2013-09-26 - Devil Talk

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Title: Donuts Away

A beautiful lady sits at a coffee shop. A young girl wonders if she is an evil queen type. Then you got the young teen who really shouldn't be here. Nothing could possibly go wrong!


Sei Itazura, Hotaka Domen, Madobe Kuroi


Shibuya Shopping Ward

OOC - IC Date:

9/26/2013 - 9/24/2013

Sei Itazura has posed:

It's late afternoon. School is out, and Tokyo is flooded with escaping young people, fleeing their captivity to frolic for the few short hours alotted to them before curfews begin to kick in. As the sun sinks towards the horizon, Sei Itazura sits at a small table in Shibuya, in the outdoor sidewalk portion of a cafe. A rather upscale joint, but not ridiculously so - a little gourmet, but not unreasonable. She's still wearing her shool uniform, the rather bland colors of Ohtori's high school in evidence, though in the fading sunlight she has augmented it with a pair of rather expensive looking thin sunglasses which shield her unsual light-blue eyes from the glare. She's also smoking a cigarette - such things would never be tolerated on school grounds, but here she hardly occasions a second glance. There's a cup of some kind of fancy coffee drink in front of her, a cafe caramel macchiato grande with chocolate shavings and a shot of espresso, or something. Probably cost more than an honest man makes in a day. So there she sits, by herself, in a little bubble, one leg crossed over the other, brown loafer-style shoe kicking lightly in the air, sunglasses and cigarette.. a glamorous young lady. She occasionally garners a whistle or hoot from gaggles of passing teenage boys, but rarely bothers to respond with more than a slight, smirking smile.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

This was a more high class part of town, compared to where Hotaka grew up. Though he has been here from time to time before. He mostly has come here because his mom sent him to pick up some stuff for the house that can only be found here.

Like-- special candles and.. who knows what else. The list was kinda crazy. Then again, so was his mother.

The youth who stood around five foot seven walked across the sidewalk. He was still in his school outfit of the Juuban district and he was looking over the list as he walked. Ignoing Alastor's remarks about some of the things she has listed off.

"..yeah.. its a pretty crazy list." He mutters to himself. He sadly isn't looking where he is going and almost runs into a Ohtori student. That causes a bit of one of those. 'Hey! Look where you are going!' with the followed mutter of something about low class.

Normally Hotaka just say sorry, but Alastor on the other hand...

'Did he just call us low class?'

"...Don't.." Hotaka hisses at himself. Which causes the young man to stop and look over his shoulder.

"Were you talking to me?"

Hotaka gets ready to say sorry, but Alastor decides he is going to say his own point on this matter. This happens with those blue eyes taking on a red look to them as the youth suddenly smiles softly. "Maybe I was." He says calmly.

'What?! ...ALASTOR!'

The Ohtori high schooler walks right up to Hotaka and stares him down. Hotaka just calmly folds up the piece of paper and tucks it into his pocket, by this point both hands go into his pant pockets as he starts to turn around and face Ohtori student. "Is that a problem?"

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Madobe didn't go to school anyway. She has been wandering aimlessly around Tokyo. Something's been on her mind. The perfume bottle is hidden in a vest pocket. She tries to pretend it isn't there. She actually goes to these 'upscale areas' from time to time, usually to gawk, stare, and ponder. She passes by the cafe, and wouldn't normally stop, but she spots something strange.


Madobe glances from side to side to see a place where she can watch this high class lady smoke. She heard a song about people who spend too much money on coffee, smokes too. They do it because it is a free ticket to popularity and a way of showing off your social status.

She leans against a lightpost, nonchalantly glancing over every so often.

A boy lets out a bit of a hoot at the girl, nearby. Madobe frowns. Oi, she thinks, don't be so obvious about your attraction. Give other girls a bit of hope ok? She looks up and sees a smirk.

Madobe exhales. She doesn't even care. No, it's not that, she is so popular she knows she'll get this. She considers all those boys to be /beneath/ her. This is a queen-type, she realizes. She must be an Ohtori girl. And not just any Ohtori, one from a big family! Maybe her parents are software giants. She heard of queens like these, but this is her first time seeing one in person.

Her palms are getting sweaty.

Nearby Hotaka causes trouble. Madobe doesn't jump in to help. If that's a queen, she wonders, how would she act? Even if she's a high and mighty queen, she might not want her subjects bullying peasants, right?

Wait...hasn't she seen that guy before? She frowns thoughtfully.

