2013-09-24 - Just A Little Game

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Title: Just A Little Game

Minako Aino decides to walk on the bad side of town and runs into possible trouble.


Minako Aino, Hotaka Domen


Tokyo Bay

OOC - IC Date:

9/24/2013 - 9/24/2013

Hotaka Domen has posed:

It was Tuesday the twenty forth and the great sun had yet to rise on the horizon. It was just now starting to peek over the edge, glowing upon the water like fire. It was here in the quiet bay that a creature had been seen, three times now in the very early morning.

It was actually causing many to want to stay away from here at these hours because they didn't know what the creature was and one reported an attack from it. So for those willing to investigate as the sun barely peaked over. They would indeed find the demonic creature here.

For he was crouched, balancing on a light pole, staring off toward the slow rising sun. Those gold eyes against the dark skin and the black armor seeming to barely flicker against the clip of the sun's rays. The black hair though was gently being played with by the soft breeze as the long pony tail barely was moved.

Was this really the monster that small rumors were being spoken about?

Minako Aino has posed:

Minako Aino is out and about with the excuse of 'getting to school early' and 'taking the scenery route' but is -really- actually taking the incredibly dirty, wet, ugly route through the wharfs and loading docks while they're mostly empty. Early morning monster-hunting missions! In her school outfit, she might stand out a little bit, but certainly wouldn't draw attention as anybody to be wary of.

It's worth finding youma just to be able to stop them, but Minako knows where there's trouble, there are sometimes senshi and other suspicious folks who'll come following, so she's not doing anything intimidating for monsters just yet!

Hotaka Domen has posed:

The demonic creature continues to stay crouched, until the sound of movement catches to his elf like ears. Soon he looks in that direction, before he raises a brow gently. 'There is something about this...

"..about what..?" The demon human spoke, his words echoed like two. One who was much younger, to someone who was a bit older, with a bit of a deeper voice. "..What are you.."

'Not sure. Go look.

The creature tsks softly, before his wings fully open and then he takes into the air with a hard push off of the lamp. The armored figure flies into the air before he spots the school girl. 'Her. That is it.

"...do we have.."

'No. Not yet. Just take caution.'

Minako may see a shadow pass over her from above, before hearing something gently touch down several feet away from her. If she was to look she would see the dark demonic figure has landed and then he slowly stands up. It seems this individual stands somewhere close to six feet. His gold, demonic like eyes, looking directly at her.

Minako Aino has posed:

Minako Aino continues about on her way, not really paying as much attention as she might have before. Lots of random out-of-the-way walks end up being pretty boring and taking her to dirty, unpleasant places that just don't emphasize anything fun nor glamorous. So when she glances about her and sees somebody who looks more than a little unusual, just standing around staring, she's a little taken aback as her stride breaks unevenly and she almost stumbles over.

"Uhhhhhhhhh, hi," she says after an uncomfortably long pause, followed by an automatic smile and a little wave at you after establishing eye contact.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

The demonic figure carefully walks toward her. His eyes narrow slightly, when she waves at him. He looks at her hand, then at her. What was he picking up? Did she possess... He could sense it now that he was closer. Something about her was different.

At least the dark figure speaks up. "Who are you?" He wasn't so bad, now was he? Yeah. You just wait.

Minako Aino has posed:

Minako Aino straightens up, flicking her hair back. "I'm... not supposed to be here. The dockworkers would be so mad," she says, seemingly worried about that for some reason.

"And I'm Minako-chan! I am on my way to school!" she says, as if it were both obvious and natural. "What are youuuuu doing here?"

Hotaka Domen has posed:

"Enjoying my peace." The demonic figure says as his eyes flicker with a bit of light. "..and you could have bigger concerns to worry about then helpless dock workers." He takes another step forward. His clawed gauntlet hand flexing a bit, as his left hand stays rather calm by his side.

'Don't. Harm. Her.' The voice in Hotaka's head tells him, the true voice of Alastor. His words sharp in Hotaka's mind, which causes a minor external twitch of his left eye. 'Though she perhaps someone of interest.. we have no outstanding orders to continue hunting. There is no need for this just yet.'

How Hotaka would love to tell Alastor to make up his mind right now. First they go chasing after people, but now he wants to be /nice/ demon. Augh. Such a lazy demon. "You are not afraid of me, Minako?" He tilts his head. "..because most would have ran by now and though this is making you an easy prey, it isn't any fun when they don't run."

Insert chibi Alastor demon face-palm.

Minako Aino has posed:

Minako Aino shakes her head to you and shrugs. "Naaaaaah. I know lots of delinquents and stuff like that. Can't judge a book by its author, after all. Mebbe you're just having a bad hair day and... uh, wing day," she says, now preparing to dash away (or perform face-punches, although the former seems the better idea at the moment).

