2013-10-18 - We Hunger For...

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We Hunger For...

Down by the Tama River, two demons decide to have themselves a picnic of the unexpected hikers in the area. However, one of the Sailor Scouts can not allow the demons to enjoy their afternoon lunch and come to save the people. This could be a very bad mistake.


Sakana Yagijima, Hotaka Domen, Minako Aino


Tama River

OOC - IC Date:

10/18/13 - 10/5/13

Sakana Yagijima has posed:

Typically Sister Six has two chief methods of operation. She either enflames someone's passion in order to form a Reason Crystal to feed her dark masters or steals it away, absorbing it herself. It's a nice afternoon day outside so today...is lunchtime!

A lot of sporty people like to activity it up in the Tama River area, and that means for Sister Six it is basically a buffet. She had brought along a friend from Dark Fall. Why Alastor? Well...

Alastor has ram horns. Sister Six has ram horns. Maybe Sakana was just feeling they were both horny.

The scheme is as follows: Alastor scares people over towards Sister Six while stealing some energy for herself, and she catches them as they flee and noms down herself. Food for everybody!

Hotaka Domen has posed:

When Hotaka got word that one of the Dark Fall operatives wanted help. He winced. He winced-- and Alastor took over. The plan was a very easy one. This other demon wanted him to chase up people to her. She nom on them. He maybe get to nom as well. Good time for alls. They both had a love for passion, though in the case of Alastor, he got a good deal of that energy from Hotaka when Hotaka was being stubborn and defiant-- and sometimes passionate. It was an odd symbiosis relationship ok?

Soon people could be heard screaming and a demonic cry could be heard. Those people made it over the hill and Alastor was right on their heels with his wings carrying him nearly on them, over them, and he sometimes flip around, just to give them a near swat of a kick if they were dragging behind. He could actually be heard chuckling, before he simply states, "..I should have been a rancher.." with that odd echo in his voice.

Once he had them running toward the other member of Dark Fall, he swoop down the ledge with great speed going after the next unexpected people.

Minako Aino has posed:

Somehow, Sailor V has already made the scene, jogging from up the trail behind everybody to backtrack to the villains and the buffet. From the distance, an out-of-breath voice shouts to stop.

"Hey! Don't harass runners. They're much too busy running to run away from the likes of you!" says the annoyed voice of Sailor V. In truth, her rapid appearance was not the result of Minako rushing to the scene to take on the guise of Sailor V, but rather Sailor V running ahead of everybody in a race pretending to be Minako so she can win races.

"You're ruining a perfectly good day out in the sun, the last of summer! Today is a day for picnics and gold medals! I won't allow you to ruin it!"

Sakana Yagijima has posed:

Sister Six...or Sister VI...snaps her Starry Sash out as she steps out of hiding, the sash wrapping around a running away runner who was running but now is not running because he's caught up in Sakana's metaphorical web. A dark aura ripples through the sash and he screams before dropping to the ground, drained! Sister Six licks her lips lightly, the sash unwrapping itself from the victim. "And now...huh??"

It's Sailor V! Sister Six's eyes widen in surprise and a smidgen of fear. "That girl...is the one who took out the Dark Agency! Sailor V!" She looks to Alastor and adds, "I heard she heartlessly took down entire families of innocent demons who just wanted to steal the energy from unsuspecting humans!"

She points a finger at V, "We're eating too, so beat it!"

Hotaka Domen has posed:

The demon was having his fun and had his hand to his ear piece while talking to-- someone. However when V makes her presence known he tsks softly and flaps his wings to hover in the air. "No more games time.." He says softly as his eyes flicker with a far brighter gold color before dimming down a bit.

He looks over to Six and gives a nod of his head. "..fought he not to long ago.." He pops the knuckles of his left hand before giving a dark smile. "I have no problem in repaying in kind for them.. or for her deciding to call in all her friends.. Though I can't remember which one called me weak.. but they all start to look the same after awhile, don't they?"

Alastor placed out his left hand to the side summon his Daemon sword from demonic blue flames into his hands. "Hey! V!" He shouts over to her. "You want to protect these people so badly," He points his sword at her. "Just come and /try/. I'll make you wish you never even showed up today!"