Sei Itazura has posed:

Oh, what's this? Sei's lazily roving eyes are attracted to the scene of a minor confrontation. One of her school-mates, it appears, is having a bit of a trouble with the local rabble.. some kid in a Juuban uniform ran into him. She's just far enough away to not really be able to hear what is said, although she can hear voices raised and the postures of those involved more or less speak for themselves. She watches for a few moments in silence, unmoving, as the two face each other. Then, just when it seems things might be about to get physical, she calls out in a clear voice that carries easily. "Hey, asshole. Leave the kid alone. You'll make us all look bad if you get in a fight in the middle of the street." She's clearly talking to the Ohtori boy.

Said Ohtori boy stiffens at the sound of the voice, and Hotaka can clearly see him redden with anger. He starts to speak as he turns, "Yeah, well why don't you mind your ow-" the words trail away as he finishes turning and actually sees who was just talking to him. All the color in his face drains away, and a look of pure panic crosses his face. "Ah.. ah. Itazura-san. I uhm.. of course. You're right. I uh.. mmm.. never mind." He shoots a glance at Hotaka which speaks of beatings in the future should they ever meet again, then turns and hurries away into the crowd without looking back.

Sei, for her part, watches the kid's reaction with amusement, a slight smirk on her face with oozes self-satisfaction. Then her eyes, hidden by her sunglasses, return to the Juuban kid. "No need to thank me." She says to him flippantly. "It does me good to make them scurry sometimes. Makes sure they don't forget their place." She is completely unaware of the younger girl watching her from the alleyway.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:


IT WAS A BAD QUEEN AFTER ALL! Madobe thanks her lucky stars that she hadn't gotten herself a lecture and instead ...... just got a look like she was utterly beneath this person in every way and not just that, beneath her attention. She had violated social norms by approaching this queen uninvited and is now paying the price!!

Before she can answer, she is given a gift! Second hand smoke! She coughs and wheezes and her eyes water though whether that's from the smoke or the pain...in her heart...is unclear. She is practically crying openly by the time she manages to form a cogent sentence. Her nose is leaking

"N...no...I just...wanted to thank you." Her body shakes and trembles.

"S..s...sorry for bothering you..." She bows her head deeply. At least this way she can look at the floor.

Sei Itazura has posed:

There are few hearts harder in Tokyo than that of Sei Itazura. Yakuza Princess, certified sociopath, superiority complex so overblown small planets orbit her head. Yet the display confronting her is so pathetic that even she has to feel a little bad. A little. She stares down at the shaking, stammering, nearly crying girl, and after a moment heaves a sigh. "Oh come on, stiffen up, kid. You'll never get anywhere if you react like that every time someone isn't interested in you. Them's the breaks, life's a bitch and so am I, take your lumps and move on." She pauses, to see if this life lesson is going to have the impact that it should, then glances around a moment.. eyes finally lighting on her pack of cigarettes. "Here. Don't say I never gave you anything." She comments, grabbing the half-full pack and tossing it to the girl. "Smoke a lot, it makes you look cool." Sei Itazura, champion of the people, getting little kids to start smoking since 2013!

Hotaka Domen has posed:

'See. Acting tough helps.'

Hotaka wants to reply back so hard, but not in front of someone. So Alastor knowing this goes through one of his monologues cause he knows Hotaka can't do a dang thing. Meanwhile Hotaka notices those blue eyes. It was odd, even though he also had them with his brown hair, but due to the fact of his sheer height and such, many pretty begged he probably wasn't a straight up Japanese.. or somewhere in his heritage there was probably European in there.

"That would probably depend on what the request may be." He says with a raised eye brow. "But we can see." He then looks over at his underclassman as he catches the 'queen's' negative attention. He winces a little at the smoke blow. If he knew her name, he just say something to her and be like 'go, shoo shoo'.

Think Hotaka. The kid needs an escape goat or away to direct this gal off her, or so she doesn't further embarrass herself.

'..you are not..'

"Ah. I'm sorry about my cousin there. She ran off on me while we were trying to do some shopping for my mom." He then pulls out the list showing what he means by 'shopping' and then walks over to Madobe, before he crouches down on her level. "Don't run off again like that, ok? You know your aunt and uncle wouldn't be very happy if I lost you out here." He made sure his back was to Sei, so he gave Madobe a wink and lipped 'play along'.

He then goes to stand back up and looks over to Sei Itazura once more. "So, do you hang around here often?"

Sei Itazura has posed:

"I don't know, that's always the rub, isn't it?" Sei muses absently in response to Hotoka's words. "You never know what the favor's gonna be until its called in. But a good man, an honorable man," And she pauses here, giving him look which says 'you /are/ honorabl, right?' before continuing, "Makes good on his obligations. I saved your ass from beating, you owe me one. Them's the breaks." She smiles again, such a sweet expression, but her eyes behind those glasses are full of evil humor.

