2013-10-11 - The Ginga Bishonen

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The Ginga Bishonen

Takuto Tsunashi's Round Robin Origin picks up on his first full day on Southern Cross Island... where he stumbles upon a kidnapping attempt, and a dark conspiracy!


Takuto Tsunashi, various Glittering Crux members featuring Raging Bull (GMed by Madoka Kaname)


Southern Cross Island

OOC - IC Date:

10/11/2013 - 9/24/2013

It was a sunny late afternoon on Southern Cross Island, the breeze was slowly but pleasantly picking up as the day was ending and night making its way steadily to the island. It'd been a couple days since Takuto's arrival by swimming and being saved by Wako shortly after washing up on the beach, the redhead had been busy pretty much since staying over at Sugata's then coming to the dorms and getting settled in, picking up a uniform for when classes started, and otherwise occupied with typical end of summer stuff.
"And that about does it." He grins as he finishes putting the last of his things away, though he still has a number of empty containers to pack away or get rid of but with his room otherwise in order he steps back with the glow of someone very satisfied with a job well done. With a quick look to the clock and a lazy stretch he decides a quick walk around campus and maybe into town before finishing up is just the thing to do! Turning and making his way oout into the hall he pauses long enough to lock his door before heading towards the Dorm's exit. Down one particular hallway he passes a painting of a young woman staring out at the island's seaside view, in the lower right hand corner a stylized scarlet R adorns the painting, and his jaw sets ever so slightly as before he turns the corner.
Stepping out into the main foyer the red shirt clad boy makes ambles leisurely towards the door, his hand folded behind his head and a cheery grin plastered on his face. If no one should stop him he'll take a brief walk through campus towards the town and from there he'll probably wander until nightfall has properly come.

Campus is emptying fast as nightfall approaches; most of the boarders are in the dining halls (or left to find non-institutional food, much as the local facilities are as world-class as one could imagine out of as august a location as Ohtori Academy). A few high school students slip past Takuto in friendly but tight social clusters; the boys stare, mostly welcomingly, the girls giggle, though one or two do not.

The sea breeze tosses and tugs at the tops of the trees as lightly and playfully as it might scarlet, tousled locks of hair. It flows, inexorably, across the seaside town, kissing awnings and rattling signs, drawn towards the more abandoned side of the island. Chain-link fences are no barriers to its progress; it splits into a million shards of mobile air and penetrates, without thought or effort, then simply continues on its way. The ground is rougher, there, trees yielding to torn earth and old, old stone. As the mine is abandoned, it isn't exactly screaming with life, but there is a faint, sharp scent pervading the area, metallic-hot, yet oddly honey-sweet.

No animals frequent this portion of the sparse woodlands; even the birds seem to think better of taking wing overhead. There are a thousand better places on the island to watch the sun set.

Passing through campus as the other students are leaving or heading to eat at the dining halls, Takuto gives a cheery wave to the students that acknowledge him be it a head nod, a giggle, or a stare. He seems rather unpreturbed by students that don't acknowlege him offering the girls a gentle smile and the boys that seem a bit unfriendly a loud and good natured, "Hello!" before passing on about his own business.
As if guided by the breeze itself, Takuto winds his way through town down one street through an alleyway and before too long he finds himself outside town and in the small forest that surrounds it. The boy manages to keep his even pace as though he's got no where to be and nothing in particular to do. As he comes upon the chain link fence though surrounding the old mine, he gets a slightly mischievous grin.
His hand goes to his pocket and suddenly a pair of combination pliers and wire cutters appear in his hand, hands moving with crazy precision cutting through the metal and opening a Takuto sized circular hole in the fence he steps through and begins strolling towards the sweet scented mine's entrance...again as casually as though the breeze were carrying him this way all on its own.

There's the briefest flash of light up in a tree -- high above Takuto, gone before he can ever be seen, a tiny yellow and white vupine creature sniffed at the breeze. Any rustling of his entrance or departure is drowned out by a low rumbling, that rises in volume even as it descends in pitch: it's an eeeeeeengine!

Voices -- slightly familiar voices, though the faces are obscured by masks and the identities partially obscured by that curious cosmological Clark Kenting that the universe seems to mandate -- rise and fall with moderate alarm, upon seeing the hole in the fence. The engine idles for a long moment of inspection, and then roars to life, flipping on its headlights to look for the intruder as though they were bright, piercing eyes of a dragon.

