull herself up, limping over towards her, and...

Offers a hand.

"Good grief, you gave me so much trouble for a newbie. I was wrong, you're actually quite strong." She manages a sheepish smile, her opposite hand pressed against her forehead. "Sorry about that. Sometimes I overreact a little, desu no. But let me express my honor to you, alright? If you ever want to join the Tuners, I'll give you my recommendation, desu no. You're definitely a lot better than that Sailor V, whether she was an imposter or not."

Moeru prowls a little closer, "You know you could always just tell them from the start that you need the bounties from the kills to /eat/ Greko. It'd save everyone a lot of trouble." Grace is too tired to argue, instead her stomach just starts... rumbling, with a slavering, animal sound, causing her to look away in embarrassment. "...and you know Kana-tan will always feed you if you come on by." She states in a very fatigued voice, "...I want to do everything by myself, Moeru-san."

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
Sailor Vega is DEFINITELY not too proud to accept the hand up, though she's still entirely too tired to stand up straight. Padding up and then leaping up to her shoulder, Orpheus briefly noses her in the neck, and Vega shakes Grace's hand before she lets it go.

"I think we both got a little carried away--" Vega allows, though when Moeru mentions 'needing bounty money to eat', she can't help but look mildly horrified. And then there's the growling stomach. She is, however, sensitive to the demands of wanting to do things herself. It's what the whole stupid fight was about!

"Listen, since I'm not a Tuner, I'm happy to talk to whoever I'd talk to about that to be sure that the full share of whatever the bounty on these things was goes to you," Vega declares, eyes closed in a smile. "I wouldn't want you to get cheated out of your due because I butted in!"

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
Moeru jumps to take his place on Sailor Vega's other shoulder, with hearts in his eyes. Until Orpheus moves a paw out to block him mid flight, clotheslining him and causing him to miss his landing. He falls on the ground with tears streaming from his eyes, "So cruel! Nyan~"

Grace scratches the back of her neck with a ruffled sleeves swishing, "It's.. it's alright, it's best not to take more credit than I'm due. They usually know, desu no. It's why I usually have to chase most people off. But thank you, Vega-san, for the offer."

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
"I understand," Vega says with a nod, mood softenining even further. "It's been painful, but otherwise nice to meet you Grace Chapel. I'll try to avoid this sort of a misunderstanding in the future!" wiping some of the dust from her jackt/skirt thing, she offers another smile and a quickly perfectly postured Magical Girl Salute.

Then a star wiggles from her lower back, and she puts her hand on it to lean and try and stretch it out. "Owwwww!"

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
Grace Chapel's stomach growls again, and her eyes become white hollow pits. Moeru pipes up, "Greko.. how many days has it been since you last ate..."

She flushes a bit, "Not many, desu no." Moeru adds, "So more than one."

She crosses her arms, obviously pouting again. Moeru states, "I thought so. Just swallow your pride and go to Kana-tan's house! We bought extra this week."

With that sort of hunger, it's not something she can exactly refuse, before she waves to Vega as an afterthought, "It was nice meeting you as well, desu no. And see that you do! Some Tuners aren't as understanding as I am!" .....Wait, Grace is considered /understanding/?

Moeru leaps onto Grace's shoulders, and the two leap off into the distance.

Not long after a silver haired boy has an embarrassed expression of his own, as Grace is eating his food with gusto that would make even Usagi possibly blanch. Between bites, she states, "I-ta-da-ki-masu, desu no!"

Pose Tracker: Sailor Vega Ohtori Academy (8) has posed.
As the land begins to heal from their battle, the coins and debris and everything beginning to disappear post Grace's departure, Sailor Vega raises her hand to her lips, wide-eyed.

"Not as understanding? You know Orpheus, maybe we should check in with this Tuner organization. If I have some sort of permit, maybe it'll keep more of these 'fight and then team-up' misunderstandings from happening!"

Powering down, Asagao returns to what HAD been a peaceful walk through the park. Because it IS still a beautiful evening!

Pose Tracker: Grace Chapel None has posed.
It is a beautiful evening...

Because love beams fix everything!