2013-10-15 - Riverside Showdown! A Lesson

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Riverside Showdown! A Lesson

Ren and Tokiko duel one another in a mock battle -- with "live" ammunition. Lessons are learned!


Ren Aizawa and Tokiko Amagawa


Tama Outer City, Tama River

OOC - IC Date:

10/15/2013 - 10/04/2013

Checking her watch for what felt like the hundredth time Ren stood alone near the riverside, looking every which way whenever she heard the slightest noise. She isn't early is she? Crap! What time did Tokiko say again? No... no, she's /sure/ she's here at the right time. It's just anticipation jitters getting the best of her. Yeah, that has to be it. Tokiko will be here. She seemed enthusiastic about the idea of running combat drills together. After they'd decided on a safe place to meet where they could unleash a fair amount of magic without causing any noticeable disturbances it had just been a matter of getting their schedules synched. It wasn't very hard for Ren, though Tokiko was notably more involved in various other activities compared to her.

Wrapping her arms around herself, the high schooler continues to lie in wait...

Tokiko is late. A little late, at least; but from the look of things, her schedule has been tight, as she still hasn't changed from her Infinity gym uniform for Track Club (BE THE BEST FOREVER). "Hey!" she calls from the distance, huffing a little bit from running the way out here. "Sorry! Sorry. I had piloting class, then I had to do rehearsal for drama club, then I was late for track practice so I put in overtime. I'm here! I'm here. I hope I didn't keep you waiting."

When Tokiko runs up finally Ren lets out a small sigh of relief, face easing from a tense look to a full on smile. "It's ok. Sorry to put you in such a tough spot." How does she manage to have time for clubs and sports /and/ magical girl stuff? Even before Ren herself started fighting monsters she barely had time for mundane things. Tokiko is some kind of wonder woman! So amazing. *_*

"No one's around, I think. I kept checking..."

As she's demonstrated, the answer to Ren's question is simple: she doesn't, not really! But she works at it as hard as she can. "Okay," Tokiko says, kicking her shoes against the ground. A rush of golden light flows over her from her newly formed combat boots up to the top of her peaked cap, creating the Soldier Angel in the midst of a crisp salute. "Entering the shooting range, Starry Soldier Angel reporting! So, want to call out Suzerain Heat and we'll go at it? That's what you asked for, right, a mock battle?"

Tokiko transforms, prompting Ren to grasp the familiar silver ring between her fingers. "Right. Kind of like what we did at the Survival Slub's introductory meeting. Except with, you know, live ammunition." She laughs, bringing the ring up to her lips to lay a chaste kiss upon the golden stone laid into the band. It begins to glow.

"Souverain Heraut... Sortie!"

Golden light spills forth, tearing away her clothing and spinning the hardy fabric of her barrier jacket into existence in its wake. The gemstone unseats from the ring as the silver band shapes itself around it into her scepter, a series of mechanical clicks and whirs sounding out as vital components slide into place. Ren grabs her fated device and companion once the transformation completes, twirling it in front of her as she then strikes a finishing pose. Snazzy!

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa transforms into Soldier Angel!

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa transforms into Barrier Jacket!

Soldier Angel politely waits for Ren to finish posing. "Right!" she says then, settling into a close combat stance. "Don't hold back, I can handle it. Engaging hostile!" She leaps forward, flipping in midair, but summons no weapon; instead, when she lands behind Ren, she drives a heavy palm strike for the back of Ren's head, attempting to follow it up with a judo throw, sweeping Ren's arms around her back and throwing her heavily to the ground. "How's your close quarters combat?"

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa has used Close Quarters Combat on Ren Aizawa.

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa has finished attacking.

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa narrowly braces Tokiko Amagawa's Close Quarters Combat, taking 3 Fatigue damage! Tokiko Amagawa is Psyched! Ren Aizawa's Block ability activates! Ren Aizawa's Parry ability activates! Cripple and Stagger applied to Ren Aizawa!