The jeep rumbles and bounces down the road towards Takuto, who only has moments to avoid being seen--! Still, he can't avoid seeing legs dangling just a bit off the side of the seat. Someone is lying down, or else unconscious in the arms of a passenger. Someone with distinct, bright, sandy-colored hair...

As the sound from the way he came manifests itself, Tatkuto pauses for a moment in his stride to listen. The all too familiar voices he can't quite place is a bit frustrating but he's already looking for a place to disappear should they decide to look...he'd already cleared the tree line for the most part a few dead or dying trees that'd not been felled originally offer a few avenues for hiding.
As the beams begin to swivel in his general direction, Takuto at first ducks behind a dead tree truck before looking to one of the larger still clinging to life trees nearby. The moment the beam has passed he runs, slams a foot into the tree, and uses his momentum to launch himself upward as his hands grab a low limb and he swings out of the way of the jeep. Though his eyes catch the figure placed in the back.
Letting himself drop back to the ground, Takuto gives pursuit to the jeep using the rapidly decreasing truncks and larger rocks to keep out of sight for now until he can see what exactly is going on here!

The truck screeches to a halt -- Takuto must have been seen!

Out pours the better part of six feet of tanned muscle, crowned with shaggy brown hair and, yes, a very strange-looking golden, glittering mask. He's a bull of a young man, it seems, and dressed to kill, in strangely stylized but thoroughly practical garb.

Whoever the driver is remains with the jeep... and with Wako.

But, his Star Driver pin glittering on his chest, this passenger stares straight at where Takuto is standing, behind a tree, and sniffs the air derisively. "Face me like a man," he growls, the baritone notes of his voice like dark velvet on the air. "I'm Raging Bull... and I won't let you sneak around here so easily!"

He lifts his fists, taking what seems to be a highly skilled boxing stance.

Seeing as the jig is up there's no point in trying to stay hidden.
As the big guy steps out of the Jeep and makes himself known, Takuto half pauses at the name but brushes it off as he steps out into full view, well as full view as he can given it's night. "I didn't know men took women hostage like that." His eyes flick to the other guy in the Jeep implying that it two of them to take her.
Takuto's hands go up in a rough approximation of Raging Bull's stance.
"Now let the girl go, we can all get along after all, right?" He offers a cheerfully cheesy smile as he starts to slide forward preparing to strike the larger guy!

Raging Bull laughs, but there's no humor in it. It's an ugly sound. "You obviously haven't watched enough movies, then," he scoffs, deflecting the inquiry with absurdity. A dangerous glint enters his eye at the implication that Wako was difficult to take down, but it's not that easy to rattle him; and even as Takuto moves in for a strike, he's out of the way, seemingly supernaturally fast!

Mask gleaming, he materializes behind the younger boy, trying to slam into him fist-first with a dangerous one-inch punch. Hit or miss, he immediately withdraws for the next round of engagement, and so the fight continues for quite some time. It's like fighting a shadow in the rapidly falling night. "You're tresspassing," he growls, towards what heart-poundingly feels like it may be the end. "We won't tolerate that, outsider."

Takuto's swing is so slow compared to Raging Bull's moves. It's seemingly hard for the redhead to even turn in time to swing before his opponent is already moving to a new angle to lay in with another of those power hits. Though it's not entirely fruitless as he manages to clip Raging Bull a couple of times he is still much more on the receiving end of the blow. Though he's likely much tougher than the other guy gave him credit for!
Swing swing miss miss and then suddenly there is an explosion of pain in his gut at the strike hits him home! Takuto wobbles as though he is attempting to keep standing and for a moment stabilizes before he falls to his knees and then crumples laid out on the ground....it's a knock out!

Raging Bull spits -- thankfully, not onto Takuto's now still form -- foam and blood out of the corner of his mouth. It seems that one of those hits was more than a clip. Still, that doesn't change the temporary outcome, and as all goes black, the last thing the Ginga Bishonen sees is the larger boy bending down to grab him...

He wakes up on the floor, wrists bound firmly behind his back, to the sound of rushing water.

Whether it's for decoration or coolant, there's no question that the chilly, dank space he's in is dominated by the true fluid of life -- nor is there any question that he's underground. The cavernous space can only be deeper within the mine. And it is full of people. People, and stranger things.

The least strange of these, perhaps, is Wako herself; though only the back of her head is visible from where she's been tied and seated upon a metal folding chair, it's obviously upright on her neck. Conscious, she berates her captors... in a manner that implies she knows a lot more than she ever mentioned at breakfast that morning.