Then Hotoka is making excuses for Madobe, and Sei watches the exchange without comment, though there is a clearly skeptical look on her face. That is replced with an indifferent one, a shrug of her shoulders given to Hotoka's final question. "Sometimes. It's a bit pedestrian but it beats hanging out on campus. Bunch of stiffs up there, let me tell you. Wouldn't know a good time if it bit them in the ass." Another drag taken on cigarette, smoke blown harmlessly to the air this time.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Sei says something that's actually probably really good advice. Namely, don't go to pieces just because someone was disinterested in you. Of course, that's not precisely the full reason of why Madobe went to pieces. She just assumes everyone is disinterested in her. She's panicking because she feels she embarrassed herself thinks Sei is going to go to her friends and talk about this foolish girl who thought she could approach her and then they'll have a laugh and maybe post it online with pictures and then it'll get back to Juuban and her class will be murmuring about her and not the kind of murmuring she wants, but murmuring murmuring murmuring about how crazy she is and then they will maybe put tacks in her shoelocker or push her in the mud and she'll be even more miserable than she usually is and maybe even Sakura will leave her and Aimi will be embarrassed that she ever gave her hugs and she's already embarrassed because Madobe gave HER a hug while covered in mud because she wasn't thinking or maybe she was thinking too much and and and and and and

Well the point is, is that not having this happen to you every time someone is a jerk to you is good advice.

Of course the advice that Madobe latches onto is not that advice, because that would require self-betterment and confidence way above her character level. No, she latches onto the second piece of advice.

'Smoke a lot, it makes you look cool'.

My god, Madobe's eyes widen. She's right! Maybe she's a good queen after all!! She nods a few times and quickly pockets the cigarettes to practice being cool with later.


"Madobe! What are you doing?!" Madobe's mother shrieks, raising a hand to SLAP.


Hotoka to the rescue! She mumbles another apology and another thanks to Sei, this time a bit more subdued and less panicky. She's reigning herself in but even if Sei WAS a nice person it'd take her time to recover from that. It was really the small touches, the smoke blowing in her face, that triggered it. When bullying it's always important to keep in mind the small details.

She has no idea what Hotoka is doing but plays along anyway. "Y..yeah..." She manages.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka smirks. "I have my honorable moments." ..and some evil ones. "Well. Maybe I'll run into you again later, or if you ever want to call me in on that favor. You could just call me up instead." With that, Hotaka writes down the number for his cell and actually hands it to her.

"That way you can make sure I pay up." Alastor within though is face-palming at this.

Hotaka looks at Madobe for a moment, before he then folds up the list again and then places in his pocket. His attention turning back to Sei yet again. She was-- a very interesting woman. "How long have you been smoking anyways?"

Sei Itazura has posed:

Sei sees the lesson, well, /a/ lesson, sink home in Madobe and nods her head in satisfaction. Yes, steering the youth in the right direction. She is then once more forced to turn her attention back to Hotaka, because he is.. giving her his cellphone number? Sei looks at the paper held out to her, one of her eyebrows arching high. Then, after a moment, she laughs. It's.. not exactly a scornful laugh. I mean, she's not laughing /at/ him. Exactly. Its more like an incredulous laugh. Its a very pretty laugh, either way. After a moment though, she reaches out, delicate fingers closing over the paper and taking it, bringing it back and tucking it into the bag (probably cost more than Madobe's house) hanging from the back of her chair. "Man, you got some balls on you, boy." She says, grinning now. "Half the boys in Ohtori would crap themselves before they could get up the courage to do what you just did. Still, I appreciate balls on a man. Or even a woman. Metaphorically, of course." She lets her grin die down to her trademark smirk. "But if I call, you better come, Domen-san. If you stand me up after I took your number on the street... well. I would be very displeased."

Then he asks her about smoking, and she frowns. "I dunno, a few years. Why does it matter, what are you, my doctor now?" Then she pauses. "Or did you want one? Here-" She reaches for the pack, only to remember she gave it to Madobe. She flicks a glance at the girl. "You, kid. Give him one." She jerks her head towards Hotaka.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Courage, Madobe thinks. She was brave when she was fighting that monster, wasn't she? Certainly a monster should be scarier than boys and even queens who smoke. But strangely she's more in jitters than even before she transformed. Life...isn't fair, is it, Madobe thinks. If only she was more like Sweet Pea than...this.

Madobe does't know how expensive her house is. Houses are pretty expensive, though, especially ones with multiple stories and bedrooms. So that bag has gotta be real crazy. Madobe doesn't notice. She doesn't get the deal with pretty bags.