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V has absolutely no idea who Alaster is talking about or what situation he refers to, but she decides to take credit anyway. "Yeah, I'm the one who did that thing you refer to. In the past. With an undisclosed number of my friends!" she announces, reaching behind her back to flourish her little compact from who knows where.

"And... and.... I didn't take out innocent demons. I'm like Judge Dredd, I only punish the wicked! Stop misusing the wild power of P.R. or I'll punish you!" she says, then promptly breaks her promise as she chucks her compact down the forest'y path at her horny opponents anyway.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

The Demon has fought V before, even if she doesn't remember. It actually causes him to do a minor face-palm with a low growl. "..infuriating.." However that is when the attack comes in and he quickly raises up his right gauntlet to block most of the incoming magical light. He squints his eyes a bit as the light only burns a bit.

He growls lowly as he then watches as it seems his fellow Dark Fall has more issues maybe with the light itself. He narrows his eyes and then growls at V before he then snarls those fanged teeth in her direction and decides to yell at her for it really. "Hey! Short Skirt!" He then rushes right at her, though he doesn't actually hit her, but he does flicker at her skirt as he passes by, "Why don't you go jump off that cliff and go play with your kiddie friends! Cause your sure don't have it in your to take on us!"

Sakana Yagijima has posed:

Sister Six says, "Wow... you took on Sailor V and didn't end up a pile of goo? That's pretty impressive!" She presses her hands across her cheeks and sighs wistfully. "I guess they do~"

Unfortunately for Sister Six, she has no idea who Judge Dredd is and gives Sailor V a blank stare. "Who is Judge Dredd?" She asks. "Is he passionate? Can I feed on him?" No Sakana, don't try to eat an imaginary totally fictional character!

She yelps as V suddenly throws a boomerang at them. She jumps out of the way.

"Ha! Missed!" Sakana shouts before the boomerang returns and clobbers her in the back of the head.

Dizzily she shakes her head twice then charges Sailor V, lowering her head to...headbutt her! She is pretty quick on her feet, V will notice, and she is also horny! As in she has horns. Headbutting horns.

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V immediately starts shouting angrily at Hotaka. "I'm not a 'kid'. I'm an adult. Practically. For all intensive purposes," she insists, faking left before sidestepping to the right, getting bumped aside by not speared by horns which in Mina's estimation is still a good exchange. Not so much as a fight but as a petulant last moment attempt, she sticks her foot out.

"ALSO! Kids are not for cliffs. You guys are totally irresponsible. I'll teach you how to babysit children in a way not involving cliffs!" she says, pointing her finger straight at Alastor.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

It Seems Alastor kinda gave the room he needed to give for Six to do what she did best. Ramming people. However in perhaps in his pleasure of a plan working out right in his mind, he also realized that sometimes taunting the happy-fun-sailor-moon-tyoes was NOT a smart idea as he gets a beam of light into his face and yelps in minor surprise; which also messes up his spell in return to her threats.

This causes him to flail and then go crashing down the side of the rock face. Would that be the end of Alastor? Not likely as the demon uses his Gauntlet and three metal covered fingers to slam into the rocks and growl as he stares upward. Then slowly looks at a rock climber who is just looking at him. "What are you staring at huh?!"

The Rock climber quickly scrambles /back/ down as Alastor uses his one arm to shove himself back up to the top of the combat area and landing down in a crouch. He still had that sword in his hand and growls lowly. Soon the dark skinned demon goes racing right at V, before he leaps up into the air, hard wing flap, and then comes right back down with a hard cleaving motion of his sword as he drops from the skies.

Sakana Yagijima has posed:

Sakana trips right into V's leg and goes flying through the air--But before she hits the ground, a portal ripples into space before her and she passes through it, vanishing. The portal remains and, in fact, another portal ripples into space above Sailor V--and Sister Six tumbles out of it, recovering enough to twist her body so her foot is coming down for her face! She doesn't have to worry too much, though, V's powerful /makeup/ will prevent significant injury.

"Way to go, Senpai!" Six beams.

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V presumes that the demon that went over the edge is down and out. She turns back to the rammer and squares off, sparing a moment only to raise her hand up and catch her boomerang, which only now has gotten around to returning after circling around the cliff looking for a demon to bang into.