"You can't-- you broke the first seal, didn't you?"

The most strange, on the other hand, are the intensely creepy, contorted manniquins that stand in a range of poses around the area, each one filled with desperation. They are far, far taller than a man, though manlike in their shape, with strange, spindly limbs and golden masks rather evocative of those being worn by everyone in the area save Wako and Takuto himself.

"Shut up! You're coming with us," barks a masked woman, her violently violet twintails bristling with indignation.

Raging Bull himself is temporarily nowhere to be found... until he can be spotted storming towards a strangely modern tower amidst all these ruins. Complex computers are at its base, but the electric bier itself is strikingly coffin-like. "I nominate myself to be the first Star Driver of the new Phase!" he cries, before leaping inside.

It doesn't take long for Takuto to orient himself, he's careful about moving or saying anything just yet his eyes slowly scanning the room while he makes sure to appear to still be unconscious. This isn't the ideal situation but Takuto was where he needed to be as he soaks in the information he can from these people as they respond to Wako.
The moment that Raging Bull makes his declaration, Takuto has heard enough and he springs to his feet despite his hands being tied. He's a bit battered and bruised but none the worse for the wear as he smiles, "I don't think she's going with you!" He rushes forward hoping to knock Wako out of her chair, "Wako, run for it!" He yells while he spins to confidently face the horde of masked people...he's oddly confident given the odds are not in his favor at all!!

In a place unseen by everyone in the ruins, above and beyond, in shadow and chains, a girl sings. Though a fresh spring wind has reached the island today, her voice is more felt than heard, the sweet caress of winter's loneliness, the sleeping earth yearning for renewal, for the touch of light.

The dancing snowflakes are fragments of stars
Reaching out towards the heavens

Drawn by the sounds of his stirring, perhaps, Wako cranes her neck behind the chair, bright, furious eyes widening with surprise, and desperation, as she spots-- "Takuto! Wake up, Takuto! Please!" He succeeds at knocking her to the floor, when she lies, sprawling in her nightshirt and boxers, before gratefully taking the opportunity he's given her to run.

Alas, it is for naught.

The driver of the jeep, taller and more slender than Raging Bull, grabs her by the shoulder when she starts rattling her chair. In the background, Takuto's assailant disappears within what -- did he call it an 'electric bier' a few moments ago? It was too far away to see closely, but it seemed hypermodern, in stark contrast to the clearly ancient sealed, dormant Cybodies everywhere. The door slams shut, and the distinct sound of electricity crackles, hot and sharp, through the air. Elevator-like, the coffin rises to the top of the tower, and a faint shout of "Apprivoiser!" can be heard from within, as well as the slam of metal on metal...

I can feel my wishes as they come and go
Everything is now in monochrome...

And so it is, after an explosion of light from the top of the tower, a golden pillar that twists and twines towards the unreachable heavens, sealed forever? beyond its touch. A false tree of life, it holds no salvation. Even as Takuto tries to rush the horde, the torrential cascades of water slow, then stop entirely, frozen in midair. All the color in the world seems sapped out of existence... until an emblem on Wako's chest begins to glow with roseate light. She's free to move, but not alone for long enough to escape; with a glittering shine, the masks worn by the others allow them motion as well, in this space beyond time.

The white breath spilling softly from my lips
Is shaped like the words I want to convey.
It must be the warmth that's making the sky grow faintly lighter
Our wings are drenched in our shared sorrow
Turning pure white as they overlap
And becoming a gentle courage for the future
We passed to each other...

One of the mysterious cybodies' masks seems to glow in response to all this, and then, alive with red and black lightning that wriggles like snakes, it seems to explode with flesh -- or, rather, armor -- becoming far more than a mere abandoned doll. Towering horns crown its now larger, thicker golden mask. And within the electric bier, Raging Bull screams.

The masked woman looks at Takuto with a mix of pity and disdain. "/So/ sorry. Only the chosen of humanity can proceed beyond this point." Surrounded by circuits of purple light, the three of them, Wako included, fly away inside a strange orb.

The beating of my heart as I wait for the dawn of an unknown world...
A new tomorrow that begins as I depart with the first rays of light
We each follow a different path
Even if we never meet again
The scattering stars are like sand
Tenderly caressing my heart again

"Let's go, Alpheist!" shouts Raging Bull, now triumphant, as eyes behind the cybody's mask flare with blood red light.