Frankly the conversation here is clearly teenage levels above her own. Balls on women, after all, is still forbidden territory for Madobe (not that she doesn't frequently infringe on such territory).

Like the smokes. Forbidden...EXOTIC...territory. Madobe starts smiling. The worst is over, soon she'll be cool when she's poisoning her lungs!

She glances to Hotoka. Who is this guy? And was she imagining that weird eye thing?

Madobe Kuroi takes a moment to register the order. She is in her own mental world here so there is a bit of a delay for her brain to catchup. "Ah..yes..."

She plucks a cigarette out of the box and offers it to her 'cousin' because that's totally something cousins would do for another in this context.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka shrugs softly. "More like just making sure you know I can't run off when you need me to carry out the return favor." He wasn't hitting on her. Honestly! He was just making sure he did what was right. Really! Though when the doctor thing comes up he raises a brow. "Well.. more like I was.." TO LATE!

Sei is asking Madobe for a one of the cigarettes and Hotaka winces a little. Last time he even /tried/ to smoke was back when he was fourteen and that was cause a friend of his was doing it, so they let him try. It didn't go over well, though he did slowly get the hang of it. Just that after that one. He pretty much concluded he never smoke again.

Hotaka wanted to maybe ask Alastor for help. He was a demon after. Demon's smoke all the time, right? ..but that required him actually /saying/ something. Instead all he was hearing was Alastor chuckling softly. It was that 'haha you fool' kind of laugh too.

So now he was going to be placed on the spotlight, he had to remember how to do this.

When Madobe hands him a cigarette, like a snap Alastor has already decided that he isn't going to let Hotaka have all the /fun/. He got the boy into this position, he may was well live it up as well. Don't mind the mild red eyes. Its just the light. Really.

He hands the cigarette easily enough and makes a gesture for the lighter. "I've smoke once before, but its been awhile."

'..Alastor.. wwhyyy. Why do you do this too me!? ...and how did you know its been awhile? ...freakin' lazy demon...'

"And no. I am not trying to be your doctor, mostly because you don't even need a checkup."

'...did you seriously just go there?'

"With how you chased those guys off, I bet you can carry some real power behind those legs, if you wanted too, but I respect someone who can roll with the best."

Sei Itazura has posed:

Sei doesn't really react to the slight color-change of Hotaka's eyes. She belongs to the magical Yakuza, she's seen it all, to the point where such minor things sort of fly under her radar. What doesn't fly under her radar, however, is a dude making remarks about, to all intents and purposes, her bum. Now, its a mighty fine bum. She would contend its one of the finest in the entire city. She might even show it off from time to time, tight pants, short skirts, y'know. But very, very seldom does anyone come up to her and say 'hey, nice bum'. Now, maybe that's not what he said. Maybe that's not even what he meant. But that's what she heard. She stares at him, practically agog for several seconds. Then she laughs. She laughs hard. A genuine laugh of amusement. Finally, after several moments, she calms down enough to talk, gasping and wiping tears from the corners of her eyes behind her glasses. "Oh man! Did I say you had balls? Make that moons. PLANETS. Oh man, I haven't heard a line like that in.. well, ever. Who writes for you? You should fire them." But she's grinning. "You know what, I like you, Domen-san. You're alright."

At just about this moment, another voice ring out from behind the three. It sounds just like Sei's voice, but where her voice is rich with feeling and amusement, this new voice is calm, neutral. "I'm glad to see you are enjoying yourself, Sei. Have you made some new friends?" Turning about would show.. another Sei. Or rather, another girl who looks exactly like her, from the school uniform down to the tiniest detail. Except for one thing - her eyes are black. Not just dark. Black. Oh, and that strange, single earring that Sei wears? This girl wears one too, but its in the opposite ear.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka smirks as she just cracks up laughing at his remarks. The real Hotaka should owe him right now, Alastor is making him some friends with someone who knows how its done in life. Strong personality. Doesn't take crap. This is the kind of people Hotaka needs to be around, far as Alastor is concerned, if he wants to survive.

At least so they can...

Hotaka lights up the cigarette with ease, and then hands the lighter back over. Taking a few easy puffs off it, before actually huffing some smoke into the air. He then holds it easily in his hand like second nature. "Glad you approve, Itazura-san." He looks over at Madobe. "I am sure also my cousin there can take some good pointers off you as well. Seems you already worked your charm on her."

He then takes notice of the 'twin'. He takes a slow drag, before letting exhaling out the smoke as he studies the twin. There was nothing that stood out. Nothing he could sense anyways of trouble. Any artifacts perhaps? Who knows. Probably just normal twins. "Didn't know there was two of you. That could make things difficult on the phone. I wont know who is who."