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa has used A Jab Here, A Jab There on Tokiko Amagawa.

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa has finished attacking.

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa fails to brace Ren Aizawa's A Jab Here, A Jab There, taking 8 Fatigue damage! Stagger applied to Tokiko Amagawa!

"I won't!" Hold back, that is. Ren is here to sharpen her battle tactics. And if that meant she and Tokiko have to beat the snot out of one another... well...

The battle commences! In a flash Soldier Angel flips behind her, and before the mage can react she receives a blow to the back of the head. /Ow./ But that's all the warning she needs.

"Ah! It's alright. Could be better..." And with that being said, Ren strafes to the left, around the circle of protection, and jabs the butt-end of Souverain Heraut into Tokiko's side.

Tokiko lets out an empty speech bubble as Souverain Heraut impacts into her side, teaching her a lesson in maintaining distance which she promptly discards. "Good strafe," she says, simultaneously drawing a white handgun out of nowhere and firing a bolt of golden light at point blank for Ren's foot. "Bad move to abandon your defense."

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa has used My Toe, My Toe on Ren Aizawa.

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa has finished attacking.

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa accepts Tokiko Amagawa's My Toe, My Toe, taking 19 Fatigue damage! Tangle applied to Ren Aizawa!

Nice strafe? "Thanks-" But of course she /did/ abandon her defense like Tokiko says. And she pays for it with a shot to the foot. "Tch!" Ren winces, grinning sheepishly. "Ah... Right. I shouldn't do that. Stupid..." Taking a moment to think over her situation, she then closes her eyes. Multiple magic circles like the one before flare into existence, scanning up and down her body.

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa has used Sovereign's Relief on Ren Aizawa.

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa has finished attacking.

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa accepts Ren Aizawa's Sovereign's Relief, taking 0 Fatigue damage! Empower applied to Ren Aizawa! Cleanse! All of Ren Aizawa's debuffs are cleared!

Tokiko doesn't stop firing, not even as the magical circles begin to roll up Ren's body. Another handgun appears in her free hand as she trades off shots while walking backwards, putting some distance between the two. Her gunfire runs up Ren's length, from her feet tracing up to culminate in a shot for the heart (and she's to blame), before she has to reload.

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa has used Angel Arms on Ren Aizawa.

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa has finished attacking.

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa fails to dodge Tokiko Amagawa's Angel Arms, taking 17 Fatigue damage!

She may have left herself open to further attack, though taking a moment to let the revitalizing magic wash over her is good for her core.

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa has used Seeker Barrage on Tokiko Amagawa.

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa has finished attacking.

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa narrowly counters Ren Aizawa's Seeker Barrage, taking 15 Fatigue damage! Tokiko Amagawa's Tactician ability activates! Stagger applied to Tokiko Amagawa!

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa's counterattack, Starry Detonation, partially gets through, doing 6 Fatigue damage to Ren Aizawa! Critical Counterhit!

Tokiko flips backwards as the gems come into existence, and a barrage of golden grenades come flying out of her hands in every direction, erupting in blasts of starry fireworks. Several of the gems are intercepted by the explosions; but Tokiko is pelted by others, enough to disrupt her flip and send her landing in a tumble across the battlefield. She gets up quickly, having salvaged her landing, and crackles her knuckles. "Good hit," she says. "You really aren't holding back. So it's time for the moment of truth!..." She lifts her right hand to the sky, and the white ring on her hand sends a blinding sparkle up into the heavens. The sky begins to roar, faintly at first, but growing closer. "Beautiful meteor shower..." Tokiko begins, throwing a hand out to point at Ren.

This is about the point when a great white bomber breaks through the clouds, dropping a barrage of golden warheads down on Aizawa's position, as Tokiko raises her head and folds her arms, illuminated by the burning golden heat of the resulting explosions. "Heavenly Air Raid!"

COMBAT: FINISHER! Tokiko Amagawa has used Heavenly Air Raid on Ren Aizawa.

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa has finished attacking.