And suddenly there is no world left at all... only an infinitely finite galaxy. A rainbow of stars whirl, reflected in a ground that belies their truth, like a mirror that can only see itself. Mystical gears of every conceivable color interlock the corners of this nonreality, literal seals of a place that is figurative, figment, at best.

The afterimage of a dream during quiet slumber
All is still in a shade of monochrome...

Zero time.

The world begins to slow and fade to grey....Takuto can do nothing as time seems to stop completely and the masked woman's words linger in the air as they travel to the realm of Zero Time.
There frozen and unaware Takuto sits quietly as the masked men and women's plans move forward with no one to oppose them. A long time ago when he was much younger Takuto had a conversation with his Grandfather about cybodies and where they were sealed. He had said they were hidden in another world where time could not touch them and that if he was worthy his mark would guide the way for him...thus after all the others have made the transition a blue glow illuminates the boy's chest and suddenly he's no long there either!
Appearing suddenly in a ball of blue light still having his hands bound he yells up to the giant in front of him and the assembled masked individuals, "I said let her go, didn't I?!" No longer seeming cheerful but amazingly excited instead.
His chest begins to light up more as a massive glowing blue X forms the symbol of Tau there and he grins, "Everything you said up to this point was dead on, grandpa...now let's see the rest!" He murmurs to himself before looking at the giant again, he back flips as a hand rises from beneath Zero Time itself and pierces through the crystaline floor while he lands in its open palm, "When what you want to do and what you ought to do are the same thing, you can hear the voice of the world. That's what they say right?!" He grins widely, "Then let's enjoy this as much as possible! APPPPPRIVOISER!!!!!!!!"
With that he turns to blue light and launches skyward as the rest of the cybody the hand is attached to rises dramatically from the base of Zero Time, sending a shower of crystals everywhere! A massive red and white mech appears its stunning heels standing upon the ground now, it illumiates in whitish blue light that rises up from foot to head. It is a oddly stylized thing, it looks very much like a victorian gentleman dressed up for a costume ball, high heeled boots, mask, feathered tricorner hat, even a set of tails composed of floating bit like things suspended perfectly behind it without being attached.
"SASSOU TOUJOU!!!!" The chest cavity expands as the blue sphere at its center grows and inside there is Takuto as a pair of stylized white breeches appear upon his legs, and thigh high red boots over them, next a massive white coat with long white tails all trimmed in gold with large gold epaulets with blue gems inset into them appears about his torso and white dress gloves cover his hands, "GINGA BISHOUNEN...." His bangs and a wedge of his hair in front suddenly turn gold, "TAUBURN!!!!!"
"So this is the power of Tauburn....amazing!" He says in delighted surprise before his eyes snap to the other robot, "Are you ready to really show off the power of your youth?!"

Dozens of masked faces -- and perhaps one or two unmasked, that are too far away to see clearly -- stare, within each of their floor-carved bubbles, first at Takuto's emblem, and then at something far greater.

Murmurs erupt between adjacent bubbles, discussing this development. "The secret 22nd cybody?" "Is it him?" "I can't believe it..." mutters a white-haired man behind a long-beaked golden mask, to a woman wearing black bandages and little else, as they tinker at their computer. Alpheist, meanwhile, having already grasped Wako in the palm of his hand, is forced to turn over his shoulder to witness the eruption of blue light, and what follows.

"A-are you the GINGA BISHOUNEN?!" he yells, in horrified shock, before the subsequent announcement. Afterwards, though, he slams his fists together, the cybody in turn clanging its horns, and charges. "Don't get full of yourself just because you can board a Cybody!" screams the now-unmasked George Honda, though his face, of course, is hidden instead within the electric bier, which is invisibly piloting Alpheist by remote. That isn't slowing him down, much, though. He charges forwards, his boxing style as fast and terrifying as ever, made infinitely moreso by being backed by rockets and, also, those giant, goring horns.

They're coming straight for that spectacular be-energy-feathered mech--!

In an almost surprising reenactment of their earlier fight, Tauburn's arms come up as though to lock hands with Alpheists but instead of stopping the attack cold the fist slides through his defenses and slam into the more delicate seeming Tauburn. With an audible grunt he chuckles, "It's a punch!" Shaking his head and stepping back for a moment then has Tauburn slide forward and bring it's fist straight towards Alpheist's face before alerting slightly for the strike if it lands to hammer Raging Bull's gut.
"Are you doing alright Wako?" He asks as he smoothly moves away just slightly after his punch trying to keep his eyes on George, his fists, and his horns. Maybe he's still getting used to Tauburn, showboating, or out right playing around? Maybe it's all three!