She's already prepared suitable things to say about how billy goats aren't so sure-footed, a comment she hopes doesn't have any unpleasant racial overtones for a ram-girl, when she notices a portal open and the girl disappear. She glances around before turning her eyes up to the air to see not one, but TWO opponents above her. Undaunted, she jumps up to deliver a flying kick of her own at Sakana. Success!

Since it worked so good the first time, she tries to push herself off Sakana and counter any more mid-air attacks with another kick.

It looks quite heroic, but in truth, she's reconsidering the offer to jump down a cliff.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

"Hold it together, Six!" Alastor states as he looks over at the young lady with his gold eyes. "We can make her pay for everything she has done, but only as a team!"

'..I thought you didn't like team-play, Alastor! Besides-- what are we even doing.. she is a sailor scout, right? You told me even after we faught them they are trouble. So why are we even still here! ..what were we doing here anyways?! Alastor!!'

After his big cheer for Six, he grits his teeth and then places his right hand up to his head, before grumbling under his breath something that was-- slightly hard to make out. Something maybe like-- work with me here? It was hard to tell.

'I know your protecting me Alastor.. for whatever the reason, but.. we are also a team too right..? You said you didn't take anything from me because you believed it make us stronger-- so why are you now holding me away? What are you trying to protect me from Alastor!?'

Sadly this little inner wake up of Hotaka came at the /worst/ time, which was suddenly V giving a sharp kick right into Alastor's face and slamming him across the area, through a tree, and slamming him hard into one of the rest buildings. He thumps against that before falling flat on his face. At least now he has a chance for a moment in silence to /talk/ to Hotaka. "..Hotaka-- there is a time and place for you to have your hand in battle.." His eyes glow bright gold. "..this is /NOT/ the time. So silence yourself youth and let me down what I must do! We can discuss the further after we are back home!"

There was some time that Alastor was gone, however the roar could be heard. He wasn't out yet and he could be seen heading right back for the battle at full flight speed with his sword at ready.

Sakana Yagijima has posed:

Sakana might consider a joke like that fishy. Nevertheless, V proves to be the better kicker, catching Sakana in the stomach with the first strike. She gags, once, and then as V tries to bat her away with a second kick, she manages to roll off onto the ground. That...hurt.... Sakana hasn't felt such pain in a long time.

She staggers slowly to her feet before she listens to Alastor's words. What a strange thing to hear from a fellow demon...but she smiles faintly. "That's right...we're out to conquer Earth...together...!" People in Dark Fall have stranger inspirational speeches than other organizations.

"Alright...I'll keep her busy!" A portal ripples into space aboves her and spits out a soccer ball--which Sakana promptly snapkicks into a second portal...as the first appears behind V and spits the soccerball right back at the back of her head! "Even if you are the mighty Sailor V..!"

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V can't dodge what she can't see. She jumps back away from any potential attacks but only manages to get nailed from behind. Right in her head.

Frustrated, she blinks for a few moments, rubbing her head and adjusting her mask to make sure it won't fall off. "Shush, you both. You might be out to conquer Earth, but you can't even conquer your lunchtime!" she says, raising her hand and chucking her compact again, which immediately starts to glow golden and circle around in a looping arc, her aim to give each of her opponents a sharp SMACK right in their precious horns.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Alastor comes racing back in. The crescent nicks the side of his horn, but he keeps moving in. He taps his foot onto a bolder and pushes up into the air. He tries to dive down in time to protect Six, but sadly-- he isn't meant for speed; as one may believe; he is more built to take damage and dish it back. Given how such an attack should have probably done more then just give it a scratch.

The Demon growls lowly as his eyes narrow. "We will get our lunch time, once we dispatch of you-- you little BRAAAT!!" He then shoves right off the ground and moves into a fake, swing, before he spins around and comes down from the other way with the true swing. "And maybe you'll become the main dish!"

Sakana Yagijima has posed:

Sakana opens her mouth to retort to V before cupping her chin and admitting, "Okay." She says. "That was a good one liner! We'll have to start with lunchtime, Alastor!" She spots the compact heading her way and this time manages to get a portal in the way in time to send it flying back at Sailor V, though the strain of moving those portals around is clearly visible as she lets out a breath and wobbles on her feet.

"My horns..." She whispers. "You were going after my horns?? My precious horns?? Do you know how often I polish them? Twice a day, I'll have you know, they're my pride as a woman! It takes /effort/ to make horns look that good!" At least she seems fairly rattled. She picks up her Starry Sash and starts swinging it around. "Now hold still!"