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa fails to brace Tokiko Amagawa's Finisher, Heavenly Air Raid, taking 45 Fatigue damage!

Again, Ren takes a few hits. The gems that impact with Tokiko's grenades manage to save her from receiving the worst of it, though. Her barrier jacket is smoking now, and there a little holes beginning to form here and there, but for the most part it's still holding strong. Excellent! She gives Tokiko another thumbs up from her position above. "Thanks! And... moment of truth?"

Yes! The moment of truth! The sky quakes, and Ren looks up to see what is clearly a bomber plane swooping down from the aether to pretty much drop bombs on her. Oh boy. "Souverain Heraut!"

Yep. That hurts like a you-know-what!

When the smoke clears, Ren is still standing (or floating, rather). But she looks /rough/. Her already tattered barrier jacket is in dismal condition. Better days it has seen for sure. "Oh wow. That... That..." /Yeah./ "It's my turn now, right?" Huh! Well how do you like that?

"HEROIC.... LANCE!" And Ren STREEEEEAKS off, spiralling down, down, down -- right for Tokiko.

COMBAT: FINISHER! Ren Aizawa has used Heroic Lance on Tokiko Amagawa.

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa has finished attacking.

COMBAT: Tokiko Amagawa perfectly dodges Ren Aizawa's Finisher, Heroic Lance, taking 0 Fatigue damage! Critical Dodge!

COMBAT: Ren Aizawa has called for a +check. Comparing Tokiko Amagawa versus Ren Aizawa, Tokiko Amagawa is victorious!

The tunic of Tokiko's uniform billows in the backblast from her warheads. "Bring it," she says, grinning and holding a hand out, flipping a few fingers inward to call Ren forward. After the beating she's taken, there's no way she's going to be able to take a strike like that, so she breaks for a strafing run, returning suppressive fire to set Ren off-course and restrict her advance. As Ren makes her final approach, Tokiko sweeps sharply to the side, kicking up a heavy cloud of dust and obscuring the magical shockwave from the impact.

When the dust has cleared, Ren can feel something at the back of her head - the barrel of one of Tokiko's handguns, as she stands behind her, untouched. "Check," she says.

Ren's transformation into a magical girl meteorite hell-bent on doing some serious damage is impressive. Surely she should be commended! Though, once again, it isn't enough to get the best of Tokiko. She makes impact with the ground -- not the other magical girl. As she pants, sweat dripping down her face, she feels that gun barrel pressed to the back of her head, along with Tokiko's confirmation that she's lost this tussle.

"It can't be helped." Ren says, standing up and turning around to give Tokiko a sheepish grin while rubbing the back of her neck. "Great job! Now I know that attack is dodgeable, heh heh..."

"You didn't make it easy on me," Tokiko says, lowering her gun (which, along with its counterpart, dissolves into the air). She smiles, wiping the sweat from her brow. "Good hustle, good offense. You could work on your guard a bit more, though. You don't drop your guard like that in the battlefield - always anticipate attack from any available angle. I think that's your homework for today, okay?" She smirks; that's a joke. Right...?

Ren nods, nods, and nods some more. She's clearly taking all of this advice to heart. Tokiko /is/ the veteran magical girl out of the two of them. Her experience is valuable! "Right!" She thrusts a fist into the air, putting out an air of determination. That's the spirit, Ren! You'll be an ace magical girl just yet! She lowers her arm, exhaling out fully. "So... Are you hungry? We should get something yummy."

"Nothing too rich, okay?" Tokiko says with a smile. "I've got to keep in shape... although, I could go for some noodles about now... how about you?" She kicks her boots against the ground again, calling her gym uniform back into existence. "But I'll have to stop by home to change, either way... there's a good noodle place I know not too far from home, though!"

Ren laughs. "Alright. Noodles sound fine." She lowers her rapier, which flashes and shrinks back down to its standby form. Her barrier jacket follows, leaving her back in the casual civilian attire she originally had on. "Lead the way!"