"I'm fine! Be careful!!" Wako yells, sounding much more worried about Takuto than herself; perhaps foolish, given that she's floating around two giant mecha having an all-out brawl. Above and behind her, in the far distance, a matching pink orb contains a much, much larger maiden, the Cybody who seals the Southern Gate, and thus Zero Time itself.

Her opposite number, the northern Cybody, is missing, as are the interlocking gears that once held her at their heart.

Raging Bull, meanwhile, once again is forced to spit out some foam as his physical body is bent by whiplash within the electric bier. Alpheist's eyes gleam with red fury even as he's throwing back, crashing against the mirror-like floor of Zero Time and causing crystalline cracks to weave their way through the stars like a thousand deadly feathers of the void.

"You should worry more about yourself," Honda roars at Takuto, before lowering those horns of his to come at Tauburn full-bore and full-gore.

Not much finesse to this one, that's for sure.

"I'll do my best!" He enthuses cheefully as though he was in no danger what so ever. As Alpheist charges in Takuto is already moving the attack slides past him the tip of it's rightmost horn running a deep gouge across the arm and body of Tauburn but the worst is far more effectively avoided, though the sensation transmitted to Takuto inside the control orb was very much like a dull knife being run across his skin...very uncomfortable to say the least. The smaller Tauburn seems to be practically skating across the crystal like surface of Zero Time having a bit of the advantage on the manuverability side of things.
Takuto was still getting the feel for Tauburn but he was amazed by its speed and power already. While he'd miss timed a couple things so far he was getting the hang of it as he faught. He gaze locked on the bull like mech...
"Maybe, I can do both!" He retorts to Raging Bull. Using the momentum from his dodge a mere moment ago he twirls around and brings his right fist up and around with monumental force behind it. It very much looks like he's trying to take Alpheists head off in one blow!
"If gramps was right then this should do it!" He says more to himself than to anyone else.

At the very last second, Alpheist gets his forearms up to take the blow instead of the mask! With a terrible crash, the limbs bend and buckle, Tauburn's sheer strength warping and pocking them considerably. But they won't explode without a fight, it seems, and while they're in close like this, Raging Bull, howling as he jerks the controls of the electric bier, energy crackling off his artifical emblem, choked around his neck, goes for a brutal headbutt!

Off to the side, two masked women seem to be placing bets on the outcome; one has long black hair held up, off her face, while the other has an endless fountain of green tresses and a frankly fantastic hat. A third, the one with the purple pigtails, who was so rude to Takuto earlier, watches them with impotent frustration -- how dare they take this so lightly?! How dare they laugh at the suffering of her brother in Filament!

Well, perhaps he won't be suffering for much longer. At the last moment, as his head comes in for the slam, he engages the rocket thrusters, altering the momentum of the blow to direct right at the central orb on Tauburn's chest, the one that contains the Ginga Bishonen! He seems to be playing for keeps.

As Tauburn's arm bounces off Alpheist's arm armor leaving the buckled and warped metal behind, Takuto's begining to reset his stance but it's not fast enough as Alpheist launches immediately into his own attack. Quickly crossing Tauburn's arms over the control sphere to protect it, the force of Alpheist's blow knock's Tauburn back it's feet part sliding and part digging into Zero Time's crystaline floor scattering more shards everywhere.
The blow not only rattles the orb like crazy but Takuto gets the sensation of his arms being clobbered and his chest being rattled by the hit. Shaking his head he grins and grits his teeth, "It's getting serious and that was some punch." He admits before Tauburn's heels dig into the ground beneath them...
Rocketing forward the lithe mech comes in from low to the ground, the force of the initial kick off creating a small wave in the floor of Zero time, that cracks, and shatters spilling crystaline shards and blocks everywhere about the area.
That, however, isn't the danger and if George loses focus it could seriously be bad for him! Tauburn nimbly shifts positions using all that force it built up and spins around once pivoting just slightly to slim it's profile as it brings it's right fist up in what is might very well be the love child of a proper uppercut and a Haymaker, either way it's going to hurt if it hits Alpheist in the Jaw like Takuto hopes!

Tauburn does, indeed, nail Alpheist in the jaw, and the massive Cybody staggers back. But not before slamming his chin into the blow, trying to crack at the structural integrity of Tauburn's fist -- making even his successes cost him. Truly, a magnificent boxer, George Honda.