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka-Alastor smirks before he then laughs softly and then just breaks into a full out laugh. With that echo, it could be a little freaky. He laughs a bit more, before he looks at her. Now he was having a minor hard time not smirking. Man-- if they met when he wasn't like. She could actually make a rather decent fri--

Slowly the face goes into one of a minor sorrow at a passing thought. No. They couldn't be friends. Not when he has this contract and not so long as..

He then looks toward the rising sun, now a bit higher in the horizon. "You should go, before I change my mind.." He then slowly looks at her. "..though.. ..one more..." Suddenly those gold eyes narrow dangerous, as he goes to latch out for her very arm.

Minako Aino has posed:

Minako Aino goes to smack away any reaching arms, making all sorts of indignant expressions. "Oh no you didn't! You're worse than the Juuban boys," she crows, a little haughtily, swinging her arm out in a wide arc. "I can't go with you playing with my uniform!"

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Minako starts to flail when he takes a hold of her, which was enough to break his grasp really, since he wasn't out to actually harm her. Yet when in her flail, he quickly went to defend himself when her finger came up just high enough to actually make a soft impact with his face. It wasn't a hard hit, but it was enough to cause him to halt in his tracks.

That and what she had to say. Juuban-- was not a bad school. His eyes blinked a few times before he lowered his head. His teeth then sneered a bit.

'...Well. I guess now that you startled her. We should finish the job, shouldn' we?'

He then exposed just enough of his own eyes that they were glowing in the shadows of his bangs. Glowing brightly at that. "..you shouldn't have done that, Minako. I had no plans to really hurt you.. but now.."

Suddenly he bolted to the side with a hard push, before coming at her once again. This time to tackle her and try to embrace her in a hold. Almost enough to maybe start to squeeze, not to really kill, but to try cause her to pass out.

Minako Aino has posed:

Minako Aino immediately ducks down in response to outstretched arms and practically leaps to the side, swinging her hips into your side as she passes. "Uggggh, you keep saying one thing and doing another," she complains as she moves away.

"And that's exactly what I was -just- talking about. Touchiness!"

Hotaka Domen has posed:

The student slams her hips into Alastor when he almost has her. Just a hair breaths away it seems. It was pretty effective actually; surprisingly enough. He goes to try and reach out from her, but because of her sheer force she used to get away from him, well, it kinda knocked him back a few steps.

He growled lowly, before letting out a fierce howling roar into the air with his wings outstretched. Then sun was only getting higher by this point and crews would be here soon. He could either continue this chase or..

'If I have to be the voice of reason, Hotaka. I will be, as much has her actually winning this is mildly amusing me, but you are forgetting something important..'

The demon leaps into the air takes flight, quickly out pacing her up in the air. That was easy to see by the shadow really.

'...you have school soon, like she does. Do you /really/ want to explain to the teachers why you are late?'

This is one of the rare times when Hotaka and Alastor were actually /not/ agreeing on something while in this form. Typically, they would act almost as one, but honestly. The demon is rather tired and how Hotaka could have so much energy is beyond Alastor really. So it was almost like for the demon just eating some popcorn and not helping guide the youth at all.

If Minako was paying attention to her surroundings that shadows was getting in rather close and that is because he was now coming down fast and plan to drop her straight to the ground if he impacted with her.

Minako Aino has posed:

Minako Aino looks back just in time to see something in the air rather than just behind her, as originally assumed. She instinctively jumps up and forward evasively, but it's not nearly fast enough for something -flying- at her and she's slammed down into the ground despite her best efforts otherwise.

She raises a foot up and starts to get that angry kicking motion ready, but seems to think better of it and instead kicks the ground to roll... towards the dock's edge!

Hotaka Domen has posed:

After the impact. The demon seems to want to chase, but his foot stops as she rolls away. His brows furrow. "..she.." The sun light plays against his black hair for a moment and his eyes seem to have sudden realization that comes over him. What went from a game, then went to serious, suddenly snapped Hotaka back to reality of what he was doing with out Alastor's full fledge support; or perhaps Alastor snapped him out of it about then.

"...I could have.." He blinks a few times, before placing his hand to his head. "..tsk.."

'Yes. That is enough Hotaka. She got the point. We should go now.'

"..this is all your fault.." He mutters softly. "..I.." No. It was his own fault. Alastor wasn't even guiding. He wasn't even aiding in the lead. This cursed power...

He lost control somewhere in there.

He growled softly, before he then leaps straight up into the air and looks down at young school girl. His voice then far more stern now, the young voice was not as obvious as the other was as he calls down to her. "You should be more careful when judging your books, Minako. They may come back to haunt you." He then smirks, before giving her a mild wave. "We will meet again and next time-- I wont be playing games."

Then seems the demonic figure takes his leave through the air. Just as workers start to make there way in. Most likely, if Minako makes herself known. They will probably help her out and if she has any cuts, probably even give her some first aid attention.

Minako Aino has posed:

Minako Aino gets all checked up and gets lots of attention. And thankfully, didn't have to jump into the bay to escape. That's a win in Minako's book!