'Alastor.. can I have my body back? Please?'

Hotaka takes one more quick one off the cigarette, before letting it fall to the ground and putting it out with his shoe, then kicking it off to a drain so it can't do any harm to anyone. Maybe beyond the water and the rats. He then looks over at Madobe, "Also, you should introduce yourself to them. After she gave you the nice advice and the pack."

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Madobe Kuroi isn't a social butterfly. You can tell that by looking at her and besides which, you guys aren't even peers, you're arguably not even senpai. You're like super senpai. Practically /adults/.

Madobe does react to 'orders' though. "M..Madobe Kuroi." She manages. "H--hello." Part of the reason for her stammering might be because the 'twin' has BLACK EYES. This generally isn't really normal and it's a bit creepy. It's not even dark brown. BLACK.

Madobe rubs at her neck, there's a bit of a marking there, as if something had bit her.

She doesn't say that she's a friend of them, she knows she's not friends with these people. They've taken a bit of pity with her, that's all, which is mortifying--but at least it's not people her age. unfortunately, Hotaku is in her school...but as he's an upperclassman of several years, it might not be too dreadful.

She wishes she could tell them that she shot a monster with flower beams but she doubts they'd believe her. Even if they have weird eye colors going on.

Sei Itazura has posed:

Sei has been busily rolling her eyes ever since the appearance of her twin. "There's not two of me." She says to Hotaka, firmly. "There's one of me, and one of /her/." She gestures with her by-now nearly spent cigarette at the black-eyed doppleganger. This new girl, for her part, retains a placid, neutral expression throughout, her unnaturally dark eyes observing the people before her dispassionately. "This is my sister, Sou Itazura. She's the life of every party, if you can't tell. Sou, this is Hotaka Domen-san and his cousin." She doesn't fill in Madobe's name because she doesn't know it, but the girl does it herself a moment later.

"Charmed." Is the even-toned response from Sou, as her eyes move from one to the other.. then back to Sei. "Are you about done here, sister? Varrus is waiting for us. While you've been making friends, I have actually accomplished what we came here to do." She hefts a small paper bag, like a grocery sack, in one hand, one eyebrow quirking meaningfully.

Sei rolls her eyes again. "Oh, alright." She stubs her own cigarette out in the ashtray on the table. Then she looks at Hotaka and Madobe. "You guys want a ride? We got plenty of room. It's the least I can do for the entertainment you've given me."

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Aww. The fun is ending. Thus Alastor gives back control and those eyes go back to their blue color, before Hotaka furrows his brows as he looks away in a moment of frustration. Oh. Alastor. We are going to have some words!

Hotaka ahems softly and shakes his head. "No. We really need to get this shopping done and it be my head if I don't get what we need for our house." He looks down at Madobe. Not like he can /really/ control her.

"It was nice talking to you, Itazura-san," He then looks at those black eyes of Sou. "..and a pleasure to meet your sister." he was getting a bad feeling about this more and more now. He places his hands in his pockets and takes a step back. "Madobe, lets get going, hm?" he then looks back at the Itazura sisters.

"Guess I'll be talking to you later." he then places up his hand in a wave, before motioning for Madobe to come along. Like a good cousin.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

What Madobe wants is to run home and never go outside again. She does consider taking the once in a life time opportunity to go riding around with a high class Ohtori gal but if Hotaka isn't taking the opportunity--well, she said 'you two' and all but Madobe is sure that means 'Hotaka and you can bring your kid cousin along'. The stern admonishment for not getting the groceries with her sister seems a bit much but this family seems, well, a bit much.

She bows her head again--quietly--and follows Hotaka out. She looks like someone who will bolt at the soonest opportunity but she can't do that while Sei is watching.


Sei Itazura has posed:

Sei watches the two retreat, heaving a little sigh. "You scared them off, Sou, good going." She says to her sister, as they fade away into the crowd.

"If they weren't already terrified of you, Sei, then they lack the good sense god gave little green apples."

"What the hell does that even mean?" Sei makes a face as she rises, brushing off her skirt. "So, you got the stuff?"

"Of course I did. Unlike you, I never shirk responsibility." Sou murmurs, tilting the paper bag so the top opens and Sei can look inside. Its filled with money. Big stacks of money. Probably illegal money.

"Mmm. I love the smell of profit after school." Sei sighs, after looking into the bag. "Let's go. Don't tell dad I was smoking."

"Beloved sister, I wouldn't dream of it." Sou replies in her even tone, before the two head off together, walking side by side, their strides and stances exactly mirrored with each other without even trying.