Alarms are starting to blare in the electric bier's cockpit, and that purple-haired masked woman appears to be Raging Bull's boss, when she shouts, "Enough, withdraw, withdraw!"

"No!" he bellows back. "Not until -- it's -- over!"

With each word, he snaps out another punch, then spins around on his now-sputtering rocket thrusters to hit again, and again, and again. The final blow overexposes him greatly -- if Tauburn can only withstand it, he may have the opening he needs!

While Tauburn's fist crashes into Alpheist's jaw, Takuto grimaces just slightly as George uses his chin as a weapon. Unfortunately for Alpheist his fist remains firm, it seems Tauburn is made of some seriously sterner stuff. Though the fist isn't nearly as glossy or smooth, scrapes and tons of pock marks surround a slightly crater like ding in the knuckles.
Takuto refocuses on Alpheist preparing his attack to come having hoped to have made it out of the first fight without having to show this off but there's no such thing as perfect planning in a real fight. Tauburn's control orb begins to gather galactic radiance glowing brighter and brighter. Unfortunately George isn't done!
Again with lightning speed, Tauburn seems to ever so slightly lift off the ground and skate across the surface of Zero Time whirling around in a showy fashion almost like a bull fighter after a charging bull has passed, the blow had been taxing to avoid and Takuto could feel the strain in Tauburn's systems and power reserves were rapidly dropping, this needed to finish and it needed to finish now especially if he was going to be so bull headed about it.
Letting the spin finish Tauburn faces Alpheist....its control sphere opens slightly and a absolutely massive blast of energy is released as a beam from its chest. Meanwhile Takuto yells out, "Radiance of the Galaxy, Tau Galaxy BEAM!!!!!!" As the massive beam manages to get yet larger than it was before!

Radiance of the galaxy indeed -- in fact, buoyed by the immense passion of its Star Driver, Tauburn's Galaxy Beam infinitely outshines the fake, strange galactic panorama that is Zero Time. There's only a moment to see what happens, in fact, before the dimension is simply blown out of sight, fading away in the aftermath of Tauburn's victory.

And it is a victory; though Raging Bull manages to bring up his arms, they are entirely blown off, nothing left but molten, oddly golden slag, very similar to that chunky mask (and the sleeker one currently inside the electric bier). "Damn," he curses, almost in unison with Filament's leader, while some onlookers are horrified by the Ginga Bishounen's power, some are awed, and some seem more amused than anything else.


But when the spots behind the heart's eye clear, everyone is gone -- everyone, that is, except for Takuto and Wako, suspended upon a stone hand in the ocean by the Southern Shrine of Southern Cross Island. Wako's brown eyes are soft as they regard her new surroundings, as thoughtful as they are grateful. The true skies, with the glorious Milky Way, impossibly more lovely and mysterious than Zero Time's facsimile, are reflected within.

She gazes at them, and then focuses on her rescuer, eyes locking with him for a long, timeless moment.

Until her stomach growls, loudly. She claps a hand over it, her lips twitching with rueful self-deprecation.

"...ugh... I'm hungry."

It's such a ridiculously mundane thing after their spectacular supernatural adventure that a giggle escapes her next, and then a long, hearty, possibly slightly hysterical laugh.

The beam rips through Zero Time with amazing speed doing an equal number on Alpheist's arms, as the formerly masked pilot swears revenge, Takuto merely smiles, hoping that in time all the other Star Drivers might learn their proper responsibilities as a pilot of a Cybody but either way he'll be there to stop them and show the way until then.
As the light from the Tau Galaxy Beam fades, Zero Time comes to an end the world taking on color, and the grand gears of time itself begin to tik and tok forward again. Takuto is surprised to find himself on a hand shaped rock, though later once he found out it was named Tau Rock he'd be much less surprised.
For just a moment his eyes catch upon the stars and he marvels at them before he turns to look at something, more precisely, someone he finds infinitely more beautiful than all the stars and their glory. He offers a heartfelt smile to the girl and the gaze seems to last forever, until her tummy rumbles that is.
Takuto's only response to the rumble and the comment is to begin to chuckle out loud and then join in with Wako's laughter about the whole situation. The smile on his lips is wide as he continues to laugh and laugh while sitting on the rock. Later on the could worry about getting off the rock and getting her some food right now all that was needed was being here with her and this honest laughter.