She swings her sash forward and towards V's body, intending to wrap her up and drain her just like she drained that hapless runner who was running away from Alastor (runningly)!

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V laughs and laughs as her boomerang loops around. It's glowing, not sharply as earlier, but brightly and distractingly, making a pleasant ringing sound as it smacks against horns and returns to her hand. "Haaaa!" she says, flicking her own head in what she thinks is a mocking gesture to a goat.

She swats and parries away Alastor's sword with her recently returned weapon as she makes a disgusted face. "Eww, it's always weird to hear the human'ish looking ones talk about eating people," she comments as she's wrapped up in sashes. She tugs on it, then decides it's easier to go towards Sakana then away from Sakana while she's tied up (and away from being cut with swords is a good way to go) and she leaps, deciding to do what she does best to get herself free; kick people.

"You both keep trying to eat me, but you'll find while I taste delicious, I'm not a good part of your diet!" she says, stressing the word 'delicious' in an inappropriate way as she smacks her compact against her, which explodes in a neat display of color and power before she grips it for throwing. "Eat THIS instead!"

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Alastor gets slammed by the item and is interrupted before he can reply with a spell in kinda. He shakes his head and then notes some of the color on him, which he shakes his head quickly to knock it off of him. He crouches down for a moment growling lowly. There was a part of the demon now wondering if this was /even/ worth it.

Then there was the human side-- Hotaka-- Hotaka in a strange way believed it was worth it. So down Alastor stayed for a moment before his eyes snapped open. His right hand with the massive black gauntlet with gold started to glow gently in blue flames.

He then started to laugh softly. It wasn't a pleasant laugh. Instead it was a rather scary ones. It was one of those you never want to hear villains do. He then charges right at V. His Gauntlet claw reaching out right for her throat and to slam her right into a tree. If his grip takes and holds, he would start to squeeze on her neck. "You hairless apes discuss me." He snarls out. "Always talking big, always trying to do what is /right/. You can't save this world-- because that would mean saving this world from /itself/ and /you/, /NO ONE/ can save /everyone/."

Once more if his attack holds, he then goes to throw her aside, perhaps right for Six.

Sakana Yagijima has posed:

"It's inevitable, really." Sister Six says and from her tone, she seems like she believes it. "I'm sure you'll impede us plenty, but while you can slow us down, you can't stop us!" Sakana beams cheerfully despite her injuries. She throws herself to the side but the crescent compact slices across her side and she ends up stumbling into another portal, vanishing through it.

--And as before, a portal near Minako spits her out, this time she dives in, horns first, and hit or miss she vanishes through another portal shortly after--only to reappear from the repositioned original once more to throw a kick again. Her speed increases rapidly as she darts in and out, striking rapidly and intending to not give V a chance to recover as she strikes with quick ut brutal strikes. Sometimes she even kicks that soccerball around, continuing to use it as an offensive weapon--her timing explicitely utilized to make use of Alastor's throw.

Her last strike comes in the form of a knee towards the gut, whispering, "There are many ways to taste your passion~" in a matter which is almost certainly flirtatious. She is very much like that.

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V mumbles that the world doesn't need saving from Sailor Senshi, although she might have misunderstood what Hotaka was trying to impart to her. She grips a wrist and tries not to choke before being tossed away, effortlessly turning herself in the air to face Sakana.

Unfortunately, Sakana can choose to be anywhere, and she chooses to be everywhere but in front of V. She contorts her body in the air to try and protect her soft spots from every hit, but it's a poor showing. When she finally hits the ground, she almost wretches, using all of her willpower to keep down her bile, then immediately regreting it as she staggers from the ground to a semi-upright position and just feels terrible.

"Aggh, I might not be able to save everybody, but I'll save myself! And if you like my taste, put this in your mouth and smoke it," she says, cocking her thumb back like a pistol and aiming it at her new best not-friends.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

The Beam fires off and entraps Alastor in light. The Demon snarls and then just chuckles. He was injured and it was starting to show. "Oh you see. Your giving me everything I need, little hairless ape." Those gold eyes staring right at her. "I love it when you humans get feisty and I still have yet to repay you properly for what happened at the pier."

"..and I suppose now with the full knowledge you also /hate/ my kind so and you killed off so many of them, I guess your defeat will be their vengeance. I would take your life-- but it be far more fun for you to remember this day." Those gold eyes narrow sharply. "The day the mighty Sailor V was defeated by two demons."

His right hand with the gauntlet becomes engulfed with flames before he then suddenly slams it hard into the ground. The blue flames irrupt and then seem to vanish. However the ground under V shakes before suddenly black chains with red flakes of 'fire' on them lash up from the ground and try to ensnare the young woman.

"My name is Alastor." He says with a low rumble. "I am the Judge, Jury and most importantly," He smiles then, "..I am the Executioner."

Sakana Yagijima has posed:

Sister Six doesn't know judge dredd but that line was pretty judge dreddy. Except of course it's more like anti-judge dredd because they're demons and Judge Dredd isn't like fond of demons she's pretty sure.

This is too dangerous, she thinks. Her gods may be unstoppable but that doesn't mean V can't melt her into goop. "I have...a plan!" She tells Alastor, swinging her portal forward to spew V's own beam back at her, though she only manages to get part of the beam to return--the rest slides past the portal and slams into her shoulder.

Sister Six takes in a deep breath and then flings the portal forward, intending to engulf V with it--

--and send her out the other portal which is, presently, hovering over the Tama River! "Go into the water!" She yells, quoting Metalocalypse. Because /yeah/.

Sailor V has posed:

Sailor V kicks away some chains, then some more chains, and then decides to go after the girl because she seems weaker; a strategy she immediately feels guilty about but knows she doesn't mean it in a bad way.

It's worked so far, so she decides to use her foot to swat away whatever else is incoming, jumping heedlessly towards Sakana. Her kick is pretty accurate, but portals don't have any substance and V flies through.

Distance protects all assembled from any further inappropriate language on Sailor V's part.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Alastor couldn't catch her in the chains, but that is ok because Six let her go take a swim to go cool off those hero shoes. The Demon watches as the light barrier goes away and spreads out his wings for a moment giving them a stretch, before he actually folds them up behind him, which then takes on the resemblance of like that of a cape really.

For a moment, he winces a little, but shakes his itoff. His gold eyes look over to Six. "..I think that is enough fun for one day. If there is one of them, there will be more." He then goes to turn away, before looking over his shoulder. "..I am guessing you can make your own escape out of here easily enough with those portals?"

Sakana Yagijima has posed:

"Haha! Sailor V's all washed up! That should cool her off! Water pun!" Sakana crosses her arms and cackles like, well, like one would expect a Demon Fall lieutenant to. And once she calms down a bit she adds, "Of course. We didn't get to feed much...but I owe you one!" She skips on over, intending to--yes--give Alastor a quick hug. "Thank you so much! Do you have a way out?" She gestures, banishing the smaller portals in preparation to summon one that she can use to skedaddle quickly with.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Alastor snorts softly. "I have my own way to--" Then he is suddenly given a quick hug and it causes him to pause right there. His eyes almost blank out for a second. His brows then furrow, before he blinks his eyes a few times, then rests his hand to his forehead. "..I'll be fine.." He says more softly that time.

'Alastor? Are you ok? See! This is why you shouldn't take full control!'%rThe Demon stands there for a moment before he looks over his shoulder to Six, before he stares at her for a moment. "...We will gain a bigger meal for you later.." His wings then spread out wide, before he kneels down and then leaps hard into the air. His wings carrying him hard into the sky.


"..what is.. OH GOD!" The demon has to catch himself for a moment, one could blame it in the distance to probably just the pain he is in.. which was partly true and also partly true swapping control back to the proper owner could be disorienting in the sky. "..anyways.. what is wrong?"


"Oh. Now your gonna give me the silent treatment?"

'Don't worry about it, Hotaka. Once you land down. I relinquish full control back to you. Besides-- you have the grouchy list to finish.'

"...lazy demon.."

Sakana Yagijima has posed:

Sister Six quirks an eyebrow. "Oh, sorry!" She is assuming she aggravated a wound apparently. But it seems like Alastor will be okay. Or, at least, is insisting on looking tough. "Al..right then. Take care!" She waves before hopping back through her portal. A tough guy like that, she presumes, is probably fine.